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Gay Singapore | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Singapore | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

From a legal standpoint, it is easy to write off Gay Singapore as another homophobic Asian country – after all same-sex activity is technically a criminal offense here, just like in the Maldives, Brunei, Burma, Malaysia and parts of Indonesia.

And yet, Singapore continues one of the most popular gay destinations in the region, and after dark, the famous Neil Street in Chinatown comes to life as gay bars, clubs, spas, and saunas open their doors to tourists and foreigners alike. Like many things in life, LGBT rights in Singapore are complicated. Same-sex sexual activity is illegal under British era sodomy laws – through the law has not been enforced since 1999 – and openly gay men in Singapore are still required to attend National Service, but are restricted dates.

No anti-discrimination legislation protects LGBT Singaporeans, and yet if you are walking down the street holding your partner’s hand, or checking in to a hotel together – no one would say anything at all.

Gay Singapore | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

In many ways, Gay Singapore reflects the traditional Asian approach to LGBT citizens where the family is the basic building block of society, and if you ‘choose’ to be gay it is best kept discrete and from your family.

Things are changing, however, as the population pyramid changes and a younger, more progressive generation wrestles control – Just look at the 28,000 mostly young people who attend Singapore’s annual gay rights rally – Pink Dot SG. Singapore has a robust legal system, and hopefully all it takes if for someone to challenge this unfair law and for society to change overnight.

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For now however while gay travelers should be mindful of the problems LGBT Singaporeans experience, they are unlikely to experience any issues in this dynamic, melting pit of a city-state. Not only does Gay Singapore offers wild nightlife, luxurious gay spas, and futuristic hotels – but there are plenty of green spaces, quirky art galleries, Michelin-starred fine dining, tropical weather and world-class attractions. And how could we forget the House of Blue Spin – the largest group of gay bars in Asia or the muscle gay boys who flock to Tanjong Beach Club on Sundays!

A city of the future where society clings on to the past, this global financial powerhouse offers something for everyone – LGBT or otherwise!

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Gay Singapore Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Singapore

Attractions in Singapore

Being gay does not define which attractions most of us will want to see in each city, and most queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Singapore during the day!

There is so much to do here – but we found our favorite memories were wandering through food markets, laying on the beach at Sentosa Island and brunching in modern cafés before wandering through design studios and admiring the skyline.

One of the best tips we can give you for exploring Gay Singapore is to pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the moment you arrive so you will not pay a fortune in international roaming charges. Get restaurants recommendation and reservations on the fly, public transport instructions up to the minute, bar opening hours and if it is your thing – access to gay hook up apps to find out more about the local scene.

Mobile data is fast, cheap and available almost everywhere in Asia so it is no wonder most travelers chose to stay connected and to get off the beaten track (without ever worrying about getting lost). So why wait? Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you when you arrive.

Still – it helps to have some idea what is going on, so here are the best things to do in Singapore, according to us!

