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Gay Prague | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Prague | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Progressive, liberal, tolerant – at least compared to its neighbors to the east, Gay Prague is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular gaycation destinations.

Since the 1990’s tourism has been booming here – gay or otherwise – and it’s not hard to see why. Centuries of history, a beauty that rivals that of Paris, some of the world’s best beer (at some of the world’s best prices) and an epic nightlife scene that would have you believe they are celebrating the fall of communism still – every, single, night!
The gay community in Prague is the biggest and most vibrant in ex-communist Europe, bolder, brighter and more fabulously queer than Warsaw, Tallinn, Krakow or even Budapest. Honestly, Prague would even be a contender for offering one of the biggest gay scenes in the world!

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Gay Prague punches far above its weight and honestly, it kind of took us by surprise – like the unexpected gay scenes of Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul or Bogota.
Sure, we somehow just knew that Prague would be full of BDSM sex-dungeons and all-night gay dance parties, but the refined cocktail bars like Dandy (whose sexy bartenders are worth stopping by for alone) and almost post-gay cafes such as The Bourgeois Pig took us by complete surprise.
Czech society is tolerant and largely atheist, and an average gay traveler here should not expect any discrimination above and beyond that of other major European cities. Even better – the Czech Republic is currently discussing repealing a ban on same-sex marriage and we were pleasantly surprised to learn recent polls showed 75 percent of people here now believe that same-sex couples should be able to marry. Halleloo!

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If you’re wondering the best time to visit Gay Prague we would humbly suggest August timed with the fabulous Prague Pride, a summertime week filled with culture, entertainment and tolerance ended with the largest pride in the Central and Eastern Europe.
There is really no bad time to visit however as the glory of Charles Bridge in the twilight, the millennium-old caste on the hill and twisting maze of cobbled laneways and quiet courtyards in Prague’s Old Town will always be waiting.
No matter where your interests lie – excessive hedonistic nightlife, old-world culture, luxury hotels, gratifying food, tranquil cafes or all those adorable Czech boys – Gay Prague has something for you!

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Gay Prague Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Prague Czech Republic

Attractions in Gay Prague

Obviously being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see in each city and most queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Prague during the day! Prague is a very safe city but still, all travelers should take caution crowded areas or at night in bars with valuables.

There is so much to do in this gorgeous city – but we found our favorite memories were just sitting and drinking coffee watching the world go by, getting lost in the beautiful Old Town or dancing away the night with new friends in one of the cities many gay bars.

If you have the time you might consider hiring a car to check out the beautiful surrounding small towns and countryside, though you hardly run the risk of getting bored no matter how long you stay in Prague.

You can’t throw a stone in this city without hitting something gothic and historic – but still, it helps to have some kind of idea what is going on, so here are our just a few of our favorite things to do in Prague that you should not miss!

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Things To Do In Prague
  • Prague Castle – A UNESCO monument that has etched over Prague for over 100 years, hike up the hill to the castle complex and visit the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. There is plenty for tourists to explore including the St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Rosenberg Palace and the Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower.
  • Prague Old Town – Honestly, there is far, far too much to cover here but suffice to say this lively cobblestoned hub literally covered in landmark attractions can keep your average tourist busy for days, weeks if you really want to see everything. Truly a city like no other on Earth.
  • Prague Ballet – Much like nearby Vienna and Budapest, Prague has a long and proud musical tradition and today you can see world-class ballet and opera for prices that wouldn’t even get you nosebleed seats in cities like Paris, London or New York.
  • Prague Christmas Markets – Cheaper than the German Christmas market, and arguably more beautiful – the Prague Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square Christmas markets are truly a sight to behold and worth planning an entire trip to Prague around (you won’t be the only one doing this!)
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  • Prague River Cruise – Escape the hectic crowds of the Prague Old Town and head out on a romantic river cruise taking in all the best highlights of this historic city from the Vlatava River. When you have had your fill, the onboard bar is always fun!
  • Czech Beer Museum – Forget Germany, discover the long and proud history of beer brewing in Czech starting with the Golden Age of Czech beer brewing. If you have not had enough beer in the bars, you can taste four different beers in their showroom pub then actually create and bottle your own beer using the brewery’s machinery!
Gay Prague Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Prague Czech Republic 2018

