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Gay Sitges | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Sitges | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

A coastal retreat on the beautiful and sunny Mediterranean coast Sitges has long been a playground for gay men who flock here from around the world to work on their tan beachside during the day, before cramming into dozens of gay bars and clubs at night.

Teaming during the summer months, this is a unique gay holiday destination that sizzles with unconcealed hedonism yet manages to stay classy thanks to its art galleries, international-style architecture, gourmet dining, and upmarket hotels. And all only 35 kilometers from bustline Barcelona!

We wouldn’t go as far as to describe it as the Saint-Tropez of Spain, but to combine such culture and elegance in a city that in peak season is basically one big cruising area is rare.

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Even rarer in the fickle world of gay travel is that Sitges has been able to keep the attention of gays for decades – unlike Key West and Fire Island, which have been somewhat abandoned by the rainbow community in recent years. Things quieten down in Sitges during the offseason, and like Mykonos, a lot of venues close over winter, but accommodation prices are a lot lower as a result.

Sitges is beyond gay-friendly, and no matter which season you visit in, you will be welcomed with accepting and open arms. At times, we struggled to spot any straight people, and it always felt like the queers had taken complete control!

Sorry, Nice and Marseille – but this is quite easily the gayest place on the Mediterranean. And if heaven is a place on Earth, Sitges has a pretty good claim to it…

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Gay Sitges Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Sitges Spain

Attractions in Sitges

Naturally, being gay does not define which attractions most of us will want to see in each destination, and most queer travelers will want to check out the top things to see in Sitges during the day!

We found our favorite memories were watching the sunset from a relaxing cocktail bar, dancing till dawn with our queer family, or laying on any of Sitges gay beaches – and honestly, that is the whole appeal here. There are a few museums and churches, but we would instead head to a drag show or work on our tan.

Sitges also has an enviable line-up of gay events throughout the year that are well-worth planning your trip around if you can. In fact, Sitges is nicknamed the “Village of Festivals” because there are so many events, most based on Catholic holy days – but trust us, gays even make these more fabulous. Easter marks the start of the summer season with more parties than we could, and Bear Weeks and Pride are always utterly marvelous

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Gay Things To Do In Sitges
  • Sitges Gay Beaches – This really is a gay mecca, so it almost pointless to define gay and straight beaches here. In reality, queer unicorns flock to all 22 of the stunning beaches here, but two expressly warrant a mention due to their reputation. Bassa Rodona – a section of Platja de la Ribera – just past the breakwater is the official gay beach, covered in gorgeously buff sun-seekers and directly in front of the equally impressive Hotel Calipolis. A fun bar sells cocktails and beers, and blasts music from around 4 pm. If you want more au natural fun, then Playa del the Sitges gay nudist beach, a 45-minute walk along a rocky path out of town. The woods surrounded the pebbled beach can be just as busy as the beach itself – and clearly, no one is deterred by the walkout here. Just be careful on the section near the railway (its called Dead Man’s Beach for the path in) – and take your inflatable lounger as only a limited of sun loungers are inconsistently available for here. If you don’t mind mixed nudist beaches and want to get your kit off, then Playa de las Balmins is a closer option.
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  • Parrots Restaurant – One of the most legendary restaurants in Gay Sitges with a perpetually filled terrace and sublime drag dinner-shows. There is also the Parrots Hotel, Pub, and Sauna in town. Reservations are essential, though the world-famous show often spills out onto the show and passersby stop to watch. If you don’t feel like eating as late as the locals, there is an affordable early bird meal here.
  • Eleven Men’s Jewelry – The only shop selling jewelry exclusively for men in Sitges, with an exquisite concept store located at Carrer de les Parellades 13. Their jewelry is fashion-oriented, made in Europe, and mainly 99% made of precious metals, natural stones, and genuine leathers. Opened in Sitges since 2014 and now with a new store in Madrid, Eleven Men’s Jewelry has become well-known and respected in the local LGBT community – and are the go-to spot for an iconic piece of jewelry, perfect as a souvenir from a fabulous trip or merely making any outfit pop before a night out. Welcoming and friendly, there is absolutely no reason not to stop in and see their latest collection.
Eleven men's jewelry
  • Menswear Sitges / Barcode Clothes – The place to go for gay sportswear, swimwear, underwear, fetish, and clubbing clothing. If you have forgotten your gay pride outfit or want to pick up another funny gay t-shirt, you can try here. Better to come prepared though with some fabulous queer clothing of your won.
  • Queenz Dinner Show – A talented drag dinner show making for an impressive start to any night out in Gay Sitges. Never failing to please, the price of the Cabaret show includes a surprisingly delicious set menu, so you really can’t go wrong. Afterward, head to the stylish bar of the same name next door to keep the good vibes going.
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Annual Gay Events In Sitges
  • Bear Week – One of the world’s biggest bear festivals drawing in bears, otters, wolves, daddies and their admirers for a week of hairy, fun euphoria. The Mr. Bear Sitges competition is a clear highlight, but its just a great time to visit with plenty of parties, shows, talented DJs and members of your community from all over the world. It’s become too popular, however, so there is now a second, slightly smaller, Bear Week held at the beginning of summer in May. Why not tempt yourself with both?
  • Sitges Zombie Walk – A mainstay of the Sitges film festival in October, where thousands of (largely gay) men take to the streets in ghoulish makeup as a sort of early Halloween celebration. Not that is also stopping them all celebrate Halloween a few weeks later, which, as we all know, is Gay Christmas. At this point you probably get the idea, Sitges is all-gay, all-the-time so no matter when you visit something is going to be happening.

