Gay Buenos Aires | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!


Gay Buenos Aires | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide

Gay Buenos Aires, the gloriously flamboyant and self-confident capital of Argentina,  is increasingly being recognized as the Gay Capital of Latin America. History, culture, food, passion, and beautiful people. What more could you want?


Gay men here – much like the city itself – are sexy and sophisticated, but are most certainly not the only reason to visit. Sensually satisfying, the intoxicating mix of faded European majesty with that zesty Latino passion is what makes Buenos Aires such an irresistible destination.

Sunset tango dances on lively square overlooked by Italian-style palaces; Busting parrillas (steakhouses) where gratifyingly flavorful slabs of meat are washed back with glasses of Malbec; lively streets filled with bars, discos and live-music venues offering something for everyone. Buenos Aires is a city that gets under your skin, begs you to explore it and makes you feel utterly sexy and alive.

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Gay rights in Argentina are some of the best in the world, and Argentina was the first country in Latin America to legalize gay marriage – and society here is generally very inclusive and accepting of LGBT people. However, the Latino obsession with aggressive masculine pride does continue.

Public displays of affection, even walking hand-in-hand, are not common for same-sex couples and outside of the more affluent gay-popular neighborhood of Palermo – and to a lesser extent, San Telmo, Recoleta, and Barrio Norte –  would be basically unheard of.  Violence and discrimination are uncommon, but not unheard of – so sadly, we still recommend self-censorship.  

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You can meet guys in public places such as parks and squares, but with no gaybourhood, we gain recommend caution unless you are more familiar with local customs and culture. For example, in Argentina, both straight and gay men informally greet acquaintances with a kiss on the cheek, and everyone wears skintight clothing with emphasizing the bulge and butts. The guys here might be gorgeous, but outside of exclusively gay dance clubs and bars, it can be difficult to tell who is straight or gay.

It is not all bad news, though, as Gay Buenos Aires has an enviable selection of gay bars, clubs, and weekly LBGT parties, including Plop, Club 69, and Human Club. Everything starts late here, with dance floors not getting packed until at least 2 am and often going until the sunrise.

Its unique queer scene, together with the exceptional range of hotels, saunas, and attractions, make the Argentine capital a prime travel destination. Friendly, passionate, and extremely welcoming of foreigners, Gay Buenos Aires is waiting for you.

Bach Bar Argentina


Being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see in each city, and most queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Buenos Aires during the day! All travelers in Buenos Aires should take caution in less-developed areas with valuables and take taxis or rideshare apps (especially if you do not speak Spanish) at night – and always listen to local advice when exploring.

Buenos Aires is a large city, with more than 40 different barrios or neighborhoods to explore Each one is different is unique and worth exploring, but a few of our favorites where the colorful San Telmo, Recoleta, and Palermo.

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San Telmo is the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires and offers a uniquely alternative flavor filled with color, tango, and hip cafes. Recoleta is one of the wealthiest areas of the city and offers glorious French and European architecture, along with many of the cities’ most famous tourist sites. Not to be forgotten is Palermo, the biggest barrio and home to many expats and the majority of the Buenos Aires gay scene. It is not precisely a gaybourhood, but very posh, extremely fashionable, and our favorite place to stay in town.

Gay travelers in Buenos Aires should also take care in terms of public displays of affection in some barrios where many residents may be less exposed to LGBT culture or may hold conservative attitudes. At the same time, any reaction is more likely to be of curiosity than outrage. Overall, Buenos Aires is relatively safe, and a common-sense approach to travel will generally ensure you have no issues exploring this beautiful and diverse city.

Here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Buenos Aires to get you inspired, and we have also included some LGBTQ-friendly spaces we think you should not miss. Relaxed bookshop-cafés, vibrant tango halls, queer art galleries, and everything in between is on offer in Buenos Aires.

This city may be many, many things – but it is never boring. 