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Things To Do in Singapore
  • Universal Studios Singapore – Engross yourself in your favorite movies with access to all 7 of Universal Studios Singapore’s themed zones based on different well known Hollywood blockbuster films. Gay, straight or unicorn, who doesn’t love seeing the big screen to life on roller coasters, through stage shows, or at themed restaurants! You could also visit in Osaka, Los Angeles or Orlando.
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark – Things are getting too hot’n’steamy in Singapore? Splash in gallons of fun with this Sentosa park’s exciting slides and tube rides. Or just book a fabulous hotel with a pool…
  • Hello Singapore Food Tour – Finding the best of the Singaporean food scene on your own would an almost impossible task – even for knowledgeable locals! There is just so much to taste and explore. Michelin starred hawker restaurants might get all the international attention but – as with most cities – it’s the hidden gems that you have never even heard of that end up being the best…Fun, small-group sustainable food experiences led by local food experts and a passion for gastronomy, people and sharing their culture, you are never sure what you will get on one of these food tours. What we do know you will become intimately equated with the complex and delicious food scene/culture here with 10+ stops across three neighbors in Singapore (Little India, Kampong Glam & Katong) over 5.5 hours. How wonderful! 
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  • We Are The Furballs –  Absolutely everything you could dream off – delicious coffee, über-clean and modern faculties and of course DOGGOS! With ten delightful resident canines – there is plenty of dogs to go around, and the staff are well-trained at helping guests interact with the dogs, without either party getting overwhelmed. Trust us, after you meet your new furry friends like Waffles the Corgi, Lulu the Toy Poodle, and Bui Bui the French Bulldog you’ll never want to return to a regular coffee shop ever again
  • National Gallery Singapore – Explore Singaporean and Southeast Asian art at the National Gallery Singapore, which is home to over 1,000 artworks. Perfect for a hot day when all you want is air-conditioning, or if you are a something of an art aficionado.
  • Singapore River Cruise – Enjoy a relaxing ride while seeing all the must-see highlights of Singapore – including Raffles Landing Site, The Merlion, The Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and more – on a single boat cruise!
  • Sunday Folks –  Desserts in Singapore are serious business, and no one knows that more than the guys at Sunday Folks – a charming café with modern design, and an array of artisan desserts from soft-serve ice cream to cakes. Wonderful stories and flavors inspire the handcrafted ice creams and sweets from around the world – and always changing so there is a reason to visit no matter how many times you stopover in Singapore. Whether it is a rare single-origin cacao harvested from Madagascar or sea salts hand-drawn by salt-makers in England, every ingredient kindles their passion for bringing back the craft of dessert making – and we have yet to try anything on the menu that left us disappointed. On our last visit the Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream was life-affirming, but for a beloved classic, you can’t go past the Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream on some freshly-baked waffles!
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  • Central Perk Cafe – One of the most unique attractions in Singapore – and a great place for any Friends addict, Central Perk in Chinatown is the only official Warner Brothers licensed café outside of the United States – and the perfect place to relive your nostalgia. Pull up a chair, order a mug of freshly brewed coffee – with beans inspired by your favorite character – and snuggle into the iconic orange couch for a good-old gossip session. Feeling peckish, then why not feast on dishes that were inspired by the characters of the show, including the Monica Garlic Aglio Olio and Mrs. Braverman Cheesecake – and watch re-runs of all the best episodes play out on screens around the shop. There is even an official merchandise store to pick up any swag you might desire, or why not make a truly unique memory and sign up for a basic barista course here…No matter what, you can’t be a worse waitress than Rachel!
  • Haji Lane – The current hip street in Singapore is a wonderful kaleidoscopic mix of vibrant street art, independent fashion boutiques, Middle Eastern food, and snug coffee shops. There is truly something here for everyone, and it is impossible not to fall in love with its quirky and eclectic vibes. Visit by day for some of the best Instagram shots in Singapore, to sip on a Selfie coffee – yes, they will really print your face on the coffee or rummage around for unique apparel finds to show off back home. Return later at night for fusion food and buzzing streetside dining complete with local musicians, and finish the night on a sweet note with soft, smooth, and tasty soft serve ice creams from the 100% Halal certified Moosh!
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  • Marina Bay Sands Skypark – Not willing to splash the cash to stay the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? Cheat and soak in the panoramic views of Singapore’s iconic skyline at the observation deck, though you can only look at the infinity pool sadly unless you are a guest.
