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The 15 Best Modus Vivendi Underwear Options To Make You Look And Feel Sexy!

The 15 Best Modus Vivendi Underwear Options To Make You Look And Feel Sexy!

Modus Vivendi began with one man’s burning desire to expand the limited range of underwear choices available to men. In December of 1989, Greek designer Christos Bimpitsos launched Modus Vivendi to produce a more tailored and upscale range of male underwear, swimwear, and loungewear.

Since then, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds and brought to life his vision of breaking traditional and boring underwear norms while bringing to life new and fun ways for Emily to express themselves through their underwear. Christos set out to breathe life into the world of men’s underwear, and looking at where Modus Vivendi is now and what it does, we can definitely say he succeeded.

The brand has set a standard in the world of men’s underwear,  and the name Modus Vivendi has become synonymous with luxury. From the underwear itself to the packaging that covers it, great care is taken to ensure that everything is the very cream of quality. And yes,  the style and elegance are unparalleled,  and the best part? All this is done without sacrificing that finest comfort and softness. The makers of Modus Vivendi are known to love what they do, and it is no wonder.

Their care and precision shine through at every stage of production and in every facet of the underwear: from design to delivery and everything in between. It is clear then why they are known in the world of male underwear as the people to turn to when you are in need of something just a little bit more special.

They have a wide range of quality offerings with everything from swimwear to loungewear covered, and I’ve put together a list of the best Modus Vivendi Underwear.

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modus vivendi underwear modus vivendi men's underwear modus vivendi briefs (2)
modus vivendi underwear modus vivendi men's underwear modus vivendi briefs (1)
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C-Through Tanga Brief

The first of our best Modus Vivendi underwear options seems basic at first – a pair of red briefs; what’s so special about that? But you can trust the Modus Vivendi brand to elevate it to unparalleled heights.

The first thing you notice is the brilliant design. It’s made of a net-like mesh that comes lined with a flesh-colored pouch,  so at no point do you have to sacrifice the necessary support for style. The whole brief is made of pure, high-quality cotton, so you don’t have to worry about any blends of synthetic fibers against your nether areas.

The nude pouch provides more than enough support, and the alluring Tanga cut will make you wish the briefs lasted forever. It’s unlined, so the back is only covered up by the see-through mesh. This holds so much potential, especially when it comes to the bedroom business.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - C-Through Tanga Brief - Red

Leather Bottomless Brief

Like most other forward-thinking, high-end fashion brands, Modus Vivendi has long since left the world of real leather behind. Instead, they employ a material called leatherette, which is made from a hundred percent polyester.

It comes in a range of sizes that is normally almost unheard of, from extra-small to triple XL, because Modus Vivendi prides itself in being available to anyone else whose tasteful enough to appreciate the quality it possesses. These bottomless briefs are perfectly tailored to provide enough comfort, especially with the removal of the bottom, allowing for free movement and ventilation.

The leather-covered material does its job, hugging your curves and providing that mesmerizing leathery sheen. The label is stitched discreetly to the waistband, giving it an exclusive look. The leatherette straps that hold up the ass give it a little boost,  while the crotch is double-seamed for the ultimate boost to your package.

Modus Vivendi Underwear Leather Bottomless Brief

Tiffany’s Velvet Tanga Briefs

Just when we thought the best Modus Vivendi underwear could not unlock a higher level of luxury, they debuted their velvet briefs.

These velvet briefs combine the best of both worlds: enduring fashion and strapless with comfort. The briefs are made from a blend of 92% polyester and 8% polyester. Allowing that stretch that is so vital in quality underwear. The velvety finish draws the eye – it’s impossible to miss. And even if you do miss it, you’re reminded of what you’re working with by the MODUS VIVENDI logo written broadly across the waistband with soft glitter.

Once again, the design shows the thought that went into it. The underwear is made of sheer fabric, but strategic potions of it are covered with striped velvet so that the parts look like cut-out panels that were purposefully left to tease. If that’s not brilliant, I don’t know what is.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Tiffany's Velvet Tanga Briefs - Black

Meander Jock

You can, of course, expect that something as basic as a white jockstrap from Modus Vivendi will come with a difference, something to make it stand out from the crowd of underwear offerings out there.