Fiesta Plop Buenos Aires




Top Things To Do in Buenos Aires 



  • Piazzolla Tango Show – Experience a classical tango show in the beautiful classical theater of Galería Güemes. Piazzolla Tango is a majestic piece of live music and tango performance inspired on Astor Piazzolla’s work. Before the performance starts, you can join the free tango classes. Or there is also a dinner option where you can enjoy a delicious 3-course meal with drinks before the performance starts.
  • Buenos Aires City Tour –  A jam-packed tour to allow you to see the main site of Buenos Aires and hit the ground running. Begin at the Plaza de Mayo or May Square, the site of the most important historical events since the city’s founding. Then enjoy Avenida de Mayo (May Avenue) and marvel at the atmosphere of San Telmo, the oldest residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Walk along its cobble-stoned streets and explore its antique shops and picturesque buildings. Feel the beat of the original Argentinian tango in the neighborhood of La Boca. Walk along Caminito Street and watch the dancers then see the mythical Boca Juniors soccer stadium. Experience the modernization of the city as you travel along Madero Port and see its docks that are home to large office buildings and an array of dining venues. Pass through the Retiro neighborhood and then on to Palermo, the most exclusive residential area in Buenos Aires and the center of gay life. Finish in Recoleta, where you’ll see the cemetery that is the final resting place of Eva Peron.

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  • Palacio Barolo – Marvel at the sumptuous hall of Palacio Barolo while you learn how it was designed to embody the Divine Comedy representation of hell. You will be guided through purgatory to heaven, where you will enjoy the best views of Buenos Aires.
  • Don Silvano Ranch – Enjoy a full-day experience learning about the culture of the Argentinian Gaucho. Experience horseback riding, taste a traditional Argentinian barbecue grill, watch a folklore dance presentation, and be marveled by the gaucho horsemanship performances.
  • Colonia Ferry Tickets – Hop aboard a premium 1-hour ferry cruise and spend the day at the beautiful city of Colonia del Sacramento. Discover this UNESCO world heritage site just across Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires. Located in Uruguay, this is an easy way to tick another country off your list with minimal effort!
  • ·Puerto Madero – The old industrial port of Buenos Aires that has been reinvented as a trendy destination fulled with dining, modern, architecture and nature. You can find luxe nightclubs, expansive views, and an 864-acre ecological reserve here if you want to escape into nature.

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  • Parque de la Costa – Feel the adrenaline and fun at one of the largest theme parks in Argentina with a variety of rollercoasters, emulators, concerts, games, and musical attractions.
  • Argentine BBQ at Fogón Asado – Discover the Asado meat tradition served with a twist. Experience an 8-course tasting menu that explores new ways of serving Classic Argentine cuts of meat in a fireside dining setting. Enjoy the fire, the food, and the atmosphere.
  • Puerto Madero Sunset Cruise with Open Bar – Marvel at the best views of Buenos Aires on this 1-hour sunset cruise with an open bar. Enjoy good music, as you pass by some of the highlights of Buenos Aires and discover a part of the Río de la Plata. A fun way to start a night off before heading to the gay bars and clubs later on.
  • La Boca – Discover the birthplace of tango and its bohemian, artistic, and multicultural history. Uncover the mysteries of this neighborhood, take in the colorful homes, and hopefully encounter live performances of Tango dancers on the streets.

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  • Street Art Tour – Explore the neighborhood of Palermo and see the creative work of numerous artists and designers. Discover the history of this international street art hub with a knowledgeable guide as you travel back in time to the 1920s and understand the political movements gaining traction in Argentina at the time. Discover how graffiti was seen as a political endorsement and how it was used as propaganda and for election campaigns. Then, learn about the arrival of aerosol paints in 1969 and the influence of a different military government. Discover how the new material allowed messages to be written much faster than before and how this impacted the urban movements during the 1970s. Listen to stories about how Argentinians became progressively more involved in the act of protesting and the social conflict of the time.
  • Malbec Trail of Palermo – Taste your first glass of the country’s famous Malbec at an art gallery, and learn what makes this wine, and Argentine art, so unique. Visit a wine cellar, where a wine expert will lead the tasting session and teach you about the origins of Argentine wine, and how it’s cultivated, processed, and bottled. Taste many of the different wines that Argentina has to offer. After the wine tasting session, the tour moves on to one of Palermo’s best local bars, where you can taste a real fernet. Discover why this bitter digestif is so widely consumed by locals. With nightlife in Buenos Aires kicking off so late, this is a fabulous option for those who can’t wait.

