The world is a big place, and we don’t believe ‘being gay’ should define where we travel!

So we created Queer in The World, an online resource for gay and lesbian travelers who want to connect with their global LGBT family. We know first-hand how experiencing gay-friendly hotel stays, nightlife, events, glitter parties can not only enhance your travel experience but also help to increase awareness of LGBT issues and help us all become one big, globally connected family. Yusss, Queen!

As such we have dedicated ourselves to preparing guides to destinations all around the world from a gay angle. We offer travel advice not only from on-the-ground experiences but by seeking out advice from queer locals and through extensive research and outreach. Whether it's a fab weekend city escape or an epic multi-year odyssey, let us help you make the most of your gay travel plans!


Total Acceptance And Equality

One of the world’s most LGBTQ-friendly cities where anyone is always welcome anywhere, there is a lot more to love about Gay Copenhagen then just its queer spirit and admirable history of promoting gay rights...

Is this the future...?

Fashion, pop culture, and neon-lit streetscapes collide with cherry blossoms, wooden shanty bars, and quiet cobblestone alleys to ensure you will never be bored in Tokyo. And then there is Shinjuku Ni-chōme, one of the densest gay bar district in the world…

What, Italy wasn't all frozen in time six centuries ago?

Face-paced, fashion-forward, decidedly avant-garde and extremely…well, GAY! Milan is Italy of the future, a metropolis where creativity is currency, looking good is mandatory, and everyone knows the deal: you work hard, you play hard.

Nordic With A Twist!

Tallinn is a glorious capital city saturated with medieval magic, gourmet dining, classy design stores, hidden hipster hotspots, and wild nightlife, at least for heterosexuals. Still, its the most progressive Post-Sovet country despite Russia's best efforts..

Uninhibited Fun And Total Freedom

How refreshing right? A country that – even historically – was not obsessed with interfering with its inhabitant’s actions in the bedroom. The Netherlands has always done things differently, and its queer capital has absolutely everything...

Hush-hush, what gays...

Possibly the gayest city on Earth where same-sex sexual activity is still illegal, albeit only technically. A city of the future where society clings on to the past, this global financial powerhouse offers something for everyone – LGBT or otherwise!

Weird & Wonderful Queer

It’s official: Taipei is the most liberal and gay-friendly cities in Asia. From speakeasy bars and local waterholes to bear bars and all-night gay dance events. Whatever you’re into or looking for, Gay Taipei is sure to have it all!

The Rise and Rise of Gay Puerto Vallarta

Hugging the twinkling blue Bahía de Banderas and backed by verdant palm-covered Sierra Madre mountains, Puerto Vallarta is one of the world’s most famous gay destinations! Sandy beaches, boutique shopping, world-class dining and wild nightlife - what else is there really?

A Welcome Breath Of Fresh Air

A fabulous city transformed with wild parties, beautiful people and an electrifying atmosphere! The hub of LGBT life in Colombia and one of the more liberating cities on a otherwise conservative continent…

Fun Down Under!

Aussie boys and girls are some of the sexiest in the world, and the Melbourne gay scene is one of the best place to find them. Having recently embraced gay marriage, now is the perfect time to explore everything artsy, hipster and beautiful in Melbourne

East Meets West Darling!

Hong Kong is a city like no other on Earth, a concrete jungle where money talks, luxury malls overshadow traditional markets and skyscrapers compete with mountains as they both reach for the sky. And trust us, the gay boys are making their mark here!

Reveal In The Entirely Unexpected

We should have know the land of kilts and chiselled Highlanders would have a rage gay scene, but we just didn’t expect anything on this scale. Vibrant art, show-stopping burlesque, sexy accents and a utter progressive outlook make Glasgow the perfect undercover gay holiday destination

Polynesian Island Realness

Gorgeous beaches, stunning weather, luxurious resorts and gay nightlife that makes all the boys go wild – It’s no wonder Honolulu is a hugely popular travel destination for queers wanting to relax in style and escape it all.

Sun, Sea, Sand ..And All The Gays!

Made famous in the 1970s by Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly, us homos have been flocking to Mykonos ever since. And it’s easy to see what makes Mykonos such an en vogue travel destination for queers wanting to relax in style and escape it all.

To The Ends Of The Earth..

New Zealand
A liberal hot-spot almost lost off the edge of the map, Auckland is the gay epicentre of NZ with funky design, gorgeous nature, countless beaches and an eclectic and open gay scene…And is fulled with all those cute little kiwis!

Steers & Queers In Texas

Austin is easily one of the most gay-friendly places in America, with a very active and visible LGBT community – a progress, liberal haven in the heart of Texas where cowboys, politicians, gays, hipster, artists and musicians all live, work and play in harmony. If you ask anyone in Austin about which gay neighbourhood to visit or stay in they will tell you “Gay neighbourhood? No need…this whole city is gay friendly”!

One of Europe's Hidden Gay Gems

Don’t let its classical facade fool you; this sexually liberal city could wear out even the most energetic boy or girl who tries to take it on all at once. Gay bars, clubs, dance dances and balls reign supreme here, but always keep an eye out for Conchita Wurst in the hope she makes an appearance …

The Gayest City In Asia?

Jump into the Land of Smiles, incredible food, ancient temples, raging nightlife, hip shopping destinations and luxe hotels. Bangkok has everything you could possibly want, and perhaps a few things you never knew you desired…

Spend Time With The Vikings.

One of the most forward-looking and liberal cities in Scandinavia, an already famously gay-friendly region: It is no wonder travelers are choosing Olso for their next holiday destination! Experimental design, fabulous nightlife, trendy neighborhoods and those handsome Viking men (and women) are all waiting for you…

Gays Can Sin Here Too!

An oasis of dazzling lights, rolling dice, big-budget shows and hatted fine-dining restaurants it’s no wonder that Vegas turned to the gay market during the recession to keep the dollars flowing in.‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ as the sign says, and now finally after all these years its actually true!

Czech & Mate!

Czech Republic
Centuries of history, a beauty that rivals that of Paris, some of the world’s best beer (at some of the world’s best prices) and an epic nightlife scene that would have you believe they are celebrating the fall of communism still – every, single, night!

Pack Your Speedos!

One of the world’s most fabulous destinations, Gay Sydney is has a worldwide reputation for sublime weather, gorgeous men, and wild nightlife fuelled with debauchery! Not to mention Kylie Minogue, Mardi Gras and Priscilla!

Fun On Homo Hill!

With over 10 million people, Seoul is one of the biggest cities on Earth and has something for absolutely everyone. Food, design, culture, history and wild queer nightlife – this sprawling metropolis does not dissapoint!

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

We are not saying Gay Mecca exists, but if it did Fort Lauderdale would be one of the top contenders. With endless beaches, thriving gay nightlife, raunchy nudist hotels and playing host to the upcoming Pride of The America’s, what's not to love?