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Gay Düsseldorf | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Düsseldorf | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Wake up honey, Berlin and Hamburg aren’t the only cities in Germany. As fabulous as both those cities are, LGBT travelers are welcomed everywhere in this modern country – and let us tell you, if you are overlooking Düsseldorf you are missing out.

The capital of Germany’s biggest federal state by population, North Rhine-Westphalia, and has a population of around 600,000 Düsseldorf is one of Germany´s fastest-growing cities, having replaced Stuttgart as Germany’s sixth biggest city. Located on the banks of the famous river Rhine, Düsseldorf is a modern city with a cosmopolitan outlook and enthusiasm for the diversity of life.

Everyone is welcome here – which explains why this little city with a big heart has gained a reputation as a food, arts, culture and fashion hub… yet remarkably remains friendly and down-to-earth.

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Düsseldorf is renown for its warm-hearted people who truly epitomize the typical “Rheinländer” sterotype – the lifeblood of which is coming together and being willing to share a beer with strangers at any moment. You can experience this in in bar or pub in town, but if you lucky enough to visit duing Carnival season or during the Largest Fair on the Rhine (both of which have LGBT activites which we will get to) you will find joing in on the fun incredibly easy – even as a solo traveller.

Approximately 70,000 members of the community live in Düsseldorf including the surrounding towns and municipalities, so while we cannot debate that Cologne is the queer nightlife capital of the region, Düsseldorf still has plenty to offer including a diverse queer urban life, more affordable prices, less pretense, and the ‘cool and undiscovered’ vibe. Thanks to close vicinity (less than 50 kilometers) to larger Cologne, Düsseldorf shares a long – and usually amicable – rivalry with “that other city” just to the south but in terms of fashion and shopping options, art and friendliness we think Düsseldorf is superior. If you really want to check both out, a day trip or night out in Cologne is very easy with fast and frequent train connections however. 

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One of the most exciting aspects of Düsseldorf is the architecture and art scenes, both pushing boundaries. This is where the West German art scene thrived before reunification put Berlin on the artist’s map and it still has fantastic galleries and an annual showcase for international galleries and artists. The avant-garde architecture reflected in the Rhine adds to the sense that you’re somewhere really creative.

And clearly, we are not the only ones who are obsessed with Düsseldorf, as this city is regularly ranked amongst the top cities to live in Germany and in fact is one of the most livable cities in the world according to international surveys. The appeal is easy to see with a quaint old town packed with bustling bars breweries and restaurants, luxury shopping on the Königsallee, the modern Media Harbour and its collection of architectural icons including those by Frank Gehry, the K21 + K20 art galleries and the under-rated palace and garden of Benrath –  and that’s before we even get to the gay attractions.

Gay Düsseldorf | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!


While Germany might have taken a ‘better later than never’ approach to legalizing gay marriage, it is frequently named one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. 1920’s Berlin was famed as a relative paradise for LGBT people at the time, and same-sex sexual activity was decriminalization relatively early by world standards – 1968 in East Germany and 1969 in the West. Just another reason to love Gay Germany!

Things are never boring here, and for those curious few willing to actually give this contemporary destination a chance – you’ll be greatly compensated with a welcoming city saturated with hipster districts, unbelievable food, contemporary design, and an art scene up there with the best in Europe. Not to mention have plenty of photo ops without tourists pushing you or getting in your way at every turn. Yes, we are looking directly at you: London, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona

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Despite the modern feel to many parts of the city, Düsseldorf has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere – after all, ‘dorf’ means village, so the sense of belonging and tradition that can be found in lots of the pubs and cafes here is understandable. Experience some of that tradition in the Altstadt, the party district known as ‘the longest bar in the world’, where you can still get the local Altbier (more on that later), spend a night dancing with your queer family or days drifting through art museums, exploring the culinary scene or relaxing on calm tree-lined canals. 