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Gay Highlights Of Buenos Aires 



  • Queer Tango –  A tango environment open for everyone. It is a meeting point to socialize, exchange, learn, and practice Tango as a new way of communication. In Tango Queer, nobody presumes either your sexual orientation nor your tango role. How refreshing to not have your position judged, right? What is “normal” here is the difference, and when you dance, you do it with whomever you want to, and in the role you prefer. Check their website for monthly nights, or attend the annual Tango Queer International  Festival each November.
  • Maricafé – A LGBT café, bar, and bookstore that has recently opened in Palermo, but has already become a darling of the local queer scene. Maricafe has and does it all, and even given day, there could be tarot card readings, extravagant drag shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race watch parties, book discussions, and more. And for those who want to really show their pride, well – there is a rainbow cake on the menu year-round. Not to be missed.

Maricafe Buenos Aires

  • Casa Brandon – This unapologetically queer space wears a lot of hats as it seeks to provide a cultural center for the equality of rights, love, and freedom. While we have also included Casa Brandon as one of our favorite gay bars in Buenos Aires for drinks and parties – we also think this queer art house with its poetry readings, art exhibits, live music performances, and film screenings is worth visiting even if you are not looking to explore the nightlife later on.
  • Espacio Queer Film Festival  – A annual screening of films with central themes of sexual diversity and gender. Using cinema as art, this event seeks to expose the queer perspectives because so many of our stories preserve to be told.
  • Buenos Aires Pride (November) – The city’s annual celebration of diversity and its queer community with a week of LGBT festivities leading up to a pride parade on Saturday.  The annual Orgullo (pride) parade attracts more than 100,000 people from all over the world – and there are more gay parties across the clubs and bars in Buenos Aires than you could ever hope to attend. The best time to visit Gay Argentina, and one of the most outrageously colorful Pride celebrations in Latin America. The Buenos Aires GAY Festival, the biggest circuit party series in town, generally has its events timed around Pride – though seem to be inactive as of late.

LGBTQ+ Pride Clothing  




Gay-Friendly And Gay Hotels in Buenos Aires Argentina




In this relatively liberal city, you are unlikely to find any significant hotel that isn’t gay-friendly.

Being gay-friendly is about creating an environment of inclusiveness, where all people are treated equally, and diversity is welcomed and respected. Elegant design, helpful staff, and excellent value for money never hurt anyone, though! You won’t have to hide your same-sex relationship or sexuality when you check-in at any of these fabulous hotels — but you don’t have to declare it either.

There is one exclusively gay hotel in Buenos Aires, which makes for a pleasant stay, but rest assured that any hotel in Palermo, the pinkest district in the city, is sure to have more than a few gay guests staying. This glamorous neighborhood, referred to the SoHo or Hollywood of Argentina, has countless boutique hotels with refined rooms and plenty of charming rooftop terraces populated with pools and spas!

What could be more relaxing?

Home Hotel gay buenos aires

From here, it is also straightforward to catch a taxi or rideshare to the cities other gay hotspots for clubbing. Thankfully, earlier at night, most of Buenos Aire’s best and busiest gay bars are found here, so you can easily start your night on foot. If ritzy Palermo doesn’t appeal to you, we recommend finding a hotel that is as central as possible to minimize travel time during the day or to the best nightlife spots after dark.

There are hundreds of other good hotel options in Buenos Aires if you don’t find what you are looking for, but we are confident you’ll find something here for you. Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying, or a chic designer hotel to sip cocktails by the pool and surround yourself with fabulous people  – Gay Buenos Aires as something for everyone!

Faena Hotel Gay Buenos Aires

  • Faena Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆ – A glamorous hotel in a converted warehouse in the Puerto Madero neighborhood that might not be gay, but it’s very gay-popular and most assuredly gay-friendly. Through folds of red velvet, sweeping panoramas, and whispers of golden Belle Époque elegance, Faena´s Buenos Aires Hotel offers rooms with breathtaking views of sunsets over the Puerto Madero canal, Micaela Bastidas Park, and Buenos Aires. Downstairs, Argentina´s vibrant flavors are captured by swish restaurants offering authentic fare and the countries famous red wines. There is also an intimate cabaret venue inspired by the city’s 1920’s tango clubs, library lounge housing antique books, richly detailed rugs, and crystal candelabras – and of Buenos Aires’ most dramatic pools, with an exclusive bar to match. Trendy, ritzy, high-fashion and filled with madness and glamour, there is no other hotel like Faena in the city…or in the world!