  • Traditional Czech Food – Sure this Eastern European country might not have the most famous cuisine in the world, but there is still a lot to love. Don’t fall for the tourist traps of trdelnik or langose on every corner with actually both came from Hungary.  Instead try to seek out Czech delicacies like potato pancakes fried in lard, potato dumplings filled with smoked meat with sauerkraut, sweet curd dumplings filled with fruit, pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, or roasted beef sirloin with creamy sauce and cranberries served with dumplings. You can taste all of these easily in local restaurants, but ask your hotel in hunting down the best places nearby!
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  • Municipal House – If you don’t have the time or energy to seek out the best of Czech food, simply sign up to a traditional Czech 3-course lunch in the Art Nouveau restaurant. Taste the best specialties from across the region accompanied by a live folklore performance. We are kind of lazy so any chance to experience a culture while sitting down!
  • Relax in the Gay Cafes – Prague’s gay life doesn’t just happen at night, and while it’s less thriving during the day you should stop in at one of the several gay cafes (our favorite gay places in Prague)  – if only to check out all those gorgeous Czech boys. Some of the most famous are Q Cafe, Cafe~Cafe or Patra, but keep your eyes out as you wander around and you’re sure to see a few more.
  • Shopping in Prague – Low prices and high quality mean you get plenty of bang for your buck here. Once you get past all the kitschy tourist shops there are some truly stunning boutique art stores – or for the best souvenirs look out for Marionettes, Becherovka Herbal Liqueur or Bohemian Glass.
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  • Communist Czech – Sure, today Prague might be known as one of the best preserved European Capital’s but for those who are interested in the intrigued history of communism and the Velvet Revolution you will need to head out on a tour with a guide who will use his words to bring the “good old days“ back to life.
  • Mozart Dinner – Enjoy an elegant three-course dinner in the surreal historically protected Boccaccio Hall while enjoying the best of Mozart’s music live. One for the culture vultures and a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world.
  • Astronomical Clock Tower – One of the most famous buildings in Prague. Be sure to reserve your tickets early to head up this 600-year-old Gothic Tower and take in the best views of Prague’s old town before heading down to watch the hourly clock show.
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The Best Day Trips in Prague
  • Český Krumlov – A UNESCO World Heritage site and our vote for the most beautiful town in Europe (if not the world..). Sure you should go for more than a day, but it’s so out of the way, your close now and at least you will get a taste of this romantic and utterly infectious town.
  • Terezín Concentration Camp – Not for the faint of heart. Spend the day learning the tragic history of the Nazi concentration camp at Terezín. A mix of death and life – Gay travelers can also learn about the LGBT victims of the Nazi regime, who were the only prisoners not to be released after the Allied Powers took control of the camps.
  • Kutna Hora Bone Chapel – Another macabre day tour from Prague to see the hauntingly beautiful town chapel of Kunta Hora, while also stopping at Bohemia’s oldest Cistercian Monastery and Hrádek Castle.
  • Karlštejn Castle – One of the best ‘open secrets’ in Czech, this stunning castle is easily reachable on a day trip and is truly one of the more iconic Castles in Europe. Take a tour of its interior, see where the Czech crown jewels were kept and enjoy the beautiful rolling countryside.
Gay Český Krumlov | Day Trip From Prague

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Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Prague

In Prague, you would be hard-pressed to find an upscale hotel which had any issues with gay guests but discretion is advised in small, owner-operated hotels in this still sometimes conservative society.

Some Prague hotels are more popular with queer travelers due to their location and inclusive environment or vibe, which are featured here since there are no exclusively gay hotels in Prague…yet!

The Grand Mark Prague | Gay Hotels In Prague Guide

Each hotel and area offer something very specific, so be sure to choose the right style and location to meet your needs. Prices are cheap compared to North American and Western European hotels (thought quickly rising) and standards are high – so it’s a great place to splurge!

Of course, there are also hundred’s more hotel and hostel options in Prague if none of these suit your desired budget, facilities or area – but these are the best hotels according to us and other gay travelers.

