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Gay Hannover | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Hannover | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

While everyone has heard of the flourishing gay scene in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg, Gay Hannover – Germany’s 13th largest city – often flies under the radar.

We put it down to an image problem as most people questions why we even want to go here, but the truth is Hannover is rapidly reinventing itself – and has a lot to offer LGBT travelers who are willing to give this city a chance to charm them.

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The greenest city in German with plenty of modern architecture, modern art, modern everything really: sadly, along with historical buildings were destroyed during the war. But out of the ashes has risen a vibrant gay scene with the oldest gay sauna in Germany, fun gay bars and five massive queer events held annually, frequently tied in with the biggest festivals in Hannover: Hannover Wiesn (Think Oktoberfest but not in Munich) and the Marksmen’s Fair.

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While Germany might have taken a ‘better later than never’ approach to legalizing gay marriage, it is now frequently named one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. LGBT people are simply embraced as a natural part of society and no big fuss is generally made outside of the annual Hannover Pride.

Today in Gay Hannover there is a well-established queer scene, although with many in the LGBT community no longer feeling the need to segregate themselves. Take the time to explore here – or to meet gay locals in Hannover – and you will unearth plenty of hidden gems, vibrant neighborhoods, glorious parks and funky queer nightlife where you never quite know what to expect…

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Gay Hannover Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Hannover Germany

Attractions in Gay Hannover

Obviously being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see in each city and most queer tourists will simply want to check out the top things to see in Hannover during the day! Hannover is a very safe city but still, all travelers should take caution with valuables. Gay people in Hannover do not need to take any extra precautions in terms of public displays of affection in this very progressive city and should have no issues exploring Hannover’s beauty!

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Things To Do In Hannover
  • Herrenhausen Gardens – One of the ‘must see’ attractions in Hannover is this vast, ornamental 17th-century garden actually consisting of four separate gardens. The Great Garden has always been one of the most illustrious baroque formal gardens of Europe while the Berggarten has more recently been transformed from a simple vegetable garden into a sizeable botanical garden which stands out in its own right with 12,000+ plants and greenhouses for orchids & butterflies… There is also the Georgengarten and the Welfengarten, both in the style of English gardens, one of Europe’s tallest fountains, and the open-air theatre in the summer.
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  • Maschsee – this large artificial lake provides 190 acres of recreational space for running, swimming, walking, parties, picnics…The list goes on. In the summer months, there is no better way to spend a lazy day in the sun.
  • New Town Hall – It would be had to miss this icon of Hannover, the castle-like city hall with a vast dome. Take the lift up to enjoy mountain & city views, followed up by a classy meal at the onsite bistro. The Germans really know how to do Town halls right?
  • Hanover Zoo – If you’re a lover of all things wild, cute and fluffy you can either look out for the bears in the Hanover gay bars or explore the world-class Hanover Zoo. One of the oldest in Germany and frequently short-listed as one of the best zoos in the world there is 7 themed area, animals from every inhabited continent with naturalistic habitats, conservation programme and daily shows.
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  • Sprengel Museum – Housing one of Germans most significant collections of modern art including a permanent collection of German & international modern artists with notable temporary exhibits. Georgengarten.
  • Museum August Kestner – The oldest museum in Hannover filled with the collections of a 19th-century envoy, including Classical antiquities & medieval artifacts.
  • Kestnergesellschaft – A local art gallery featuring 5 halls with unique dimensions and atmosphere featuring avant-garde & often provocative graphic art, photography and other art forms.
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  • Tiergarten – A iconic and relaxing 112-hectare park with cute deer, wild boar & small animals and an 18th-century barn. Perfect for a stroll, jogging, or just enjoying the fresh air.
  • Aviation Museum Hannover-Laatzen – The number of gay guys who are obsessed with planes always astounds us. We guess it’s their phallic shape and all the fun cockpit jokes. Either way, if you’re interested this is one of the best aviation museums in Germany with over 4,500 aviation exhibits, including old planes, engines & aviator uniforms.
  • Limmerstraße – While the entire area of Lindin is stuffed with hipster hangouts and boutiques, this street is a good place to start. Need a cool haircut? Looking for colorful Mexican food? Wants street food or to window-shop? Trust us, you will find it here!
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  • Hannover’s Christmas Market – One of the most underrated best Christmas markets in Germany with a special Finnish Christmas Village (hello Helsinki!) and plenty of local crafts and glühwein! Better than markets in both Munich and Prague, largely because far-less tourists visit here so you get a nice local vibe. The Hannover Christmas markets generally run for 25 days leading up to Christmas.
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Gay Annual Events In Hannover
  • Hannover Pride – Also known as ‘Christopher Street Day / CSD Munich’, this week-long party celebrates the role of the LGBT community in making Hannover what it is today, and is totally worth planning a trip around. Held annually in May, the highlights are the huge street festival, a vibrant parade, and events featuring politics, music, culture, and cabaret! Today Hannover Pride is largely about celebrating but Hannover Pride still has a strong focus on its political roots and ensure total equality for all citizens in the future.
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  • Gaywiesn Hannover – For the first time the true Oktoberfest atmosphere is brought to the gay and lesbian scene to Hannover. Of course, the most important highlights are not waived: beer, live music, food, and DJ’s. What more could you want!
  • Gay Marksmen’s Fair Hannover – The largest marksmen’s funfair in the world held annually in June now features a Gay Tent! For ten days this is Germany’s largest gay party marathon open to gays and lesbians, unicorns and anyone fabulous. There is a large outdoor area, mega-party tent, drag shows, 24-hour parties, awards, celebrities, live music and more. What more could you want!
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  • Volume Party @ Fun Park – The volume party in Hanover is one of the biggest queer events in Germany, drawing in revelers from all over Germany and the world. Epic DJs, live shows (and music) and entertainment that will leave you wow’d. 100% unique with only three events per year, the Volume gay parties in Hannover are not to be missed.
  • Queer Film Festival Hannover – Holds gay film events across Germany and there is at least one annually in Hannover normally in October, and often in spring as well. A fun way to meet people in the Hannover gay community without using dating apps or alcohol. Plus the films are pretty amazing (but you just need to see the sexy yet sad Free Fall / Freier Fall before you go to Gay Germany!)
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Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Hannover Germany