  • Gardens by the Bay – Wander along the out-of-this-world skyway bridge and see all those enchanting Supertrees up close – complete with fantastic city views. Don’t forget to catch the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show in the evening when all the trees seemingly come alive! Then enter the Cloud Forest, a mysterious world veiled in mist and be amazed at the breath-taking mountain views surrounded by diverse vegetation and hidden floral gems – all in air-conditioned luxury. Part of the Gardens By The Bay development, the highlight is clearly seeing the world’s tallest indoor waterfall fall from a 35-meter mountain of lush vegetation but entrance also is also included to the Flower Dome next door with its Mediterranean-like climate and an array of planets from around the world.
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  • Singapore Flyer – Take a spin on this iconic wheel for a panoramic view of the city that stretches to parts of Malaysia and Indonesia!
  • Singapore Night Safari – Jump on the Safari Tram for a multi-sensory wildlife adventure at night and then get a closer look at the wildlife on four walking trails: Fishing Cat, Leopard, East Lodge and Wallaby. Sure, we will probably be enjoying a happy hour at the gay bars at this time, but the Singapore Night Safari is so famous we could be tempted to leave them for just one night…
  • Pulau Ubin – A quiet island escape with cycle trails and footpaths criss-cross the small hills. A taste of nature in Singapore with an excellent observation tower and scenic looped boardwalk with excellent views.
  • Lau Pa Sat Food Court – Combining delicious food and unforgettable architecture, Lau Pa Sat Food Court is one of the most popular hawker centers – conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s financial district and well utilized by office workers in peak periods.  One of the oldest Victorian design structure in South-East Asia and one of the first structure built in pre-fabricated iron in Asia, Lau Pa Sat Food Court is also the only remaining market left that served the residents in the central district of early Singapore.
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Gay Places in Singapore
  • The Jock Shop – Singapore’s leading underwear and swimwear store, carrying a large selection of stylish – and not so stylish – briefs, jockstraps, and swimwear. Obviously, us gay boys love it!
  • Male-HQ – The world’s largest independent men’s lifestyle retailer is now in Singapore carrying the sexiest gay underwear brands like TOOT, CIN-2, Addicted, ES Collection, 2EROS, STUD, Groovin’, Andrew Christian, GX3, Pistol, etc. Very gay-popular, and while you can shop online their physical store is extensive and very comprehensive with a range of adult toys as well. Perfect for preparing for all those fashionable gay boys at the Tanjong Beach Club.
  • U4Ria – A Singapore premium adult toys retailer bringing in novelty toys from Japan, UK & USA. They have three locations, a broad range and have been providing tours for the local Singapore LGBT community for over a decade.
PS Café @ Ann Siang Hill | Gay Cafe Singapore
  • PS Café @ Ann Siang Hill – Opened in 1999 as a cozy cafe hidden within Projectshop clothing store, this branch has become very gay-popular the place to go for legendary brunches, lazy afternoon teas, and romantic dates. Don’t miss their famous truffle shoestring fries!
  • Tanjong Beach -The ultimate escape from the urban jungle, on one of Singapore’s the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand, the  Tanjong Beach Club is a tranquil sanctuary only a 15-minute cab ride from the CBD – and yet a world away. Why pay hundreds per night for a luxurious resort when you can enjoy an oceanfront infinity pool, wonderful service, out-of-this-world sunsets and comfortable loungers for just the price of a cocktail or smoothie! Sure, drinks are expensive in Singapore – but the Tanjong is no more so that your average bar and the opulent amenities make the is so worthwhile. Frequently voted one of the best beach clubs in the world (seriously, who has the job of deciding and how do we sign up), the Tanjong Beach Club straddles the line between indoors and outdoors, taking its design influences from the seaside homes of yesteryear, mid-century modernism, and nostalgic maritime influences. Set on a beautiful section of beach, on Sundays Tanjong is also very LGBT-popular and the closest thing you will get to a Singapore gay beach.
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  • Peppermint Park – A garden inspired setting for a hearty dinner or just light bites, on the Singapore gay street and run by the House of Blue Spin – the largest group of gay bars in Asia. Handmade on-site, the pizza’s are the main reason to come here but Peppermint Park also a great place to begin any queer night out in Singapore.
  • Pelangi Pride Centre – A LGBT community space and resource center located in Singapore since 2003, every Saturday from 2 pm – 6 pm. Their library has a collection of fiction and non-fiction books of LGBT interests, and they hold events occasionally listed on their Facebook page.
  • Move Community – A LGBT friendly social & community club in Singapore organizing LGBT friendly social & life-enriching programmes for people to stay connected and care for one another. They invite everyone to go along and attend, holding events roughly once a month.
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  • Pink Dot – A non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. There is no official Singapore Pride but Pink Dot organizing PinkFest in July – a festival of reflection, collaboration and jubilation of Singapore society in all of it’s diverse. There is a range of events, but the annual Pink Dot event at Hong Lim Park is the closest Singapore gets to Pride where everyone wears ink as a form of protest and in support of the freedom of love. Tough government restrictions make it virtually impossible to hold a parade and foreigners are banned from attending the annual Pink Dot gay pride event!

