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The 14 Best Men’s Erotic Underwear To Try And Switch Things Up With!

The 14 Best Men’s Erotic Underwear To Try And Switch Things Up With!

There’s so much emphasis on women’s underwear these days. I mean, you can barely walk a few blocks without seeing yet another advantage for women’s lingerie, extolling how a good pair of wildly expensive lace panties can change your life.

But what about the best men’s erotic underwear? Why does it feel like no one cares about men wearing a swanky pair of underwear and strutting their stuff? I’m pretty there are a lot of guys out there staring wistfully at yet another Victoria’s Secret Ad and wishing it was made for them.

If you’re reading this list, you’ve at least thought about how to get sexy and erotic underwear as a man. If that’s the case, look no further.

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I’ve put together a list of the best men’s erotic underwear that you can find on the market. A lot of them are from the commonly known brands, but I’ve done the work of picking out the best ones, the ones that bring the heat, that turn the temperature up the moment you step into the room. Wear them as they are, combine with a few hot gay sex toys for a night of insane pleasure, or wear them out with some gay shorts or clubwear when you are on the prowl!

If it’s erotic you want, look no further than here. You’re welcome.

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ORLVS Cross Strap Jockstrap (3 Pack)

These cross strap jockstraps are on the very cutting-edge of sensuality. Once again, this offering from ORLVS does not disappoint. Equipped with several innovative features that lead to a unique men’s erotic underwear option, each pair is tailored as close to perfection as possible, so you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable and turn heads at the same time.

This cross-strap jockstrap comes in a pack of three – black, grey, or white – and is made from a premium cotton blend that looks and feels good. The word ‘erotic’ might make you think of lace or leather, but don’t be so quick to discount this cotton jockstrap.

With daring leather straps that criss-cross across the back, a thick, wide waistband that offers comfort as well as adds definition to your torso, and a structured pouch that’ll have your goods looking like an underwear model’s these jockstraps have got everything you need. Throw in the exposed ass that is held up and shaped thanks to the design, and you’ll never want to take it off.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - ORLVS Cross Strap Jockstrap (3 Pack)

Jockmail Gym Jockstrap

Once upon a time, the word Jockmail was associated with quality underwear…actually, it still is, and this gym jockstraps prove that they still got it, with it being the ability to make the very best of sexy underwear.

The gym jockstraps come in different colors – blue, orange, green, and red – with each color being combined with black to form an ultra-modern design. They’re constructed with aesthetics at the top of the priority list, with an exposed ass feasted by two sleek, dark straps, a spandex waistband with the JOCKMAIL logo printed stylishly across it, and a pouch that features a complex network of seams that enhance your package and support your crotch.

The sizing range is great and goes all the way up to an XXL. You might have to put in a few extra days at the gym to get your ass to really pop in these, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Jockmail Gym Jockstrap

Erotic Mesh Jock

Mesh jockstraps see the very epitome of overindulgence when it comes, especially to underwear. Like that mixing of caviar and champagne, it can signify lavish debauchery, or it can be disdained as a tacky affair that should never have happened.

Thankfully, this erotic mesh jock is the latter. Available in several colors, it clings to you like a second skin. Luckily, the mesh is light, so ventilation is not a problem. It is held up by a complex network of straps that manage to look good while still working effectively.

Save for the straps around it; the ass is completely exposed, with ease of access that you’ve never seen before. The jock offers unprecedented rear access, so if you like asses being exposed and displayed in all their glory, you can get these for yourself. You can even get one for your partner, because who doesn’t love mesh underwear!

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Erotic Mesh Jockstrap

Jockmail Enhanced Booty Boxers

These booty boxers from Jockmail are a fresh new addition to the world of underwear. Are you looking to take a break from your usual briefs and boxers and try something new? Then you should definitely get these.

They might take some getting used to, but for those who are a little under-equipped in the rear department, these will be a big help in giving you that extra boost you need to feel confident and look sexy. It comes with removable bust pads, so even if you don’t feel like you need any assistance in that area, you can simply take it out and enjoy the comfortable boxers on their own.

If you do need the help, you’ll be grateful for them. It comes in four modern, all-purpose colors and up to five sizes. It’s also made from an elastic material for an even better fit.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Jockmail Enhanced Booty Boxers

Black Sheer Mesh Gay Bodysuit

If you ask me, gay bodysuits are the ultimate thirst material. This one provides just enough coverage to avoid indecent exposure charges, and yet it’s even hotter than if you were full-in nude. That’s the power of sexy underwear, and this is definitely that.

In spite of the name, any man with a little courage and the desire to turn heads can wear it. It’s even suitable for both private and public use, so you’ll see returns if you invest in it. It’s made from polyester and spandex, so it’s strong enough to hold up under stress while still managing to be see-through in all the right places, like your ass, for one.

It’s tailored to elongate your figure, showing off all your muscles – or love handles, if you’re working with those – and making you a living, walking thirst trap.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Black Sheer Mesh Gay Bodysuit

Chest Harness + Mesh Jockstrap Erotic Clubwear

Things we love: clubbing and erotic fetish underwear. So you can imagine how much we love wearing erotic underwear to clubs and having people stare, mouth hanging open as we pass them by.

There’s a special art to clubwear because you’re among people so you can’t be completely naked. At the same time, you don’t want to dress too risque if you’re going to your office’s holiday party (unless you work at Playboy or something, anyway).