Mecure Hotel hannover Mitte | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany
prizeotel Hannover-City | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany

Being one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, almost every hotel and hostel in Hannover can be considered open and welcoming to LGBT travelers. After all being gay-friendly is simply providing a non-judgmental and respectful environment in which all people are treated equally. Elegant design, helpful staff and great value for money also help. Some businesses in Gay Hannover have gone above and beyond in recognizing and marketing to the LGBT community, and it seems to have paid off!

There are a now quite a few well-known hotels in Hannover that are go-to hot spots for gay travelers. And really, doesn’t everyone like to be surrounded by people with common interests?! Sadly there are no gay hotels in Hannover but there are hundreds of other hotel option in Hannover if you don’t find what you are looking for. Besides, we have frequently found the best hotel in town to be the most gay-popular, and explicitly gay hotels to be grungier, less cool and less social when we have stayed.
Gay tourists normally find the most fun place to stay is central in Hannover – close to all the attractions by gay and gay bar by night. However, as long as you are close to a subway or have hired your own car everything is relatively easy to reach. We have put a Gay Hannover map at the end in case you need some help getting an idea of where everything is. Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or a chic designer option to sip cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous people – Gay Hannover as something for everyone!


  • prizeotel Hannover-City ☆☆☆☆ – A fresh and funky hotel that offers luxury on a budget. Since there are no gay hotels in Hannover, this is our top recommendation and is a total breath of fresh air! Offering affordable high-design, at prizeotel Hannover-City you are in the middle of it all and therefore at the best starting point for an extensive sightseeing tour of the city – by day or by night! Not in the mood for action? Then you’re also in good hands as the hotel was custom created by the New York star designer Karim Rashid, with colorful style puts you in a great mood whether you just want to chill, work, host meetings or drink coffee – here, everything goes nice and easy!
Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany
  • Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆ – The epitome of luxury in Hannover, this 5-star hotel provides unique accommodation in the former Pelikan fountain pen factory from 1906. Located on the edge of town next to the Eilenriede City Forest, but it is only 11 minutes to the city center on the Pelikanstraße tram stop located right outside. Guests can try creative cuisine in the Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel’s 5th Avenue restaurant or fine cocktails at Harry’s New York Bar. The suites are elegantly designed with high-ceilings and unique décor making this Sheraton Hannover one of the most memorable upscale stays in town.
  • Kastens Hotel Luisenhof ☆☆☆☆☆ – A upscale hotel featuring grand, classic-style facades, elegant rooms and an enviable location in the heart of Hannover. Bringing character, style, charm and the most modern comfort to the Hannover hotel scene, Kastens is one one of the best hotels in town. Guests enjoy free use of the Luisenhof’s gym, overlooking the rooftops of the city as well as the on-site sauna, massage service, and rental bicycles.
Kastens Hotel Luisenhof | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany
  • Novotel Hannover ☆☆☆☆ – A gay-popular business hotel out of the city center but right on a U-Bahn line to get around anywhere you want with ease. Spacious rooms, modern design, fantastic staff and little touches like the pillow menu make a stay here just a little bit luxurious. If you’re driving there is also on-site parking, and modern spa facilities including a hot tub, sauna and relaxation area.