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Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Singapore

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove | gay hotel singapore

Almost every hotel in Singapore can be considered gay-friendly, and you are unlikely to experience any issues traveling either alone or as a same-sex couple. After all being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly service and welcoming everyone with open arms!
Singapore is a global mega-city with a shortage of space, so room sizes are smaller than almost everywhere else in the world – but as plenty of gay men know, it’s not all about size, but how you use it! We are talking about design, functionality and views darling!

Having said that, everyone likes to be surrounded by people with common interests, and as such there are a few renown gay-friendly hotels in Singapore where many gay travelers opt to stay – either because of their location near the Chinatown gay street or thanks to their design and inclusive vibes.

The following hotels in Gay Singapore have all had glowing recommendation from gay travelers in the past, but of course, there are hundreds of other hotels in Singapore if these are not quite what you are looking for. Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or an ultra-chic designer option to sip cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous people  – Gay Singapore has something for everyone!

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool | gay hotel singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆ – Needing no introduction, Singapore’s most iconic hotel is also the most popular with gay travelers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime splurge. The only way to experience world’s highest and longest infinity pool with its unrivaled panoramic views is to be a guest of Marina Bay Sands hotel, but there are many other reasons including award-winning dining and a wide range of shopping and entertainment options. Envision yourself at the floor-to-ceiling windows of your 5-star luxe room, drinking in glorious views of Singapore’s glittering skyline or the equally stunning Gardens by the Bay. Why not indulge in award-winning spa treatments, exercise in their extensive fitness center, rejuvenate with sunrise yoga, or take you pice of the over eighty chic restaurants and twenty-four bars, including a posh skybar with sweeping city views. Oh, and if you are concerned – the gay street in Singapore is only a 9-minute cab away or 15 minutes via subway!
Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel | gay singapore website
  • Pod Boutique Hotel ☆☆☆  – Staying in Singapore doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and with so much to explore in Singapore – by day or by night – you probably won’t be spending too much time at your accommodation. So why would you want to pay ridiculously high prices? Thankfully The Pod Boutique Hotel offers the perfect solution to this problem, providing unique boutique capsule rooms and pods catering to distinguishing tourists who aspire to have comfort and convenience at affordable prices…  Inspired by modern and minimalistic living, they also offer plenty of freebies including free WiFi, free breakfast, free towels, and even free washing and drying facilities – perfect in hot and humid Singapore. Besides the uber-cool design and very affordable price tags, we loved the uniqueness of stay in a Pod – an experience that many travelers may never have considered, though thankfully this is a world away from the cramped capsules of Tokyo. Wonderfully LGBT-friendly, and perfect for solo travelers who want a budget option with a bit of substance – and a social environment to chat and make new friends!
The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel
  • Pan Pacific Singapore ☆☆☆☆☆ – One of the top-rated hotels in Singapore located on the prestigious Raffles Boulevard, the Pan Pacific offers signature hospitality and luxurious comfort. The modern rooms feature sexy glass-enclosed bathrooms, and most have either city or harbor views. There is stylish fusion dining options, a cool tapas bar, and a simple café plus a relaxing spa, gym and outdoor. On top of this, the LGBT favorite/quirky and outlandish hideout LuLu’s Lounge is also found in the basement of Pan Pacific Singapore.
  • Ritz-Carlton ☆☆☆☆☆ – This luxury hotel offers magnificently appointed rooms and suites, a 4,200-piece museum-quality art collection and a preeminent Club Lounge experience on level 32 with unforgettable views over Marina Bay. Everything here is to complete to the highest quality, but the oh-so-chic pool and bar was a real highlight.
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Club Lounge | singapore hotel deals
  • Parkroyal on Pickering ☆☆☆☆☆ – The best luxury gay hotel in Singapore – simply because it is only 10-minute walk to the Chinatown gay street! An eco-friendly hotel-in-a-garden concept offering an inimitable stay on the edge of Chinatown and the CBD. There is a hip restaurant, patisserie, and light-filled rooms inspired by nature, but the real highlight is a dedicated wellness floor with its ultra-Instagramable infinity pool & poolside cabanas boasting lush landscaping and epic Singapore city skyline.
  • W Singapore ☆☆☆☆☆ – We continue to be obsessed with the design aesthetics and fabulously quirky vibes of the W hotel chain, and the W Singapore is no different. Leave the city behind and enjoy a lively coastal setting and picturesque resort hotel on the famous Sentosa Island. Just minutes from Singapore’s CBD and Gay Street the W hotel is an oasis of modern luxury for gay travelers and refined globetrotters. Luxuriate in the W’s 5-star service and ground-breaking facilities, as you find your tropical playground in Gay Singapore. Close to the muscle-boy famous Tanjong Beach Club.
W Singapore - Sentosa Cove | singapore hotel booking
  • Oasia Hotel Downtown ☆☆☆☆ – A gay-popular hotel close to all the best LGBT hotspots, Oasia Hotel Downtown is a 27-story 314-room breath of fresh air and welcomed greenery in Singapore’s Central Business District. A true reprieve in the city, this tropical skyscraper is thrillingly sleek inside, thanks to the modern functionalist style of renown architect, Patricia Urquiola. There is also not one, but two rooftop pools!
  • The Scarlet Singapore ☆☆☆☆ – A few minutes walk to the gay street in Singapore’s Chinatown The Scarlet offers alluring textures and colors in striking contrasts for an unexpectedly modern and seductive experience. Housed in a preserved pre-war shophouse, there is chic rooms, a sought-after rooftop restaurant/bar, and an intimate hot tub.
  • Wanderlust ☆☆☆ – Discover a different side of Gay Singapore by staying in the designer hotel found in Little India and designed exclusively for the adventurous travelers. Madcap, curious voyagers just seem to be drawn to this old ethnic enclave where they find this high-concept hotel featuring the groundbreaking works of award-winning Singapore design agencies. Expect eclectic touches like glass-enclosed showers, antique bathtubs, giant typewriter sofas, and funky neon lights.
Wanderlust Singapore Design Hotel | gay hotel singapore
  • Hotel 1929 ☆☆☆ – Located in the heart of bustling Chinatown where modernity meets rich cultural heritage, this gay-popular hotel offers affordable rates, Sung, simple rooms and a contemporary terrace lounge and hot tub!
  • Bliss Hotel Singapore ☆☆☆ – A contemporary Chinese-themed boutique hotel with 42 simple rooms to cocoon you in comfort after a long night out exploring the Singapore gay scene. There is rainfall showers, a rustic courtyard with rattan furniture and a subway station three minutes walk away.
  • Porcelain Hotel by JL Asia ☆☆☆ – A Boutique Hotel comprises of a few adjoining, traditional shop-houses perfectly located along Mosque Street in Chinatown. Ultrachic yet warm rooms, low prices, and location lead many gay travelers to stay here.
Porcelain Hotel by JL Asia | boutique hotel singapore


