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15 Top Men’s Underwear Brands To Try And Switch Things Up With!

15 Top Men’s Underwear Brands To Try And Switch Things Up With!

If a lot of men were to list the best things they love doing, shopping for underwear would comfortably sit at the bottom of the list. Even men that love shopping don’t invest much time in buying underwear and chances are most would have trouble listing more than a few top men’s underwear brands.

However, putting on the right underwear may be the difference between a lovely (day)date and a disastrous one. Also, when we are talking about menswear generally, good underwear is arguably the most important investment you can make. Underwear saves men’s trousers from sweat, gives support to some sensitive parts of the body, provides comfort, and so on.

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Though most men don’t know, underwear is definitely one of the important parts of their wardrobe. Many men get underwear for the sake of comfort and durability, and in the present age, the type of underwear determines how passionate you are about the things you wear. Underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you put off, and it is closer to your body than any other wear you have on. So it is worth investing in one of the top men’s underwear brands.

As stated above, most men don’t fancy shopping for underwear, and those who do are so picky about which one to buy or not buy, which brand is best, and which style is better. Below, we will be listing the top men’s underwear brands we have trialed after being recommended to us by fitness coaches, stylists, and actors. So, if you are having issues shopping for underwear, here is what you need and all you have to do is make sure you read this to the end!

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top men's underwear brands - best underwear brand for men - best boxer brands - popular mens underwear brands - top 10 underwear brands in world

Tommy Hilfiger

This top men’s underwear brand was launched in 1985 after its owner, Tommy Hilfiger. He has been globally known as the mastermind of the American cool style, which was motivated by pop culture and American love for their traditions. Tommy Hilfiger and his brand members set out to conquer conventions and glorify individuality more.

Today, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular underwear brands that share its high spirit with customers throughout the universe. This great brand was given a life when Tommy started his fashion career as a high school student in 1969; he opened his first store then in New York. About ten years later, he set out to pursue a career in fashion design, and in 1985 the brand was launched with a single men’s wear collection.

Tommy Hilfiger men’s underwear is made of breathable cotton and a little bit of elastane. If you need underwear that can be worn comfortably day and night, Tommy Hilfiger should be the one you are choosing. They feature elastic waistbands and are easily machine-washable without worrying about wear and tear. If you are thinking of which brand to get underwear from, Tommy Hilfiger is there at the top.

TOMMY HILFIGER 3-Pack Classic Boxer Briefs 09TE001

Under Armour

The brand was launched in 1995 by Kevin Plank, who was the captain of a special football team at the University Of Maryland. He originally began business in his grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C. Plank had a sporting background, and it was on that background that the brand was established.

It all started when he noticed there was something wrong with the T-shirt he and his teammates do wear under their pads. He noticed that whenever they sweat, they become heavy, and that would affect their productivity on the pitch. He went on to design a very light T-shirt that stays cool even in the worst heat. Not long after that, he designed his first mock-up and gave it to his teammates who wore it to play the NFL. He then used their feedback to design another T-shirt made from micro-fibers that keeps his teammates light and cool.

Fast forward to today, Under Armour makes one of the top men’s underwear in the world. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and it has cool fabrics. It is slim, fitted, and it is created with the best materials to ensure durability. It is available at standard small and large prices, and each purchase comes with two boxer briefs.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - UNDER ARMOUR Tech 6in 2-Pack Boxerjock 1363619

Michael Kors

Like many of the top men’s underwear brands, this one is named after its founder, Michael Kors. Michael Kors came into the public through acting, so it didn’t surprise people who were close to him when he was featured in a reality TV show called “Project Runway” in 2004.

Kors’ love for fashion is undiluted, and he made it so obvious; he is articulate and ever-conscious. In 2001, he told Vogue, ‘You can’t fake it .’When he was a teenager, he converted his parent’s long highland basement into a mini boutique where he markets the clothes he makes himself. Later he went to the Fashion Institute of Technology but dropped out later to design an in-house store which he described as ” the gap for the Guinness’, and this description has been attached with all of Kors’ best work.

Michael Kors’ brand was established to create simple and classic wear made from the best fabrics. The underwear is created for comfortable use; it is sleek and perfect for all men that engage in active daily activities. It has a skinny fit, and you must know that it prefers handwashing to machine washing. It is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Michael Kors underwear is truly high-quality. 