  • Sitges Carnival – One of the greatest parties in Spain held annually in February, this is a time to party, a time to enjoy milder temperates and a great excuse to shake off the winter blues. With over 40 floats, crowded streets, incredible costumes, and partying all-night-long, why not take the excuse to go? While Gay Sitges takes a siesta during the winter months, lots of gay venues toss open their doors for this week only. Call it a midnight snack in the middle of a slumber.
  • Semana Santa – The start of the summer season in Sitges is marked by wild gay parties and a mass influx of queers. Suddenly all the venues which were closed for winter open again all at once and go from zero to hundred seemingly overnight. Sure, you could seek out a church and pay your respects – or you could head to Lady Diamond’s Easter Hunt Party on Easter Sunday at Parrots. We will let you choose which one is more fun.
  • Circuit Festival Barcelona – Sure, its 30 minutes away in Barcelona, but many gays chose to spend the day tanning on the gay beaches of Sitges before taking the train to party the night away in testosterone-fuelled extasy. Eleven days, 16 parties, and 40 DJs – no wonder they need to break it up with the relative tranquility of Sitges. You could always s opt for a gay-overload by instead staying at the Barcelona Axel hotels.
  • Gay Pride Sitges – One of the biggest events in Spain annually, and 100% worth planning your entire trip around. Sitges is uber-gay normally, but in this week things go into overdrive with a custom-built mini gay village, a huge stage with live acts every night, boat party, pool party, foam party, beach party. We think you get the idea. Held annually over ten days in June, there is nothing quite like this hot, sweaty, gorgeous, sexy mess of bronzed bodies and hunky men all coming together in one magnificent celebration of queerness. See you there!

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Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Sitges Spain

As a world leader in LGBT tourism, there are plenty of hotels in Sitges catering for every type of traveler – and it would be unheard of for any hotel or guesthouse to have an issue with a gay couple checking it. Everyone here is gay-friendly and welcoming, as it should be!

Still, everyone likes to be surrounded by like-minded people, and as such, a few hotels in Sitges have cropped up as *the* place for gay travelers to stay! Sitges is compact and very walkable, but our favorite hotels were clustered close to the waterfront with all the gay nightlife options on your doors. Gay Sitges is about the beach and bars, so you want a hotel that lets you access both with ease.

Hotel MiM Sitges

The following hotels in Gay Sitges have all received rave recommendations from gay travelers in the past, but of course, there are hundreds of other hotels all over Sitges if these are not quite what you are looking for. Prices are high in peak season, and the old adage is true: you really do get what you pay for here! Balconies and sea-views don’t come cheap, and while there is no exclusive gay hotel in Sitges, during the summer gays outnumber hetero-travelers at most of these locations.

Whether you want a cheap place to crash after a night of partying, an affordable hotel with a pool to socialize around, or a chic designer option to sip cocktails by the sea surrounded by fabulous people – Gay Sitges has something for everyone!

