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Sailing Into Sin: The Best Gay Cruise Clubs Around The Globe!

Sailing Into Sin: The Best Gay Cruise Clubs Around The Globe!

Gay cruise clubs are a popular destination for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are looking to explore their sexuality in a safe and accepting environment. These clubs offer a variety of amenities and activities, including dance floors, bars, and private rooms, as well as a chance to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals.

One of the most appealing aspects of gay cruise clubs is their sense of community and acceptance. These clubs create a space where individuals can be themselves and express their true selves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

This can be particularly important for members of the LGBTQ+ community who may not have access to similar safe spaces in their daily lives.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs

Another benefit of gay cruise clubs is the opportunity to meet new people and form connections. These clubs provide a social setting where individuals can connect with others with similar interests and experiences. This can lead to new friendships, romantic relationships, and even a sense of belonging and acceptance.

In addition to the social benefits, gay cruise clubs also offer a wide range of activities and amenities for members to enjoy. Many clubs feature dance floors and DJs, allowing individuals to let loose and have fun. Others may offer private rooms or dark rooms for more intimate experiences where you will be down to your underwear (or less).

Many gay cruise clubs are also involved in the local LGBTQ+ community and may host events or fundraisers to support local organizations and causes. This not only provides a fun and social way to give back to the community, but it also helps to promote acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. They are not something to be shunned, but celebrated (in our opinion) and thus why we have put together to celebrate the best gay cruise clubs around the globe…

Sailing Into Sin: The Best Gay Cruise Clubs Around The Globe!

Stammbar (Brussels, Belgium)

Stammbar is a gathering spot for those who enjoy the nightlife, the eclectic thrill-seekers, unique individuals, and those who bring vibrancy to the evening scene in Brussels. This venue, a true melting pot of nocturnal revelers seeking enjoyment, boasts a laid-back ambiance in a sleek and impeccable setting.

As the city’s premier gay cruise & fetish club since 2013, Stammbar boasts an industrial aesthetic with darkrooms and cruising areas.

A place to gather both during the day and at night, Stammbar also features exhibitions and themed events in addition to its bold musical selection. With a presence on the Brussels scene for several years, every evening opens its doors to everyone looking for an experience they’ll never forget.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - Stammbar

The Meat Rack (Madrid, Spain)

We’re not sure whether to feel scared or turned on by the name of this club, so we’ll leave it to you to decide. If you CAN get past the name that sounds like a butcher’s, you’ll find that it’s a great club for manly men. The Meat Rack, located in the heart of Madrid, Spain, is a private and exclusive club for men who like to be in their element.

It’s fifteen minutes from Chueca, Madrid’s gay zone, and is located in a basement. There’s even a cloakroom, where you can keep your coat and any other clothes you’ve taken off. The club offers a comfortable and spacious environment.

All sorts of fetishes can be explored in the club’s various rooms. Smoking is allowed, but only in specific areas. To access the club, you must show a legal ID and agree to the club’s norms.

The Meat Rack (Madrid, Spain)

Commander D (Taipei, Taiwan)

Commander D, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is an open and inclusive space that brings people together. This underground joint is perfect for those who love leather, fetishes, and uniforms. They offer a great selection of drinks and a friendly atmosphere, the perfect spot for a wild and kinky night. The wine, in particular, is exquisite. The staff is lively and helpful, even if you don’t speak Chinese.

The club also features scheduled and impromptu plays that are usually very kinky, and it’s the first and only bar in Taipei dedicated to those practicing or interested in BDSM. This bustling club is definitely worth checking out, especially for its BDSM events.

A lot of people have the same idea, and the bar fills up fast, so go early. The one complaint visitors have is that there are no designated areas for smoking. Because of this, the club is always clouded with smoke. 

Commander D (Taipei, Taiwan)

L’impact (Paris, France)

Ah, Paris, the city of love. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of gay clubs – but one of the best has to be L’Impact Paris, aa gay cruising club in the French capital that is known for its nudity and cruising. The club has a ground-floor bar area where patrons can undress and store their clothes, and downstairs features typical Parisian cellars with cabins, slings, and glory holes.

The club hosts theme nights and is open Monday to Thursday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., and Sundays from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. The entrance fee is 17€ and covers the cost of one drink and 11€ for those under 30. If you’re interested in exploring the more adventurous side of gay nightlife in Paris, L’Impact Bar is a good option to consider.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - L’impact

IMPERIA Men’s Cruising Party (Moscow, Russia)

Despite all the restrictions in Russia, the gay scene is still alive (if very underground). Take IMPERIA Men’s cruising party, for example. 

A gay cruise party for group fun and socialization in Moscow, it features XX videos, a dark room, a DJ, a bar, and a kitchen. Free condoms and lubricant are available for guests to use. The party, held at Club O2 – near Polezhaevskaya station – features regular themed nights on Saturdays and Sundays, including a Naked Party and a Joker Party.