Top Men's Underwear Brands - MICHAEL KORS 2-Pack Stretch Factor Trunk BR1T001032

Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi began with one man’s burning desire to expand the limited range of men’s underwear choices available to men. In December of 1989, Greek designer Christos Bimpitsos launched Modus Vivendi to produce a more tailored and upscale range of male underwear, swimwear, and loungewear.

Since then, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds and brought to life his vision of breaking traditional and boring underwear norms while bringing to life new and fun ways for Emily to express themselves through their underwear. Christos set out to breathe life into the world of men’s underwear, and looking at where Modus Vivendi is now and what it does, we can definitely say he succeeded.

The brand has set a standard in the world of men’s underwear,  and the name Modus Vivendi has become synonymous with luxury. From the underwear itself to the packaging that covers it, great care is taken to ensure that everything is the very cream of quality. And yes,  the style and elegance are unparalleled,  and the best part? All this is done without sacrificing that finest comfort and softness. The makers of Modus Vivendi are known to love what they do, and it is no wonder.

Their care and precision shine through at every stage of production and in every facet of the underwear: from design to delivery and everything in between. It is clear then why they are known in the world of male underwear as the people to turn to when you are in need of something just a little bit more special.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Meander Brief - Royal


ORLVS is one of those hidden brands that are lowkey amazing. It’s certainly not as popular as some others like Jockmail or even Calvin Klein, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great brand that caters to a wide range of needs.

Whether you’re looking for a sexy thong for date night or sturdy, comfy jockstrap for everyday use, or even quality gay pride underwear that has multiple uses, ORLVS underwear has got you covered. And the fact that it’s not wildly popular means that the products are quite affordable, so you don’t have to turn your pockets inside out to buy them.

ORLVS may not offer such an extensive range of pattern choices like some of the other men’s underwear brands, but what it lacks in patterns, ORLVS more than makes up for by providing quality products. This is not to say that ORLVS products are boring. On the contrary, they eschew conventional printed patterns in favor of geometric color blocks and bands, giving their brand a unique appeal and aesthetic.

Much like other newcomer men’s underwear brands like Adannu – they also offer specific designs for the gay market – but at a more affordable price point, than established brands like Aussiebum and Andrew Christian.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - ORLVS Classic Briefs


This brand had a humble root from Molvena, a small town in northeast Italy. It was created by Adriano Goldschmied Renzo Rosso. Over the years, the brand has overcome so many obstacles and has now grown from an Italian brand to a brand that’s known globally. It now records about 1.3 billion yearly turnovers.

Generally, Italy is famous for its fashion design prowess, but as the brand name Diesel does not sound Italian; you begin to wonder why, and the reason is that the brand name projects the brand’s philosophy. The name is projecting a borderless globe and a singular visual language. Diesel is a clothing line that sells denim, footwear, underwear, and accessories. There are two categories for the clothing line: Diesel and Diesel black gold.

If you are looking for one of the top men’s underwear brands that combines all fashions with comfort, then you should pick from the Diesel brand’s selection. It has bold and catchy designs and outstanding attention to detail. The line of briefs by this innovative brand brings out style, elegance and it’s catchy to anyone who beholds it.

When you purchase underwear from Diesel, you have automatically bought quality, comfort, and support; and that’s what almost every man wants.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - DIESEL UMBR Andre Brief 00CG3J0JKKB

Polo Ralph Lauren

This brand was created by Ralph Lauren, who was originally named Reuben Lifshitz, who changed his last name to Lauren together with his brother. He built his brand around an American lifestyle, and right since its inception, it has remained one of the best fashion stores.

He got the motivation to start designing when he was working in a tie company. Then in 1967, he started marketing his tie designs under the name polo. He created his first menswear in 1968; this particular design features classic tweed suits. In 1971, he made his first womenswear. In 1972, he created what would be his signature design: The Mesh Sport Shirt, which is available in various colors. Polo Ralph Lauren designs are made while having quality and longevity in mind.

