Fab AF Gay Pride Jewelry You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit! 

Fab AF Gay Pride Jewelry You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit! 

Sometimes you just want to show your true colors – and they’re rainbow colors! You can be whoever you want to be in whatever way you choose, and sometimes you want to show the world how proud you are of who you are!

Show off your gay pride with some fabulous jewelry. Whether you’re wearing it for a special occasion or just because you feel like it, we’ve found some fantastic gay pride jewelry for you to show off your queer spirit.

Trust us, even if you don’t usually wear jewelry, you’re going to want something from this list.

Fab AF Gay Pride Jewelry You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit! 


Rainbow Double Ring Pendant Necklace

This simple chain hung with two interlocking rainbow rings is simple, elegant and incredibly effective. It’s stainless steel, so durable with no risk of rust.

This is really the perfect choice if you prefer a more understated look, but still want to make a statement about who you are. It’s got a splash of rainbow color without being overwhelming and the linked rings symbolize togetherness to us.

A great way to show off your queer spirit without feeling like you need to change your style.

Love Wins Bracelet

While this might be a bracelet marketed for women, we really think that anyone could wear it (although the reviews do say it comes up small, so be aware of wrist size!). It’s definitely a bold choice, but we love the multicolored leather strands as well as the ‘Love Wins’ charms.

This is a message that anyone would be proud to carry around with them and it will certainly catch people’s eyes.

Gay Pride Wristwatch

Another fabulous rainbow item to jazz up your wrists, this fun wristwatch will mean you’ll improve your punctuality and be able to show off your queer spirit at the same time!

You’ll find lots of people comment on the joyful bright colors as well as the stainless steel watch face.

Black and Rainbow Ring

An absolutely stunning black titanium ring with a circle of inset rainbow colored cubic zirconia stones. It’s wonderful as a promise ring, a wedding ring, or just a gift to your own fabulous self.

The titanium means it’s lightweight and the smooth metal feels comfortable. This is perfect for people who don’t want something too over the top, but still want to make a statement about who they are.

Sorry Girls, I’m Gay Dog Tag

Show off your queer spirit and your sense of humor with this cute piece of gay pride jewelry. Made of zinc alloy, this military-style dog tag will is a great addition to your gay pride look.

The message is funny and unashamed, and we love the rainbow lettering to make the word gay stand out loud and proud.

Rainbow Earrings

These rainbow striped stud earrings add a touch of diversity to your usual look. Wear one at a time for a more punk look, or both together, and show the world that you’re out and proud.

They’re stainless steel so not going to cause any allergic reaction and the pops of color are sure to get a positive reaction. Buy just one pair, or packs of three or four if you want to share them out.

Rainbow Ring with Paw Prints

Great for showing off your queer spirit and embracing your love of furry friends (puppies, not bears!), this cute rainbow ring has a paw print pattern.

It’s a beautiful, smooth design and we love that the rainbow colors melt into each other for an alternative take on the traditional rainbow design. There is a version without paw prints as well, if you’d prefer that.

Equality Dog Tag

Another cool dog tag design, this one proudly reads ‘EQUALITY’ – a simple and effective message for your gay pride jewelry to have. One of the things we like is the mix of the stainless steel tag and the enamel rainbow tag; it’s an effective contrast.

It feels sturdy and made to laugh, so isn’t going to get crushed when you’re dancing in a crowd!

Wave Shaped Brass Bracelet

This is a gorgeous unisex cuff bracelet made of elegant brass, which not only makes it an unusual color, but means it is durable. It’s a mouth open bracelet so it can be easily adjusted for size.

The design is inspired by a wave-style twist, so it flows gracefully, with a hint of rainbow color subtly integrated into the curves. It’s perfect for your gay pride march or a dinner party – or just whenever you feel like it!

Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

This is a vibrant, handmade multi-strand string bracelet that is reminiscent of the friendship bracelets of our youth. We love the fun touch it adds to any outfit and the sliding knot closure means it’s easily adjustable.

Two hematite stones are integrated into the design and it is meticulously made. Trust us, you’ll get tons of compliments on it.

Gay Pride Infinity Necklace

If you like to make more of a bold statement, then this rainbow infinity necklace is the thing for you. The bright enamel colors are sure to catch the eye and the infinity design sends a powerful message of forever.

Whether you’re declaring your eternal allegiance to one person or to the whole pride movement, it’s a great addition to your collection of gay pride jewelry.

Rainbow Freedom Rings Necklace

Inspired by the Freedom Rings of the 1990s, the rainbow rings on this stainless steel necklace glimmer and sparkle in the sun, meaning you have an eye-catching piece of jewelry to show off your queer spirit to the world.

Seriously, having these multicolored discs around your neck immediately makes you feel proud of how far we have come – and look forward to even better days in the future.



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