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The 10 Best Gay Onlyfans Men To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

The 10 Best Gay Onlyfans Men To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

OnlyFans is arguably the top porn site in the world. As such we have reviewed all the top gay OnlyFans accounts and decided to share our picks for the most exclusive and exciting content so you don’t have to waste time or money doing it yourself!

Onlyfans was founded by Tim Stokely in 2016 as a platform for performers and creators to post videos and content for a monthly subscription fee. I’m willing to bet that at that point, its founder had no idea that it would grow into a platform that would become synonymous with online sex work and independent pornography creation. Or the fierce competition it would create to be known as the best gay Onlyfans account to follow

Less than a decade after its founding, Onlyfans has opened up avenues of creating personal pornography content that was hitherto unheard of. It has made it possible for creators to control the fees they charge, what kind of content they put out, the type of work they create, and so forth.

It has become an open marketplace for the sort of content that people waited for larger adult video companies to put out in the past. Other types of content, such as workout tutorials, singing videos, cooking classes, etc., can be found on Onlyfans. Still, it is inarguable that the platform is known first and foremost for its adult content.

Creators who would traditionally not have dreamed of putting out adult content for a myriad of possible reasons now have the opportunity to do so. In the same vein, there is now a much more comprehensive range of content to pick from, as traditional creating companies only put out videos they expect to sell. Among all the gay creators in Onlyfans, there is, of course, the select view who, by virtue of the sort of content they put out, have become popular in their fields. They have gained a reputation for being the best at what they do, and thousands flock to subscribe to their pages and view their content.

As with traditional pornography, the best gay Onlyfans creators assign themselves to different categories so that fans can easily find the sorry of content they are looking for. Regardless, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right creators that suit your needs in each field, and as it is a subscription-based service, you may find that you have to pay a number of subscription fees before you find the one that satisfies you. To avoid such a scenario, you can look for recommendations from friends or even online; I’ve compiled a list of the best gay Onlyfans accounts to follow.

In making this list, I considered subscription fees, value-for-money, the volume of content, content diversity, etc., and came up with a list of the best gay porn creators that are hot right now. I will also link to their Twitter and/or Instagram where possible so you can get an idea for yourself of what you are in for before you pay.

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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is not your typical baby-skinned pornography actor. This Onlyfans creator’s body is covered with hair and puts out bear content just like his name implies. If you’re the type of gay that likes your best gay Onlyfans men to be meaty and hairy, then this is the account for you.

This top gay Onlyfans creator proudly claims never to trim or shave any part of his body, and his fur-covered chest and hairy legs are proof of that. His content may not be for everybody, but judging from the extensive community he has gathered and his burgeoning popularity, there are quite a few people who enjoy watching his content. Teddy Bear can also frequently be seen in videos of some of his fellow creators.

Once you join his subscribers, you’ve got access to hours of exclusive videos, not to mention pictures. He’s even got a line of merchandise including jockstraps and tank tops so that you’ve got fantasy material, even when you’re online. This self-proclaimed Hairiest Man on Onlyfans also creates personalized, exclusive content on request and is also available for bookings and appearances.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

Rocco Steele

The ‘Daddy’ kink is undeniably popular in everything from real-life relationship scenarios to movies to conventional porn and now to Gay Onlyfans.

Among all the content creators that bear or identify with the Daddy label, Rocco Steele stands out as one of the most famous and most subscribed to. A veteran in the best gay Onlyfans business, Rocco Steele has built up quite an adoring community of fans who want him to spank, dominate and put them in their place.

All you need to do to join his fan base is to subscribe, and you’ll have access to a wide range of explicit videos that are sure to have you stiffening in your pants. You may not be able to have him physically. Still, his array of expertly produced videos is almost as good as the real thing, as he constantly delivers videos that are sure to enliven your want sessions.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

Griffin Barrow

Griffin Barrow is one of the few gay content creators that has genuinely achieved superstar status in the field. He has gathered a community of fans from all over the world in such a relatively short time, and from the look of things, he doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

The accomplished creator typically invites guys, from friends to co-creators to fuck buddies,to join him in steamy videos that are consumed voraciously by his fans. Often called the deep thrusting master by himself and his fans, the enjoyment on the guys’ faces lucky enough to have him suck their ducks is usually obvious and genuine.

With more than five hundred videos available to subscribers, it is apparent that he loves what he does and plans to keep doing it for a long time to come. Ask any of his subscibers and they will also tell you he is undoubtabley one of the hottest gay onlyfans there is!

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

Alexander Mecum

Alexander Mecum – or Alex Mecum as he is known on some sites – is truly one of the most famous gay men on Onlyfans.

Immensely few creators enjoy the kind of fanship and popularity that Alexander Mecum does, but that is because this gay model, content creator, and performer has been setting the Internet ablaze for quite a while. His videos can be found on a number of porn sites and even tapes, so with the advent of Onlyfans, he was expected to utilize the online avenue to create content.

