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The Best Gay Men’s Lingerie Options To Make You Look and Feel Sexy AF!

Who said lingerie was only for the ladies? Few things turn the heat up in the bedroom like a particularly tight, revealing set of briefs, a sleek harness, or some naughty lace shorts. If you’ve been sleeping on gay men’s lingerie, it’s time to wake up!

There are several brands of lingerie for gay men on the market, and it can be daunting deciding which to buy. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the perfect piece of lingerie to wear, and two of the most important are the look and feel.

It’s important to consider both simultaneously. Those sleek, buttery leather briefs are no good if they make your balls sweat and itch – although you’d want to get out of them faster, which is an upside if your end goal is to get down and dirty (and skip foreplay!)

Likewise, there’s nothing remotely sexy about a pair of grandpa shorts, no matter how great they may feel. The trick is to find a gay lingerie option that offers both comfort and attractiveness in one package. It’s a tall order, and that’s why you should read this.

I’ve put together a list of the best sexy lingerie for gay men that’s guaranteed to make you look and feel sexy as f*ck. The ones on this list are so good that you’ll want to wear them even when there’s no chance of a roll in the hay later, which is perfectly fine. While a partner is a great thing to have, you certainly don’t need one to feel sexy – and I love to wear mine around at home alone.

Or, wear them under a formal suit to work. Now that is hot!

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gay men's lingerie - men lingerie gay
gay men's lingerie - sexy underwear for gay men
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Erotic Mesh Jockstrap

This is the Jockstrap you’ve been looking for. It’s got literally everything you could ever ask for in the perfect pair of underwear. Breathable fabric? Check. Sexy, tight-fitting material? Check A completely exposed ass supported and boosted by straps that frame it? Also, check.

This erotic mesh jockstrap gives new meaning to the word sensual.

Made in a low-rise form that shows off not just your crotch but your entire body, it’s the perfect accessory to wear for a night of fun and passion. The crotch is seamed and tailored in such a way that your goods are proudly displayed while still being supported.

Slip this on when you want to feel sexy as hell. You won’t be disappointed. It comes in a range of colors and sizes, so be sure to use the size chart for the perfect fit.

Erotic Mesh Jockstrap - gay men in lingerie

Sexy Floral Lace Underwear

This one is less wild and more playful for men who want to reveal their softer side. This sexy floral lace underwear is something different, but different can be fun too. It comes in boxer and brief styles, with white, black, or dark blue trimming and a number of floral patterns.

It’s insanely comfortable with great fitting – the pouch even stretches for those days where none of your underwear seems to fit in one particular area – and can be worn as normal underwear.

But it would be a shame to let all the lace and flowers and glittered go to waste. Light some candles, put on some music to set the mood, and slip on this bad boy for an unforgettable experience with your partner.

It goes all the way to XXL in sizing, so there’s something for practically everyone.

Sexy Floral Lace Underwear - gay men in lingerie

Bondage Metal Ring Jockstrap

Are you a BDSM enthusiast or even just curious about it? Do you want to inject something a little extreme into your sex life? Are you a fan of fetish underwear? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes, then this bondage metal ring jockstrap is for you.

While the many straps and rings may look uncomfortable, it’s made off a spandex and nylon blend that’s as comfortable as silk, with a lot more support. The seam at the crotch is responsible for this. The crotch is also slightly see-through, displaying a teasing hint of your package to whoever is looking.

If that’s not enough, the jockstrap also displays an impressive silhouette, all the better to show off what you’re working with. The set-up of straps and rings provides support to your buns while still forming an eye-catching frame for it. Choose from one of half a dozen colors and use the size chart for precision fitting.

Bondage Metal Ring Jockstrap - gay men in lingerie

Lace Crop Top + Boxers Set

Lingerie is not limited to just skin-tight briefs and leather harnesses. Sometimes a little innocence serves to heat things up more than the most suggestive of displays. This lace crop top and boxers set teases fun with a side of naughty.

It’s made of a soft, floral lace that feels so great you’ll never want to take it off. At the same time, it’s fitted and revealing enough to have your partner mouth-watering once they see you in it. The net is delicate and see-through, while the crop top reveals your torso (whether it’s ripped washboard abs or soft love handles, the sight of your body should turn your partner on big time).

The tight little shorts show off your ass, and you can wear them with or without a thong, depending on if you’re wearing them to go out or to stay in. It comes in three colors, including a sensual black and a smoking-hot pink, and a wide range of sizes.

Lace Crop Top + Boxers Set - gay men in lingerie

Lace Lingerie Underwear

Ever looked at lace underwear online and sighed wistfully, knowing how soft and comfortable they must feel? Well, look no further than this exquisite example of lace lingerie underwear. It’s so good that you’ll want to wear it even when you don’t have a man to show off for ( but please, I’m begging you, get you a man to wear it with. It’s too gorgeous to keep to yourself).