  • Dormero Hotel Hannover ☆☆☆☆ – Stylish hotel with a gay-popular bar onsite and offer fantastic value for money. Walking distance to the center of the city with a U-Bahn station right outside, delicious breakfast and helpful staff. The spa at the Dormero Hotel also includes a sauna, steam room and gym with modern fitness equipment.
Hannover Novotel | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany
  • Mercure Hotel Hannover Mitte ☆☆☆☆ – A modern hotel recently renovated with sound-proof rooms, a fun rooftop terrace, and great transport links. The hotel is close to the city center, 5 to 8 minutes walking distance and right in front of the hotel is a small garden to relax in. The Mercure Hotel is close to everything – supermarket, coffee shops and laundry and all the gay nightlife in Hannover.
  • Hotel Savoy Hannover ☆☆☆☆ – A older hotel, recently remodeled, that prides itself on having an English and rooms with understated elegance. Spacious, filled with warm colors and featuring modern amenities, a stay at the gay-popular Hotel Savoy offers the best of both worlds and something a bitter different from all the international chain hotels. Breakfast is also included in room rates, there is an on-site sauna, gym, free bike hire and the beautiful Herrenhausen Gardens are just around the corner!
Mecure Hannover Mitte Rooftop | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany
  • Ibis budget Hannover Hbf ☆☆☆– We are a big fan of the Ibis when traveling as they have really up’d their game in recent years providing clean rooms, frivolous design, and low prices. You can always expect the lowest price and a room with all the essentials here, but it is nice to see more color, a bit of chic industrial / Scandanivan style while maintaining its affordability.
  • Bed’nBudget City-Hostel ☆ – The cheapest bed in Hannover offering dorm and private room options for budget travelers. Gay-friendly, but honestly not a great hostel, there just is no competition in Hannover hostels it seems! Still, you get a central location in the heart of the Gay Hannover, clean rooms and the chance to meet other travelers to go out and party with…It seems they have remodeled since we last visited and the reviews are not a lot better so why not give them a try? If your counting your euro’s this is the only real option.
Ibis budget Hannover Hbf | Hannover Gay Hotel Germany | Gay Friendly Germany


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Gay Nightlife in Hannover

Hannover – like much of Gay Germany – has wild nightlife that goes until sunrise, or even later! There are lots of gay bars catering for any kind of mood, and a few gay events worth planning a try around, especially the popular Volume Gay Party or the Gay Tent at the Marksmen’s Fair in June.

Most gay people in Hannover do not feel the need to segregate themselves so you can consider almost any venue here gay-friendly but we have only listed those with a high chance of meeting your global gay family.

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If you’re not sure where to start just head to the central/old town area where most of Hannover’s gay bars and hang-outs are found. There isn’t really a gay village here, but just use our gay map of Hannover at the end to find the best location for you!

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Gay Bars & Clubs In Hannover
  • Schwule Sau – A non-profit gay bar in Hannover for everyone. Following their communist manifesto, they are non-commercial, organized collectively, unsalaried, and hyper-involved in the Hannover gay scene for over 27 years. Just as important as the dancing is the community space they provide and multiple gay parties in Hannover they organize, including the very popular Sau Party. This is not your average gay bar and is bizarre, wonderful and weird: just how we love it!
Schwule Sau Hannover | gay life in germany | germany gay marriage | gay germany travel

