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The 25 Best Gay Crop Tops To Make You Feel And Look Sexy AF!

The 25 Best Gay Crop Tops To Make You Feel And Look Sexy AF!

There is no way around it, gay crop tops are hot and having a comeback like so many retro things at the moment, there is just something inherently sexy and provocative about these truncated shirts. They can be an alluring way to show off some skin without being outright trashy (not that there’s a damn thing wrong with trashy).

A good way to think of a gay crop top is as an appetizer hinting at the delectable main course. If you’re a tease then you’ll have a ball (figuratively and perhaps otherwise) in one of these saucy little shirts – which is probably why the gay community has embraced them again so quickly. Not to mention they are an easy way to challenge heteronormativity because for some reason the simple idea of a man proudly showing off a couple of inches of midriff still manages to cause controversy.

Besides challenging gender stereotypes, what’s really fabulous about gay crop tops is that they work with almost any kind of legwear you can imagine: jeans, skirts, leggings, shorts, even tight gay swimwear or jockstraps, you name it.

Iconic Fleece Cropped Top - gay crop top

Interestingly, the gay crop top is a descendant of the Egyptian bedlah, the belly dancer’s outfit which, rather naturally, tended to reveal and accentuate the midriff. Something of that exotic (at least to the Western imagination) aesthetic survives in the modern-day version.

Certainly the gay crop top is a crowd-pleaser in the hot summer months as well as a nice way to switch things up if you feel like showing a bit more skin but don’t want to fall back on just being totally shirtless or baring your arms with a tank top. They work especially well if you have a leaner, willowy midriff, though they can be flattering on any body type to be sure – and we are all about body positivity and helping everyone to feel confident and sexy in their own body.

So, let’s upset some old-fashioned straight folks by messing with their precious gender roles and take a look at the best gay crop tops to make you feel and look sexy AF! Abbed circuit boys, chunky bears, skinny twinks, hairy otters, smooth, gay, non-binary, trans — whatever and whoever you are, this summer is *the* summer to say “fuck it” and make whichever outfit choices that you want.

Everyone else can mind their own damn business.

gay crop tops
gay crop tops - lgbt crop top - gay pride crop top - gay mens crop top 2
gay crop tops - lgbt crop top - gay pride crop top - gay mens crop top
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Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles Crop Top

Make a statement and get a chuckle at the same time with this cute little crop top. They say the best way to lower people’s defenses is with humor. And relatable humor is the best kind, because who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls, right?

If this goofy kind of witticism is just your kind of thing, then why not add this charming shirt to your wardrobe?

lgbt crop top - Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles Crop Top

Solid Color Crop Top Shorts 2 Piece Outfit

This casual two-piece outfit consists of both shorts and a crop top and comes in yellow, orange, and black, and you are going to love it no matter which color choice you go with.

The great thing about this kind of outfit is that it’s always in style and always easy to pull off. Really you need at least one outfit like this in your closet for those times when you still want to look good but don’t feel like getting “dressed up.”

Or in other words, for when you don’t want to spend all morning putting in a huge effort. And why should you when you can just simply throw this on and get out the door looking fabulous in five minutes or less?

This is another great summertime outfit that is sure to become a favorite: it is ultra-comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to look good and feel good in. It is fine for just lying about the house and it’s equally fine for a quick jaunt to the grocery store or the park, the cookout, or the ball game.

It also makes an amazing male festival outfit. Why not make it yours today?

Solid Colour Crop Top + Shorts (2 Piece Outfit) - gay clothing

Supergay Crop Top

This hot gay crop top has a basic-yet-trendy design and a straightforward message. You’ll feel like a superhero wearing this, especially to a pride event. It is as unabashed as you are, and embodies that bold, intrepid spirit of defiance that comes with self-realization, and with being confident in your own skin and loving who you are.

The fact that it is crop top only makes it all the more brazen – but who says that’s a bad thing?

lgbt crop top - Supergay Crop Top

Solid Color Mesh Crop Top Shorts 2 Piece Outfit

Here we have another beautiful two-piece mesh outfit. This one is available in yellow or purple, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in either of these color options. It includes the crop top and the shorts.

This is another item that will make you feel darling when you wear it out and about. It is also cool and comfortable warm-weather attire for those hot summer days, which also makes it perfectly suitable for yoga class, the gym, or any outdoor activity, say a little game of volleyball at the beach or just throwing the frisbee back and forth with friends at the park.

There is no reason you can’t feel comfortable and look good while doing it.

