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Fab AF Bisexual Pride Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

Fab AF Bisexual Pride Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

We know you’re proud AF of being a fabulous bisexual unicorn – it shows you’re an open, accepting and loving person, and who wouldn’t want to show that off?

You might think it’s difficult to find bisexual pride shirts but they are out there. Whether you’re looking for something cute, funny or just full-on rainbow joyful, you’ll find something on this list for you. Even if you are not wearing them to a Pride festival or an LGBT film premier, you can just use them cuddled up on the couch watching gay coming out movies.

Talk about multi-purpose right!

Showing off your queer spirit has never been easier, or more on trend. So get yourself one, two or five of these fab AF bisexual pride shirts and leave no one in doubt of your self-confidence and pride!

Fab AF Bisexual Pride Shirts You Need To Show Off Your Queer Spirit!

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‘I Like My Men How I Like My Women’ T Shirt

We always like to start with something that’s the perfect combination of cute and funny, and this shirt ticks those boxes perfectly. The pink and blue design stands out on the plain background to send a message that’s as humorous as it is empowering.

The fine jersey fabric means the tee is light and easy to wear, so you can proclaim your bi pride in comfort!

Bi Pride Dragon T Shirt

This high quality 100% cotton t shirt is the perfect way to show the world what a magical and proud bisexual creature you are! The bold dragon graphic jumps out from the black fabric in gorgeous pinks, purples and blues.

This is a great choice if you prefer shirts without written slogans but still want to flaunt your fab queer spirit. One glance at this cool design sends your message clearly!

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Bisexual Pride Barcode Tank Top

Choose from a range of colors for this minimal but bold bisexual pride tank top. We like the grey versions but if you prefer something brighter there are red and royal blue options. The barcode is depicted in vibrant shades of blue, pink and purple and we like the streamlined nature of the graphic.

In case anyone’s in doubt, you’ve got the written ‘pride’ statement to properly demonstrate your bi joy. Perfect for at home or gay beach destinations like Pattaya, Honolulu or Punta Cana for showing the guns off…

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Bisexual And Still Not Into You T Shirt

A super cheeky tee for those of you who like to tell it like it is – and a good way to let them down easy. It might not be the best choice for date night, but otherwise it’s a hip and fun shirt to show off your bi pride and your sense of humor.

There’s a choice of neutral colors so the pink, purple and blue text really jumps out at you – so no chance of people not getting the message.

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‘Ain’t No Lie Baby I’m Bi Bi Bi’ T Shirt

We defy you to read this slogan and not start singing *NSYNC in your head; it’ll be stuck in there for days now, sorry. It’s worth it to get a look at one of the cleverest bisexual pride shirts we’ve seen.

Radiant purple, pink and blue colors are used for the lettering, meaning the full wit of this hilarious shirt won’t be lost on passers-by. Wear it to Pride and start a mass sing-a-long.

Bisexu-Whale Tank Top

Comfy and versatile tank top? Check. Cute whale cartoon in pink and purple? Check. Funny wordplay? Check. Voila, the perfect bisexual pride shirt! Proclaim your queer spirit loud and clear with this fun tank – it’s almost as funny as these gay comedy films.

It’s easy to wear out and about, or if you’d prefer you can use it to work out in and get admiring looks at the gym.

End Bisexual Erasure T Shirt

It’s easy to get fed up with how bisexuality is sidelined or ridiculed, so fight back in style with this fun but empowering t shirt. There’s no sugar coating the message; it’s right there in vibrant pink, purple and blue, standing out proud on a soft grey background.

Just by wearing this tee you are following your own instructions and bring bisexuality into the open, showing people it’s a valid orientation that you’re proud AF of!

Bi-Furious T Shirt

We love the powerful combination of anger and humor in this unique tee. Sometimes you might find bisexual pride shirts a little too gentle and fluffy; this top provides the counter to this. You’re proud of who you are but you’re sick of answering the ‘straight or gay’ question.

Another great contradiction in this shirt is the tough metal-esque skull and sword design done in gentle pink and purple. Another reminder that things aren’t always what they seem, and that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK, it’s brilliant!

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This Isn’t A Phase, Being Straight Was Tank Top

Another thing that really pisses us off is the ‘it’s a phase’ comment. This fun tank top takes that frustration and flips it on its head to create a bi pride shirt with a firm and proud message.

The colors are bright and bold – just like you! So take it with you to these gay-friendly travel destinations, on your next gay Atlantis cruise or really on any gay solo travel adventure you like!

‘The Bible Said Adam and Eve So I Did Both’ T Shirt

OK, this cheeky shirt is definitely not suitable for work or dinner at grandma’s, but we love it anyway! It’s perfect for showing everyone that you’re bi and proud, not to mention that you’re funny as hell!

It’s soft cotton and the radiant colors pop against the grey background – pink, purple and blue go well with a neutral grey, so you’ll make a fashion statement as well as a political one.

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Bisexual Pride Flag T Shirt

This is the perfect shirt for those of us who love the bisexual pride shirts but want something a bit more understated. We love the vintage feel of the faded flag print and the purple color of the shirt is rich and flattering.

We’ve got to be honest, the bi pride flag is one of our favorites and this tee combines those gorgeous colors for a simple and effective statement of empowerment.

bisexual t-shirts

So be proud, dear unicorn, and wear one of these fab shirts!

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