No matter what you opt for, Düsseldorf has something for everyone to discover – and is a city just waiting to be explored… 

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Gay Düsseldorf Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Düsseldorf Germany

Attractions in Gay Düsseldorf

Obviously being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see in each city and most queer tourists will simply want to check out the top things to see in Düsseldorf during the day!

Düsseldorf is a very safe city, but still, all travelers should take caution with valuables. Gay people in Düsseldorf do not need to take any extra precautions regarding public displays of affection in this very progressive city and should have no issues exploring Düsseldorf’s beauty!

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Getting around town is easy as well with the DüsseldorfCard providing free public transport and access to a bunch of attractions but remember: you’re in Germany now, so it’s time to embrace the bike. With mercifully flat landscape and a great city infrastructure for cycling, one of the best ways to explore Düsseldorf is to get on two wheels. It’s definitely how all the locals get around, so why not join in the fun? It’s very easy to rent a bike and there are even bike tours if you want to be guided around.

Various routes will show off different parts of the city. The Rhine Promenade takes you past the Hofgarten, the main shopping streets and down to MedienHafen, along roads lined with trees, restaurants, and bars. Going out to the nearby Unterbacher Lake, you’ll find a 15 km route through the forest, which is great if you want to see more of the scenery around Düsseldorf. The best part about hiring a bike is the total freedom it brings – go where you want, stop off where you want. And you can even get some exercise into your holiday – to make up for all those excess beer calories you are bound to consume. Don’t worry we will get to Düsseldorf’s unique beer culture later…