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

  • Mio Buenos Aires ☆☆☆☆☆ – A daring boutique hotel that gay guests have been going gaga over. Stepping through the stunning six meter-high door made of French oak from wine barrels, on the distinguished Quintana Avenue, at the heart of distinct Recoleta, Mio most certainly stands apart. A blend of daring design, comfort, and meticulous service with state-of-the-art technology ensures this spot stands out as a fusion of luxury, high-tech functionality, and pleasure. Fine materials such as calden wood, glass, cotton, oak, steel, marble and silk, all combine beautifully to create a unique aesthetic that stands apart in a tangible sensation of warmness and intimacy in each one of the thirty rooms and suites of Mio. With a strong identity and a style of clean and clear lines, Mio makes a different and risky design bet and a balanced combination of avant-garde and sophistication. Even though there are only 30 erudite rooms and suites, Mio still boasts complimentary breakfast, an upscale bar, a posh spa, and a gym onsite.

Mio Buenos Aires Gay Hotel

  • Claridge Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆ – A luxe neo-classical hotel placed in an excellent location with all kinds of amenities. Every room and setting exudes tradition and whispers in the ear of guests with a strong English accent: Tudor-style lounges, furniture with high-quality antiques, a thousand and one details that remind guests of Victorian England and even afternoon tea at the Claridge Bar. Exuding old-world charm in the heart of Buenos Aires’ Business District, you could be confused for thinking you are back in London, Manchester or Brighton.
  • Palladio Hotel Buenos Aires MGallery ☆☆☆☆– A boutique hotel with a personality that makes for a remarkable travel experience. Located in the heart of the traditional Recoleta neighborhood, Palladio Hotel offers a unique experience close to the business districts and the city’s main tourist attractions. The hotel boasts 113 spacious and elegant rooms with modern decoration and luxury materials, comfortable suites with a private balcony, a heated pool and spa, a fitness center, meeting rooms, and a fashionable bar and restaurant. Perfect for a stay that mixes work and pleasure.
  • Home Hotel ☆☆☆☆ – A fashionable boutique hotel with classic 20th-century decor located in Palermo Soho, right in the heart of Gay Buenos Aires. A place full of surprises and delights, there are sophisticated rooms, some of which add balconies and whirlpool tubs. There is even one with a plunge pool, a rooftop terrace, and an open-air shower if you are looking to splurge. Breakfast is complimentary every day – as is used of the seasonally heated pool in a lush garden. There is also a modern glass-enclosed restaurant, hopping bar, and glamorous spa. Almost entirely surrounded by native trees, jasmine, flowers, fruit trees, and ferns, you may catch sight of a hummingbird during your stay at this urban oasis. Plan your sightseeing while languorous lazing with a cocktail in hand poolside. The only issue is that you may not want to leave.

Home Hotel | gay buenos aires

  • 5411 Soho Hotel ☆☆☆ –  A cute gay-friendly hotel in the heart of Palermo SoHo offering 11 suites with styles and concepts varying from outlandish and avant-garde to traditionally charming. There is a complimentary breakfast buffet daily, a  swish spa, a cool lounge bar, and a patio hot tub.
  • Hotel Costa Rica ☆☆☆ – Hidden among the boutiques and cafes in trendy Palermo is this inconspicuous hotel offering very affordable rooms with funky artwork. Amongst the lowest prices we found in such a gay-popular location, some rooms do have shared bathrooms, but you can always pay a bit more for an ensuite. Breakfast is served daily; there is a relaxed lounge, nice terrace with quaint views, and a small bar. Though, being this close to most of the gay scene means you are more likely to head just down the road for a tipple.