  • Burgklause – A gay gastropub where everyone is welcome, the living room of Gay Hannover. One of the oldest gay bars in town recently brought back to its former glory, the Burgklause has been hosting homos since 1966 and continues to be a cult favorite in town, for both gays and lesbians. With friendly owners and patrons, we love stopping by here, striking up a conversation and meeting other gay people in Hannover.
  • Bar Romantis – A popular gay bar serving LGBT Hannover all the cocktails, beer and champagne it desires in a fun and frivolous environment. Pictures of celebrities and other decorations adorn the walls, and everyone is very welcoming. The perfect way to start a night out is to attend their weekly Friday Quiz nights or karaoke every send Saturday.
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  • Martinos – A cherished and comfortable gay bar / café in the old town of Hannover. Martinos is the preferred meeting place of many hook-ups to enjoy a casual drink beforehand since it is open late during the week and weekends but never gets too busy. Occasionally they host larger parties so check their Facebook page before planning your night out.
  • Fever Club – The largest gay club in Hannover for dancing the night away with your queer family. Fun costume parties, the occasional drag queen, dance floor and full bar – what more could you ask for really? Only open on the weekends, this no-attitude Hannover gay club exemplifies the gay scene here with a mix of people, laid-back vibes and everybody seems to know each other. Don’t worry though – as a visitor you will be warmly welcomed by the DJ spinning dance, house, and Top 40 music till the early hours of the morning. Halleloo!
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Gay-Popular / Mixed Bars in Hannover
  • Café Lulu – A cozy, gay-popular café on Wedekindplatz that tempts you to linger with fun cocktails and an ever-changing lunch menu. The beautiful café transforms into a social bar by night, and Café Lulu even serves an impressive breakfast meaning they can take care of all your most pressing needs in Gay Hannover.
  • Timber – A cute little wooden bar in the heart of the Old Town offering gay-friendly vibes, low prices, and a cozy space to relax with a cocktail or a beer. The perfect mix of ‘Hansel & Gretel” woodland realness and modern design.
  • Sonderbar @ Dormero Hotel – A strange and refreshingly different bar where uniqueness and individuality are prized above all else. You are guaranteed not to drink the same drink twice, one look at bar menu and your senses are reawakened. A vibrant space where anything is truly possible. Perfect for relaxed drinks on the weekday or visit on the weekend for a busy dance floor and live music.
 Sonderbar @ Dormero Hotel | gay party hannover | gay hotel hannover | gays in hannover

Gay Parties in Hannover
  • Gaywiesn Hannover – For the first time the true Oktoberfest atmosphere is brought to the gay and lesbian scene to Hannover. Of course, the most important highlights are not waived: beer, live music, food and DJ’s. What more could you want!
  • Gay People Events – Hosting gay party events around Hannover and the surrounding regions. The biggest is the Gay People Tent at the hugely popular Marksmen’s Fair Hannover in June, but check their page for more details. We saw something similar in Gay Stuttgart’s Spring Festival and were living for it!
  • Volume Party @ Fun Park – The volume party in Hanover is one of the biggest queer events in Germany, drawing in revelers from all over Germany and the world. Epic DJs, live shows (and music) and entertainment that will leave you wow’d. 100% unique with only three events per year, the Volume gay parties in Hannover are not to be missed.
Volume Party @ Fun Park | hannover party heute hanover| schwul hannover | lesben hannover


Gay Cruising & Gay Saunas in Hannover

Had enough of gay cruising in Hannover – either in the bars or elsewhere? For those who want a bit more guaranteed action, there is one gay sauna in Hannover, which  – unlike all those faceless accounts on the hook up apps –  will not disappoint you. In such a foreign-friendly city you should have no issues visiting the Hannover gay sauna, but you could also consider one of the two gay cruise clubs in Hannover if you’re more into the cruise/fetish scene.

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  • Vulkan Sauna – The first sauna to ever open in Germany, and today the only gay sauna in Hannover, Vulkan overs a relaxing environment to unwind with clean faculties and friendly staff. Recently renovated to keep up with the times, you can spend your time in the sauna, bath or wet room or holed up in a private cabin. There is also a small sun terrace and bar area if it’s quiet or you plan on the boys coming to you. Open 7 days a week, Vulkan Sauna doesn’t close from Friday open until Sunday night.
Vulkan Sauna Hannover | gay sex hannover | gay club hannover | gay party hannover
  • Joe’s Dark & Playroom – A gay cinema, store and video store in downtown Hannover offers plenty of thrills to get your blood pumping. The cinema offers a small bar, single cabins, a sling, S&M area, wet zone and more – as well as a shower so you can leave clean and refreshed. The gay store offers all the latest DVDs, toys and magazine if you need to pick anything up.
  • Irrgarten – The most popular cruising spot in Hannover where all your kinky dreams and desires can be realized. Open 24 hours on the weekend, many gay men in Hannover come here after a night out to indulge in the porn cinema, private cabins, glory holes, cages, and slings. There are lockers available, stages to perform and poles to show off on.
Gay Cruising In Hannover Germany | gay sex hannover | gay club hannover | gay party hannover



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