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Top Things To Do
  • The Little Tokyo District – We know what you’re thinking: how on earth does Düsseldorf have a Little Tokyo? Well, the answer lies in the twice-weekly flights between the city and Japan’s capital of Tokyo, combined with the fact that Düsseldorf has the highest proportion of Japanese inhabitants in Europe. And lucky it does, because Little Tokyo is a delight, by far one of our favorite things to do in Düsseldorf. The six or seven blocks are lined with authentic Japanese supermarkets, intimate ramen joints, and some of the best sushi places outside of Japan. Yoshi and Nagaya, sister restaurants with matching Michelin stars, showcase fresh, creative sushi. Elsewhere, you can find melonpan in the bakeries, rice ball cakes and the wonderful Takagi, a bookshop packed with manga comics and Japanese novels. 
  • MedienHafen District – This is Düsseldorf’s most revitalized area, a place where high-rise buildings are shooting up faster than you can say Frank Gehry, who happened to design the Neuer Zollhof. These triplet high-rises in red brick, white plaster, and stainless steel are in competition with the equally eye-catching Grand Bateau, designed by Claude Vasconi to look like an ocean liner. Across the quay, you’ll see the kaleidoscopic glass Colorium, designed by William Alsop. If all these architects’ names mean nothing to you, you’ll still find plenty to admire in MedienHafen. Among all these buildings nestle several sky-high bars where you can sip fancy cocktails while looking out over the water. The surrounding media, design and fashion companies mean you can be sure that everything in MedienHafen is hip and happening!
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  • The Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum –  This fascinating combination of zoo, aquarium, and the museum is a great way to spend an afternoon in the city. This unique concept was born in 1904 when a private collection was donated by the collector’s widow to the city, which then merged the museum with the local zoo. In 1948 the aquarium was added. Here you’ll find 25 themed rooms that follow the development of sea life and the underwater world. There are 140 aquariums, terrariums, and exhibits, all offering amazing insight into the variety of marine and freshwater lifeforms that go about their lives underwater with us none the wiser. Seeing these exhibits definitely makes Finding Nemo suddenly seem a lot more realistic, as you realize the true intricacies of the natural world. Entrance is free with the DüsseldorfCard.
  • K20 + K21  -These two exhibition venues is where you’ll find the Düsseldorf art scene you’ve heard about (from us!). They’re part of the ‘Kunstsammlung’ (art collection) of Nordrhein-Westfalen and sit a mere 20 minutes from each other in the center of the city. K20 has an eye-catching façade of curving black granite and hugely tall spaces of up to 14 meters, designed to truly showcase the art; K21, on the other hand, is a historic building with a public square, whose interior has been completely remodeled.  Between them, they house a truly astonishing permanent collection with works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollock, and the German Expressionists. Classical modernism and American art since World War 2 form a significant part of the collection. Coming here feels like stumbling across hidden gem after hidden gem, without the crowds of galleries in London or New York. Frequent temporary exhibitions provide even more interest, such as the 2019 Ai Weiwei collection at K20 + K21. Seeing those 60 million porcelain sunflower seeds spread out before you at the K20 is another amazing example of the quality of work you could see.
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  • Old Town Of Düsseldorf – We all know that no exploration of a city is complete without a good old aimless wander, which is why among all the things to do in Düsseldorf, we recommend you make time to meander the Old Town, taking photos along the way (there is a lot to take photos of). Of course, you’ll come here to get your beer and pork knuckles (see #2), but there’s also plenty to see outside the breweries. There are some beautiful churches here, like the Sankt Lambertus Basilika, built in the 13th century with a twisting spire that defines the city’s skyline. The arts and culture scene is also represented, by the Opera House on the Rhine, the Theatre and the Concert Hall, as well as museums and art venues. The cobbled streets and traditional buildings make the Old Town pretty, the buzzing atmosphere brings it to life.
  • Carlsplatz Market – Open since the 13th century, Carlsplatz is the oldest market in Düsseldorf and sells practically everything you could imagine – meat, vegetables, fruit, flowers, coffee, fish soup (famous). Seriously, if we lived in Düsseldorf, we’d do all our grocery shopping here. As a visitor, you don’t really need to stock up on potatoes, but you can enjoy sampling the delicious food from various stalls underneath the glass roof. Currywurst is on offer, of course, but so are crepes, Indian street food, that famous fish soup and much more. It’s also a great place to come for your morning coffee, the brewing of which has become an art among the local vendors. If you’re traveling on a budget, have a lot of meals here – filling, affordable and varied.