It’s got clever leg straps that sculpt your thighs, giving you a sensual look. It’s also made from the softest, most comfortable, floral-patterned lace and comes in black and white, so whether you’re feeling playful or naughty, you’ve got a color for every mood.

Lace Lingerie-Underwear - gay men in lingerie

Lace See-Through Bodysuit

The bodysuit is criminally under-rated. Most guys own several pairs of briefs and boxers and even a few jockstraps, but it’s hard to find one with a decent bodysuit. If you’re one of those guys, it’s time for that to change.

A proper bodysuit can completely transform your bedroom experience, taking desire up to new levels and enhancing your erotic experience. However this see-through lace bodysuit should not solely be reserved for bedroom sheningans. Pair it with shorts or leather leggings for an eye-catching outfit that’s sure to attract stares and whistles.

You can wear it to circuit parties, queer festivals, gay resorts or pride parades. The floral lace fabric offers the ultimate comfort. It’s also see-through for that extra hotness factor you surely want. It comes in white and black, and you can even buy both if you don’t want to choose. Size is not a problem either, as the range is particularly impressive, going from an S to a 4XL.

Lace See-Through Bodysuit - gay men in lingerie

OBSO Low Waisted Briefs

These OBSO briefs are a fave of mine. I love a printed waistband, and the fact that this one says caution in bold letters across it makes it even better. It’s also low-waisted, provided that coveted, trunk-elongating silhouette. The crotch has a seam for strength and support, and it’s made of top-quality, breathable cotton that’ll make you wear it in and out of the bedroom.

The fit is exquisite, presenting an appealing view of both your front and back sides.  The streamlined shape of the crotch means that your package puts its best foot forward. The backside is not exposed, but with clever vertical lines giving the appearance of fullness to your buns, it’s surely the next best thing.

You can get the OBSO briefs in nine stylish colors and several sizes.

OBSO Low Waisted Briefs - gay men in lingerie

Bondage Harness + Jockstrap Set (2 Piece Outfit)

This harness and jockstrap set is to die for. Say no to boring, conventional underwear and get this steaming-hot, two-piece that’s all-around awesomeness. Wear this everywhere, from the bedroom to festivals, clubs, and parties. It’s a carefully designed set-up of black and red – the two best colors in existence – that’s made to delight whoever is lucky enough to wear it (or see you in it!).

The straps and rings give it an edgy, dangerous look, perfect for anyone seeking a thrill. As complex and daunting as the straps look, it’s made from a blend of polyester and elastic that offers no discomfort.

It comes in a single size, but it also stretches, so people of various sizes should have a little problem fitting into it.

Bondage Harness + Jockstrap Set (2 Piece Outfit) - gay men in lingerie

Jockmail Elastic Cockstrap

Jockmail is a tried and trusted name when it comes to gay lingerie, and you can be sure that whatever you purchase from them will be worth it. This cockstrap is no different.

It’s made of elastic and designed to support and hold your member. Unlike most of the others, this cockstrap is solely for bedroom activities – unless you’ve got a restraint kink, in which case you can wear it under your clothes when you go out. Try it out with an adventurous lover and watch the sexual tension sizzle and blaze.

The slight constriction it offers makes stimulation all the more pleasurable, and once you’ve used it once you’ll keep going back to it. Be sure to get one that fits well to avoid any unfortunate accidents. This shouldn’t be hard to do if you use the size chart.

Jockmail Elastic Cockstrap - gay men in lingerie

The Works: Elastic Harness + Briefs + Socks Set (3 Piece Outfit)

From the name alone, you can tell that this set has it all. A three-piece outfit composed of an elastic harness, briefs, and a set of socks, it’s the perfect get-up for seducing your significant other – or just turning heads in whatever club or party you walk into.

The elastic harness adorns your torso, framing your pecs and making them look impressive. The briefs also come with a thigh harness that makes your legs look deliciously attractive. The socks lengthen your legs and are a dream-come-true for anyone with a foot fetish.

The briefs themselves are tailored to flatter your ass cheeks, making them look seductive. The whole outfit is sure to appeal to even the most discerning of observers.

The Works Elastic Harness - gay men in lingerie

Jockmail Pride Mesh Underwear

Pride rolls around every year. Sometimes it falls on multiple dates, depending on your location and identity. However often the rainbow flags come out, there is always a reason to celebrate, and it would be impossible to do so without some pride-themed lingerie!

Don’t know where to start shopping from? Worry not; I’ve got you covered in that department.

Check out Jockmail’s pride mesh underwear for the perfect blend of fun and kinky. It comes in black and white mesh, and you can get boxer shorts or briefs – though we guarantee you’ll love it so much you’ll probably end up buying both. Sizes range from M to XXL, so you don’t have to worry about finding one that’ll fit.