Solid Colour Mesh Crop Top + Shorts (2 Piece Outfit)- Gay Apparel Ideas

Don’t Fuck It Up Crop Top

You’ll never forget RuPaul’s sage advice when you own this crop top. The kissing lips are just the right sassy touch.

Own the tee, own the same fabulosity as the legendary gender-bending TV goddess, and own the same knock-em-dead, take no prisoners spirit of the famous saying. So put it on, get out there and remember: “Don’t Fuck It Up.”

lgbt crop top - Don't Fuck It Up Crop Top

Pink Turtleneck Crop Top

Adorable, fabulous, stunning. These are just a few of the terms one would use to describe this gorgeous pink turtleneck gay crop top . And yet even those adjectives don’t quite do it justice. This chic, voguish, beguiling and glamorous top can be yours if you possess the right kind of confidence, the right kind of swagger.

And if you possess them then you will be absolutely unstoppable in it. This is a bold, empowering piece of fashion to have in your arsenal.

It is an alluring piece to be sure and is most apposite when you want to play the tempter or temptress. The top has a cross-folded design which makes it infinitely more interesting and features an inverted V cut that is very revealing of the midriff and upper body in general. Its subtle highlight – the turtleneck – adds a certain air of reserve to the top that, while at first glance may seem to be at odds with its seductive nature, actually serves to lend it an intriguing complexity.

This is an aesthetic that proclaims, “You will never have this…but you just might.” All told this is a sensational piece of fashion that deserves a prominent place in your queer wardrobe.

Pink Turtleneck Crop Top - gay clothing

Woke Up Like This Crop Top

You’ll feel like a rock star with this on. It gives off a chill vibe yet has a ton of swagger – an easy nonchalance that can’t be faked or affected. If this suits your personality to a tee (if you’ll excuse the pun) then this sexy top has a place in your closet.

Break it out when you’re feeling especially self-confident. Or adversely, if you just aren’t feeling it today, then there’s nothing like just the right shirt to remind you how awesome you are.

gay mens crop top - I Woke Up Like This Crop Top

Iconic Fleece Cropped Top

What a way to finish up this list of fabulous gay apparel. Bring out your inner barbarian sex god with this sensational, jaw-dropping fleece crop top. You are sure to drive them wild wherever you go in this sultry, revealing item. Though it takes a bit of courage to wear something like this, it is so worth it, because when you put yourself out there it makes you feel powerful and gives you a sense of liberation, and gives you a sense of your own sensual potency.

Once you overcome those initial inhibitions and begin to find your comfort zone, you start to get the feeling that you can take on anything in the world, and that self-confidence you didn’t know was hidden inside you begins to shine through. You will truly start to feel like a whole new you, or at least a whole new side of you that was there all along and just waiting for a chance to come out.

And at the end of the day, that is what fashion and dressing up is all about. It is so much more than just the clothes; it is about self-discovery and self-realization – about finding who you are and unlocking the hidden potential within you.

Iconic Fleece Cropped Top- Gay Apparel Ideas

Hot Mess Crop Top

This cute little gay crop top says “HOT MESS” and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like when you put it on. The lettering is done in a spectrum of gorgeous rainbow colors so it perfectly reflects your pride, and in a basic but attractive font that drives home this very direct fashion statement.

Do you ever have one of those days where you don’t want to dress up, where you just want to let your hair down and run about in all your unkempt glory in your slouchiest house clothes? This is the perfect top to complete the look and – most importantly – make it work.

gay mens crop top - Hot Mess Crop Top

Shiny Long Sleeve Crop Top

Another fabulous crop top that needs to be part of your gay clothing collection. The highlight of this one is the beautiful, lustrous shine of the fabric. You are going to feel like a rock star in this hot item. It’s loud, it’s bold, it’s flamboyant, energetic, vivacious, and best of all it’s you.

You’ll love the glamorous silver sheen – rest assured you will not go unnoticed at the party, parade, festival, rave, or gala (yes, this top is nothing if not versatile). Pair it with almost anything: jeans, leggings, a skirt. And might we suggest you go with colors that are conventionally thought to go well with silver say, lime green or pale blue, or of course black. It all depends on what kind of vibe or aesthetic you are going for, and the possibilities are almost limitless!

These kinds of cropped shirts with long sleeves possess an aesthetic that is both intricate and sophisticated, and they tend to give an impression that is more refined, more urbane than that of other types of cutoff shirts and half shirts. If you like to stay vogue, if you like to be adventurous when it comes to your style, then this deserves a place in your closet.

