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25 Queer & LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas For Trick-Or-Treating Hallow-Queens!

25 Queer & LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas For Trick-Or-Treating Hallow-Queens!

The queer community is all about celebrating sexual liberation, so for many of us, Halloween is considered our national holiday. And for those of you who take it as seriously as we do, you are going to want to keep reading for your list of fabulous LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is a celebration of costume and disguise, a lived experience so many of us are familiar with as a result of daily growing up in the closet and wearing a mask to conceal our true selves. Halloween extends an opportunity to expose ourselves in ways society usually deems inappropriate and a possibility to praise fetishes we are so frequently made to hide.

In this spirit, Halloween is just another Saturday night at the club for some, but for others, it is an occasion to take the streets and a night where everyone is empowered to be whoever they want to be. Even the straights get a bit wild – though typically in trappings that are incredibly heteronormative, rooted in gender roles, or use culture as a costume. We are not about that here, and you won’t see any such outfits appear on our list of queer and LGBT Halloween costume ideas.

After all, when daybreak comes, those in such outfits will turn straight back into plain pumpkins while us fairy godmothers just keep on being fabulous.

25 Queer & LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas For Trick-Or-Treating Hallow-Queens! - Mean Girls Christmas Costume
25 Queer & LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas For Trick-Or-Treating Hallow-Queens!- Sexy Gay Football Player Costume Outfit - hot gay halloween costume ideas
Sexy Golden Cat Costume - 25 Queer & LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas For Trick-Or-Treating Hallow-Queens!

If you still don’t believe us that Halloween is an international queer holiday or a ‘Gay Christmas,’ just look around the world at the HalloQween Party in Melbourne, the Cape Town Halloween Party, the WE Dracula Halloween Special in London, and, of course, the NYC Village Halloween Parade and all its associated circuit parties. North America is undeniably a hotspot for LGBT Halloween parties, but we dare you to name a place in the globe with an out-and-proud gay community that isn’t hosting an LGBT Halloween party.

Attend any of these events, and you’ll immediately see why they’re so popular. Halloween also provides an excellent opportunity to reveal a little more flesh than usual and keep things interesting. Though on a typical night, queers aren’t exactly noted for their conservative attire – so you just know we are going to be more extra than extra on Halloween.

Whatever reaction you’re hoping for, these gorgeous Halloween costumes for LGBT people are bang on-trend. There are classic idols (think Loki and Super Mario), sensual takes on traditionally masculine clothing (hello, navy sailor), and plenty of hot-blooded gender-flips. Because gender is a construct, and most of our LGBT costume ideas are suited no matter where you sit on the gender spectrum. We also have covered lesbian Halloween costume ideas and gay costume ideas previously.

So, whether you want to be flamboyant, ghoulish, or slutty as hell, we have some LGBT costume ideas to help you bask in our eccentricity and embrace the inhibitions of Halloween night… on the streets or between the sheets! Now, go forth and be proud of who you are, and make this the queerest and most unfettered Halloween ever!

Non-Binary French Maid Costume

Live out your maid fantasies at your next party or strolling down the high street. Go full Kawaii in the nonbinary French Maid costume.

Clean up in style or just clean up your act this Halloween; this costume comes complete with a headdress and apron, fit for a royal housemaid.

Dress it up with biker boots and fishnet tights for that iconic grunge aesthetic, or pair it with patent leather shoes and dark tights for the full-on Lolita look.

Non-Binary French Maid Costume - non-binary halloween costume idea

Inflatable Left Shark Costume

Left Shark: It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Be the star of your very own viral Superbowl moment with the Inflatable Left Shark costume. Bring back 2015 pop culture memories at your next Halloween party and steal the show.

Perfect for any endearingly awkward or incompetent person. Your dance skills might be a long way off Katy Perry, but wearing this you are always going to end up as the most popular person at a party.

Inflatable Left Shark Costume - LGBT Halloween Outfit Ideas

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

The phrase “GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL” will take on a whole new meaning with this costume if you wear it out for a night of fun. Take on the role of the Pokémon protagonist and give it your own sexy twist.