This unique distinction comes in the form of an Etal license gold plated bearing the Modus Vivendi logo etched into it; the plate hangs from a strip of clothing a short way down, then comes to rest against the left hip. As small an additional as this is, it adds a whole new layer of suaveness and sophistication to the underwear, as does the geometric gold pattern that is stitched unto the waistband.

Asides from the style, the sexy jockstrap also maintains the standard of comfort that is expected from it. It is made from mostly cotton, blended with a little elastane for the best finish. The fabric is soft, breathable, and quick-drying, so you’re afforded absolute comfort for as long as you have it on.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - _Modus Vivendi Meander Jock

Meander Brief

Modus Vivendi usually delivers their offerings in collections, and the Meander collection is one of everybody’s favorites. It combines the highest comfort with a design and style that will have you itching to leave the house in your underwear just to show it off.

Take the briefs, for example. They feature the signature gold logo plate resting against the hip, as well as the Archaic Greek motif on the waistband that has come to represent the Meander collection. At the same time, the soft blend of cotton and elastane means that your package is gently cradled and supported, with adequate ventilation to boot.

I guarantee you’ll fall in love with these briefs and the whole MV brand. As usual, there is a seam down the pouch for support and a grateful silhouette, and the sizes range is as broad as you would expect.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Meander Brief - Royal

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Marine Low-Cut Brief

Low-rise briefs are a gift from the gods to the world of men (along with gay crop tops),  and you can quote me on that.

It’s amazing what a few pieces of fabric stitched together can accomplish for men. They give the illusion of height, toned thighs, and a rounder ass. These briefs are ultra low-rise, so if you’re not a risk-taker, I suggest you stick with something tamer. If you are, though, these are perfect for you, especially on an Atlantis boat cruise or Sitges beach trip – the marine theme will fit right in.

The viscose and elastane blend makes it clear that these briefs were am de to be worn in water, but you can wear them as normal underwear if you feel like it. Enjoy a wide range of sizes for a great fit. The only downside is that once you’re hooked, you’ll never stop buying it.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Marine Low Cut Brief - Blue

Aqua Peace Microfiber Mini Tanga Briefs

This offering from the Peace collection at Modus Vivendi actually lives up to its – very long – name. With a simple,  minimalistic design that contains all the elements of a great pair of briefs and then some, these briefs will be sure to make your underwear journey stress-free.

It’s made from semi-transparent microfiber that’s one hundred percent polyester. Although it’s not blended with any other material such as elastane, the microfiber makeup ensures that the fabric fits like a second skin. In addition, the combination of aqua and Neon yellow highlights makes for a pleasing aesthetic, ensuring that you’re covered on the style front.

Its low-rise tangs cut brings the lengthening and slimming effect, while the thin waistband with the discreet logo tag keeps it fresh and modern. Despite the lightness of the fabric, the structure provides adequate support.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Aqua Modus Vivendi Peace Microfiber Mini Tanga Briefs

Meander Boxers

This isn’t your everyday pair of boxers – but it really, really should be, because why have boring underwear when you can enjoy this spectacular offering from the Meander collection at Modus Vivendi.

Like all the other pieces in this list of best Modus Vivendi underwear options, style is right there at the forefront  – along with comfort, of course. The signature gold logo plate is present and accounted for, and so is the geometric pattern on the waistband that really elevates this from plain boxer shorts to something more exquisite.

The crotch area is specially tailored to show off your assets in the best way possible, and it’s limed for that luxurious feeling. The blend of cotton and elastane means that it keeps you feeling fresh as a daisy all day while still maintaining the stylish look that MV products are known for.

Ditch the boring briefs you’ve been wearing all your life and stock up on these instead.

Meander Boxers

Camouflage Low Cut Briefs

From the eponymous camouflage collection, these low-cut briefs in a bright, avant-garde style are tiny, sitting low on the hips and showing your torso, legs, and butt to perfection.

Made from a soft, light, and comfortable viscose in a sexy style, it would be a crime to wear these under a pair of pants. Slip it on for a day at the beach to leave even the sun feeling like it could do better. Frontal comfort and fitting are emphasized in the construction, so you can forget all your worries about an unfortunate incident that’ll ruin your day or have to discreetly adjust your package throughout the day.

