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Fab AF Lesbian Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

Fab AF Lesbian Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

Being a lesbian is pretty darn fabulous – there’s loads of fun, a great community and, now, lots of amazing shirt options to really show off that rainbow spirit.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for your next Pride parade or just want some more queerness in your wardrobe, you’ll find something on this list to suit you and your personal style.

Perfect for wearing while cuddles up on the couch watching any of these wonderful lesbian movies…

We’d go as far as to say that these fab AF lesbian shirts aren’t just things you’ll want; they’re things you need!

Fab AF Lesbian Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

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Lesbow Tank Top

Look amazing while showing off your sense of humor in this cute tank. It’s a classic shape with a little extra rainbow joy. We love the cute wordplay with the Lesbow text underneath the rainbow.

It’s stretchy so ideal for working out or dancing the day away at the Pride parade. Ladies who like a more subtle style can go for the black version, while the more out there types can wear hot pink!

Lez is More Tank Top

Seriously, there are so many funny lesbian shirts out there, it’s hard to narrow it down, but this one definitely makes the cut for its playful slogan and rainbow heart feature. Again, you have a choice of black or berry pink and it’s incredibly versatile.

Being almost 100% cotton means you’ll keep cool even on the hottest of summer days and the print is long-lasting. Plus if you are considering going on a gay holiday for singles, you will have no problem finding girls like you…

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Nobody Knows I’m A Lesbian Tank Top

Perfect for those gals who love to drop a sarcastic comment into the conversation, this comfortable tank is bound to make people chuckle. Try and wear it with a totally straight face (no pun intended!) to add to the joke.

The addition of the bright rainbow-colored lettering for the key word Lesbian is great and makes a bigger impact.

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Women’s Symbol Rainbow T Shirt

Wear this 100% cotton shirt with pride – it’s ideal for a Pride march but comfortable enough for everyday use. We love the rainbow colors of the interlocking women’s symbols fading into each other and the design really pops.

In the t shirt you can choose between black and grey, or if you’re heading somewhere tropical this summer get the tank top in Caribbean blue.

I Like Girls Who Like Girls T Shirt

This fabulous tee is a blunt statement of fact as well as a fun addition to your collection of lesbian shirts (if you don’t have a collection yet, start one with this tee!). The colors you can choose from are bright and varied; 100% cotton makes it a comfortable option to wear as often as you can.

The scribble effect on the rainbow heart used as the background for the slogan adds an original touch and the text is bold and clear, just as we’d like it to be!

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Rosie The LGBT Riveter T Shirt

What we like about this 100% cotton t-shirt is how unique it is – the bold design shows off your queer spirit in an original way. It’s a twist on the iconic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ design used in World War II – this woman has a rainbow scarf in her hair and a Human Right tattoo on her flexed muscle.

It’s the confidence of the image that made us choose this over other lesbian shirts – wearing this tee gives us more confidence too! Plus, Rosie is how we imagine our favorite character in most gay romance novels. Don’t judge us!

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I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Men – I Don’t Like Coffee T Shirt

Even if you actually do live for your coffee fix each morning you’ll find this tee hilarious. It takes an old joke and subverts it for a firm message of lesbian pride and humor. People might look puzzled at first, especially if they know you, but once they get it they’ll burst out laughing.

It’s lightweight and a classic style, so easy to wear to work out, for a casual weekend or just as loungewear. Maybe when you go out for coffee?

Wingaydium Lesbiosa T Shirt

We love lesbian shirts that combine pride in our queer spirit with our other loves. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, this won’t fit the bill for you, but if you are then it is the perfect shirt. We love the design details like the tiny gold interlocking women’s symbols above the gold feathers.

Choose from a range of colors to suit your personal style; personally, we like the heather grey best as the design really stands out. Wear it often to connect with fellow lesbian Potterheads and remind people that queer people are magic! Speaking of magical, how about those gay hotels in Bali…

Matching Lesbian Shirts

The world can essentially be divided into two types of people: those who would never in a million years wear matching couples shirts and those who think that’s the coolest idea ever. If you’re the former, look away now. If you’re the latter, then how cute are these?

Deep berry red cotton T shirts that proudly proclaim Queen. Even if you won’t wear them every day, they’re a great couple’s outfit for Pride!

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Rainbow Wonder Design Tank Top

You could get this bright and proud tank top in just one color, but we’d recommend getting a couple so you can switch them up. It’s a great option for people who don’t like writing on their clothing but still want to show off their queer spirit.

The rainbow strips are vibrant and stand out against the plain background. It’s comfortable enough that you’ll wear it all the time, even if you just bought it as a one-off. Perfect paired with some outstanding gay pride rings…

‘Some Chicks Marry Chicks – Get Over It’ Shirt

Blunt and to-the-point, this plain and simple tank top is a good outfit for people who don’t pull their punches. The bold slogan can be printed on almost every color you can imagine, so there’s something for everyone.

lesbian t-shirts

Wear it proudly and don’t take any crap from anyone!