Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Decorations That Will Leave You Gagging

Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Decorations That Will Leave You Gagging

Seriously, Pride is so much better than Christmas! Music, dancing, amazing color schemes, brilliant people, sunshine; what more could you want from an annual holiday?

It’s a great excuse for a celebration, so why not make sure your home is all dressed up and ready for Pride festival season? There are some incredible gay pride decorations that you can use to make your house rainbow-ready for amazing parties.

So whether you’re hosting a pride party or just like to live in a colorful and joyful space, check out these gay pride decorations that will leave you (and your guests!) gagging.

Stand Out This Summer With These Gay Pride Decorations That Will Leave You Gagging



Gay Pride Duvet Cover Set


This takes you to the next level of gay pride decorations, but is such a great thing to get if you’re expecting house guests over Pride season – maybe you’re all heading to the parade together. They’re sure to be impressed by this comfortable and cheerful bedding, complete with rainbow colors and a ‘happy gay pride’ message.

It gives you spare room a celebratory feel – or you could just get it for your bedroom as a treat. Perfect for cuddling up reading your favorite gay romance novels or watching these hilarious gay comedy movies! 


Peace, Love, Pride Rainbow Banner


Make this the center of your pride party with its empowering message and vibrant colors. The bold lettering will stand out whether you hang it inside or out (it’s suitable for either) and it’s durable enough to last for several occasions.

Hang it over the bar or out in the garden to catch people’s eyes and set the tone for your joyful party.


Rainbow Flag Bunting


Supplement the banner above with this bright and cheerful rainbow flag bunting. Imagine how gorgeous this will look fluttering in the breeze at your pride garden party. The flags are dyed all the way through, so both sides have vivid strips, and the string is tough enough to last through the wildest of parties.

You get two strings of 33 feet each, so there’s more than enough to thoroughly decorate your property and matches with any other gay pride merchandise you may have.


Love Gay Pride Balloons


Because you can never have too many gay pride decorations. Even if you’ve already got the bunting, why not add these shiny rainbow heart-shaped balloons for a truly colorful event? You get a set of 10 that measure 18 inches when inflated and add a strong dose of love to your gathering.

They’re a fantastic addition to your party preparations and your guests will definitely feel surrounded by love!


Rainbow Centerpiece


Add a taste of rainbow to your buffet table with this paper rainbow centerpiece. The two ends rest on a paper honeycomb base, although you could easy cover this in gold paper or more rainbows if you want to be totally extra.

It’s a great way to add color to your food table without scattering glitter or confetti everywhere.


Love Is Love Napkins


A great host pays attention to all the tiniest details of a party, right down to what your guests are going to use to wipe their mouths. So don’t settle for plain napkins, get these ones with vibrant multicolored stripes and a positive pride message.

There’s never a bad time to remind people that love is love, so why not ensure they’re thinking about it even when eating your delish spread of food?


Pride Wall Hanging


This is a beautiful piece of artwork that can be used as either as part of the gay pride decorations for a party or just to decorate your home year round. The satin fabric has been printed using long-lasting methods ensuring the rich colors last for a long time. The rainbow flag is vivid and joyful, while the clasped hands touch your heart.

It’s a versatile piece that can be hung on the wall as art, used as a bedspread or table covering or even taken to the beach as a picnic blanket – whatever suits you best! You can be sure that you’ll get plenty of positive comments on it.



Rainbow Heart Cupcake Toppers


If you’re hoping to impress with your baking skills, these gay pride decorations will add the perfect finishing touch to your culinary creations. Express your true rainbow colors by putting these on top of your cupcakes.

The bright and contemporary design means they will stand out among everyone else’s offerings if you’re bringing your food to a pride pot luck.


Glass Pride Flag Figurine


This is a high quality decoration with bright stripes showing it off as a fine piece of gay pride decoration. Put it in your home or garden to add a unique touch to your party decorations, or use it as an ashtray for your smoking guests.

It’s long-lasting, but even if something happens there is a lifetime warranty.


Rainbow Ceiling Fan And Light Pull Chain


Any party planner will tell you that the difference between a good party and a truly fabulous one is the little touches that your guests will really appreciate. We think this resin-topped rainbow accessory is one such touch.

It can be easily added to your current light pull or ceiling fan pull so that even functional items in your house become beautiful. It’s a great way to show your gay pride in every aspect.


Garden Flag Banner


This fun rainbow flag reading ‘love, freedom, equality’ can be stuck into your plant pots or on the wall to brighten up your garden party. Put it out front to provide guests with a warm welcome.

The bold colors really stand out so people will easily spot your house and it’s weatherproof so they won’t fade even if it rains a lot where you are.


Rainbow Hearts Pride Curtains


We love the unique design of these bold and bright rainbow stripe hearts against a black background. The two curtain panels are silky and soft, giving your windows an elegant (and proud!) makeover.

Even if you just bring them out for parties, the reasonable price makes them more than worth it. They could also work as a backdrop for photos or to cover up crowded shelves for a party.


Rainbow Skull Wall Hanging


The contemporary skull design makes for an alternative and hip gay pride wall hanging – it’s a truly unique feature that visitors to your home are sure to comment on. We love the dramatic nature of the print and the colors are wonderfully eye-catching.

It’s a versatile piece that you can buy in different sizes to suit your needs. You don’t have to hang it on the wall; the polyester fabric means it’s resilient and fast-drying so can act as a picnic blanket, beach throw or sarong if you’d prefer. If you ask us, it matches perfectly with these other edgy gay tom of Finland products.

You are welcome! 


Rainbow Magnetic Mailbox Cover


It’s not just you who can stand out this summer – your mailbox can also get fancy and fabulous with this brightly-colored magnetic mailbox cover. Simply wrap it around and stick it on with the magnets and it’ll last as long as you like.

It’s fade-resistant and weatherproof, so your home should be standing out with pride for many summers to come.


Rainbow Table Cover


We know people make a beeline for the food at parties anyway, but there’s no reason why you can’t draw even more attention to the table with this fun and bright addition to your gay pride decorations. Buy one at a time or in packs of three if your event is bigger.

They’re plastic, so if you’re careful you can rinse them off and use again. That’s if one of your guests doesn’t get carried away and decide to wear it as a cape. It happens, trust us.


Make American Gay Again Button Pins


OK, we know these aren’t strictly speaking gay pride decorations, but we think they’re cute party favors with a powerful and important message in these difficult times. If you’re having a pre-Pride party you can hand these out for you all to wear on the parade.

The buttons are light and easy to attach to clothes, flags, backpacks and hats; wherever you’d like to put it, really. The bright colors and bold rainbow graphics means they’ll stand out and help you show off your queer spirit at any event.


Gay Pride Rainbow Lion Art Print


This is another gorgeous pride print that would look fabulous hanging on your wall all the time, not just for your pride party and will leave anyone who sees it gagging. The noble lion’s head with its rainbow mane perfectly represents our gay pride (not to mention our sense of style!).

You can get it in a huge range of sizes or the image can be printed on a set of coasters for your guests’ drinks, or an apron if you want to wow people with your BBQ skills.

So with all these fabulous ideas, let’s get decorating … It’s what us queers do best right! 



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