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  • Flingern Street Art Scene – Traditionally a working-class area, Flingern is now home to much of Düsseldorf’s burgeoning art scene. Here you’ll find masses of independent shops, places to eat and bars, as well as studios and galleries galore. It’s the street art that really makes it stand out, though. Colorful and innovative murals can be found all over the city but no more so than on Kiefernstrasse in Flingern, where each apartment building has its own mural. The size and intricacy of some of these are really mind-boggling. From the monkeys climbing up one building’s façade to the crossword on another, there’s almost more than your eyes can take in. Even upon the roofs, you can spot Buddhas, sunsets, and insects. How they got up there, it’s hard to imagine – in any case, walking around Flingern is as good as any art gallery (and much cheaper!).
  • Rhine Tower – Some of you might want to take your river appreciation a step further than simply strolling the banks – the Rhine Tower is for you. This imposing 240-meter-tall structure is an iconic landmark in Düsseldorf (a great way to help you get your bearings if you get lost) and houses a sophisticated cocktail lounge with some superb views. The revolving restaurant is a hot spot as well, if you’re not prone to motion sickness! Even if you don’t want to eat or drink up there, it’s well worth the elevator ride to the observation deck, where you get panoramic views of the city and how the river shapes it. The harbor area is particularly fascinating from high up and on a very clear day, you might even spot Cologne Cathedral.
  • Schloss Benrath – Built as a hunting lodge over 200 years ago, this stunning Baroque-style mansion is one of Düsseldorf’s highlights – and one that even many locals haven’t seen. The interior is painstakingly preserved and has period furnishings and art that make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the 18th century. Every room was matched with an area of the gardens so there is perfect unity between outside and inside – something we’d never heard of before. The surrounding gardens are absolutely stunning. The wooded areas stretch almost to the river and the geometric design of the avenue creates a star around the vast lawn. The French and English gardens are ideal for gentle promenades and imagining you are guests of the lord gossiping about the others! One thing we also really loved is that, with few exceptions, you can only visit with a guided tour. It is rather inexpensive – and you will be guided around by a local history expert means you will really get an idea and appreciation of what you are seeing. Trust us, we have visited way too many castles around Europe but at Schloss Benrath we actually walked away with a much deeper appreciation of the small details of the castle as well as the intricacies of royal life at the time.
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Gay  Events In Düsseldorf
  • Duessel Bears – A bunch of local furry friends and their admirers who meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9 pm at Levent. You will be welcomed with open arms into their den and be sure to make some good friends as the night progresses. Their Facebook group also announces other events throughout the year and is a good place to ask questions before you arrive.
  • EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf – The largest LGBT sporting event in Europe will be held here on the 5-9 August 2020 and is expected to be the biggest in history. The entire city is planned to transform into a cornucopia of love and acceptance as athletes flock here from all over Europe, though anyone is invited to take part in the festivities. Similar to the Gay Games, the EuroGames are a sports-for-all-event, open to everyone, irrespective of sex, age, sexual identity or physical ability – and well worth planning your trip to Gay Düsseldorf around.
  • Dusseldorf Queer – A local LGBT resource with an up-to-date list of lesbian, trans + gay groups, meeting dates and parties.
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  • Düsseldorf Pride – A week-long party celebrates the role of the LGBT community in making Düsseldorf what it is today, and is totally worth planning a trip around. Held annually in July, the highlights are the huge ‘Christopher Street Day’ festival + vibrant parade and all the gay parties – but there are plenty of other events covering the LGBT spectrum and all interested! Today it is largely about celebrating but of course much needs to be done to achieve total equality, and Düsseldorf Pride still has a strong focus on its political roots.
  • Pink Monday Party – The dedicated day for the LGBT community to come out in force and enjoy the “Largest Fair on the Rhine”, one of the grandest events in Germany which every year the gathers about four million people in July. On this specific Monday, you can find disco music and gay classics, drag queens, queer spirit and more – all with no admission cost. Well worth planning an entire trip around, Pink Monday is now in its 39th year and is only getting bigger and better as time goes on. They also have a Christmas Market version which is worth looking out for in December…
  • KG Regenbogen – The largest carnival group in Dusseldorf with over 500 members and the largest gay and lesbian carnival club in Germany offering LGBT events throughout the season. You don’t have to be a member to attend – and are highly encouraged to come along. Their parties are legendary and tickets sell out fast so plan well in advance. Every year has a theme that is always extraordinary, colorful, high-pitched and far removed from the norm. Everyone is always welcome – whether it is a brunch, a meeting party, a ball or of course the annual highlight, the Rose Monday procession. Take a look on their website for details now.
KG Regenbogen  Dusseldorf

