Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Shirts That Will Leave You Gagging!

Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Shirts That Will Leave You Gagging!

We’ve all been there: you’re having an incredible time at Pride and you spot someone wearing an awesome shirt. You’re both impressed and jealous – where did they get it? Why do you never find these shirts?

Well, we’re here to help, with a selection of 11 gay pride shirts that you just can’t wait to own. You might think you only need one of them, but once you see some of these choices you’ll want to start a collection!

So this summer, you’ll be the one people are staring at in admiration and envy of your great shirt!


How’s the hair? Stun! How’s the mug? Stun.. How’s the Gay Pride Shirts? STUN!


Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Shirts That Will Leave You Gagging!



Gay Pride Faded Flag T-Shirt

We’ll start with one of our favorites, this good quality T printed with a faded rainbow flag. It’s an alternative take on the iconic rainbow flag and we love the slightly edgy look of the sides fading into the shirt.

You can choose from a huge range of colors for the material of the t-shirt so you can choose one that fits with your current wardrobe best. You’ll buy it for Pride, but you’ll find you’re wearing it all the time – and getting compliments on it each time.

Eat, Sleep, Pride, Repeat Slogan T-Shirt

A 100% cotton, well-fitting t-shirt with a message we can definitely get on board with. A fun twist on the standard ‘eat, sleep, X, repeat’ slogan, it’s particularly appropriate if you’re going to several Pride parades this summer.

We love the splash of color for the rainbow icon next to ‘Pride’ – it makes this shirt stand out the way we would like!

Handprint Love is Love T-Shirt

This is a lovely, soft T shirt that you’ll be comfortable in no matter how many hours’ dancing you’ve done. The rainbow handprint is a design with impact; it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The proud proclamation of love is love rounds off the look with a meaningful message – it’s one of the best gay pride shirts around.

No One Should Live in a Closet T-Shirt

OK, if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, firstly: you won’t get this slogan. Secondly: this might not be the shirt for you. But we love it; it’s funny, unusual and packs a bit of a punch too!

It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people on your Pride march – separate the Muggles from the Potterheads and make new friends!

Oh Deer, I’m Queer Gay Pride T-Shirt

This is such a cute and funny t-shirt, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. The geometric rainbow deer on the front is bright and attractive, and the message made us laugh out loud the first time we saw it (and the second time).

The material is soft and it’s a good fit. If you want to go really wild, add some antlers for your Pride party; then wear it like a normal t-shirt after that.

Rainbow Flag Sugar Skull T-Shirt

A super cool and original design that catches the eye without being massively over the top. If you tend to find gay pride shirts a bit cheesy, this one is a great option for you. Seriously, it’s a skull, which is about as edgy as you can get.

The bright rainbow colors allow you to show off your colors without being too obvious about it – subtle and sophisticated, this shirt will last you well beyond Pride.

Gay As F*** Pride T-Shirt

This is definitely not a family-friendly option, let’s be honest, but it makes us laugh. Its message is straight down the line, no bull(something!) and it gets an overwhelmingly positive result.

Who doesn’t want to wear a shirt proclaiming their unabashed queerness for the world to see? Enjoy raising some eyebrows and having some fun in this quirky T.

Yas Queen Slogan T

Whether you’re a recent Queer Eye convert or you just have a hell of a sense of humor, wearing this shirt is bound to get you loads of positive comments this summer. Choose from five different colors for the t-shirt material, and then let the bold font and rainbow graphic pop.

It’s a fun shirt that allows you to declare your gay pride while still showing your sense of humor off! And best worn with our favorite drag-queen merch…

Gay Pride Flag Pug T Shirt

Really, what’s not to love about an adorable little pug dog carrying a rainbow flag in its mouth? That’s right: nothing. This fun gay pride shirt is the perfect choice for dog lovers who are proud of their sexuality.

Trust us, you’ll get loads of compliments – from fellow gays and pug owners alike!

Gay Pride Cat Shirt

We had one option for the dog people, so it’s only fair we give the cat people out there a voice too. Even if you’re not a cat person, this ice-cool kitty wearing rainbow shades is fabulous enough for anyone to enjoy it.

Wear it to Pride and you’re bound to make lots of new friends – even the ones in the pug T-shirts, because cat people and dog people don’t have to be enemies!

Human Flag T-Shirt

This simple design says more with its one-word message than a thousand speeches could. We’re all human, and this t-shirt’s rainbow-striped letters of this powerful word proclaim that loud and clear.

This is a great choice for people who want to wear something a little more subtle, but still want to make a statement for Pride season this summer (and beyond).

It’s time to embrace the gay pride shirts, so get started with one of these and have an incredible summer! 



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