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The 20 Best Andrew Christian Underwear To Try Out This Summer! ☀️

The 20 Best Andrew Christian Underwear To Try Out This Summer! ☀️

If you’re looking for a new pair of Andrew Christian underwear, you have come to the right place. They are good enough for the Pit Crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race and they are sure as hell good enough for us. Feeling fit and looking fabulous…

Since 1997, Andrew Christian has been a world-renowned company catering to the gay underwear market with innovative technologies, fit, and original designs.

Since the beginning, one of the best sellers for Andrew Christian has been the technically advanced, custom-woven men’s underwear – and there are so many to choose from.

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Available in street, sport, fashion, and basic-themed lines, and is available in a range of styles, including low cut, super-low-cut, boxer briefs, and more.

Each style is intricately designed using specialized dye treatments, printed graphics, and innovative materials such as bamboo fiber, sports mesh, and patented moisture-wicking cotton blends. Andrew Christian was the first to introduce waist slimming elastic in his underwear designs and “FlashLift” Bottom-Lifting Technology.

All of the models mentioned in this review are durable which means that you will be thoroughly pleased with how long you will enjoy them for. Each design is special and sexy which means that you will find your favorite style with ease. Above all, every model mentioned is comfortable.

Thus, you will be able to wear them for a long period of time with ease – and we promise you the best Andrew Christian underwear come off just as easily as well…

The 20 Best Andrew Christian Underwear To Try Out This Summer! ☀️
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Love Pride Hearts Boxers

These bright, colorful boxers may not be for everyone all year-round, but I guarantee you that once pride rolls around, you’ll be digging around for them in your underwear closet. That’s if you have them, of course. They will be your favorite pair of pride underwear.

They are a limited edition offering from Andrew Christian, so if you don’t get them while they’re still in stores, it’ll be almost impossible for you to get your hands on them again. And it’ll be a crying shame for future you to miss out on these. They’re a stylish update on the classic boxers,  with an almost brief-like cut, curtsey of the slanted leg holes.

The fabric molds for the body, giving it an accurate fitting, and the waistband has a slimming effect that makes you look several pounds thinner.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Love Pride Hearts Boxer wAlmost Naked

Retro Pride Mesh Brief

A lot of brands put out pride-themed briefs,  and although I personally think you can never have too much rainbow underwear – or rainbow anything, really – it’s important to pick quality offerings that will last you as long as you need them to, so you don’t throw your money down the drain.

Luckily, if you’re a fan of retro, you’ll find that these best Andrew Christian underwear are a great choice. Lively rainbow patterns set against a black background give it a fun look, while the shine of the polyamide blend fabric makes it something you can wear out or in, depending on your preference. 

The fabric type also makes it quick-drying and breathable, so compared with the anatomically correct pouch providing support and structure, your goods are in safe hands. Pair it with a fabulous pride tank top and some gay shoes and you have a club night outfit!

ANDREW CHRISTIAN - Retro Pride Mesh Brief W Almost Naked 92144

Massive Python Frame Thong

Snakeskin looks good made into everything, including thongs. Seriously, you could make a snakeskin-printed toilet and it would still look opulent and luxurious.

But the print isn’t the only thing this bad boy has going for it. Take a look at the back, for instance. Composed of a network of straps that form a sensual and unique support system for your ass, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this sort of feature anywhere.

It provides support and comfort while still enabling a red-hot appeal. And of course, Andrew Christian also has to come through with its signature pouch that gives a silhouette that’s to die for. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s a limited edition, so get yours before it’s gone, and you’ll never regret that you did.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Massive Python Frame Thong 91663

Disco Animal Brief

Looking for briefs you can hit the dance floor in – after you’ve had at least three drinks and with no children present, natch – check out these disco animal print briefs from Andrew Christian.

These daring briefs combine classic leopard prints with fun disco colors like a bright neon pink and baby blue. Yup, the same time. Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect thing to wear to a wild night out that’ll probably end with some beneath-the-sheets action, I don’t know what does.

Plus you’ve got the built pouch that promises comfortable wear, without you having to adjust every five minutes. Not yet convinced? Hopefully, the slimming cut and comfortable waistband will send you running to the store to grab a pair.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Andrew Christian Underwear Disco Animal Brief

Sheer Camouflage Leggings

Leggings can double as both underwear and outerwear, though these ones are sheer so you’ll have to either pair them with something else or save them for raves and adult parties if you’re wearing them sans actual pairs. 

You can also wear them under your pants as thermal underwear in the winter, though it almost seems like wasting them. The fabric is printed with a modern camouflage pattern that’s eye-catching,  while the waistband carries the Andrew Christian logo printed boldly across it.