  LGBTQ+ Pride Clothing  

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Düsseldorf Germany

Hotel Windsor Dusseldorf
Hotel Sir & Lady Astor Dusseldorf

Being one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, almost every hotel and hostel in Düsseldorf can be considered open and welcoming to LGBT travelers.  After all, being gay-friendly is simply providing a non-judgmental and respectful environment in which all people are treated equally.
Elegant design, helpful staff, and great value for money also help. Some businesses have gone above and beyond in recognizing and marketing to the  LGBT community, and it seems to have paid off!

There are now quite a few well-known hotels in Düsseldorf that are go-to hot spots for gay travelers…and really, doesn’t everyone like to be surrounded by people with common interests!  The Düsseldorf City center is a popular option, as is near the main train station with Little Tokyo on your doorstep.
If you don’t find what you are looking for, there are hundreds of other hotel option in Düsseldorf if you don’t see what you are looking for. Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or a chic designer option to sip cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous people  – Gay Düsseldorf as something for everyone!

  • Hotel Sir & Lady Astor – As you’d expect from a cosmopolitan city, there are tons of great places to stay in Düsseldorf, and one of our favorites is this quirky central hotel, the gay-owned Hotel Sir & Lady Astor. Only 10 minutes from the main shopping areas, this boutique bed and breakfast offers you the best of German hospitality. Cozy décor in rich colors, superb breakfast and friendly staff beaming in welcome make this the perfect nest for when you’re exploring Düsseldorf. It’s actually two adjoining buildings with distinct styles – the Sir Astor part has a more robust, Scottish/African style while the Lady Astor half is more delicate and ‘feminine’, with lighter colors and florals. There’s an attractive garden where you can lounge if the sun is shining, or if it’s colder snuggle up in the library with a good book. Each room was completed as a labor of love by owner Mr. Wilfried Meuser and his partner and it shows in the attention to detail and quality room fixtures. It was no wonder so many of the other guests we chatted with were regulars here – once you stay at  Hotel Sir & Lady Astor, it is hard to imagine staying anywhere else.  We were absolutely obsessed – not just with the insanely personal service and warm staff, but with the location, price and incredible breakfast that was amongst the best of any hotel we have stayed at around the world. It’s included for free if you book direct!
Best Gay Hotel Dusseldorf
  • Hyatt Regency ☆☆☆☆☆  – Found in the sophisticated Media Harbor district, this is a design hotel overlooking the Rhine and the Düsseldorf skyline, in close proximity to cultural attractions, nightlife, and shopping opportunities. Make yourself at home in their modern guestrooms, enjoy local cuisine, indulge in relaxing spa treatments or just enjoy an early night in. The beds are so comfortable we wouldn’t blame you.
  • InterContinental ☆☆☆☆☆ – In an exceptional location on Königsallee, this luxury offering from the InterContinental chain puts the city at your fingertips, from the Messe Dusseldorf Trade Fair to the charming Altstadt. Their newly renovated rooms and suites offer comfort and indulgence, while warm stone, sparkling glass, and rich fabrics add an air of sophistication. Uncover the city center with insider tips from the concierge, relax with a massage at the adjoining health center and meet friends over cocktails at bar fifty nine. Sure the price tag is steep, but you won’t find anything to complain about here.
InterContinental Dusseldorf
  • 25hours Hotel Das Tour ☆☆☆☆  – Newly opened, this very trendy hotel weaves German engineering and French artistic flair into a holistic concept with highlights that include a 16th-floor restaurant and two-story Paris Club. The rooms? Languorous, artistic charm and warm hues in the French Chambres, or straightforward design and clear colors in the German Rooms. Take your pick or opt to let the two worlds collide in the Melange Suites. There is also a spa on the 14th floor offering breathtaking views, French café, a kiosk and a bike shop on the ground floor. The 25hours Hotel chain is one of our favourites in the world and this location is no exception. The location, however, could be more central.
25hours Hotel Das Tour
  • Jugendherberge Düsseldorf ☆☆ – If you are one a real budget, this hostel offers clean and simple dorms with bunk beds, lockers, and en suite bathrooms. And the ability to really socialize with other travelers.  Located across the Rhine, the location isn’t amazing but the price is.
  • Hotel Windsor ☆☆☆ – A quaint, gay-owned hotel in a century-old mansion with casual rooms decked out with English-inspired decor, as well as free Wi-Fi and a selection of drinks. Flat-screen TVs, writing desks and en suite bathrooms are also included. Breakfast is complimentary and upgraded rooms also feature additional seating, decorative fireplaces, and garden views. If you are around, English afternoon tea and biscuits are served daily in the shared living room – wonderful for meeting other guests.
Dusseldorf Hotel Windsor


Gay Airbnb Sign Up Credit

Gay Nightlife in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf isn’t exactly well-known for its wild nightlife that goes until sunrise, but in our experience, we would blame this on its proximity to Cologne rather than anything else. In fact, Düsseldorf has a fabulously selection of gay and gay-friendly venues to cater for any kind of mood – most of which are open well into the night. 