Hotel Josef Design Hotel | Gay Hotels In Prague
  • Hotel Josef ☆☆☆☆ – Our absolute favorite stay in Prague, this gay-friendly hotel (Prague’s only design boutique hotel) is the perfect juxtaposition to the old-world beauty of Prague. We were left gagging over their Premium Josef rooms where you can enjoy unparalleled views out over the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Prague without even leaving your bed. Located on a quiet side street only a few blocks from the main square, we loved the modern architecture, plentiful natural light, and a bold color scheme. Oh, and did we mention the penthouse gym and sauna – which include free advice and work-out routines with the very sexy private fitness coach Lukas.
Hotel Josef Design Hotel | LGBT Hotels In Prague
  • The Grand Mark Prague ☆☆☆☆☆ – One of the leading hotels in the world, this iconic hotel artfully blending classical design with modern art, and technology. Gay-popular with those of our family with cash to splash – and it’s easy to see why when everything is just this perfect. We loved the relaxing garden terrace and glass-enclosed bar which provide a quiet space for when Prague gets a little too overwhelming, but the entire hotel is simply pure perfection.
The Grand Mark Prague  | Gay Guide To Prague
  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague ☆☆☆☆☆ – An international renown gay-friendly hotel chain whose name is synonymous with luxury. Their Prague outpost doesn’t disappoint with three Old Town buildings of varying baroque and renaissance styles renovated and now playing host to this refined, high-end hotel. The views of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge are unreal, and we loved the interior decor inspired by historical Czech eras.
  • Carlo IV, The Dedica Anthology ☆☆☆☆☆ – Managed by the very gay-friendly Marriot Hotels, this is one of Prague’s most majestic hotels in a former 19th-century neoclassical palace. You will feel like absolute royalty in this unique modern/old-world fusion with huge spaces, friendly staff, and a luxurious spa.
Four Seasons Hotel Prague
  • Deminka Palace ☆☆☆☆ A gay-popular historical palace on the doorstep of the Prague gay bars yet only a 10-minute walk to the Old Town. Elegant rooms with sophisticated decor, complimentary breakfast buffet, and a historic restaurant, in operation since 1886 with a modern bar.
  • MOOo by the Castle ☆☆☆☆ – if your not interested in the Prague gay scene these award-winning renovated luxury apartments in a 16th-century building could be the perfect option. Located on the quiet side of town under the famous Prague Castle, these spacious gay-friendly apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen and 35 original cow paintings dotted around the building.
  • La Fenice ☆☆☆ – A beautiful and extremely popular property in the heart of the Vinohrady gay quarter. Dance all night and return to this hotel featuring basic but spacious rooms and a large breakfast to help you feel better the next morning.
  • Apartments Vinohrady ☆☆☆ – Cheap, clean and spacious apartments in the heart of Prague’s gay scene for if you desire privacy, wish to host or have guests over for drinks or more.
Motel One Prague | Best Gay Stay in Prague
  • Motel One Prague ☆☆☆ – Halfway between the Prague gay area and the Old Town, the Motel One Prague is our favorite pick for a designer cheap-chic option which won’t break the bank. A modern hotel with contemporary decor, simple rooms, knowledgeable staff and a fun vibe.
  • Hotel Adeba ☆☆ – A budget hotel with great reviews next door to Sauna Labyrint and a short walk to Sauna David. Large colorful rooms close to metro – if the gay sauna’s in Prague are a priority then we recommend you stay here.
  • Hotel Karlin ☆☆ – The cheapest private room we could find in Prague with good reviews and it’s only 200 meters to a metro or a pleasant 25-minute walk to the heart of the Old Town. Bare bones basic but spacious rooms and with an included breakfast
  • MeetMe23 ☆☆ – Probably our favorite hostel in the world full of fun pop-art, fabulous design, and friendly staff. Seriously world-class, we don’t normally stay in dorms but we are so tempted by the MeetMe23 Hostel (they have private rooms too). If you want to meet other travelers, are on a budget or want to explore the nightlife with new friends then this is the place to stay!
MeetMe23 | The Best Hostel In Gay Prague


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Gay Bars and Gay Clubs in Prague

Prague is increasingly getting a reputation as one of the best gay-party cities in Europe, as it’s nightlife is up there with some of our other favorite ‘up-and-coming’ gaycation spots: Orlando, Medellin, Taipei and Glasgow.

Needless to say in Gay Prague you can find almost every type of nightlife imaginable from hipster cocktail bars, bohemian cafes to underground drag-pubs and all-night gay dance events. There is a  ridiculous amount of Prague gay bars to choose from mostly located around in the Vinohrady gay district, close to Náměstí Míru metro station (but some are located in other places so be sure to check out our helpful Gay Prague Map).

Dandy Cocktail Bar and Beer In Prague

The gay club scene in Prague is always changing and it seems some places open just as quickly as they close so check websites and Facebook pages before heading out and contact us if you think we need to add or remove anything.

 While Prague might be the most liberal city in the Czech Republic, open displays of affection outside of gay bars can lead to trouble. Also, watch out for hustlers and don’t take any valuables with you if you can help it – and watch all of your belonging in the back-rooms of gay bars and clubs (most have them) as pick-pocketing, while you’re focussed elsewhere, is extremely common.

Things are getting better however, many gay bars in Prague are cleaning up their image, increasing security and kicking hustlers out – so just use your common sense and enjoy what is guaranteed to be a crazy fun night out in Gay Prague.  

