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LGBTQ+ Travel Expert: About Jack Kenworthy

Jack Kenworthy Gay Travel Expert

Hi lovely wanderlust souls, I’m Jack Kenworthy, your go-to globe-trotter in navigating the rainbow path across our diverse and vibrant world.

Let’s talk journeys, shall we? Not just those traversing time zones and cultures, but journeys of self-love, acceptance, and unbridled joy found in every corner of our fabulous Earth! My mission? To inform, inspire, connect, and empower our global LGBT+ family, ensuring you, yes YOU, honey, find the ideal holiday sprinkled with a dash of glitter and a whole lot of safety.

Experience & Expertise

With a suitcase perennially half-packed, I’ve tripped the light fantastic through 200+ cities, crafting meticulous, savvy, and oh-so-spicy guides to the world’s most fabulous gay destinations. I’ve embraced the nights, dancing in the hidden gems of the local gay bars, explored welcoming hotels, uncovered the best parties, and basked on the most secluded, yet socially buzzworthy, gay beaches on the planet.

My jaunts aren’t just about discovering the best spots to throw shapes on the dance floor (though expect plenty of that ). It’s about securing safe, exciting, and inclusive escapades for our community. Understanding the varied tapestries of civil rights in every locale visited, I weave a tapestry of tales that foreground the nuances of every destination’s attitude towards our family.


I bridge the colourful worlds of each locale with you, my fabulous friends, ensuring we stitch a global tapestry of queer unity, safety, and respect. Expect heartfelt stories from our siblings around the world, because sweetie, we’re not just visiting – we’re connecting, understanding, and embracing our global kin.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

As a proud, sex-positive gay man, my adventures are always festooned with a bit of cheeky fun and oodles of respect for every individual’s journey and experiences. Picture this: spirited nights turned into mornings with new friends, and days of exploration turning into enlightening discoveries about our global queer space.


As we voyage through various countries together, arm-in-arm, virtually, I aim to empower you with the knowledge, the do’s and don’ts, and the “Oh honey, you must try…” of every destination. With me, it’s always safety first, ensuring our vibrant experiences are never dulled by unforeseen misadventures.


My words aren’t simply whispered from the grapevines of clandestine locales but are well-researched, well-lived, and well-loved experiences. From chilling in chilly Reykjavik’s inclusive spaces to basking under Mykonos’s shimmering sun, every word is penned with a promise of accuracy, reliability, and a smidge of fabulousness.

In my stories, you’ll find a trustworthy ally, ensuring your journeys, whether soul-searching sojourns or rambunctious revels, are embraced with authenticity, safety, and a respect for the diverse tapestries we all bring to this vibrant, global community table.

So darling, strap in, as we explore, celebrate, navigate through—and dance atop—the world’s most enthralling, safe, and queer-embracing destinations together. It’s not just a journey, but a collective stride towards understanding, celebrating, and connecting our fabulous global family. Let’s create memories, shall we?

With all the love and glitter,

Jack Kenworthy 🌟