The costume comes with the signature shirt and hat as well as gloves and, of course, the master ball. Go as Ash or, if it suits your preference, Ashley – the character has more than enough ambiguity, as (s)he has been voiced by female voice actors numerous times.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

Butterfly Wings and Eye Mask Costume

Have you ever wanted to be like a butterfly? This costume is as close as you are like to get. In it you can experience something like the butterfly’s delicate grace and carefree whimsy.

Complete your metamorphosis into something beautiful with one of several different shawl designs – each of them featuring a different gorgeous butterfly wing print design. The costume also comes with eye mask.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Butterfly Wings and Eye Mask Costume

Daddy Cheerleader Costume

Some guys long to be naughty girls, and that’s okay. This kinky cheerleader costume will let you pull it off. The cheer-themed attire comes in red, blue or black to suit your preference and features a skimpy little sleeveless crop top – the lettering upon which says “DADDY” – and a sexy pleated miniskirt.

Both pieces are made of a soft, elastic material that is as comfortable as it is appealing. Leave the spankies behind if you are daring enough and be the seductive little temptress you always desired to be.  Perfect for all genders, as all LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas should be!

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Daddy Cheerleader Costume

Gender-Bending Super Maria Sisters Costume

Put a whole new twist on the classic video game series with this cute line of outfits. You can choose from either the red-themed Maria or Luigina, whose trademark color is green.

Each version of the costume comes with the dress, plumber’s hat, tee-shirt, and gloves; and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the signature false mustache which is also included. This popular and well-reviewed item comes in sized M through XXL.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Gender-Bending Super Maria Sisters Costume

Inflatable Penis Costume

We’d love to start off this description with a penis joke, but we don’t want to sound cocky.

Dare we mention; this Costume is quite the package. This ain’t no travel size.

With Cocktober right around the corner, you better get all decked up with the latest and greatest inflatable Penis Costume. With a generous size to grab all the crowd’s attention, why not literally show up as the mascot itself – fully loaded?

We guarantee all-night fun and pleasure!

Inflatable Penis Costume - halloween costumes for gay guys

Ghost Bride Costume

Check out this striking garb, which manages somehow to be spooky and elegant at the same time. This beautiful silver-white dress comes with a scarlet-red sash, decorated with a beautiful rose boutonniere, that makes for an exquisite color combination.

Made of a fine-quality polyester blend, the dress currently comes in only one size that is recommended for bodies that are smaller in stature. Whether you are a man, woman, gender-fluid, or non-binary/androgynous, this Ghost Bride costume will allow you to channel that aura of morbid, sensual mystique.  

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Ghost Bride Costume

Inflatable Person Riding a Unicorn Costume

Surely one of the more intricate, not to mention creative, LGBT Halloween costume ideas on this list. It depicts the wearer riding a (inflatable) unicorn, which comes with an inflating fan and a battery box that uses four AA batteries (not included).

The costume comes in adult-medium size, which should be a suitable fit for most excluding very large individuals. While this costume may seem purely whimsical at first glance, there is a variety of symbolism associated with one who rides a unicorn, such as one who embraces his inner “freak” rather than hiding it away from the world.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Inflatable Person Riding A Unicorn Costume

Non-Binary Japanese Student Costume

To the untrained eye, you will be looking like a sailor girl. It’s only the connoisseurs who will know that you’re, in fact, wearing a school uniform – Japanese to be exact.

Originally designed for Japanese high school girls, the outfit can easily be transformed into a queer dream that will teleport you into your favorite Japanese Anime series.

Make a statement at the next Comic-Con, or wear it as an everyday staple. Pair yours with knee-high dark socks and dark Oxford shoes to complete the look.

Non-Binary Japanese Student Costume - Gender Non-Conforming Halloween Outfit Idea

Mesh Gay Cat Costume

Feline the purrrride in our sexy Mesh Gay Cat Costume. Show off that panther body in the full animal print mesh bodysuit and add a flirty, fun touch with the kitty tail boxers.

The mask and chest harness will take this outfit from rave to bedroom in no time. This Halloween, become one of those famous animals who just won’t wear a collar.

The costume comes complete with the full-body mesh suit, mask, tailed shorts, and chest harness. Complete the look with your favorite biker boots and a touch of black eyeliner.