Sexy Bartenders At Dandy Bar | Nightlife Guide To Gay Prague

  • The Bourgeois Pig – A gay bar for a ‘post-gay’ world, we felt incredibly at home here in this coffee & vinyl bar. They describer it best as ‘reminiscent of your strange uncle’s living room and your eclectic aunt’s bedroom but with enough 90’s grunge and the laid-back vibes to keep you flying high all night.’ Cozy, cute and very international – it’s impossible not to love this hipster spot and it is hands-down our favorite gay bar in Prague. Just wait till you try their signature cannabis-infused cocktail L’OPIUM!
  • Piano Bar – The Long-running gay bar in Prague’s gay area, the Vinohrady quarter. One of the best places to start a night out with its Czech pub meets gay lounge vibes and hosting plenty of drag shows, themed parties, talk-shows and Bingo every Sunday. Their Facebook has a full list of upcoming events – we wish we could attend their Gayman 2018 casting session!
  • DANDY – A classy straight-friendly bar with some of the sexiest bartenders we have ever seen…I mean wow! And what’s better, these guys actually know how to make a stiff drink that tastes even better than they look. Signature cocktails, a nice selection of exotic liquors, relax vibes outdoor seating during the day and plenty of fun at night. One of Prague’s best kept secrets, and we think all gay bars world-wide should take a page out of Dandy’s book!

  • Balbi Bar – A small gay bar in the middle of Prague’s Old Town. Newly opened, with incredibly welcoming staff, unpretentious patrons and fabulous cocktails. Laid-back lounge vibes, it’s almost like attending a house party with friends.
  • Friends Prague – A well known gay-friendly bar/club in the heart of Prague with a fun dance floor, cocktails, happy hours, great DJs and plenty of merriment each night. Friends Prague focus on their gay clientele first in everything they do, but allies are always welcome and there is often a diverse mix of people to bump into here! With some of the lowest prices in Central Prague,  go for events such as Karaoke Tuesday nights, Drag shows on Thursdays, wild Friday themed nights or classic gay anthems on Oldie Saturdays! Friends Prague also offers a fabulous daily happy hour until 10 pm to start the night off right. Fun and friendly with a positive and accepting party atmosphere, what’s not to love!
Friends Prague | gay bar prague | gay club prague | gay guide prague | prague gay life | prague gay scene | gay prague guide
  • Flirt Bar – A funky little cafe lounge and music club with a strong LGBT following and coffee. Centrally located – It’s worth stopping by on your trip around Gay Prague to see what’s going on, to ask the helpful bartender information or just if you spot a cute guy inside!
  • Klub 21 – A underground Czech Pub with fun events, food, nice cocktails and a strong LGBT following. We loved the gin martini – and the friendly bartender who served it.
  • The Saints Bar – A cozy bar in the Vinohrady gay quarter for conversation and cheap beer. More cute bartenders but don’t head here solo as it’s not a great atmosphere to meet people, but if your heading on a date its a good option (though we prefer Dandy..)
Gay Clubs In Bucharest Gay Bars

  • Club Strelec – Calling all bears, otters, panda’s and fetish fans, this unpretentious gay bar in Prague is the most popular meeting place for the local bear community (besides the Alcatraz cruise bar later at night – see next section). Some of the cheapest beers in an already very cheap city, plenty of older guys, beers and very welcoming to strangers. Cash only, but Club Strelec is thankfully free from attitude and rent-boys.
  • Club U Rudolfa – A casual Czech Pub which is popular with the gay community. Hosting (terrible) drag shows occasionally, this traditional pub is worth a stop in for some cheap drinks and to mingle. Not our favorite gay bar in Prague, but a nice spot for a drink before moving on.
  • Jampa Dampa – Finally, a lesbian bar in Prague for all you ladies out there! Recently renovated and under new management, we have heard great things about the Ladies Night Party of Friday / Saturdays and Karaoke on Wednesday nights. Perfect for dating or sitting with friends earlier in the night, or dancing into the wee hours of the morning when the club really gets going after midnight!
Gay Nightlife Prague

  • OMG Party @ Mecca – The biggest gay party in Prague taking place every few months at Club Mecca. There really is nothing like it with the biggest DJs, go-go dancers who will love you gagging and big-budget production values. 3 floors, easily accessible bars, friendly staff and plenty of open dance spaces or private corners for whatever you prefer. Check in advance when the next OMG Party is because it is totally worth planning a trip around!
  • Club TerMax – A large gay club open Friday / Saturday with fun themes, cute / younger crowds, and a hassle-free dance environment.
  • Up & Down – A popular hustler bar – and while things are only slightly more covert than the go-go bars in Pattaya and Bangkok – don’t go here unless you prepared to pay for more than your drinks. Still – they are slowly improving their image, the staff are cute with a big club downstairs and a small bar upstairs.
Gay Clubs in Prague

If you’re a bit shy or just wanna meet other LGBT travelers, why not join the Prague Gay Pub Crawl?  A totally unique experience beginning with a 1-hour open bar and free shots then VIP entrance to 5 of the best gay venues in Prague before ending in an (optional) steamy sauna session! 