If you want class, fashion, and comfort in one pair of underwear, then choose from the Polo Ralph Lauren brand. Polo Ralph Lauren underwear is created with high-quality fabrics that give long-term comfort and fitness. It can also prevent heat and keep you dry and cool all the time. Polo Ralph Lauren boxers, T-shirts, V-neck and round-neck undershirts, socks, and every other men’s undergarments you can think of are widely available and highly regarded.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - POLO RALPH LAUREN 3-Pack Classic Cotton Knit Boxer Shorts RCKBP3

Emporio Armani

This brand came to life in the 1980s after the successful run of business from the Giorgio line. In 1982, Emporio Armani underwear was launched, and it has remained one of the best since then. The brand established a kind of collaboration with the movie industry for exposure and creativity.

The brand has attracted so many high-profile individuals to be its face over the years. David and Victoria Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Raphael Nadal, and Megan Fox have all been faces of the famous brand. If you are a man that is intensely passionate about the kind of underwear to buy in your wardrobe, the Emporio Armani brand should be on the list of the brands you want to choose from.

The brand has a lot of underwear styles you can choose from. Their boxers are purely made from good non-stretch cotton that feels incredible against the skin. The boxers are form-fitting, which gives you convenience and allows you to move around comfortably. You can also trust their jockstraps and thongs. They are made from stretch fabric, and they have fitted waistbands.

The undershirts, too, are impressive, they come in V-neck or round neck styles, and they fit perfectly.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - EMPORIO ARMANI Mega Logo Jock Strap 111579-1P516


There ain’t no better season than summertime, and there ain’t no better way to celebrate it than with some comfortable Aussiebum underwear.

Everyone loves summertime, and everyone looks forward to it. It’s such a relaxing time for lazing around in pools, spending the entire day at the beach with friends, going to seaside restaurants for dinner dates, meeting hot potential lovers in cool bars and great carnivals.

Having the right underwear is essential to all this. And what better underwear could there be to revel with fun in the sun than Aussiebum, an Australian men’s swimwear and underwear company based in the land down under. They know the sun, they know sexy and they know what gay boys want. If you have been to Sydney or Mardi Gras where they are based, you will know exactly what I mean.

When everywhere is bursting with activities like festivals and beach night parties and there is a rippling tension in the air, you want to be sure you’re putting on sexy underwear before finding your man for the night.

I’ll tell you now that nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you have great Aussebum underwear on while kissing the lover you’re planning to take home from that beach night party or bar. Nothing beats confidence, the assurance that you’re not wearing unattractive underwear, or one ridden with holes and a slack waistband when you’ve just found a hot guy to fulfill those wild fantasies.

Well, with all these benefits of having and pair of Aussiebum underwear for summertime, is there any question that it is one of the best male underwear brands there are?

Top Men's Underwear Brands - Classic Aussiebums


Seobean claims to make the best swimwear, sportswear, sexy underwear, and beachwear for men, and while that’s a bold claim that can be argued, Seobean underwear is undoubtedly one of the cheapest men’s underwear brand.

Despite the fact that it was only started in 2013, Seobean has managed to gain a foothold in the global male underwear market as a result of the high-quality products they design and create.

Much like other newcomer brands like ORLVS, Seobean underwear has made able to make name for itself in matters of male gay swimwear, underwear, and so forth – but at a more affordable price point than established brands. They have a wide range of clothing choices, with an item for every occasion. From long johns to briefs to swim trunks and even tops, Seobean has shown that they can meet whatever underwear – and underwear adjacent – needs that you have.

With all they have on offer, a person may find it hard to find an item, especially when they don’t have a specific one in mind and are just looking to sample Seobean’s goods. Thankfully we have never been let down by a pair ever. Do yourself a favor. Buy some new Seobean underwear now and feel the difference.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - SEOBEAN Basic Chequered Boxers

Fruit Of The Loom

This brand is America’s biggest seller when it comes to men’s wear. Be it underwear, shirts, and so on. It has about 60 manufacturing facilities, and the company has branches in over ten states, including Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

The origin of this brand dates back to 1851 in Rhode Island when Robert Knight and his brother Benjamin launched B. B and R Knight cooperation. Later in 1856, they changed the name of the company to “Fruit of the loom .”Robert had a friend called Skeel who had a small shop where they sold the clothes. Skeel’s daughter would draw the image of an apple and apply it to the cloth, and this proved very popular as time went on. The elegant way the logo was designed and the choice of graphics made the logo widely acceptable.