It is extremely sensual, and a feeling like you are wearing – well, nothing at all. You’ll like the beautiful, see-through material and being the many attraction of the evening. And your guy? He won’t wait too long to take you to the bedroom.

GAY JOCKMail Pride Mesh Underwear - gay men in lingerie

Leopard Print Briefs

These leopard print briefs combine fun and sexy into one neat package if you get my meaning. They are made of a breathable cotton/nylon blend that allows free circulation, making sure your goods are comfortably nestled.

The fabric cradles your ass gently and lovingly. Sexiness is not sacrificed on the altar of comfort, as it fits like a second skin. It’s also got a black line down the center of the crotch, highlighting your display. The tailoring of the briefs means that there is no uncomfortable pinching at the waist area, and it feels wonderful against the skin.

You can wear it in the bedroom as a raunchy piece of gay lingerie or just as underwear. Pick your correct size using the chart, and go wild with these sensual briefs.

Leopard Print Briefs - gay men in lingerie

Jockmail Ultra-Thin Thong

Jockmail’s Ultra-thin Thong is the definition of luxury gay underwear. A cursory look reveals thoughtful design and careful tailoring geared towards providing the optimal underwear experience. It’s made of a high-quality blend of nylon and spandex blend that’s so thin it’s almost see-through. Almost, but not quite. You have to keep some mystery after all!

The material is as light and comfortable as it looks and feels amazing against the skin. The straps are just as light and don’t pinch at all. Then there is the crotch which is wide and spacious, with more than adequate support despite the lightness of the fabric.

There are about seven colors to choose from, and sizes range from S to XXL, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Jockmail Ultra-Thin Thong - men lingerie gay

Black PU Leather Buckle-Up Thong

Leather lingerie isn’t for everyone. Let’s face it, it’s not precisely breathable or even particularly comfortable, but it sure is sexy, and sometimes we want sexy more than we care about our comfort. But what happens when you’re not ready to accept a hot, sweaty crotch in return for having all eyes on you at that party or club?

Enter this PU Leather Buckle-Up Thong.

Made from breathable polyester that looks exactly like that soft, buttery leather that’s to-die-for, this thong allows you to retain the style with none of the discomforts. It is low-rise, so it sits on your hips in the most flattering way possible, making your torso look longer and leaner.

The buckles give it a more stylish, modern appearance. It’s worth every cent you’ll spend on it and after a wild weekend in Gay Sitges, we can attest to their appeal!

Black PU Leather Buckle-Up Thong - men lingerie gay

ORLVS Pride Jockstrap

This ORLVS Pride Jockstrap is great for pride-themed parties and festivals, as well as for use as a sexy piece of lingerie in the bedroom.

The crotch is a dream, a specially-constructed cup made from a polyester blend that provides a soft landing for your package while still presenting an inviting profile that’ll draw looks wherever you go. It’s great for boosting confidence because the crotch is shaped to make you look your best. This Jockstrap is sure to get your more than looks if it’s worn to clubs or parties.

The straps go around the waist and thighs, leaving your butt exposed as a sultry tease. As an extra bonus, the exposed ass allows easy access when it’s time to get down and dirty.

ORLVS Pride Jockstrap - men lingerie gay

Jockmail Snakeskin Thong

Snakeskin patterns have become a popular underwear trend in recent times, and I must admit it has a certain appeal. Jockmail’s Snakeskin thong confirms this. There’s something deliciously sensual about this thong, and the print seems to add an extra level of appeal to an article of clothing that already screams ‘sexy.’ It reminds us of the wild jungles of Gay Brazil or the wild snakes we ‘find’ at circuit parties.

This Jockmail Snakeskin Thong is made from a special polyester blend, so it is extremely comfortable and can be worn as daily underwear. On the other hand, it comes in a range of vivid and stylish colors, including a sexy shade of black and a red that’s almost too hot to handle for hookups.

With superb design and a perfect fit that frames and displays your package, you’ll definitely not want to wear this under any outfit. As with all gay men’s thongs, be sure to use the size chart for a fit that’s second-to-none.

Jockmail Snakeskin Thong - men lingerie gay

Shiny PU Leather Thong

This thong takes synthetic leather to the next level by giving it a glossy sheen. It’s fun and playful, perfect for futuristic-themed parties and queer festivals like Milkshake and Mighty Hoopla.

These Shiny PU Leather Thong are super light and comfortable, and yet it has a reinforced pouch to provide adequate support for your crotch. Plus they are practically backless, giving your ass cheeks room to shine (pun intended), and the blend of polyester and polyamide that it’s made of is durable and easy to take care of.

If you have real leather items like gay shoes or harnesses you’ll already know what a nightmare that can be – and how expensive!

