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About Queer In The World

About Queer In The World

Queer In The World is a blog and online resource for gay and lesbian travelers who want to explore the world.


We don’t believe ‘being gay’ should define our choice of destination or travel choices. However, we do believe having gay and gay-friendly hotel stays, nightlife, events, and sightseeing options can enhance the travel experience,  increase awareness of LGBT issues and help us become a more globally connected family.

As such we prepare guides to destinations globally with a gay angle, offering travel advice we have picked up on the ground, by asking locals help and through researched extensive and outreach. We also now have an amazing queer fashion store to help show the world that love is love! 

Currently one of the fastest group sites focussing on gay travel, we would love to expand our existing content in cities as we know things change fast! If you own or operate a gay bar, unique hotel, run queer events, or something else our audience would be interested in – we would love to work together.

Alternatively please contact us at [email protected] if you want to make suggestions, help us keep information up-to-date, or are an industry professional that wants to discuss opportunities to work to showcase the best of queer travel worldwide.

About Queer In The World


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