Gay Cruising & Gay Saunas in Prague

Those who are interested in the Prague gay sauna scene will not be disappointed, unlike in other Eastern Europe Capitals like Bucharest. In fact, the cruising clubs and gay saunas in Prague are amongst the best in Europe competing with Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Brussels.
Sadly however many venues are full of attitude so decide carefully where you want to decide – and rent boys in Prague are pervasive here. We recommend Sauna Babylonia, Drakes Club, and Alcatraz to avoid the worst of this and to read our first-time gay sauna guide if you want to know what to expect!  In any case, your experience in the gay sauna of Prague will really depend on timing with the afternoons on weekends being the most popular time, since almost all the gay clubs in Prague have their own darkroom there is no need to leave…

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Gay Saunas in Prague
  • Sauna Babylonia – The most famous – and popular gay sauna in Prague – having been in business for over 20 years. Super-clean, but is quiet at most times – try to visit in the evenings on Friday and Saturday nights if you want a crowd. The guys are pretty hot here, especially on the Friday sauna parties – though Naked Sunday can be a bit hit-or-miss. Recently renovated with a dry sauna, steam baths, fun maze, private cabins and XXX room. Right in the center of Old Town (next to Church of St. Martin in the Wall if you feel the need to repent after).
  • Sauna David – The oldest gay sauna in Prague having been around for 25 years, and attracts mostly older men (or maybe they just haven’t stopped going since it opened). Sauna, steam, and bar.- This has Eastern Europe written all over it but it’s the cheapest sauna in Prague too. Not our first choice.
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  • Sauna Labyrint – The largest gay sauna in Prague, and one of the biggest in Europe. Complete with 3 floors of mazes, multiple dark rooms, XXX cabins, Finnish Sauna (though quite different from those in Gay Helsinki) and an epic sauna maze with unique cruising opportunities. In a quiet neighborhood so grab a cab if coming-or-going late at night, or just stay at Hotel Adeba next door.
  • Sauna Bonbon – A small sauna / private men’s club in Prague popular with mostly middle-aged local men, though they are very welcoming to guests. A nice mix of slim, fit and bears – It’s only really happening between 6 and 9 pm nightly here. Hosting weekly naked, swingers and juniors parties with sauna, jacuzzi, private cabins and steam room.
Gay Saunas in Prague

Gay Cruise Bars in Prague
  • Drake’s Club – This is one cruising bar you have to visit in Prague, we have seen nothing quite like it. A huge 24/7 complex to explore all your fetish-fantasy desire with full bar, large dungeons with cages, cross / BDSM toys, XXX rooms, sling, private cabins and a huge maze. Close to the Old Town of Prague, Drake’s Club has plenty of themed shows and events, a full bar with hot bartenders and English speaking staff. Drake’s Club has been here for over 25 years and has a solid reputation for friendly guys, no rent boys, and quick action – Though if you’re shy you always just hang out at the bar and see what happens.
  • Factory Club – Another large cruising club in Prague with 3 floors and everything a guy could dream of: private cabins, full bar, glory hole, cage, slings, and showers. The dark, industrial vibes with videos and music made this place all the cooler and there is no better time to go than 2 am on the weekend when it gets pretty crowded Factory Club. Staff don’t speak English though and are pretty arrogant bordering on hating foreigners so maybe just try Drake’s Club?
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  • Heaven – Sure you can name it that, but ‘Heaven’ is anything but. More of a gay sex shop in Prague with poor service, plenty of attitudes and a generally unfriendly environment. Sure, you can eventually get what you want in their cruising area, private cabins, dark room, and cinema – but plenty of rent boys. We are not a fan, and there is so much better cruising spots in Prague.
  • Alcatraz – A smaller gay bar/cruising hangout popular with leather bears. Attitude is a big problem in Prague but here they seem to be more relaxed, welcoming and just get down to action. The naked nights are totally wild, the cruising area stocked with slings and private cabins plus a very busy dark room. Now moved to the center of the Prague making it much more popular.
Gay Cruise Bars  in Prague


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