The sheer fabric is made of polyamide and spandex, so it’s sturdy, while also fitting like a glove. It also boasts an anatomically correct pouch that provides structure and support, as well as a wide waistband to avoid pinching and squeezing.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Sheer Camouflage Legging w Almost Naked 92081

Glam Camouflage Pride Boxer

Glam and Camouflage may not seem like they go together at first, but one look at rear boxers and you’ll see that they do.

This one-of-a-kind, limited edition boxer offers a highly detailed camouflage print combined with a sparkling printed waistband for the ultimate glam experience. The fit is incredible too, with the fabric doing all the work to lift and support your ass. The crotch area has help though from Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked pouch that remains practically invisible while still doing its job.

It’s polyamide, so you can expect a breathable,  quick-drying experience,  and the streamlined tailoring lengthens your torso and makes your calves look wider. It’s perfect for gifting to loved ones.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Glam Camouflage Boxer w Almost Naked

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Flying Unicorn Brief

If you’ve got a sense of fun and adventure, then you seriously have to try these flying Unicorn briefs. Sure they may be a little unorthodox, but that’s the whole point.

It features a complex motif of a multicolored sky filled with fluffy clouds, with white flying unicorns strategically positioned across it. In keeping with the theme, the logo across the wide waistband is composed of glittery sparkles, so you can be sure it doesn’t get any campier than this.

If cute and colorful’s not really your style,  they also make good gifts. And even if you’re not too fond of the pattern, everything from the tailoring to the pouch and even the waistband tilt the scales in favor of these briefs.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Flying Unicorn Brief w Almost Naked, Multi

Pop Stars Brief

These pop star briefs do not literally have pictures of pop stars printed across them – though that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Instead, they’ve got dozens of large, colorful stars printed across a blue background. 

There are also several smaller stars, though these are blue, all the stars are outlined in white so that they pop at the viewer, hence the name. As you can probably tell from the specially created design, these briefs see limited edition.

They also possess the signature comforts of the Andrew Christian brand, including the sleek, comfortable fabric, the streamlined tailoring,  and the pouch designed to give your crown jewels a smooth ride. Wearing it makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Pop Stars Brief wAlmost Naked

FUKR Glam Net Thong

Sometimes we want to buy normal, everyday underwear. Other times, we want something a little more fancy,  perhaps for a little confidence boost. And then there are the times when we are on the market for something so deliciously filthy and fetish-like that only something like this limited edition glam net thong will do.

It is a flaming-hot update in the normal thong that screams hard-core sexy with a generous helping of glitz and glam. The net fabric is light, but it’s also got that Almost Naked pouch that’ll provide your crotch with all the support it needs.

Support aside, there’s lots of skin on display, turning up the sexy factor to the max. And of course, we all know what the FUKR on the waistband stands for.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - FUKR Glam Net Thong

Shining Stars Brief

Shine like a star in these exquisite briefs from Andrew Christian. Revel in the classic combination of black and gold, only this time, in the more glitzy format of gold stars against a plain black background. It sounds and feels like it would be too much, but it really isn’t.

The super-soft polyamide and spandex mold with your skin and make you feel extremely comfortable. You could almost forget that you have it on. You can also clearly appreciate the attention paid to the details. Every star is perfectly placed for maximum effect. 

Enjoy the slimming property of the waistband, along with the support and lift the whole thing gives you. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Shining Stars Brief wAlmost Naked, BlackGold

Disco Thong

Ever heard of a disco thong before? If you haven’t,  just imagine dark strobe lights in thong form. If you still can’t form a mental picture, the next best thing is to get this disco thong from Andrew Christian, because with it, I guarantee you’ll feel like every day is a party.

Made from stretchy, sparkly fabric that a both attractive and comfortable, the front is the definition of eye-catching,  especially with the Almost Naked pouch that gives your silhouette an extra boost. The back, on the other hand, I like to refer to as for-your-eyes-only.

It comprises a contraption of straps that frame and support your ass while leaving it almost completely exposed. Talk about a tease.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Disco Thong w Almost Naked 92135

Boy Brief Unicorn 3-Pack

I have an almost unhealthy obsession with three-pack underwear sets, especially when they come in cute little packages like this one. It feels like I’m getting more than I paid for. 

With this set though, it’s not just about the aesthetics,  although the soft pastel colors and rainbow stripes definitely go a long way towards making it more attractive.  The Andrew Christian mark of quality is still obvious with this one.

This brief-style underwear provides adequate coverage for those who like something a little more modest, but the low-rise waistband reminds you that this isn’t your daddy’s brief set. The low waistband design has a lengthening effect,  while its wide waistband slims down your torso.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Unicorn Boy Briefs with A

Trophy Boy Mesh

The red and blue colors plus the line designs on the briefs give it a sporty design, you can buy these for the jock in your life – or yourself if you’re a jock. Either way,  it’s a great set of briefs, I have to say.