While laid-back gay bars and cafes are indeed most prevalent in Düsseldorf you can find an all-night clubbing experience with one of the gay club parties that take place weekly or monthly here, or there are a few gay club venues that serve as reliable standbys. We have noted a few, but feel free to ask any of the guys at the gay bar Nähkörbchen about the ongoings later in the night, or on the gay hook up apps. People here are extremely friendly in our experience. 

Schamlos @ Zakk Gay Party Dusseldorf


Düsseldorf has a world-class selection of beer and unlike the rest of German – Stuttgart, Hannover, Munich, Berlin, etc. – day-drinking is actually common here so you don’t have to wait until around 10 pm for the bars to get busy. The after-work crowds come out in full force around 5 pm every night of the week, or even earlier in many cases. 

Germany is known as a country of beer-drinkers, and Düsseldorf is the epitome of that. At a mere 1 square kilometer, the old town manages to squeeze in about 260 breweries, bars, and pubs. Try to avoid the tourist traps with their loud dance music and shots; take a beer tour or simply find the quieter breweries beloved of locals to sample your Altbier. This is a dark-colored beer with a bitter taste and malty flavors. It’s not that strong, but it’s often served in small glasses to maintain the taste – you’ll see everyone drinking it, from businessmen to pensioners to women on a night out.

There are lots of breweries to choose from, but we loved Uerige in the heart of Altstadt where the beer tastes almost caramel-y, Füchschen (little fox), where you can get breakfast with your Altbier, and Kürzer for when you feel like an all-night party. For a more traditional vibe, head to Schumacher and line your stomach with the hearty food on offer. And be warned: just because Altbier is in small glasses, doesn’t mean you can have double the amount!

All-in-all, members of the LGBT community should feel safe in all establishments in this progressive and forward-thinking city – so we would encourage you to mix, mingle and dip your toes into a variety of venues (gay or straight) to find the best for you! 

Gay Bars in Düsseldorf | lesbian Düsseldorf | Düsseldorf nightlife | dragon sauna Düsseldorf

Gay Bars In Düsseldorf
  • Levent – Popular gay/ mixed pub with fabulous service, low prices, long opening hours and good music. The bar counter is rustic and nicely maintained adding to the atmosphere with a busy dance floor in the weekend.
  • Comeback – Cheap and tacky, this gay bar has friendly staff – but is well known as the place for older guys to connect with foreign hustler boys.
  • Nähkörbchen – A enjoyable place with a central location for good drinks at fair prices. More popular with an older clientele but very relaxed and the crowd is always ready to chat and welcome you as one of their own. The place to go for members of the KG Regenbogen society – an LGBT+ carnival group – and a core part of the local gay scene not to be missed.
Nähkörbchen Gay Bar Dusseldorf
  • Ludwigs Bier&Brot – A gay meeting point between homo and hetero in the city open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Perfect for beers, cocktails or those who are a little hungry. We loved meeting new friends in the social atmosphere while still enjoying the traditional Dusseldorf pub atmosphere. Location is just off the main party street and it is not difficult to find, but very much mixed more than gay.
  • Bar Studio 1 – A mixed/gay cocktail bar with an elegant, vintage atmosphere with frequent live music & DJs and intimate vibes. Open for more than 20 years but has recently undergone an extensive renovation, there is a homely coziness at the fireplace – complete with comfortable armchairs and sofas – giving the location a special accent.
Bar Studio Dusseldorf