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Gay Nightlife in Singapore

While technically gay sex in Singapore is illegal, that doesn’t stop the city having one of the most vibrant gay nightlife scenes in Asia. A welcome relief compared to other mega-metropolises nearby like Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur – though not quite on par with Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong or Tokyo in the north. Singapore’s gay nightlife scene has taken off over the past few years, and most of the LGBT venues are located around Neil Road in Chinatown.

If you are looking for an excellent place to start, check out our Gay Singapore map at the end to find your set. There are also some wild gay parties held throughout the years worth planning around if you can…. but, depending on your mood you can find anything here from a relaxed cocktail in an upscale bar to an all-night dance rave surrounded by your queer family!

Peaches Club Singapore - Dance & Night Club - gay bar singapore | gay club singapore | gay places in singapore

Chinatown Gay Bars
  • Tantric – Undoubtedly Gay Singapore’s most popular bar for over 13 years and still bringing in immense weekend crowds who flock here for the funky mix of upbeat pop music. During the week Tantric is more casual and perfect for meeting friends – or Grindr hookups for a drink beforehand. Part of Singapore’s most popular rainbow landmark: the Home of the Blue Spin, one of Asia’s most significant gay bar groups who all serve the deadly Blue Spin namesake signature cocktail. Part of the same group is Backstage, May Wong’s Cafe, Peppermint Park, and Flavours Bar.
Tantric Gay Bar Singapore Pink Street | lgbt singapore | lesbian club singapore | lesbian bar singapore
  • OUT Bar – A busy gay bar in Singapore tucked inside a converted Chinatown shophouse offering a mix of Chinese and English hits during the week and dance Top 40 songs on the weekend. Exceptionally in demand is their daily happy hour from 6-9 pm.
  • Dorothy’s Bar – A friendly gay bar that welcomes everyone inside with friendly service, affordable drinks and some of the best views over Chinatown. The fanciful Wizard of Oz decor adds to the fun, chic ambiance – and the daily Happy hour 6pm-8pm never fails to draw in a crowd.
  • Backstage – A bastion of heritage and glamour, the Backstage Bar is a much-loved staple of Singapore’s pink district that manages to perfectly blend culture, intimate conversations, and delicious cocktails. Earlier in the night, Backstage is a favorite place to organize informal meetings on their cozy sofas or to mingle in the crowd, and as the night moves on things become progressively more dance-y.
  • May Wong’s Cafe – An in vogue LGBT bar in Singapore inspired by the late Hollywood actress Anna May Wong. Inside you will find a delightful infusion of exotic oriental flavors paired with twenty-first-century interventions as well as elegant interiors and quiet spaces to sip and dish. The cocktails are a definite must try inspired by tropical fruits and cooling spirits to beat the hot and humid local weather.
Tantric Bar & May Wong's Cafe | singapore gay scene | gay area singapore | gay party singapore | gay guide singapore