Mesh Gay Cat Costume - sexy gay halloween costume ideas

Loki The God Of Mischief Costume

Your mischief can’t be managed in this dashing ensemble, inspired by the hit Marvel Studios-produced show on Disney+, Loki, and its bisexual/genderfluid lead character.

It includes the entire men’s dress suit: shirt, vest, vote-for-Loki badge, trousers, jacket, and tie; the Asgardian headpiece is optional. Let your roguish side loose and look snazzy doing it. Be the hit of any costume party. This is the perfect choice for any fan of anime, comics, or cosplay.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Loki The God Of Mischief Costume

Mesh Gay Navy Costume

Flaunt what you’ve got and show your pride with this fun maritime outfit. Embrace the spirit of the famous song by The Village People: “Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure/where can you begin to make your dreams all come true…In the Navy!”

Let your freak flag fly with this one-size-only racy costume, which includes the officer’s hat, tie, shorts, and sexy mesh bodysuit. Even the nunchakus are included if you need to dish out some kinky discipline. The Navy won’t know what hit ‘em.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Mesh Gay Navy Costume

Minimalist Ancient Deity Costume

Warning: this attire is only for the most confident among us. It is comprised of the neck collar, belt, and a pair of wristbands – that’s it. Think your sexy enough to pull this off? To let you in on a little secret: yes, you are.

For sexy is a state of mind and comes from within, from being at peace with not only your body but with who you are. It is the willingness to share that acceptance of one’s self with those around you and in so doing empower them with the same amour-propre.

So throw your inhibitions to the wind and wear this ultra-revealing item. Wear it with swagger. Wear it with pride.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Minimalist Ancient Egyptian Costume

Sexy Gender-Bending Wet Look Maid Costume

The saucy little maid is every man’s (or woman’s) fantasy, be they of any sexual persuasion or orientation. Play the role of domestic tempter or temptress with this breathtaking costume. Seduce anyone.

This gender-bending costume comes with a front lace-up crop top and flared skirt, is made of spandex and leather, and features a sheen for that super-sexy “wet look.” The skirt has a satin apron and satin lacing adorns the top.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Sexy Gender-Bending Wet Look Maid Costume

Simple Naughty Devil Costume

Are you a devil in disguise? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. The Naughty Devil Costume comes with a devil horn headband, devil’s trident, and a lustrous black wing.

The wing contains a fold-able iron wire for convenience and is worn with comfortable elastic shoulder straps. This costume comes in two sizes, S and M, the latter of which is suitable for most adults while small (S) size is ideal for children.

It is the perfect choice if playful devilry is what you are going for.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Simple Naughty Devil Costume

Pennywise The Scary Clown Costume

Any horror fan will recognize this instantly, especially Stephen King aficionados. This costume is a great choice if you’re feeling scarier than sultry – great for avoiding unwanted attention from aggressive men.

It features the dress and frilled collar. The dress is white and gray with red stripes adorning the top and bouffant, bright-red clown buttons, and is probably best suited for what clowning professionals call the “straight whiteface” style (there are different varieties of clowns, in case you didn’t know).

The look can be taken a step further if you choose. Add a crazy clown wig and makeup for added effect, or just go with the costume as-is if you’d rather tone it down a notch.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Pennywise Scary Clown Costume

LGBT Angel Rainbow Wings Costume

Now that you’ve reserved your place in Gay Heaven, you must secure yourself a pair of LGBT Angel Rainbow Wings. After all, you do want to fly through the doors fast, so you don’t miss the best spot in the Ballroom Night show.

You know what they say, right?

Every time an angel gets its wings, Paul McCartney gets a royalty check. Darling, for these Pride-toned wings, it must be Elton getting a royalty check.

LGBT Angel Rainbow Wings Costume - gay couple costumes

LGBT Rainbow Suit Costume

 Taste the rainbow but keep it 007 in our LGBT Rainbow suit!

What better way to make a classy mark at the next Pride Parade? Complete with a t-shirt and tie, the Rainbow Suit will put Huntsman to shame the second you walk in. Don’t forget about the brilliant rainbow tie! It’s a classic tie-it-yourself kind of tie, so make sure you learn how to tie that Windsor knot!