Calipolis Sitges
  • Parrots Sitges Hotel ☆☆☆ – As we said previously, there are no exclusively gay hotels in Sitges, but Parrots might as well be – run by the same business group that owns half the gay bars and clubs in town. Modern yet straightforward with funky blue-and-white rooms, a social patio area, complimentary breakfast, and prime location, Parrots sells out months in advance in the summer season.
  • Hotel Calipolis Sitges ☆☆☆☆ – In the middle of the Sitges Promenade, close to all the entertainment areas and overlooking the most crucial section of beach in Sitges, the gay section. An excellent, contemporary, and clean hotel with an unbeatable location, fabulous views, modern design, and a private pool + sun terrace. One of the most popular gay hotels in Sitges, so be sure to book in advance!
Calipolis Sitges
  • Dolce Sitges ☆☆☆☆☆ – The only luxury hotel in Sitges, though location a bit out of town. A coastal paraíso, where the salty fragrance of the Mediterranean perfumes the air and the surrounding wine country and Parc del Garraf, invite you to explore further, the Dolce Sitges is a beautiful option if you want a taste of Gay Sitges, but don’t want bars and gay beaches to be the sole focus of your stay. Enjoy modern, luxurious rooms and suites, the majority featuring floor to ceiling windows, private terraces, and breathtaking views. There is also upscale fine dining, three luxe bars, whirlpool tubs, multiple pools, a spa, and a fitness center. There is even an all-inclusive option if you want to forget about everything and experience total relaxation with zero hassles.
Dolce Sitges
  • Hotel Casa Vilella ☆☆☆☆ – A charming luxury hotel in Sitges, found in a house from the Noucentisme period, features unique, elegant, and exclusive spaces for a personalized stay and bearing the stamp of Gaudi’s disciple, Joan Rubió i Bellver. Located in a quiet area at the waterfront of Sitges’s seaside promenade, a 5 minutes’ walk to Sitges’s center, the Casa Vilella Hotel features rooms with sea views. It stands out for its exclusive decoration, its outdoor areas —including swimming pool, gardens, terrace, and chill-out area— and for its personalized attention.
  • Hotel MiM Sitges ☆☆☆☆ – An oasis of calm in downtown Sitges, located just 100 meters from the beach. A gay-popular mid-range hotel, built-in 2013, with 77 rooms and suites, lots of natural light, modern design, and a well-equipped spa.
Hotel MiM Sitges
  • Hotel Medium Sitges Park ☆☆☆☆ – Located in the energetic old town of Sitges, in a modernist building from the late 19th century, this is another gay-popular budget hotel. A modern renovation has respected the hotel’s original style while introducing elements of freshness and Mediterranean tones into the design.
  • Hotel La Niña ☆☆☆ – A charming hotel, built-in 2004 from four buildings of the early twentieth century, of which the original facades and all their essence are preserved, The hotel is located right on the Paseo de Sitges facing the sea and the definite highlight in the infinity pool with fabulous views. Very gay-popular, but the rooms are hideously basic. A chance to get a good deal if all you care about is the luxe pool and chatting up other cute gay guests, otherwise there are better options. That pool though…
Hotel La Niña
  • Hotel Alexandra ☆☆– There is no hostel currently operating in Sitges – so for the cheapest bed, you are either going to need to head back to the gay hostels of Barcelona each night or consider this fantastically reviews cheap stay. Warmly decorated rooms which are spotlessly cleaned and a central location a short walk from the beach – all at a very affordable price. Often the cheapest hotel option on Sitges.
  • Hotel Galeon ☆☆☆ – A great budget option for gay travels want to socialize by an idyllic pool and don’t mind a few minutes walk to the beach and nightlife options. There is a fantastic breakfast on offer, homey rooms, welcoming service, and plenty of gay guests to chat with.
Galeón Sitges Pool


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Gay Bars and Gay Clubs in Sitges

With Sitges being one of the world’s most prominent gay vacation destinations, you would expect an incredible gay nightlife scene – and luckily, Sitges does not disappoint!

Depending on your mood, you can find anything here from a relaxed cocktail in an upscale bar to an all-night dance rave surrounded by your queer family! This is one of Spain’s most fabulous beachside communities, however – and it will cost you more than your typical gay beach holiday in Phuket, Punta Cana or Puerto Vallarta.