They also offer discounts on admission fees for young adults aged eighteen to twenty-three, as well as those who arrive on time. Their only restrictions are drugs, violence, and dirt, so you can explore your wildest dreams and liberate your imagination. The guests are on the younger side, and yet they’re mature and ready to have fun.

They provide the perfect environment for uninhibited enjoyment, down to the drinks and great service. Guests can trust that their expectations will be exceeded at this event, and satisfaction is a priority. You can check their website for more details if you plan to visit at some point.

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Jackhammer (Chicago, United States)

Jackhammer is a lively and sensual gay cruise club in Chicago catering to bears and leather enthusiasts, featuring go-go dancers and plenty of steamy, shirtless dancing. The club is seriously hardcore, with multiple levels.

The downstairs level, called ‘The Hole’, requires compulsory nudity, and patrons are required to check their clothing with a bouncer and leave them in a cloakroom. It’s leather-themed, but the dress code is relatively free, so you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you want to be sure about getting in, though, it’s best to wear some form of leather.

For those who are not interested in cruising, the club still offers a fun and exciting atmosphere to dance and socialize. Amenities include a bar, a dance floor, a maze, cruising and fetish areas, a dark room, and private cabins for relaxation.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - Jackhammer

Equus (Itaewon, South Korea)

Let’s call Itaewon the Vegas of South Korea. It is known for its bustling nightlife and trending restaurants, clubs, and cafés. It’s also the center of South Korea’s fledgling gay rights movement. Equus is a gay men’s cruising club (jjimjilbang) located in close proximity to the gay nightlife district of Itaewon in Seoul.

Though it does not have sauna facilities, it offers amenities such as lockers, dark rooms, cruising areas, and private cabins. The club holds themed nights, including Erotic Underwear nights, SM nights, and Naked nights, and the schedule for these events can be found on the club’s website. 

It’s open 24/7, and everybody pays the same admission fee. It’s located a few blocks from Itaewon Station and is well-equipped, so it gets crowded and busy, especially on weekends. Just be aware that the crowd is more on the younger side, so you may feel out of place if you’re older.

SLM Malmö (Malmö, Sweden)

If you’re a man who likes men and you’re in Sweden, SLM Malmö is the place for you to go. You can visit the club to purchase a membership. An annual membership costs 500 kronor, while a monthly membership costs 120 kronor.

The club can be found at Sallerupsvägen 30 in Malmö, and it is accessible by bus from most of the surrounding neighborhoods. You can also find more details online. It hosts regular events, most catering to the fetish and BDSM scenes. Leather fetishists, in particular, will love this club.

SLM Malmö (Malmö, Sweden)

Zoom (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Zoom is an acclaimed cruise club and lounge bar located in the Recoleta area of Buenos Aires that offers a unique experience for its patrons. The establishment is divided into two sections: a dimly lit maze of corridors, private rooms and communal spaces equipped with DVDs and adult toys, and a lounge bar where patrons can socialize with locals.

According to customer reviews, the venue is kept clean, and the staff is friendly. The clientele is primarily older, but there are also younger patrons who visit on weekends. From my personal experience, visiting Zoom twice, I found it to be a fun and exciting way to meet locals and other visitors. It is a real feast for the senses, and the dress code is casual, so patrons can do what they want.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - Zoom
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Coxx Club (Budapest, Hungary)

Coxx Club in Budapest, Hungary, is the largest gay cruise and fetish club in the country, boasting a 400 square meter space. Admission to the club is complimentary, with a minimum consumption requirement of HUF1000.

This men-only bar is in a huge cellar with an industrial-looking brick-and-metal motif, and although it has a small dance floor, you really should only go there if you want to have sex because that’s what you’re going to get. 

The club offers a wide range of amenities, including three bars, a dark room, private cabins, a sling room, glory holes, hardcore movies, a prison-themed area, a designated smoking area, internet terminals, and complimentary WiFi. It’s simple and stripped-down, so don’t go there looking for anything fancy.

coXx Men's Bar Budapest

The Factory (Maspalomas, Gran Canaria)

The Factory, located in Gran Canaria, has gained a reputation as the premier cruising club in the area. It boasts an array of amenities that cater to a wide range of interests and desires, including glory holes, an orgy bed, a turntable, and three slings. In addition, the establishment offers private cabins that are equipped with comfortable beds, as well as 8 TVs.

For those who enjoy a more immersive experience, The Factory also features huge labyrinths, a cinema, and designated areas for different fetish interests, such as a piss zone, military zone, and SM zone. The St. Andrew’s cross, a popular BDSM tool, is also present in the venue.

The Factory is a destination that truly offers something for everyone, and it’s no wonder it has become known as the largest cruising club in Gran Canaria. Prepare for a great time when you visit.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - The Factory

Ajito (Osaka, Japan)

Ajito is a gay cruising club located close to Osaka’s Nakazakicho Station, catering to patrons under the age of 39. This four-story establishment offers a variety of amenities to enhance the overall experience for guests, including a locker room, toilet, shower, and smoking room on the first floor, as well as a dark labyrinthine maze spread across three levels. Additionally, free WiFi is available throughout the club.

