The Best Gay Pride Gifts To Share The Rainbow Spirit

The Best Gay Pride Gifts To Share The Rainbow Spirit

It’s amazing to give someone a gift that really means something to both them and you. Perhaps you’ve got some important birthdays coming up, maybe it’s Christmas, maybe you just love spoiling your nearest and dearest; whatever it is, why not get someone a gay pride gift to share that fabulous rainbow spirit?

Whether it’s something big or just a little token, who wouldn’t want a joyful, rainbow pressie to show off their support of LGBT rights, no matter whether they’re gay, straight or unicorn?

If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at some of these awesome gay pride gifts or be tempted by this fab drag queen merch – just don’t buy them all for yourself!

The Best Gay Pride Gifts To Share The Rainbow Spirit



Love is Love Cushion Cover


This bright and cheerful cushion is great as a housewarming gift if you know someone who needs a little rainbow spirit in their home. The heart is colored in a paint stroke print with a handwritten message ideal for any couch – love is love.

The waterproof cover is durable enough to be used inside or outside and the shades will stay vivid for a long time, with no fading! Bring a little fun into someone’s new home.


Rainbow Flag Shower Curtain


Haven’t you always dreamed of showering inside a rainbow? No? Well, maybe one of your friends has; in that case, this is the perfect gift for them! This is a completely unique shower curtain that will brighten up bath time for sure.

Vibrant colors, resistant to mold and other icky things and long-lasting materials combine to make this the perfect gay pride gift to share the rainbow love.


Edible Gay Pride Cake Decorations


These are great gay pride gifts for the bakers in your life – hopefully it will encourage them to make you a cake or two as well! A set of 12 rainbow hearts that are perfect as decorations for baked goods; they’re edible as well, so no waste!

These are ideal for your pre-Pride party as well as for stocking fillers or little presents. Just be sure to do some yoga poses before or after to make plenty of room (and burn a few calories…).


English Bulldog Rainbow T-Shirt


We love this cute t-shirt that is the perfect present for dog lovers in your life. The design of the English bulldog is printed in bold and bright colors, and given heat treatment to ensure it will last.

You can choose from a wide range of backdrop colors to make sure it’s a shirt that will suit your chosen recipient.


Unicorn ‘Bitch I’m Fabulous’ Mug


Give this to your friend who doesn’t give two hoots about what people think of them and needs their coffee first thing; it will combine their favorite things. A rainbow unicorn sparkles proudly across the side of this white ceramic mug and proclaims how darn fabulous the drinker is.

It’s guaranteed to cause arguments over whose turn it is to drink from this cute mug!


Ally T-Shirt


Whether your friend or family member is gay, straight, trans, poly or bi, this great shirt tells the world that they’re accepting and supportive. Choose from a range of colors for a comfortable lightweight shirt – the rainbow colors of ‘Ally’ then stand out proud.

It’s the perfect gift for a friend who might be joining you on their first gay Pride march – they’ll fit right in!


Rainbow Flag Wall Clock


We know this isn’t award-winning design, but we love this simple wooden wall clock. Its vibrant rainbow striped background will brighten up any kitchen wall and the lack of ticking is ideal for people who like a quiet environment.

Get it for that friend who’s always running late as a cute in-joke.


Purride Trucker Cap


If you’re hunting through lists of gay pride gifts to find something for your cat loving friend or relative, look no further! This retro cap combines rainbow spirit with a love for our furry friends.

The product itself is comfortable, using breathable fabric and an adjustable strap. No need to worry about a bad hair day when wearing it, either! Let’s be honest, though, you’re buying it for the cool message, not the material! Just don’t forget to accessorize it with some fab gay pride jewelry…


Gay Pride Bullet Journal


We’ve got to be honest, we love a bullet journal. Making lists is just so sexy. Even if you personally don’t agree, we’re sure you’ll have a friend who’s just as much of an organization freak as us. Why not share the rainbow spirit by giving them this awesome rainbow flag bullet journal?

It’s got thick and creamy dotted pages for all their plans and schedules (including hanging out with you, of course!) and the bright cover means they’ll never lose it.



I Love My Uncles Baby Bib


Are you about to become a gay uncle and need to get something for the shower? Voila, here is the perfect gay pride gift for a little one. It’s practical, which the parents will appreciate, but it’s also fun.

The cotton is smooth and soft, so nothing will hurt baby when wearing this cute bib to show their pride and love for their uncles. After all, if gay coming out movies have taught us anything it’s that it’s never too early to start learning acceptance.


No One Should Live In A Closet Mug


Stop right there – you’ve found the dream gift for your Potterhead friend, Muggle! Whether they’re gay or an ally, they’ll agree with the clear message on this high-quality ceramic mug.

It’s always great to snuggle up with your hot tea or coffee in a mug with a message that you believe in, so share that feeling with your friends.


Gay Hugs Are The Best Hugs T-Shirt


Give your friend or relative this cute shirt and then give them a huge to prove the point! A unique and comfortable tee with stand-out rainbow lettering to really catch people’s eye. Imagine someone wearing this to the infamous Elysium hotel in Mykonos, Gay Days at Disney or really just any Pride festival in the world – it would be hugs galore!

Never worry about what to buy people again with these fabulous gay pride gifts – they’re sure to make people smile.



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