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Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of bling – and if it’s Pride-themed, even better! The great thing is, there are loads of options for LGBT+ pride jewelry out there: necklaces, bracelets, headbands.

But sometimes, you want something you can wear all the time, a  piece of jewelry that goes with everything yet still makes a bold and fabulous statement; you want a gay pride ring.

As a piece of jewelry, rings sit neither at the traditionally “feminine” nor “masculine” end of the spectrum. They can be unceremonious yet delicate. Vaguely useful and faintly erogenous. And at some point in the past few decades, a ring on the thumb has risen as a subtle yet universally popular signifier for same-sex attraction in queer women, both lesbian and bisexual.

LGBT wedding rings are also becoming popular, thanks to the increase of same-sex marriage rights globally – and with this popularity, the range of rings available has also skyrocketed. Queer rings are as diverse as our wonderful community, but these are some of our favorites to get you started and a great means of non-verbal queer expression.

Not to mention seeing the bright colors or proud design of these rings every time you scroll through your phone or pay for something is a great boost throughout your day. They will match perfectly with any pride parade outfits and suit any fabulous collection of gay shoes of gay pride jewelry. They are just so versatile…

So get ready to show off your inner unicorn with these fab gay pride rings! ‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a gay pride rings on it …

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Stainless Steel Inner Rainbow Ring

Let’s start with something for slightly shier unicorns making their first steps into gay pride jewelry, or for those of us who like having a secret, even if it’s just about the inside of a piece of jewelry.

This smooth and elegant stainless steel ring has a vibrant enamel rainbow on the inside, so not everyone can see it; perfect because just you and a select few know what it means!

Stainless Steel Inner Rainbow Pride Ring

Sand Blast Finish Pride Ring

This is a really gorgeous ring and another great option if you prefer more muted colors. We love that the band is a bit narrower than many gay pride rings you see, making it a lightweight option, and the sandblast finish makes it glitter and sparkle.

There is a version with a thicker band as well if you prefer that aesthetic.

Sand Blast Finish Pride Ring

Cubic Zirconia Rainbow Ring

Now here’s something for the true magpies among us – this jewel-studded band will sparkle, glitter, glimmer, and gleam as its rainbow cubic zirconia stones catch the light.

It’s an extraordinary unisex design that’s smooth and easy to wear every day.

Cubic Zirconia Rainbow Ring

Rainbow Hearts Ring

This stainless steel choice is the middle ground between the above two options in terms of just how bright you’d like your ring to be. It’s another smooth band, this one decorated with a cute design of colorful hearts.

It’s a great flash of color on your finger and seamlessly fits our favorite message: Love is Love.

Rainbow Hearts Pride Ring

Rainbow Pride Flag LGBT Rings

We love our fabulous LGBTQ+ Rainbow Flag, and now with these Rainbow Pride Flag Rings, we can carry it with us everywhere.

Available in two colors (black and silver), they are a great idea for LGBT couple rings as you can each have a similar but different one.

Or opt for the black one for a slightly different take on Ace Ring. For those who didn’t know – an ace ring is a black ring worn on the middle finger of the right hand to signify the wearer’s asexuality. The ring is purposely worn like a wedding ring and has been a relatively common practice in the asexual community for the past decade.

So, if you opt for this ring in black, it might be best not to wear it on the middle finger…

Rainbow Pride Flag Ring

Black and Rainbow Eternity Ring

Now for something for those who like style with a more dark and mysterious vibe, but still want to be able to have a hint of a rainbow to show off their inner unicorn. This titanium ring is inset with a band of cubic zirconia stones – both clear and rainbow-colored – that sparkle when they catch the light.

An exquisite ring that makes an understated statement.

Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

Carbide Titanium Triangle Groove Ring

This is one of our favorite gay pride rings for its quality material and alternative design. Strictly speaking, it might not be designed for Pride, but the subtle rainbow colors means it makes a stylish statement.

Some of us aren’t so keen on bright, primary colors; this is the ring for you.

Carbide Titanium Triangle Groove Ring

Male Symbol Cut Out Ring

A really unique item, ideal for those who want to flourish their queer spirit, but just don’t like bright colors in their wardrobe. The cut-out male symbol is well crafted and, let’s be honest, quite sexy.

Many gay pride rings will involve some rainbows, so this is an unusual choice that is sure to attract compliments.

Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

All-Over Rainbow Ring

Next, to the complete opposite in terms of gay pride rings. This joyful ring has its entire rainbow on the outside, proudly out to the world!

It’s great quality, the colors really stand out, and the smooth steel makes it easy to wear. You’ll put it on for Pride, but it will be too comfortable to take off.

LGBT Pride Ring

Cut Out Design LGBT Rainbow Ring

The thing about laser-cut designs like this one is that they instantly look unusual and fashionable; you stand out from the crowd in a big way.

The soft rainbow tones and male Mars symbol integrated into this one make it a perfect gay pride ring for people who like to look on-trend and unique. It’s also amazing how this ring looks so much more expensive than it is – a huge bonus!

Cut Out Design LGBT Rainbow Ring

Lesbian Love Symbol Golden Ring

We are obsessed with this unique and intricately detailed golden ring featuring less-than-discrete venus symbols. Because seriously, in this day and age, we can – and should – be as bold, loud, and proud as we want. Including in our wearing of fabulous lesbian pride rings

The two interlocking female sex symbols represent a lesbian couple, or sapphic love in general, and ensure that there is no doubt as to your persuasion. If you are single, well, just be careful with this one as it can easily be seen as lesbian marriage rings…

Lesbian Love Symbol Golden Ring

Male Symbol Spinner Ring

This is a very cool spinner ring, so the outer ring moves freely around on the inner one (good for us fidgeters!). The brushed stainless steel means that it looks elegant and won’t rust or tarnish, so you can keep wearing it long after the Pride hangover has faded.

It’s another good option for people who don’t like to wear bright colors – the male Mars symbol that goes all the way around the band sends enough of a message!

Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

Square Stone Ring

Finally, a truly ornate and decadent ring: a king among gay pride rings! This is one of the few options that is gold, rather than silver, colored. It adds to the glamorous look with six square cut rainbow stones that sparkle attractively around half the band.

It’s attractive, it’s unusual and it certainly gets in touch with that unicorn of yours!

When Pride rolls around, you’ll know which ring you’re getting; unless you get all 15, of course!

Express Yourself With These Fabulous Gay Pride Rings!

Chromatic Pride Ring

One of the most stylish rainbow pride rings we have come across, this ring reminds us of our favorite Gaga album and its unwavering happiness and the pursuit of healing.

It’s a feeling we get from this ring, too – while still loving that it’s a bit ‘undercover’ and not in your face like other LGBTQ rings. There is plenty of ways to show your pride – from gay shoes and funny gay t-shirts, but this ring hits the sweet spot for us of fashionable and queer.

Plus, it is so shiny!

Chromatic Pride Ring