Choose from four different colors, and be sure to use the size chart for the best fit. This photogenic underwear can be worn under clothes for everyday use or by itself when it’s time to have fun.

Shiny PU Leather Thong - gay guy in lingerie

Floral Lace Thong

Lace is practically synonymous with seductive, sexy, and sensuousness, and this floral lace thong takes things to the next level. The waistband and straps are made from a polyester/polyamide blend that’s comfortable and breathable, while the crotch and back are made from soft, quality lace, so it’s cozy as well as oh-so-pretty. 

The crotch is also seamed for support that inspires confidence. It comes in a g-string style, eliminating any unattractive lines and ensuring a better fit while still framing and revealing your ass.

Wear this for your lover to make them want you even more. And come one, you are already so irresistible – so imagine after donning this! This floral lace though has four colors and several sizes to choose from, so there’s really no excuse for you not to have this piece in your underwear drawer.

Floral Lace Thong - gay guy in lingerie

Kinky Open-Pouch Boxers

We’ve seen tons of backless underwear, from briefs to jockstraps to thongs, and now I’ve found something that’s even more deliciously wicked and kinky: open-pouch Boxers!

These bad-boys take sexy to the next level, with a clever design that allows the pouch to open outwards, giving easy access to your junk without having to go through the stress of taking off your underwear completely. It’s made from a delightfully glossy fabric that makes your package look even more impressive while framing and lifting your rear end.

Colors range from fun neon green to a sensual dark red, and sizes go all the way up to XXL. This is one pair of boxers that shouldn’t be missing from your underwear drawer.

Kinky Open Pouch Boxers -  unique mens underwear - gay men in lingerie

Jockmail Rainbow Pride Jockstrap

This Rainbow Pride Jockstrap is seriously stylish. Unlike some pride-themed jockstraps that only have rainbow-colored straps, these jockstraps elevate things by having a multi-colored pouch, guaranteeing that the crotch is the first place anyone will look.

It’s made from a blend of spandex and polyester, so you don’t have to complain about missing out on either style or comfort. The waistband is wide, preventing any pinching, but the star of the show is the exposed rear end. The red straps frame your ass cheeks, making them hot and inviting.

No lover will be able to resist this risqué piece of gay lingerie. Do yourself a favor and pick one up today.

Jockmail Rainbow Pride Jockstrap - gay guy in lingerie

Transparent Mesh Boxers

Transparent Mesh Boxers are a lingerie staple for any gay with a serious interest in looking sexy. This pair is made of a nylon/spandex blend, which ensures that they are comfortable enough to wear as everyday underwear and still tight-fitted enough that they’ll make your partner’s palms itch to rip them off.

The spandex ensures that they mold your ass, presenting a tantalizing view. The fabric also means that your package looks impressive and eye-catching. The mesh is transparent,so whoever is looking will see something that’ll definitely make them sweat. Obviously this is a win since your intention should be to raise the temperature of any room you walk into by at least a few degrees. With you in these, global warming is about to get so much worse.

There are several colors to choose from, and you can select the one that makes you feel sexiest. Be sure to choose an accurate size using the chart provided.

Transparent Mesh Boxers - sexy underwear for gay men

Kinky Leather Jockstrap Bodysuit

This one is for the serious fan of sexy underwear for gay men. At first sight, it’s clear that this bodysuit is made solely for fun. It’s an indulgent purchase that promises to be worth ever dear spent on it.

A unique leather contraption made for sheer pleasure and carefully crafted from a mixture of PU leather and spandex.

It’s also tailored to look hot on whoever wears it and is made for a tight fit. It’s part harness, part jockstrap, and all kinky allure. One look at it – on or off the sexy man of your choice – will have your mouth watering.

Sultry looks aside, this bodysuit delivers comfort and a flawless fit, bringing it as close to perfect as possible.

The only problem you will have is deciding who to wrestle first in it. Oh, and did we mention It’s also backless, for extra pleasure. 

Kinky Leather Jockstrap Bodysuit - sexy underwear for gay men

Erotic Lace Thong

This erotic lace thong is as sensual as gay men’s lingerie goes. It’s a barely-there style, with high-quality floral lace forming the crotch area. The straps are made of a blend of nylon and spandex that’s breathable and comfortable, and the lace crotch is seamed for extra support.

It sits low on the hips, attractively elongating your torso. It comes in a wide range of colors, and there’s no rule that says you have to have just one (you’ll probably want more than one when you give it a try).

There’s a size chart provided when you order so that you can get your exact size. And did I mention how comfortable the lace is? It feels like heaven against the skin. Though wearing this, you’ll probably wind up having more heavenly feelings against your skin at some point or another…

Erotic Lace Lingerie  - sexy underwear for gay men
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