Shiny Long Sleeve Crop Top - gay clothing

I Like the Wine Pansexual Pride Crop Top

This truncated top is made just for those most adventurous of souls out there who choose to forego the labels. Whether you are still in the process of self-discovery and searching for your identity or you consider yourself a sort of sexual sommelier, this shirt perfectly encapsulates your undaunted spirit.

And best of all it does so with the kind of (ironically) dry wit that tends to lower people’s defenses and perhaps, put at ease their own insecurities. The shirt is not only a proud fashion statement but it is also the perfect icebreaker.

gay mens crop top - I Like The Wine Pansexual Pride Crop Top

Bossy Bottom Crop Top

Make a statement that is both loud and proud with this stereotype-shattering phrase. It perfectly captures who you are and what you’re all about in two little words, appropriately done in bold, no-nonsense lettering which subtly adds to the effect.

For any subby tops out there: this will make the perfect gift for that bitchy-but-lovable bossy bottom in your life. Anyone familiar with the Johnny McGovern Gay Pimp anthem “Bossy Bottom” will just adore this.

gay pride crop top - Bossy Bottom Crop Top

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The Gay Agenda Crop Top

This politically-conscious item is a great way to display gay pride while flaunting your own sexy stuff. The shirt features a clever graphic which takes a terminology that is meant to be acerbic and turns it on its head to create a message of solidarity.

The best way to fight hate is with its opposite, so show your support for LGBTQ rights and look hot doing it with this skimpy piece of pridewear.

gay pride crop top - The Gay Agenda Crop Top

Queer Crop Top

There is nothing ambiguous about this blunt gay pride shirt. The best way to wear your personality on your sleeve is to do it with boldness. This not-so-subtle message will let any potential haters know just how many fucks are being given. But it looks cute too!

Now ask yourself how many shirts you’ve seen lately that manage to accomplish all that with a single word? If you like your fashion statements brash and brazen, then this gay crop top is tailor-made (pun intended) and perfectly fitted (again, pun intended) just for subtly salty folks like you.

gay pride crop top - Queer Crop Top

Got Milk Printed Crop Top Pants 2 Piece Outfit

Can someone be turned on while simultaneously laughing their ass off? Put this on and find out! Get this two-piece cow print outfit, which includes both the crop top and the leggings, and it will swiftly become a favorite of your collection. Animal prints – and cow prints in particular – are very trendy right now (who could forget Doja Cat’s Mooo on Instagram a few years back?), which is why you have been seeing them all over the place.

There’s no better time to get in on this fun fashion movement than right now. And there’s no better place to start than with this sexy outfit that also doubles as a great LGBT Halloween outfit. It would be just the right thing to have in your closet when you find yourself in a frisky mood and you want to let out your playful side.

What makes the cow print so appealing is that it evokes many things at once: playfulness, zany humor, whimsy, a carefree attitude. A willingness to laugh at one’s self. The revealing truncated top of this outfit adds a seductive element to it that most will find irresistible. To be sure it is not a low-key ensemble. Wear it out and see if you don’t get chatted up everywhere you go.

Got Milk? Printed Crop Top + Pants (2 Piece Outfit)- Gay Apparel Ideas

Solid Color Hooded Long Sleeve Crop Top

Here we have another adorable-as-all-get-out top, this one a cropped hoodie. It’s like having the best of both worlds with this: you get that cute and huggable effect of the hoodie, combined with the showiness and raw sex appeal of a crop top.

What’s even better is that you can get the best of both worlds in either black or pink. This top is a great way to be cozy and show some skin, and that kind of dichotomy – that blend of sugar and spice, of coyness and flirtatiousness – can hold a powerful allure. You will positively drive them wild in this. Show your proud and playful side when having this on. Give them a tease they won’t soon forget.

And if you happen to be headed to a rave, or just down to the bar for a few drinks, or even a pride parade, then you are sure to fit right in yet stand out in all the right ways when you wear this snazzy top. You are sure to love it.

Solid Color Hooded Long Sleeve Crop Top - gay clothing

Sissy That Walk Crop Top

Another shirt based on another iconic phrase (turned meme turned smash hit inspirational music video with multiple millions of views on YouTube) courtesy of the matchless RuPaul.

Do RuPaul proud and show your strut with this darling little crop top – you’ll feel like a queen of the runway! And if you fly, or if you fall, you’ll be on your way. So arch that back, put some sway in those hips, and sissy that walk!

gay crop tops - Sissy That Walk Crop Top

Pro Hoe Crop Top

Show your support for liberal causes, but with an added humorous touch. You can be both socially conscious and comically-inclined with this fun piece of apparel. It’s about time the world wised up to the fact that there’s nothing wrong with those among who, shall we say, have a lot of love to give and like to spread it around.