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While the Sitges gay scene is active all year round, there is unquestionably a peak summer season running from May till September. You can expect most venues to be open from late March during the weekends and from Easter daily as the gay clubs and nightlife kick it into overdrive. We are not staying off-season isn’t a great time to visit, with lower prices and more locals, but you will have to work harder to find pumping venues, to check opening hours, and probably restrict your partying to weekends.

There are three main gay areas here: the Joan Tarrida Gay Street, the Plaça de la Indústria Square Gay Bars, and the gay bars in the Old Town. Honestly, everything here is so compact we are not sure why we split this list us – but it’s probably because everyone insisted there is a circuit you should follow: to hit particular bars and move on. But we have to disagree, and just ended finding our favorite spots by wandering around and seeing where was right on the night. Don’t be afraid to part from the crowds. Chances are they will eventually come to you no matter when you go.

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Just be careful of pickpockets – especially if you are planning to get drunk and end up with your pants down. When exploring dark rooms or cruising, it is always a good idea no matter where you are to leave valuables at home…

Terrace bars are busy with the after-beach crowds and then post-dinner until around midnight, then bars get busy around midnight, and finally, nightclubs open at 2 am, get crowded around 3 am and stay open until 5. This is Spain, after all, so take a siesta and be prepared for a fabulously exhausting night out. For many gay bars in Sitges, flip-flops and tank tops are the uniforms of choice – but some more upscale clubs and venues demand more.

Still, as Coco Chanel declared, “luxury equals comfort,” so don’t get too caught up as later in the night, plenty of tank tops come off!