Hotel Costa Rica | gay buenos aires

  • Lugar Gay de Buenos Aires ☆☆☆  – A gay hostel and guesthouse exclusively for men. Because for the team here, being gay-friendly is not enough. Found in a classic 20th-century building in the neighborhood of San Telmo tucked in beautiful shops selling artwork, old furniture, sculptures, jewels, and silverware. There are affordable but straightforward dorms with shared bathrooms or cozy private rooms; some have en suite facilities. A daily breakfast and evening wine is included in your nightly rate, as is the use of the shared kitchen and relaxed terrace with sun loungers. It might not be one of the most outrageous gay hotels around the world, but it is an exceptional option for those on a budget and looking to meet other gay travelers to explore Buenos Aires with!
  • Art Factory Palermo ☆☆ – A lively hostel located in the heart of Gay Palermo, where culture, gastronomy, and nightlife are part of the mix that will adapt to your style. Make your choice between shared dormitories with 4 to 14 beds or private rooms and choose art and comfort as a travel companion. Clean, stylish, and affordable  – there is also complimentary daily breakfast, non-alcoholic drinks, walking tours, and tango lessons for those on a budget. There is also a shared kitchen, library, TV lounge, games room, and courtyard terrace to relax and make friends around.

Art Factory Palermo | gay hostel buenos aires




Gay Nightlife in Buenos Aires Argentina




Anyone who knows anything about Latin America knows they love to party here, but things seem to go into overdrive. The Porteño seem to live the night, and it can be challenging to keep up with them!

Most locals don’t even eat dinner here until 10 pm, and no self-respecting person would be seen in a Buenos Aires club before 2 am. Many do not open before 1 am and most peak around 4. It would not be an exaggeration to put the queer nightlife of Buenos Aires up there with Berlin, Sydney, Montreal, and Miami as some of the best in the world.

Feliza gay buenos aires

We found an evening nap just like the locals do the best way to prepare for the long night ahead. New gay party nights are consistently taking place here, and LGBT nightlife is heavily focused around these weekly events, so it pays to check when you arrive for the most up-to-date information.

We have also listed some bars where you can ask around. At the moment, these are the most popular nightlife spots and gay clubs in Buenos Aires for travelers and locals. While the weekends are the busiest, there are a few gay parties throughout the week to check out as well.  

Things will get crazy – but go with it! Just don’t forget your common sense. 

gay buenos aires nightlife




Gay Bars in Buenos Aires




  • Bach Bar – A cozy lesbian bar in Buenos Aires that hosts fun karaoke nights and boisterous live drag shows on weekends. Having been a mainstay of the Palermo gay scene for over 19 years, Bach is now the oldest LGBT bar in town, and while it principally attracts a younger lesbian crowd, everyone is welcome here. Proving good things do come in small packages, this is an enchanting place to start the night – and only a 15-minute walk to the lesbian-popular party,  Fiesta Jolie.
  • Casa Brandon  – A club of Queer Culture located in Villa Crespo. More than just another gay bar, the idea behind Casa Brandon is to foster art in the context of sexual diversity. So, naturally, there is an art gallery with a rotating range of paintings and photographs, queer cinema screening, and frequent live music performances. This is in addition to wild drag parties and karaoke. Trying something for everyone, Casa Brandon is open nightly until 2 am or later for special weekend events. All events are listed on their website and Facebook page, but if you cannot truly experience Gay Buenos Aires without a visit here.

Casa Brandon Gay Argentina

  • Feliza – A beautiful queer space filled with gorgeous people, commendable service, and strong drinks. On the border of Palermo and Almagro, Feliza is hard to define – but has multiple beer gardens, a theater, LGBT workshop series, live music, and DJ party nights. There is also craft beer, comfort food, and innovative cocktails like the “Pocion Lesbica.” Intrigued? So where we – and it paid off. Feliza promises a genuinely local experience with exceptional queer entertainment, exciting people, and more than a few laughs.

Feliza Argentina

  • Flux  –  Among the gray cement jungle suddenly appears a place full of color frequented by the young and fashionable of Queer Buenos Aires. This cosmopolitan bar with funky dance floor and regular DJs is one of the best places to strike up a conversation and meet a friendly porteño to show you around. Men, women, expats, and locals all mingle here in the Retiro district of Buenos Aires, especially earlier in the night around 7 pm for Happy Hour – one of the earliest in the city. More tourist-popular than a lot of the often confusing Buenos Aires gay scene, the energy and vibe here ensure you start any night off right.
  • Peuteo – One of the newest gay bar to open in the Palermo Soho district of Buenos Aires. Peuto has quickly established itself a reputation as a place to meet friends before heading out to the night’s biggest dance parties. Attracting a younger, sexy crowd of gay men who flock here for the attractive shot boys, stiff drinks, mood-setting music, and entertaining performances. If you are unsure which event to attend on any given weekend, head to Peuteo and ask around – the boys here will surely know all the best options.