But in all seriousness, this shirt is a great way to voice your convictions but do so in a more disarming fashion, and really that is the best way to get others thinking.

gay crop tops - Pro Hoe Crop Top

Black Turtleneck Crop Top

This is without question one of the most dashing, suave, urbane and elegant things we are featuring on this gay apparel list. Do you like your fashion voguish and a little risqué (or even a lot)? Then this will no doubt beckon to you.

It recalls glam fashion of yore but manages to eschew the excess which that style was sometimes guilty of. And no doubt you will feel glamorous in this. Just know that it is not for the bashful as it is quite revealing of the midriff. Put it on and be proud and intrepid, and don’t be afraid to show off that sexy six-pack (even if you are still working on it).

Sleek and oh-so-flattering, this sultry top radiates raw sex appeal. You’ll be a hit in this at the club, party, wherever. In fact you just might have to beat them off with a stick, as the expression goes, which might just be a whole new avenue of fun for you in itself. 

You simply must have this in your collection of you like to really “dress up” and can’t get enough of that empowering feeling that comes with it (which, by the way, is a legitimately recognized psychological phenomenon called “dopamine dressing).

Black Turtleneck Crop Top- Gay Apparel Ideas

Floral Pink Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top

How can you not adore this beautiful cherub motif transparent top? This is surely one of the most unique things we have on the list. You will love the way the mesh fabric looks and feels, and you will adore the lush, beautiful color.

You are going to feel angelic yourself when seeing the impression this makes, and the kinds of reactions and compliments you are bound to receive when seen in this heartbreakingly beautiful shirt. We can virtually promise you that you have seen nothing like it – this is one distinct and original shirt.

Just imagine wearing this to a Christmas party, and the kind of impression you will make. This is dead-on perfect for the holiday season, and if you don’t mind letting others in on this gorgeous and original piece of fashion, then it would make a fabulous gay gift or Christmas present.

Floral Pink Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top - gay clothing

Masc 4 Mascara Crop Top

This cropped shirt puts an amusing spin on a phrase that has historically been the source of much controversy within the gay community.

It is also a reference to a popular and thought-provoking show by cabaret singer/spoken word artist Eddy Cavazos. Though a text-only design, this tee has a playful aesthetic that will suit you perfectly especially if you like to wear makeup and generally consider yourself a fan of cosmetics.

gay crop tops - Masc 4 Mascara Crop Top

Thirsty Crop Top

You’ll have lots of fun wearing this charming little shirt out and about with its flirtatious double entendre. Make this a part of your wardrobe and get a rise (maybe in more ways than one) out of those you meet, or at the very least a chuckle.

This shirt is a good way to lighten the mood and be flirty at the same time. Besides, who doesn’t get a little thirsty from time to time?

gay crop tops - Thirsty Crop Top

Pride Crop Top

It’s amazing how one simple word can say so much. This shirt immaculately embodies the spirit of pride with beautiful rainbow-colored lettering on an otherwise plain black or white gay crop top. Wearing this will bring out that fierce, sexy beast within you.

There could be no more appropriate thing to wear to a pride parade, or to a rave or dance party. This is practically a must-have if you are a gay fan of crop tops at all.

gay crop tops - Pride Crop Top

You Look Like Linda Evangelista Crop Top

This final gay crop top to round out our list pays homage to one of the most memorable moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Aja’s sassy rant has even been set to a beat and turned into a popular song available on all the major music streaming services.

Don’t you wish you had that kind of sass? Well now you can with this fun fashion item, sure to get a laugh out of anyone familiar with this piece of pop culture.

lgbt crop top - You Look Like Linda Evangelista Crop Top

Solid Color Velour Long Sleeve Crop Top

This suave and sexy crop top comes in black, rose and blue, and you will love it no matter which color you choose. This top is a good choice for more formal settings where you want a look that is just a bit more refined but still sexy as hell.

Who says you can’t be well-dressed and seductive at the same time? This will be a hit at a cocktail party, soiree or gala event. Just be prepared to drop some jaws in this revealing crop top.

If you are not used to wearing velour, well then it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing. It is a super-comfortable fabric that is soft and pleasant to the skin. This particular velour shirt has a lustrous sheen and looks positively fabulous. You need this in your closet for the occasions where you are going for a cultivated, cosmopolitan look that still retains something of your innate sexual energy.

Make it yours today.

Solid Color Velour Long Sleeve Crop Top- Gay Apparel Ideas
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