As usual, the MV logo features discreetly off to tone side, this time on a silicon tag. I recommend using the sizing chart, as you should want it to fit as closely as possible.

Modus Vivendi Underwear Camouflage Low Cut Briefs - Black

Suede Camel Briefs

The name probably causes you confused. You’re probably wondering whether it is made from suede, camel, or a mixture of both. Then you’re thinking about how neither of those two materials would likely be comfortable for making underwear; well,  you can calm your racing heart.

These sexy pair of Briefs are made from neither camel hair nor suede. Instead, they’re constructed from a blend of polyester and elastane to mimic suede’s soft,  luxuriant feeling in a gorgeous camel color. Happy? If you’re not, just try on this pair of snuggly underwear.

I recommend it for the colder season, but really, you can wear it whenever. While the logo features on a metallic tag at one side, this bad boy takes things up a notch with a laser-cut MODUS VIVENDI across the back for that extra edge.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Suede Briefs - Camel

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Meander Bottomless Briefs

The Meander collection really brings the heat with this one. At the front, it’s got all the classic features of briefs from the Meander collection: the embroiderer gold pattern on the waistband, the metallic logo tag on the left hip, and the lined, shaped pouch that gives your package the perfect shape and structure. But from the back, it’s a whole other ballgame.

These relatively basic briefs are elevated by the fact that they are completely bottomless. Ostensibly, the absence of a back is for ease of movement,  but there are a thousand and one other things that come to mind when we think of underwear without backs, and funnily enough, a lot of them require quite a lot of movement too.

Maybe the producers were actually on to something. Apart from wearing them as everyday underwear, these briefs can also be worn to parties and raves and are one that makes Modus Vivendi one of the best gay underwear brands there are.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Meander Bottomless Brief - Aqua

Royal Blue Peace Microfiber Mini Tanga Briefs

Offerings from the Peace collection have a sort of understated elegance about them, and this is no different. These mini briefs prove that big things can really come in small packages(wink, wink).

Made from 100% polyester, they follow the tradition of Peace briefs with a combination of a royal blue body and neon yellow highlights. The pouch is a huge selling point, with a seam down the middle that provides support and structure. The logo can be found on the left hip in yellow don’t against a white background, set against the yellow waistband for a stylish touch.

The polyester fabric is comfortable,  lightweight, and breathable. As an added advantage,  these briefs can double as swimming trunks if you get the urge to take a dip.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Peace Microfiber Mini Tanga Briefs - Orange

Tiffany’s Velvet Low Cut Briefs

These briefs are from Tiffany’s Velvet collection, and right from the jump, it’s pretty easy to see why. The name evokes a sense of luxury, and that’s exactly what these briefs are luxurious.

Elastane and polyester form a sheer, fitting body,  over which soft velvet is layered in stripes to create a peekaboo effect while still maintaining the comfort and tailoring that MV briefs are known for. The logo can be found in the waistband, which sits low on the hips for a flattering effect.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Tiffany's Velvet Low Cut Briefs - Black

Marine Tanga Briefs

Black briefs from the Navy collection may sound a bit like an oxymoron, but one look at these briefs will have you forgetting your petty grammar quibbles.

They are in a familiar nautical design, but things are switched up a little, with back replacing the blue in the stripes. By far, the most interesting feature, though, is the modern, stylized MV logo sitting pretty in the middle of a wide waistband.

This is a big departure from the stylish and understated logo tag Modus Vivendi is known for, and I love it. It shows that the storied, luxurious brand can switch things up with the best of them. All the biggest brands do it – see the Calvin Klein logo updates – and MV is not left out.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - _Modus Vivendi Marine Tanga Brief - Black

Eggs Tanga Brief

I have no idea why the briefs’ collection is called ‘Eggs .’And honestly? I don’t care either. All that matters to me is whether these briefs live up to the MV standard, and I’m happy to report that they do.

Once again,  they switch things up with the MV logo, choosing instead to go for the classic pattern of repeating the brand name in black on a white background.

The rest of the briefs, though, is familiar terrain,  with pure cotton forming a comfortable structure complete with a seamed pouch for support and back coverage. The cotton provides adequate ventilation, while the low cut does wonders for your hips and calves.

Best Modus Vivendi Underwear - Eggs Tanga Brief - Royal

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