What makes the Fruit Of The Loom underwear unique and the top choice of many men is that it has micro-mesh fabric that enables airflow, which prevents you from getting hot irrespective of the weather. They are designed from breathable cotton to prevent moisture accumulation, thereby keeping you cool and dry always.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - FRUIT OF THE LOOM 4-Pack Premium Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Underwear

This top men’s underwear brand has been making a massive wave for the past 25 years now, and up till now, it’s not shown any sign of slowing down. Calvin Klein turned underwear into status symbols and also turned his wearers into sex symbols. Maybe Calvin didn’t invent sexy underwear, but he owns it.

If we look back into fashion history, we will realize that a lot of brands have come and gone. However, Calvin Klein underwear remains the front runner when it comes to men’s underwear. You would ask what exactly is the reason behind this consistency? It’s all down to a lot of factors such as the jacquard waistband, combination of great products, and impressive/visionary marketing. The logic behind the waistband can not be overemphasized; it’s one of the greatest factors that make Calvin Klein Underwear very unique.

The advertising campaigns are also solid, they feature high-profile celebrities, and they are known for impressive creativity. All Calvin Klein’s underwear be it boxers, t-shirts, etc., are made with great fabric. They are designed patiently with pure cotton that ensures comfortable wearing. All guys should give this brand a try – and try out their swimwear while they are looking!

Top Men's Underwear Brands - CALVIN KLEIN Cotton Classics 3 Pack Trunk NB4002


When it comes to men’s underwear, you have a lot of options to pick from. A lot of brands produce different briefs, boxers, undershirts, tanks, etc., from different fabrics and materials and in different colors; one brand remains consistent, and that’s Hanes. Hanes was established in the 1900s by John Wesley Hanes.

When the brand was established, what they did then was to make socks for just babies and men, and that looked like a very profitable market. Long after, the brand was rebranded. They became more popular, and they extended their products and started producing underwear, undershirts, boxers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and as many undergarments as you can think of. The mission of the brand is to be the “socially responsible leading marketer of basic everyday apparel in the Americas, Europe Australia, and Asia-Pacific.

Over the years, Hanes has produced different boxer briefs, briefs, undershirts, and so on from different and cool fabrics such as X-temp, which will keep you dry and cool all day long. Hanes underwear will also provide four-way stretch, which will enable considerable comfort. Also, it is made from FlexFit cotton, which is moisture-wicking; it will also give you extra support throughout the time you are wearing it.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - HANES MEN 2-Pack Red Label Boxer Briefs

Daniel Alexander 

This brand started gaining popularity not that long ago, and within that short period, it has gained massive popularity in the underwear industry for men.

This brand is unique in the sense that it offers men various and unique underwear such as G-strings, thongs, bikinis, briefs, and some other styles of male underwear. The brand is popularly known for its unique styles and sensual cuts of underwear. The fit on the front with the massive cut around the pouch provides a lot of skin revealing for most men that like to flex their muscles and 6-packs and reveal their masculinity. It looks so perfect, and the cut pouch gives enough room for comfort.

This underwear enables ventilation and easy airflow, keeping you cool and dry. The underwear is designed to avoid chaffing and discomfort associated with heat and sweat. Another reason every man should have this underwear is that no matter the activity you are engaged in, Daniel Alexander underwear will provide you with support and comfort. With this underwear brand, you have a choice for every outings and date.

Another unique feature is that all these designs are available in different colors and sizes, and you can get them at an affordable price.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - DANIEL ALEXANDER item Thong DAK043


Jockmail is an increasingly popular gay underwear label whose designs follow modern Eurasian fashion influences of colors and design.

Exciting a loyal global community of underwear fanatics, Jockmail is most well-known for their men’s underwear but have not expanded into swimwear, gym wear/activewear, and harness that are perfect for all year round use and everything from beach parties to circuit festivals.

Sure, you might have been burned before by other men’s underwear brands. Maybe you bout a pair of mesh underwear and discovered that one particularly annoying piece of string keeps getting caught in all the wrong places. Or you purchased a pair of jockstraps from a brand a friend of yours swore made the best underwear in the whole cosmos, only to discover that the waistband is uncomfortably tight and left you with bruises.

It’s understandable that you might feel wary towards some underwear brand names, but if you’re reading this, you are open to new ideas – and should trust me when I say that Jockmail delivers exactly what it promises.

Top Men's Underwear Brands - Jockmail Ultra-Thin Boxers
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