I particularly love the fact that it provides a lot of coverage without sacrificing its unique sex appeal. The signature slimming waistband Ince again comes into play, taking a few inches off your waistband,  just in case you need it.

The fabric also does a great job of supporting and highlighting your ass. The mesh is strong, and yet see-through enough to show some skin. It’s limited edition, so get it while you can – and add it to your mesh underwear collection!

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Mesh

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FUKR Sheer C-Ring Jock

This C-Ring Jock is, in my opinion, as close to nude as you can get without actually stripping down to your birthday suit.

The FUKR boldly printed across the waistband probably tells you all you need to know about this jockstrap. It’s made from sheer fabric, so even the parts that are covered show some skin. Instead of a pouch – or should I say in addition to a pouch, it’s got a button snap cock ring at the front.

Think of the endless hours of fun you can get up to with this. The back consists of a fully exposed rear and straps for support, and the waistband has a slimming effect that I’m sure a lot of people will be grateful for.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - FUKR Sheer C-Ring Jock 92110

Pride Stripe Brief

Andrew Christian seems to have developed a sort of reputation for making pride underwear, not that anyone’s complaining; they do it so well.

These striped Pride briefs from the brand check all the boxes. We’ve got the large rainbow stripes that announce your pride in your identity to anyone that’s watching; the quality material made from polyamide and elastane that’s sturdy and attractive while providing a great and comfortable fit; and the mandatory wide waistband with its slimming and lengthening effect.

I mean, if you’re celebrating pride, you might as well go all-out with it and feel good in the process. Now that’s what I call a win-win.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Pride Stripe Brief wAlmost Naked

Sheer Star Sparkle Brief

Sheer fabric, star, and sparkles: I think Andrew Christian just unknowingly discovered the holy trinity of gay apparel. If it’s got all three, what more can you ask for?  And these briefs certainly look like they deserve the title of world’s best.

Buy these if you can never be caught dead in boring underwear. The mesh is sheer but strong and made from a nylon-spandex and lurex blend that mixes durability with an eye-catching shimmer. It’s covered with shiny gold stars that really pop, while the logo on the waistband is printed in glitter. 

Some pouch action is not left out of this one, as once again the anatomically correct waistband provides all the support you need.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Sheer Star Sparkle Brief w Almost Naked 92066

Into You Brief

Fun, playful underwear are still very much in, as evidenced by this Into You Brief. It’s very modern, and likely more suited to Millennials and Gen Zers, who will better understand the pop culture reference of yellow-faced emojis that dot the bright blue background of the briefs.

It’s probably not something you would want to wear to a hot date or to seduce a partner – unless you’ve got one whose sense of humor would appreciate it – but these briefs would make great gifts for friends and family,  and you can put them up when you need a little boost to get you through your day.

Hell, slip them on and snap a series of thirst traps for prospects.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Andrew Christian Into You Brief wAlmost Naked

Ice Cream Briefs

I have a thing for underwear that juxtaposes nice and playful with dirty and sinful as these ice cream briefs do. Bright, pastel colors form a colorful motif of a pink ice cream background, combined with rainbow sprinkles.

However, the crotch and lower rear areas feature a brown criss-cross pattern that is meant to signify an ice cream cone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they were going with that one and honestly? I live. Blue trim and a blue waistband complete the look.

One thing’s for certain: with this, you’ll never have to worry about blending in with the crowd.  You can also all the comfort and strength of the Andrew Christian brand.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Ice Cream Brief wAlmost Naked, Multi

Coolflex Active Briefs

A lot of gay underwear brands talk the talk, but you can trust Andrew Christian to actually walk the walk. They’ve put out an underwear option that’s specifically designed for working out, and I’m not talking I’m terms of bright colors and a catchy look.

The fabric itself is specifically made from, bamboo-derived rayon and spandex to give you a fit that keeps you cool and dry as you go through your workout. Of course, this doesn’t mean the style end is neglected. Cool contrast details of pink against a black background make it easy on the eyes, and the low-rise tailoring and slimming waistband make you the same. The highlight of these best Andrew Christian underwear though is the Show-it cup that is designed to add at least 1.5 inches to your size.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - CoolFlex Active Brief w Show-It 92084

Pride Arrows Jock

Jockstraps are a must-have for pride, and these pride arrows jockstraps are a refreshing change from the usual rainbow-striped or blocked offerings on display. They offer a new take on a modern classic with rainbow-colored arrows across a black background, trimmed with white.

The elastic waistband also has the logo across it in white.  Two straps cross-wound to the back for support, but that’s about it, the rear end is completely exposed, and of course, the pouch provides crotch support.

Best Andrew Christian Underwear - Almost Naked Pride Arrows Briefs

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