With his classically attractive good looks and piercing eyes that seem like they are staring into your soul, it is no wonder that he amassed such a number of subscribers. He is not one to short-change his fans either, as subscribers gain access to several hot, steamy videos containing everything from solos to threesomes.

His account is also constantly updated, so you don’t have to wait long for the next content from one of the most popular gay onlyfans models there is.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

Rafael Alencar

Just like in most other fields of endeavor, it is vital to have diversity in the world of adult content creation, if only for the commonsense reason that the creators should reflect the consumers, which consists of pretty much every race in existence.

Unfortunately, it is not always so, as there tends to be a dominance of certain races in the industry. Fortunately, Gay Onlyfans is helping to correct that imbalance, and that is obvious in the existence of wildly popular creators like Rafael Alencar. He is a Latino Onlyfans star that has really hit it big on the app. He is known for making hardcore videos with many other known makers of adult content, and his videos never fail to satisfy and delight the senses.

This goes a long way to show that diversity is always a good idea. You can indulge in hours of hot, sexy content and watch as Rafael tries out everything from threesomes to public sex. There seems to be no limit to the lengths he’ll go to keep his subscribers happy and is one of best amateur gay onlyfans we can think of.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans


Needing no last name, Danito ranks high on the list of the hottest gay Hispanic men on Onlyfans, and one could even say the list of hot gay men of any race.

Over five years, he has cultivated a reputation as one of the accounts you subscribe to if you’re on the market for the highest-quality gay content. Danito literally bares it all, and all you need to do to watch his mouthwatering videos is to subscribe. He has no qualms about revealing his kinky, exhibitionist side, just as long as his subscribers are happy. He has a few people with which he makes videos, and he is always constantly pushing the envelope to deliver sexy content.

Gay men everywhere can never get enough of watching this tattooed hunk fuck, stroke, and suck his partners. Look out for his signature tattoos to be sure you’re getting some of the hottest gay content on the Internet.

Twitter / Onlyfans

Prince Lee

A multi-platform content creator, Prince Lee is one of the most sought-after black gay Onlyfans creators out there.

He has often been featured on other sites, from Porn hub to more traditional social media like Twitter., gathering more than thirty thousand followers on the latter. Although Prince Lee puts out less content than some of his other counterparts mentioned above, the quality of his content is more than enough to make up for it, and he does not starve his client by any means.

On the contrary, Prince Lee can be found frequently collaborating with fellow black Onlyfans creators. He is always open to personal requests for custom-made videos and is very particular about pleasing his subscribers. Prince Lee is the one-stop-shop for all the freaky black gay material you could possibly need to keep your dick hard, throbbing and give you all the orgasm you want.

Twitter / Onlyfans

Arad Winwin

This sexy Persian model and entertainer is singlehandedly raising the bar for gay porn content, both on and off Onlyfans.

He is known across multiple media for his sensual and erotic content. Since he brought the same quality action unto the platform, he has seen nothing but growth, and deservedly so. This brown hunk of male sexiness has gathered drooling fans all across the world, and he keeps them satisfied by producing steamy content. Arad is also known for spreading positive messages of love and hope, which is yet another reason why his fans love him so much.

That and the fact that there is no shortage of raw, threesomes and kinky videos from him. He is also an underwear model and a bodybuilder, so expect some racy photos featuring his ripped body when you subscribe to his Onlyfans. I think we could call that a win-win!

Plus, he is a fan of Andrew Christians – as are we! They truly are one of the best gay underwear brands of all time.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

Sammy Sins

So what if Sammy Sins isn’t the most imaginative name out there? One look at this creator’s account, and you’ll forget about the tacky name.

This Korean-American porn star is a self-described healer and slut on a quest to dispel the shame surrounding the enjoyment of adult content. Judging by subscriber count, that mission has been a resounding success. Although Sammy Sins typically creates softer content than some of the others on this list, it is not unusual to come across a video featuring queer dildos, gay sex toys, and self-pleasure. Several videos featuring this creature oozes soft, luxurious sexuality.

If you’re looking to take a break from watching ripped, jacked-up bodies and feast your eyes on some twink action, then a Sammy Sins video is just what you need. Grab some lube and prepare for some stroking that’ll blow your mind and have you coming back for more.

Twitter / Onlyfans

Diego Sans

If there’s a hall of fame of gay porn, this Brazilian stud should be in it. At barely thirty years, he has achieved dizzying heights in the world of adult entertainment, and he is still going hard.

His works can be found on pretty much every major porn site you can think of, and of course, he’s seized upon the opportunity to make even more by opening an Onlyfans account. One can only expect the best from such a veteran in the game, and Diego Sans does not disappoint. He can be found in videos with other popular gay creators like Mark Tanner, Matthew Cooper, and Ashton Summers, and the chemistry between them is always sizzling.

The Miami-based actor also does his part to promote lesser-known brown creators by shooting videos with them, and his fans love and appreciate him for that.

Twitter / Instagram / Onlyfans

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