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Joan Tarrida Gay Street Bars In Sitges
  • Bears Bar – The only bar in Sitges for Bears, Cubs, Chubbies, Daddies and their Admirers open all year on Fridays and Saturdays, and in season all week from 10 pm to 3.30 am. The bar has a very welcoming atmosphere, and it is easy to find what you are looking for – conversations and new friends at the bad or quick fun outback with its dark rooms.
  • 40 de Fiebre Sitges – A small gay bar popular with locals and that in-the-know. The décor is inspired by a unicorns puke, but hey, we are never going to pass up on a classic, camp gay bar. There are also friendly bartenders and occasional drag shows – but its more the perfect place for relaxed conversations and wholesome fun.
  • El Horno – Also known as “The Oven” in English, so you know things are going to be hot, hot, hot here. From the same group who managed the infamous gay sex club XXL Sitges. A pioneer of the Sitges gay scene, El Horno is a hassle-free and welcoming space, decked out in the style of a tavern. One of the few places in Sitges that is open from mid-afternoon, El Horno is the ideal place to chat with friends or have a quiet drink after a day at the beach. Wondering where the heat comes in? You will need to head to the busy cruising area in the back – the eponymous Oven.
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  • Queenz Music Bar – Next to, but slightly separate from, the famous Queenz Cabrets this stylish bar hosts cabaret, fab décor, a small dance floor, and wonderful party vibes after 10.30 pm.
  • Carousel Terrace Bar – Take a ride on the wild side in this compact bar with strong cocktails and fun dray shows. There is also some of the best people-watching in Gay Sitges thanks to their premier location at the crossroads of Sitges two busiest gay areas, Plz Industria and C.Bonaire.
  • La Villa – An international and relaxed gay cocktail spot with a pleasant garden, laid-back guys, and premium drinks. An oasis of calm, this cozy space houses in a converted house with a long history boasts a beautiful patio surrounded by plants and a decoration that gives the place its personality. Come for the jazzy music playlist and an innovative menu with more than 20 types of premium gins.
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  • KU Sitges – A newly-opened bar for gay men with a small but busy dance floor, practiced DJs, and active dark rooms to get to know everyone a little better. Opposite Dark Sitges Bar, if you require better gay cruising opportunities.
  • La Locacola Deluxe – A gay-popular bar with French flair ala Montpellier or Paris. Perfect for an evening aperitif with soft music and a relaxed crowd.
  • Mojito & Co. – You might be on the edge of the Mediterranean, but in this fabulous gay cocktail bar, you will be dreaming of sunny Cuba. Attracting mixed crowds who appreciate a refined, upscale atmosphere, well-crafted cocktails, and cute bartenders. Their delicious Japanese Mojito complete with Sake was serving Tokyo meets Carribean Islands’ realness, and the people watching from their terrace was just as enjoyable.
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Plaça de la Indústria Square Gay Bars in Sitges
  • Montroig Café – A brilliant spot for day drinking offering everything from delicious breakfasts to tempting salads, homemade hamburgers, and much more. The terrace off the street is the place to be day or night for relaxed meals and fun drinks with a friendly crowd.
  • Parrots Pub – Parrots Group has been a pioneer in developing a wide range of gay-friendly bars, clubs, and restaurants in Sitges. Seriously, we swear they own half the town at this point (and have since expanded to Gran Canaria). The rise of Gay Sitges has been in no small part due to Parrots, and while you could stay at their hotel, you should at least pay a visit to their original pub, still going strong after 30 years. Grab a seat on the terrace outside, enjoy the crowds ambling by or perhaps try to pick up one of their super-cute bar staff – hopefully, you have better luck than us! Either way, the atmosphere is intoxication and fulls up with the after-beach crowd and stays pulsing until the early hours of the morning.
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  • Summer Lounge – A quintessentially Spanish tapas bar like those we fell in love with in Valencia, Salamanca, and Seville. It also boasts a well-located terrace, cheap champagne cocktails, and a bear-heavy crowd.
  • Central Bar – Cute bartenders, fun cocktails, outdoor patio seating, and a drag show or two… What else do you need? Everyone also boasts of their cake and coffee, so even if you don’t feel like drinking head here earlier in the day for your hit of sugar and caffeine. Later at night, gin is the drink du jour, with a vast selection to sample.
  • BESO de Sitges Bar – Fantastic music, hilarious drag acts, and a warm welcome for everyone – count us in! The modern sound-system and décor set this new addition to the Sitges gay village apart from the completion, as does the large dance floor, and fills up fast later at night…
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Gay Bars in Sitges Old Town
  • Casablanca – A gay-owned cocktail bar hidden in the heart of Old Sitges. A place where tourists and residents like to meet, chat, and enjoy the unique ambiance and where background music is just that and never intrudes on the art of conversation.
  • Comodin – One of the original gay bars in Sitges that helped make this location one of the world’s top gay destinations. Expect celebrated drag acts, a busy bar, diverse crowd of all ages – and sickening queens who will make fun of you no matter what your mother tongue is.
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  • Prinz – A gay bar in the old town with popular drag acts and sexy-as-hell strippers. Newly-renovated and re-opened with a funky design scheme but the same friendly staff who keep the crowds coming back for more.
  • Bar 7 – A gay pub in Sitges with over 20 years experience under their belt – so you just know they have to be doing something right to have this kind of staying power. Maybe it’s the warm welcome, the excellent service or lack of attitude and peacocking? Or maybe it’s just the perfect combination of cheap drinks, trashy pop tunes, and a casual pub atmosphere.
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Gay Clubs in Sitges Spain
  • Organic Dance Club – Ok, most of the gay bars in Sitges have epic parties, dance floors, talented DJs, and hot, shirtless hunks, but Organic is in a class of its own. One of the longest-running gay venues in town, Organic continues to be the premier summer sport for after-hour parties when other bars close getting packed around 3 am and hosting different theme parties and music ranging through the 80s and 90s to modern Spanish pop. Why ya’ll gagging? You know Organic brings it to you every summer season – and since their move in 2014 to a new premise, they now have a purpose-built dancefloor, sunken pool, and even wilder crowds. Not to be missed is the Sitges Foam Parties held here!
  • Privilege Dance Bar – Attracting the bold and beautiful, this stylish gay club with a large dancefloor and three separate bars has great music, great drink prices, and great (looking) staff. Retro camp music mixed up with banging Ibiza-style dance track to ensure an unforgettable night.
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Gay Saunas in Sitges

Had enough of gay cruising in Sitges – either in the bars, beach, or elsewhere?

For those who want a bit more guaranteed action, there are only two gay saunas in Sitges. Luckily they are both pretty good and should not disappoint you (unlikely all those faceless Grindr accounts). If you want to explore your kinky side without a steamy sauna, there is also the gay Sitges cruise club scene which is as sensually self-indulgent as you will find anywhere on Earth. Or you can always resort to the gay hook up apps!