  • ebar – A mixed karaoke lounge popular with younger guys thanks for the affordable drinks and house music later in the night. On Singapore’s Pink Street, ebar was always going to be gay-popular, but sometimes it focuses a little too much on their regular customers and tourists might feel unwelcome.
  • Lluvia – The unofficial bear bar in Singapore frequented by bears, otters, cubs, wolves, pandas and their admirers. Very friendly and relaxed, with a fun Karaoke setup and numerous events. Like all gay bars in Singapore, it gets hectic on the weekends so you might want to come early if you need a table.
  • Flavours Bar – A mixologists dream which serves up exceptional cocktails using an inventive combination of various spirits and mixers. A busy outdoor bar designed with industrial-chic raw concrete and cold surfaces, Flavours Bar pumps out good vibes, upbeat tunes, and stiff drinks!
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Other Gay-Popular Singapore Bars
  • Tanjong Beach Club – Voted one of the world’s Top Beach Bar, Tanjong Beach Club is a surreal sanctuary on the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand on Sentosa Island. Very LGBT+ popular, if you have the cash to splash and enjoy day-drinking, you will feel right at home here with their fab outdoor pool with loungers and mid-century modernism design flare. Tanjong Beach Club s muscle-central but most gay-popular on Sunday afternoons or during their regular events & parties. A must visit- if you are not too self-conscious!
World's Top Beach Bar - Tanjong Beach Club Sentosa Island Gay | ay spots in singapore | gay places singapore | best gay club in singapore

  • Lulu’s Lounge – An much-welcomed innovation on the Singapore nightlife scene with curated entertainment coupled with uniquely designed interiors reminiscent of a 1960’s New York backstreet club. Enjoy playful cocktails and jazz early in the night while later things evolve to include burlesque stars, retro DJs or any number of internationally acclaimed performances. Gay-popular, LuLu’s is ideal for a post-dinner drink or to getting wild and dancing into the early hours
LuLu's Lounge at Pan Pacific Singapore | esbian pub in singapore | best gay bar in singapore
Gay Parties in Singapore
  • Taboo – The only gay nightclub in Singapore’s ‘Pink Street’ (Neil Road in Chinatown) with a two-level dance floor that is crowded every Friday and Saturday night. Bass-heavy remixes from Top 40s or from 2000s era bring all the boys out, especially the young and trendy with a fun mix of locals and expats. Their “Hot” party on the last Saturday of each month always features an international guest DJ and is the place to be! There is a fun unlimited beer and house pour drinks deal between 10 pm and midnight, though most people drink at tantric across the road beforehand.
Taboo Gay Club Singapore | singapore lgbt community

  • PLAY – Previously a gay club in Singapore but their main venue closed five years ago, and now they organize epic queer takeover dance parties 4-6 times a year. Expect very fashionable guys who quickly take their shirts off to reveal flawless bodies, international guest DJs, different dance zones and to party all night long.
  • Hypertainment – An exclusive partying experience for Singapore’s gay community organized to bring the queer clubbing experience to a whole new level! Frequently hosting events at Altimate Club, Singapore’s ultra-luxe member’s club on the 61st level of One Raffles Place which is anything but boring!
Hyperise At 1-Altitude By Hypertainment gay dance party singapore

Gay Spa and Man Massage in Singapore

Don’t care about the sights or just want to take advantage of high-quality gay spas in Singapore? Then why not get a sensual male massage – there are plenty of options! Here are top recommended gay spas and male massage in Singapore options.