Peuteo Palermo Soho

  • Pepo Pepona Resto  – A gay resto-bar experience at Gascón that is famed for their well-endowed late-night entertainment. The food is good, but the drool-worthy waiters-cum-strippers are surely the main course. Check their Facebook for the nights’ entertainment, which often includes drag shows, but – again – the shirtless stripper shows are what we are all here for really starting at midnight. A hot night of lustful Latino snacks where you are certain to leave hungry for more.
  • Pride Café – The name says it all right. By day, this modest café is the meeting place of creative, artists, and queers who come for laid-back chats on sidewalk tables, cheerful food, and strong espresso. By night, however, Pride Café metamorphoses into a glam cocktails bar with fun events and cute boys catching up with each other before heading to nearby Km Zero or Glam. Located in San Telmo, we think no matter when you visit Pride Café is an utter delight. Amicable staff,  delicious food, and a great source of information about the local gay scene in Buenos Aires.

PRIDE CAFE Buenos Aires

  • Zoom – A gay cruise bar and lounge in Recoleta. There is a basement with cabins, dark labyrinths, private rooms, and cubicles for hot encounters, and an upstairs bar more suited to conversations. Popular with an older crowd but more mixed in the weekends.
  • Work Bar – A gay Bear bar in Palermo offering beer, food, and electro tunes. It is easy to miss this nondescript bar sandwiched between upscale boutiques – tip: look for the red door that is sometimes closed, so knock. Once inside, the masculine industrial décor and frequent strip shows make it hard to forget Work. Generally busier after midnight.

Work Bar Buenos Aires Gay




Gay Clubs & Parties in Buenos Aires



  • Niceto Club – A musical referent since 1998 in Palermo thanks to the diversity of styles, artists, and audiences who frequently converge here, this energetic nightclub organizing gigs by local and international artists. Queer-friendly and popular, this dynamic spot can be playing anything from rock and pop to soul or reggae and more. Most gay-popular is their legendary Club 69 event every Thursday night where debauchery, decadence, strippers, drag queen, and more all combine techno and house spinners. A late-night electro-dance-soul extravagance with impressive shows makes this a must-see-live-experience.

Niceto Club gay buenos aires

  • Amerika – The biggest gay club in Argentina, and one of the biggest in Latin America (up there with Theatron in Bogota ). Amerika offers three massic floors of music from Thursday to Sunday every week and can fit in 2000 people on any given night. There is no way about it: this is the main gay club in Buenos Aires offering something for everyone with a chill-out lounge, dark room, gorgeous gays, and dance floors covering everything from Latin to house tunes, pop and Top 40. Located in Palermo near many other gay nightlife spots, Amerika is where you go when you want to ensure a larger-than-life night you’ll never forget.

Ameri-Ka Gay Bar Argentina

  • Human Club  – An innovative gay weekend party held in Crobar, one of Buenos Aires’ biggest clubs most Saturday nights.  There is an impressive dance floor surrounded by  LED screens, 5 bar zones, stiff drinks, hot performances, and so much more. Everyone is welcome at this ‘hetero-friendly’ spot where Drag Queens, pretty young crowds, and the best pop and electro beats coalesce into something truly magnificent. Crobar also hosts other queer or queer-popular events worth looking out for, including RHebel or Sábados Rheo at Studio Crobar next door.

Human Club Gay Buenos Aires

  • Fiesta Jolie  – A queer/rainbow party taking place each Wednesday where everyone from the entire LGBT+ community is invited to get together to dance until dawn. Because life without kisses, pizza without cheese, and Wednesdays without Jolie would be a mistake. Expect younger crowds, tarot readings, shots, karaoke, and plenty of surprises with 3 bars spread over two floors. Very lesbian popular, there is a relaxed terrace to cool off on should you need it. Which you likely will as uninhabited Fiesta Jolie works hard to make Wednesdays the new Saturday.

Fiesta Jolie Buenos Aires

  • Sitges – Located in the heart of Gay Palermo, this iconic club is the go-to place for affordable drinks and mixed gay crowds. Especially popular on Friday’s where things get going early on thanks to an ‘all you can drink’ deal and Sundays where the Sitges drag show takes place. It’s easily one of the best in Buenos Aires. There are also games, go-go bays, or free pizza events on other nights. Sitges, much like the gay city it is named after, cannot be left off any self-respecting queer itinerary.