This club outfit manages to straddle the fine line between barely-there and naked, and it does it beautifully too. The harness is made from a blend of nylon and polyester, with the straps positioned to be comfortable on your chest, lengthening your torso and making you look like a Greek god – or as close to one as possible.

Paired with the mesh jockstrap, you’ll feel on top of the world when you wear it to step out. Perfect for an Atlantis gay cruise, heading to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta or really anywhere you want to be the absolute center of attention.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Chest Harness + Mesh Jockstrap Erotic Clubwear

ORLVS Pouch Jockstrap

If you’re being technical about it, this ORLVS underwear doesn’t even have straps, but fortunately, no one cares because it’s got a whole lot more than that. The outline is suggestive enough without actually seeing it on a person, and when you slip it on? Instant supernova.

The pouch is the highlight of this piece, with a super-structured build that has your package looking like a dream. The waistband is wide for comfort yet strong enough to provide support with no straps. The crotch space is three-dimensional, and the pouch is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty balls.

You can get it in a number of colors, but red is my personal favorite.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - ORLVS Pouch Jockstrap

ADANNU Classic Cotton Jockstrap

Classics have their own advantages too. Just because this Adannu underwear is simple doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated.

Take this cotton jockstrap, for instance. It comes in about five simple colors, which are combined with white, logo-printed waistbands for a clean, minimalist look. It’s made from the finest cotton blend so that it’s soft and sensual against the skin and still manages to cling. The straps are solid, so you can be sure there’ll be no folding and pulling. Your ass is also exposed in it, as comfort certainly doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy.

In fact, it gives your ass a little boost, making it appear firm and pert. Try the red one if you need something extra to make you feel that sensual power.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - ADANNU Classic Cotton Jockstrap

Lace Crop Top + Boxers Set

Tastes in sexy underwear vary, and while this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m pretty sure there are more than a few people who appreciate the finer side of life a.k.a lace underwear for men.

This lacy crop top and boxer set will look great on guys who prefer the softer things. It’s made from a high-quality polyester blend with a floral lace pattern that leaves enough skin visible to tease. If you’re not comfortable with putting everything out there, you can also combine it with a gay thong, but where’s the fun in that?

Choose a private party or a beach rave – just make sure there are no kids around, as things are bound to get a bit heated. Are you looking for the ultimate soft look? Try the pink set and thank me later.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Lace Crop Top + Boxers Set

Seobean Candy Briefs

Good, old-fashioned briefs come in handy once in a while, and these candy briefs put a new spin on an old classic. They come in different candy-colored shades, so you can have fun collecting all of them.

They are low-waisted, with the Seobean underwear logo printed across the waistband. The cut lengthens your torso and makes you look taller and sexier. It has a tailored pouch with a seam down the middle and auxiliary seams at the sides that are sure to make your package look more substantial.

The cotton-spandex blend offers the best of both worlds, as the breathability of the former mixes with the great structure of the latter to form the perfect underwear. It’s perfect for wearing to every occasion.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Seobean Candy Briefs

Floral Lace Thong

Honey, it is the 2020s and I have some news for you: Men can wear thongs too! Yes, even lace ones…

This floral lace thong makes it clear that lace panties are not the exclusive provenance of women. These floral lace thongs will make you look good and feel sexy at the same time. Are you particularly proud of your round, sexy bubble butt, and you want to show it off as often as you can? Or maybe you even want to keep it covered, but you still want to feel good?

Try this floral lace thong. It’s specially crafted from a quality blend of polyester and polyamide and made in a number of colors, so you’ll definitely find one you like. The size range is wide, too, so whether your booty is small or thick, this thing can make you feel sexy and glamorous.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Floral Lace Thong

Bondage Metal Ring Jockstrap

Some jockstraps are just not for the faint of heart. Take this bondage metal ring jockstrap, for one. Made of metal and spandex, among other things, merely looking at it evokes dim lights and handcuffs and silk ties. Yes …BDSM baby, and I really mean BDSM.

It’s clearly made for bondage, but it can also be worn for less intense occasions. It can double as ordinary underwear for the more kinky folks, as the straps and rings are positioned to avoid discovery. The front is completely solid, but the back is an intricate network of straps that provide support without sacrificing that sexy feeling.

Wear it with a gay harness and even some assless chaps if you need extra coverage but still want to be naughty and flirty.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Bondage Metal Ring Jockstrap

Sexy Floral Lace Underwear

For men who are not quite ready to go the lace thong route, this sexy floral lace underwear is the way to go. It combines a more traditionally masculine cut with a unique fabric.

The lace floral material is attractive yet provides enough coverage to be decent. It comes in both brief and boxers styles, and it’s trimmed in white and black, so you can get the one that best suits your unique style. The lace material slides against your single, feeling copy and sensual.

Planning a special date with a partner with taste? Try putting on a pair of these. They’ll be sure to be pleased.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Sexy Floral Lace Underwear

Super Booty Drawstring PU Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are probably some of the sexiest pieces of underwear, and drawstrings on leather shorts? Chef’s kiss.

These leather gay booty shorts combine the appeal of leather and drawstrings with a tight fit and fantastic cut for a show that will blow people’s minds. It laces up at the front, emphasizing your package. It takes it up a size or two, in case you’re not totally comfortable with how it looks. The leather stretches across your ass. The leather is faux leather, made from a polyester and spandex blend that means you can live guilt-free and still look like a million dollars.

These shorts are multi-purpose, so you can wear them as normal underwear or, if you’re feeling freaky, dress up and head for a party.

Best Men’s Erotic Underwear - Super Booty Drawstring PU Leather Boxers
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