Spalogy Singapore | male massage singapore | manhood massage singapore | man massage in singapore
  • D SPAradise Spa For Men – A luxurious spa atmosphere for men only in Singapore, this inviting and modern space brings traditions of Eastern and Western healing together to help make you feel relaxed and at peace. There is a wide range of treatments and packages specially designed with the male client in mind, most of which are geared towards men’s skin care and body therapy needs.
  • Spalogy – A modern gay spa in Singapore Chinatown literally within steps of all the most popular gay bars like Tantric, Taboo, OUT, DYMK, eBar. Exclusively providing male massages in stylish private rooms with certified therapists. Packages, specials, and treatment options are all listed on their website.
Spalogy Singapore . |man to man massage in singapore | male massage therapist singapore | singapore man massage | singapore male massage |

  • The Cozy Men Spa – Fabulous holistic healing therapies in a home-based environment, including a variety of body treatments, super aroma ultrasonic hydrotherapy and facial treatments for individuals with different needs. Everything is covered from stress & weight management and general wellness to muscle relaxation, and body aches relief. Certified male therapists will see you your needs in cozy aroma-infused therapy rooms.
  • Thomas D’esthetique – A high-end male spa and grooming center in Singapore dedicated to skin care, hair removal, and body contouring. The owner, Thomas Tong, has over 20 years experience in the beauty and healthcare industry and is now focussed on aesthetic science benefiting men who derive absolute pleasure from becoming an item of desire. Their Brazilian/Hollywood Waxing is very popular.
  • WaterSpa – A men’s-only boutique spa in Singapore with unique service rituals to awaken your mental & physical energies. Through the combination of mystical setting & soothing treatments options from their cute – and certified masseurs – you are promised a harmonious and tranquil experience.
  • Shuang Spa – Singapore’s 1st uniquely themed & designed boutique spa on the outskirts of Chinatown where friendly and experienced male therapists, will make you feel right at home. Try their Rain Breeze Scrub for the ultimate water treatment or the Indi-Signature massages, a unique Swedish massage technique specially developed at Shuang Spa.
  • Bodylite – Far from the madding crowd, this underrated male massage in Singapore provides a warm reception, cozy ambiance and quality treatments that will help you unwind, recharge and make you want never to leave!
  • Singapore Gay Massage – Out-call services are only providing the hottest male to male tantric Singapore gay massage. Sensual, erotic, and spiritual massages are also possible along with therapeutic practices for straight, bisexual and gay men. Photos of therapists are not available
male to male massage singapore | male spa singapore | singapore massage boy | happy massage singapore | home based male massage singapore

Gay Cruising & Gay Saunas in Singapore

Had enough of gay cruising in Singapore – either in the bars or elsewhere?
For those who want a bit more guaranteed action, the gay saunas in Singapore will not disappoint you (unlike all those faceless (unlikely all those faceless accounts on Grindr or the other hook up apps…) although there is not quite as much selection as the gay sauna in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangkok.
In such a foreign-friendly city you should have no issues visiting any Singapore gay sauna, but be warned that we have heard reports that older, hairy or chubbier guys being ignored in some saunas. Be sure to read our gay sauna guide if you are nervous or visiting for the first time!

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  • Cruise Club – The most famous gay sauna in Singapore spread over three massive floors. Boasting unparallel facilities including a gym, jacuzzi, tanning beds, steam room, lockers, a busy dark maze, movie room, meditation areas and a rooftop cafe. Different daily themes are listed on their website and special prices for different ages groups (including some free entry times for under 27s). Annual membership is required at $10, renewable on a yearly basis and all members are entitled to free use of 1 locker, free-flow of mixed drinks at the cafe and two towels per day’s visit. There is also free, unlimited re-entry on the same day entry.
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  • Ten Men’s Club – A relaxed gay sauna in Singapore with no membership fee and a welcoming policy that attracts older guys. Somewhat basic facilities but there is a steam room, rain showers, a TV lounge, movie hall, dark maze, private rooms, and a roof-top garden. The Tuesday Chubs and Chasers theme night are very bear-popular.
  • ShoGun Club – A 24-hour gay sauna in Singapore with a mixed crowd located in Chinatown. Best for late night action with a busy maze, private cabins, steam room, and super-dark room. Well-maintained, it is best to visit ShoGun Club when the other gay sauna in Singapore are almost closed, and crowds flock here.
  • Keybox Gay Sauna – A well-known Singapore gay sauna for men that has moved to the heart of the city close to the Clarke Quay MRT station.5,000 square feet of fun, all housed in a single story, with a dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, large TV room, gym and 15 private rooms for your enjoyment. A bit basic but popular later at night with a fun mix of local and foreign guys – with theme nights and pricing listed on their website.
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