Sitges Bs As | gay buenos aires

  • Glam Disco – A petite but popping weekend gay club that fills up fast with the beautiful boys who hang at nearby Sitges earlier in the night. There were two dancefloors, one playing house and the other playing remixes and Pop/Latin hits. Don’t arrive earlier than 1 am unless you want to be severely disappointed, but Glam gets better as the night goes on as hot men pack into the dancefloor and the small dark room. Locals seem to get free entrance while tourists pay a cover.

Glam Disco gay buenos aires

  • Fiesta Turbo – The party of voguing, house, and pop of Buenos Aires. In the great tradition of Paris is Burning, this a one incredible night of ballroom in which queer dance is set free. Taking place monthly, instructors here can help you workshop your moves – or learn new ones. Category Is: EVERYONE IS INVITED!
  • La Warhol – A Friday night glitterific queer dance party where energetic Klub-kidz, divas, and more come together for two rooms of pop in San Telmo! Each week there is a different theme but expect plenty of camp outfits, colorful performances, and – free ice blocks for the first 500 people through the door? Don’t ask us; we didn’t come up with the idea…

La Warhol gay buenos aires

  • Teatro Vorterix –  The renovation of this historic theatre was of the most innovative and ambitious ventures in Latin America. Today Vorterix stands a success as an unparalleled destination for live music and shows… and two of the cities’ best gay parties. Plop is held here every Friday and Fiesta Puerca every Saturday – each of which draws in a balanced mix of people from across the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum. Holding crowds of 900-1500, we charismatic old-world feel with red, gold, and black décor combining with new-age queerness, drag shows, and high-energy pop. International acts, including RuPaul queens, often appear here, but the ‘come-as-you-are’ attitude and youthful crowd ensure no fiesta is ever (ever) boring. Located in Recoleta district.

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Gay Saunas in Buenos Aires Argentina 




Following the trend seen in many Western countries, the gay saunas in Buenos Aires Argentina seem to be slowly closing down as hook up apps such as Grindr et al. become more and more popular. Luckily, however, there are still a few gay saunas in Buenos Aires that remain and provide more than enough fun for those who are interested.
While Argentina is a relatively gay-friendly country that has had gay marriage legalized since 2010, we still found the Porteño society to be very discrete. There robust Latin America desire for men to be macho continues to persist – meaning that saunas in Buenos Aires are an excellent opportunity for more shy guys to come out and have a good time!
As with all saunas in Latin America, it is best to leave all your valuables in your hotel safe as a precaution. Prostitution is also not illegal in Argentina, so be wary of rentboys who are frequently found on apps, but are not unheard of in the sauna.  
For those who have reveled in the hedonistic (and well-kept) sauna scenes of Montreal, Madrid, Prague, and the likes – you will likely be disappointed with the quality of facilities and cleanliness. But for those who can look past this, you will find the men of Buenos Aires more than satisfying. 
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  • A Full Spa – One of the largest saunas in Argentina, though we found the staff to be rather unfriendly and the facilities dated and dirty. There is a sauna, steam, gym, Jacuzzi, cabins, and XXX video rooms. Very local with no website or social media, but hot guys of all types were here – as well as some of the cheapest beers in town. It is centrally located in Buenos Aires, close to the Callao metro station.
  • Homo Sapiens– A large and popular gay sauna in Buenos Aires with both locals and tourists of all ages. There are cruise cabins, shows, a XXX cinema with large screens and a sauna. The bar and small dance floor also make Homo Sapiens a popular warm-up space for a night out – especially as it is conveniently located next to the Amerika gay dance club.
  • Madison Club de Hombres – A 1970s-style bathhouse with more repairs and maintenance issues than we could list.  The place is screaming for a total renovation. Still, if you are in the area, you can find men of all ages and physical types here – and you might find yourself a little fun. Small and spread across three floors, there is a pool, dry and wet sauna, hot tub, darkroom, cabins, bar, XXX cinema, and sling. It’s conveniently just a few blocks from the gay dance club Amerika so that it can get hectic.

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