Foreigners are happily welcoming in all gay sex clubs and sauna in Sitges, and many will speak English, but you’ll still need to be good at reading non-verbal cues. Luckily we also have our gay sauna guide to help you out!

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  • Sauna Sitges – Recently renovated, this is the best gay sauna in Sitges, though temper your expectations. We love this LGBT beachside town, but the steamy sauna scene has nothing on queer capitals like Vienna, London, Paris, or Prague. This is a small space, 180 m², but inside you can find all the essential ingredients for casual fun, including a steam room, spa, steam room, showers, a maze, cabins, and an open round-bed area. Frequent events are held which draw in huge crowds, especially their foam parties, and Sauna Sitges also offers sensual male massages – if that is what you are into.
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  • Parrots Sauna – A safe, clean and discreet environment to relax and enjoy the company of gay, bisexual and curious men during the summer months. Located in the heart of Gay Sitges, they are only minutes from the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and have a relatively small venue with dry sauna, Jacuzzi, private cabins, and steam room. For a raging, wild gay sauna scene, you will need to head to nearby Barcelona, but Parrots Sauna (located in Parrots Hotel) does make for a fun little distraction each night…

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Gay Cruise Clubs in Sitges

If the bars or gay sauna in Sitges are too vanilla for you, perhaps these cruise lounges and gay sex clubs are a better fit?

We have to warn you; however, Sitges has a surprisingly intense no-holds-barred cruise scene. It’s also one of the most friendly, welcoming, and diverse we have ever come across – similar to Hannover, Toronto, Melbourne, and Brighton – so why not give it a go?

It is not for everyone, though, and we have tried to identify places for the more ‘uninitiated’ if you are curious to give it a go. Or there is always the two gay nudist beaches known for cruising: Playa de las Balmins and Playa del Muerto, which become busier as the sunsets.

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  • XXL Sitges – Busy, morbid, with a touch of funky, XXL is the premier gay sex club in Sitges and renown for its varied audience and busy weekend crowds. If you are looking for a young and fun environment, you have to try this famous bar, the ideal place for lovers of dance and sex. XXL bar consists of two areas on two floors: the ground floor has two bars, a DJ and a small dance floor where you can enjoy the best current music – house, funk, electro, and disco – while above, you will find a magnificent dark labyrinth cruising zone.
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  • Bunker Sitges – Located where the old Organic club was and run by the Parrot group, Bunker is one of Sitge’s newest men’s cruising bar. Drinks are poor quality and high-prices, but that is not what you go here for; it’s the disco and darkroom which draws people in. Rarely open, and certainly not the most popular spot – but if you are staying nearby and want to check it out, you might get lucky.
  • Man Bar – Central, cheap, well-priced, and welcoming with ultra-fun play zones and dark spaces old back. Recently saved and taken over by the XXL Sitges group, come early for the “Happy hours” offer from 7 pm to 9 pm where your second drink is always € 1- an ideal way to start the night. All variety of gay men are welcome here with fantasy-realizing industrial décor ala because chains and whips excite me. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon…
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  • Bukkake Cruise Bar – Small and tightly packed, like a Tokyo subway at rush-hour, with so many options, it is hard to leave disappointed. Don’t be under any illusion: there are no fancy designs here, and it is not hyper-clean, but with a pumping darkroom, private cabins, maze, sling, and erotic strip shows they don’t need to provide much else.
  • Dark Sitges Bar (DSB) – The name of the bar sets the tone here, and it should be no surprises what you can find here: a cruisy atmosphere, hot-and-heavy dark room, live strips shows and plenty of guys. The owner is amiable and funny, and the drinks and music are not bad – but that’s not why we are recommending it.
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  • Zona X – Owned by the same person as DSB, this is another excellent gay cruising/sex bar with regular theme nights and live stripper performances. Check-in advance on the dress code, as some days are nude or sexy underwear only,  but others you can go as you like: naked, underpants, jockstrap, leather, sport, or street. In the bar, you can find private cabins, a sling, dark room, cruising area, projection area, and an area with lockers with independent keys so you can leave your clothes and belongings in them. A great after-hours bar option open every day from 24:30 to 5:00.
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