Gay Clubs & Parties In Düsseldorf
  • Henry’s @ Queenz – Queer party on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The most lively queer party in Dusseldorf’s, renown for its great DJs, drag showcases and drink specials!
  • Schamlos @ Zakk – A shamelessly fun party for gays and lesbian normally held on the final Saturday of the month She-Bar & Dance Club – The most talked about lesbian party series in town normally taking place one Friday month at various uber-cool locations around town. Always strictly ladies only, She-Bar provides an exclusive ambiance with a different music concept. Whether in the GareDuNeuss, KIT, Club102, sundeck or in the FACTORY… With the She-Bar parties are always and different.
Schamlos @ Zakk Gay Party Dusseldorf
  • K1 Club – A small gay club in Dusseldorf but with excellent service, popping music, affordable drinks, and cute boys. Trashy pink, unapologetic camp realness perfect for a great party night!
  • Queenz – The newest gay clubs in Dusseldorf, but already the most popular and open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Stylish and cool with a fun selection of pop, chart and disco anthems. Located across from where MUSK – the now-defunct gay club – used to near the main train station. Often busy with the pre-clubbing crowd before they head to Cologne, Queenz does, however, have special events and parties on their Facebook page which tend to attract – and most importantly keep them until close!
Queenz Gay Bar Dusseldorf
Gay-Friendly Bars In Düsseldorf
  • Williams Bar & Kitchen – A old-meets-new bar concept that manages to pull off the rather rare combination mixed with a casual atmosphere with a London Bar Style. The decor is fabulous, the tapas are delicious and the wine selection enviable making this a perfect meeting place for chats and little nibbles before moving on. The cocktails are slightly pricey, and perhaps look better than they taste, however – so we would personally suggest just sticking to the classics.
  • The VIEW Skylounge & Bar –  One of the most awarded sky bars in Germany offering an upscale atmosphere with a purist design flair, in addition to being the tallest bar in Düsseldorf’s trendy Media Harbour district. Boasting spectacular views of the harbor and the city skyline by day or by night views from the 16th floor of the modern skyscraper, the VIEW Skylounge & Bar knows how to pamper their guests with reinterpreted, classic cocktails and in-house creations. Whether at Club Lounge Sound at the weekend or popping in for a quiet evening Tibble during the week this is a not-to-be-missed meeting place for cosmopolitan guests and young globalists from all over the world.
The VIEW Skylounge & Bar Dusseldorf
  • Cubanitos Bar – A cozy hangout for intimate craft cocktails during the week and partying the night away at the weekends with fun DJs & dancing. Great atmosphere and music, good drinks (o ask for the philosopher’s stone drink) and fun people.
  • Elephant Bar – Conceptually far away from your typical old-town pub, but geographically amongst it, we loved the chic, sixties-style atmosphere of Elephant Bar. Recently opened with a modern-fit out including lots of wood and marble, world-class drinks, and a truly cultured bar culture that wouldn’t be out of place in trendy New York, Sydney or Copenhagen. Changing DJs pumping out soul, jazz, electro and fun with friendly service and a crowded dance floor on the weekends.
  • Brewery im Füchschen – A social German pub committed to traditional grub & local alt beer. The ‘fox beer’, which has been brewed according to a secret family recipe, has been appreciated by true connoisseurs since 1848 and is still served in a spacious, old-fashioned tavern though there is a more modern sidewalk table space outside for those who want to be a bit more social.
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Gay Saunas in Düsseldorf

Had enough of gay cruising in Düsseldorf – either in the bars or elsewhere?

For those who want a bit more guaranteed action, then there is only one gay sauna in Düsseldorf, though opportunely it is rather fun so there is currently no need for other options! Foreigners are typically welcoming throughout the Düsseldorf gay scene, and most guys do speak English  – but you should be good at reading non-verbal cues. Luckily we have our first-time gay sauna guide to help!

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  • Phoenix Sauna – In the Düsseldorf district of Flingern and reachable from the main train station in just 15 minutes here you can enjoy sauna, wellness, relaxation and much more to the fullest. Spread over two floors, men and boys from Düsseldorf and the surrounding towns come here for fun – and Phenoix Sauna is especially busy when a trade fair is in town. There is a spacious changing room with 120 lockers, a bar, showers, dry sauna and fresh air in a cozy courtyard. There is also a steam sauna, perfect for sexy encounters, a hot tub, and a basement play area. Their somewhat convoluted entrance fee structure is listed on their website but always includes a towel, a maximum 24 hours stay and re-entry. Clean, fun, unpretentious – and always open. 
Phoenix Sauna Düsseldorf



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