If you’re feeling lucky and colorful, elevate your look with the above rainbow Angel Wings.

LGBT Rainbow Suit Costume - gay costume ideas

Cher Clueless Yellow Preppy Costume

Who remembers the lovable preppy airhead from the 1995 film “Clueless?” This chic costume pays homage to the movie’s fashion-conscious heroine Cher Horowitz (played by the sensational 90s icon Alicia Silverstone) and one of her most memorable outfits: the unforgettable Mona May-designed yellow plaid dress.

Have a blast with this at any costume party and channel your inner Cher Horowitz. Comes with both the top and skirt.

Who’s ready to be a disco-dancin’, Oscar Wilde readin’, Streisand ticket-holdin’ friend of Dorothy. You know what I’m saying?…

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Cher Clueless Yellow Preppy Costume

Mean Girls Christmas Costume

Here we have another costume inspired by an iconic teen comedy, this time 2004’s “Mean Girls,” written by comedy giant Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan. However, this naughty Christmas getup, taken from the racy talent show scene in which the Plastics perform a very suggestive rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock,” is suitable for any kind of costume-themed gathering.

Or it is perfect for a rendition of Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” … if you don’t know, go watch the music video now! 

With the Mean Girls Christmas Costume, you get the dress, the Santa hat, and the legwarmers.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Mean Girls Christmas Costume

Shiny Mermaid Costume

You can hardly go wrong with this enticing mermaid costume, and if you’ve ever wanted to be a sexy siren, then this costume is made just for you. It features a beautiful emerald fishtail skirt and a red-violet padded crop top that elegantly displays the upper body.

The skirt has a fish-scale print design with a gracefully elongated sheer hem. Both the skirt and the top are made of a polyester-spandex blend, a soft material that breathes and is super-comfy to wear.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Shiny Mermaid Costume

Wizard of Oz Sexy Scarecrow Costume

You’ll be a surefire hit at the party with this instantly recognizable costume, taken from one of the all-time most beloved films in cinematic history. This outfit gives it a sexy twist, however, yet does so in a way that leaves you free to give it your own interpretation: be a prim, coquettish little scarecrow or make the object of your desire pursue you.

If your style is of a, shall we say, less passive nature, then let your macho sideshow. This costume is for anyone, so make it your own. This patchwork attire comes with dress, scarf, top, and hat, and these latter two items are designed to convincingly replicate the texture of old burlap for a believable look.

Don’t see why the Wizard Of Oz would be gay? The books is full of strong women in close relationships with each other, gender-bending princes, and in the original 1906’s Road to Oz, Polychrome tells Dorothy “You have some queer friends, Dorothy.” To which our plucky young heroine replies, “The queerness doesn’t matter, so long as they’re friends!”

Now, who is ready to be a literal friend of Dorothy!

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Wizard Of Oz Sexy Scarecrow Costume

Inflatable Gay Unicorn Costume

Be a unicorn in a field full of horses!

The rarest creature of the fantasy world, the Inflatable Gay Unicorn! Always out of sight, just like a fairy or a gremlin, but nevertheless, always there.

Be ready to win every costume party contest and spread joy and queer sparkles with every step you take! Crash a wedding, stomp in style around the office or simply have a good laugh at home – the Inflatable Gay Unicorn costume will have them all pick you over a rainbow.

The costume comes complete with gloves, an inflating fan, and a battery box.

Inflatable Gay Unicorn Costume - funny gay halloween costumes

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Anyone can be a queen with this, the final item on our list and one of the most stunning. To be sure we have saved one of the best for last. The dark storybook aesthetic is in full force here, with motifs of hearts and harlequins on a stark black dress.

The result is nothing short of jaw-dropping, and is the ultimate display of self-confidence no matter your body type or how you identify your sexual self. Heads may not roll but they will definitely turn when you walk into the party. Includes dress, stockings, and tiara.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Sexy Queen Of Hearts Costume

We hope you had fun perusing these exciting queer and LGBT Halloween costume ideas. There is surely something here for everyone, and we hope you have found something here that is just so perfectly “you.”

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