The dress code at Ajito is designed to add an extra layer of excitement and fun to the atmosphere. On Monday and Friday, guests are required to wear only a small towel, while on Wednesday, swimwear is mandatory.

On all other days, patrons are welcome to dress as they, please. The varying dress code is an exciting aspect of the club and adds to the overall atmosphere, allowing guests to let loose and embrace their wild side.

Ajito is a place where guests can expect an exciting and unique experience. With a range of amenities and an ever-changing dress code, it’s a perfect place for those looking for a fun and different night out. Whether you’re a seasoned club-goer or new to the scene, Ajito is a destination that offers something for everyone and is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Ajito (Osaka, Japan) - gay cruising club

Cuckoo’ s Nest (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Cuckoo’s Nest is a gay cruising club located in Amsterdam, featuring a large basement area with a variety of cabins and spaces to explore, including an area for watersports. The action starts early in the afternoon and becomes increasingly busy after work hours.

It is also a popular spot in the early evening, as other cruise clubs in the Warmoesstraat area typically do not become active until later at night. For a safe and enjoyable experience, condoms are readily available at the bar or from dispensers, and patrons are advised to order a drink before heading downstairs and to leave their valuables at the coat check as the darker areas can attract pickpockets.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - Cuckoo’ s Nest

Seven Cruising Bar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Patrons call it the best gay bar in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and I’m sure they don’t say those words lightly. It’s the best place for gay Cruising in town, according to them. Some even say it’s the best in the world.

Although it’s small and sometimes crowded, the staff are experts at managing the crowd and providing solutions to any issues. The locals are also friendly and accepting, so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked on your back. The place comes alive during carnivals, so try to make it there during the carnival season.

Seven Cruising Bar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Club Culture Houze (Berlin, Germany)

Germany has been called Europe’s gay center and lives up to its reputation. Many of the oldest and largest gay clubs in the world are here. Club Culture House in Berlin has been in existence for over twenty-five years, and within that time, they’ve built up an impressive repertoire of events catering to all orientations and genders.

They’ve made many mistakes during their period of growth, but they always pass the obstacles and come back stronger and hotter.

Their employees are diverse and dedicated to creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. They have a cozy bar, and you can find several rooms on two floors for playing. Their sex parties are legendary and span a variety of groups, so no matter your age or experience level, you can find one you like.

We also offer smaller events for specific groups and fetishes and strive for a non-judgmental space for all. The dress code varies depending on the event, and condoms, lubricants, and safe sex equipment are available free of charge at the bar.

Their equipment includes whips, slings, and chains, and there’s even a snack buffet at the bar to refuel. They are also cash only and have a cloakroom for your clothes and a safe deposit for your valuables at the bar. 

The rooms are set up with sexy lighting and soft techno beats to set the mood. There is even a video room where you can get inspired. 

Their goal is to provide a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all their guests, so the staff strives to be as respectful and discreet as possible.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - Club Culture Houze

Club Gay Adonis (Ghent, Belgium)

 Club Gay Adonis is a cruise club for men in Ghent, Belgium, where you can explore all your fantasies safely and comfortably. Its facilities include a bar, swimming pool, playrooms, and a dance floor. There is even a locker to store your clothes.

Opening times vary from 2 p.m. to eleven a.m. on Thursdays, 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. on Fridays, 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Saturdays, and 3 p.m. to midnight on Sundays. The entrance fee is fifteen euros, and you have to buy a minimum of eight euros for drinks.

The entrance fee for parties is eighteen euros. If you’re less than 28 years, you get a fifty percent discount, but you need to show your ID first. On Sunday, two patrons can enter for the price of one, although this is not valid for parties. Their entire team is dedicated to bringing you the best experience. 

Club Gay Adonis (Ghent, Belgium)

The Lord Clyde (London, UK)

Lord Clyde, a pub located in Deptford, South London, has recently undergone a transformation and has become a hot new destination for gay cruising events. The venue offers a diverse range of special nights that cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Some of the notable events include Punishment Block, an event that takes place every Friday and provides a safe environment for men to explore spanking. The Sunday Social is a relaxed evening featuring oldie songs from a range of decades, with cruising happening downstairs. Looking for daddies or daddy lovers in London? Check out Come2Daddy.

Leather is, of course, for men who get turned on by it, and Games are for sporty gay men looking to introduce it into their sex life. Kandy Stripes is for trans people, crossdressers, and gender benders, as well as their allies, who are looking to explore spanking. Worship is aptly named, as it is about rimming, while Butt Naked is self-explanatory.

Lord Clyde offers a dynamic and exciting experience for gay men looking to explore their desires and interests. With a variety of events catering to different fetishes and interests, it’s a perfect place for those looking for a fun and different night out. Whether you’re a seasoned club-goer or new to the scene, Lord Clyde is a destination that offers something for everyone and is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Best Gay Cruise Clubs - The Lord Clyde
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