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10 LGBT Marvel Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe – Or Who Could Be Introduced Soon!

10 LGBT Marvel Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe – Or Who Could Be Introduced Soon!

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has undoubtedly been a huge success, many people have rightly complained that despite Marvel’s vast array of characters and storylines, few of their superheroes represented the LGBT+ community.

This seems to be changing with Phase Four of the MCU – and it looks like we are finally getting the representation we crave (and deserve) with the introduction of more Marvel LGBT Characters.

Many characters (though introduced earlier) are also being developed further to specifically show their queer sexuality and even more LGBT marvel characters will be added soon. To celebrate this, we are looking at queer characters who have already been injected into our much-beloved franchise so far and those that it is rumored will be getting developed further soon.

We are also cover possible other LGBT MCU characters who might have a chance at some screen time – though sadly the newest LGBT Captain America does not seem to be one of them. America’s Ass is still safely heterosexual on the big screen, for now.

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When this Asgardian warrior was introduced in Thor: Ragnarök, we saw a confident warrior who was traumatized from losing her fellow Valkyries. Whilst she escaped Thanos with half of Asgard at the beginning of Infinity War, she has only been in cameo roles. Now, she is the ruler of Asgard and will play a more predominant role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

It has also been confirmed that Valkyrie (who is a bisexual in the comics) will also be bisexual in the films. She will then be the first official LGBT+ hero in the MCU. In an interview with Kevin Fiege with Gizmodo, it has been confirmed that Valkyrie will be involved in an LGBT+ storyline in Thor: Love and Thunder.


Loki is quite possibly one of the most beloved and complex characters of the MCU. Played by Tom Hiddleston, his character has always been a staple of the MCU from his debut in Thor (2011). His shapeshifting ability and trickster-like personality might annoy audiences but as his story developed, people saw his growth and vulnerability. Soon, he rivaled Captain America and Iron Man in popularity.

However, he was always in the role of villain or a side character. It was when he became the main character that Marvel finally confirmed Loki is genderfluid. In the comics, Loki has been both a male and female. This was confirmed in Original Sin Vol 1 # 2. This decision links back further into Norse mythology, which is one source of inspiration for the character. Norse mythology Loki is also depicted as genderfluid.

While we have yet to see this play out on the big screen, the Disney+ Show Loki is well-worth watching as you see the genderfluid versions of Loki fight to save the timeline, and the bisexuality of Loki is also confirmed when another Loki know as Sylvia asks the original Loki of their dating:

“How about you? You’re a prince. Must have been would-be princesses? Or perhaps another prince?”

Loki then replies: “A bit of both. I suspect the same as you.” And with this Loki’s sexuality was confirmed (albeit not on the big-big screen) and a giant leap forward was made in Marvel LGBT representation. Depending on your perspective, this also makes it one of our favorite LGBT TV shows of all time.

Is it any wonder why dressing as Queer Loki is now one of the most popular LGBT Halloween ideas?


Deadpool is a fascinating, but often misrepresented or misunderstood queer character. Whilst the X-Men films did reference the character, it was the 2016 Deadpool that broke ground for the character. It did not try to make him a hero and recognized the pure chaos and yet the somewhat hidden genius of Deadpool.

In the comics, he has prepositioned a flustered Spiderman several times, flirted with the God of Thunder, and has had an affair with Lady Death in the brief moments he is dead. It was confirmed by director Tim Millers, that Deadpool is pansexual and is shown through how flirts with anyone and everyone on screen.

However, there has been little development of this specifc aspect in both films aside from hints in the second film. Ryan Reynolds (lead actor) has stated he would like to see more of this aspect of the character soon. Maybe we will, in Deadpool 3 (if it gets approval) – but in 2021, we really shouldn’t have to wait for a third film to get confirmation.

Sadly, while we are hopeful for the future of LGBT Marvel characters, if an R-rated raunchy comedy-action like Deadpool won’t tackle the issue of sexuality head-on, what hope do other films in the MCU have.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio

2018’s Deadpool 2 might not have made Deadpool explicitly a pansexual, but it did host the first superhero LGBT couple that is canon. Negasonic Teenage Warhead introduces Yukio and bluntly announces that she is her girlfriend. There is no dramatic reveal, just a simple quote. “She is my girlfriend.”

That’s what makes this so good.

Of course, Deadpool was not one to pass up making a joke about how the couple was opposite to one another. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD (the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization) President and CEO, praised the inclusion of this couple as it “is a milestone in a genre that too often renders LGBTQ people invisible.”

Karolina Dean

If there is one LGBT Marvel character many people can relate to, it is Karolina Dean. Dean appears in Hulu television series, Runaways and is shown to be a kind person that can do it all, but she actively struggles to live under the pretenses. The story of teenagers figuring out who they are and going against their parents makes this a must-watch.

Without spoiling it, this is one of the few shows that makes you root for the teens. Throughout the Runaway series, Dean struggles with her heritage as an alien as well as her sexuality. Ultimately, she learns to accept both parts of herself. Her relationship with her teammate Nico Minoru is unique and grows over time. The show also features the first same-sex marriage scenes of the MCU.

Miss America

Now we are moving on to more upcoming LGBT heroes in the MCU. Miss America (America Chavez) has been confirmed to debut in the MCU in Doctor Strange 2: Into The Multiverse. Miss America made waves in her comic debut in Vengeance #1 (July 2011), as the first Latin-American LGBT+ superhero.

Her ability to create star-portals and travel to different universes will be interesting to see on the big screen. What is more fascinating is how she might link to the rest of the Young Avengers. With Kate Bishop’s arrival in the limited series Hawkeye, it is looking like the Young Avengers are slowly forming.

Even if this is not the case, it will be a real treat to see this underrated lesbian marvel hero finally be brought to life on the big screen and to add to our list of best lesbian movies you should have already seen by now!

Wiccan and Speed

Miss America is not the only superhero from the Young Avengers who is LGBT+. Wiccan and Speed are both key members of the team. Wiccan has reality shifting abilities, whilst Speed can run fast. Sound familiar? Wiccan is in a committed relationship with another member, Hulking. They have even gotten married. Speed is bisexual, having been in a relationship with Kate Bishop and Prodigy (David Alleyne).  The speculation of both characters came with WandaVision. (SPOILERS!)

In the series, Wanda and Vision have twins Tommy and Billy. Unfortunately, they were wiped out of existence.  In the comics, Wiccan and Speed are revealed to reincarnations of Wanda and Vision’s sons. If there was ever a time for these two to show up, it’s now.

Moon Dragon

With all these new characters coming to the MCU, it’s hard to say goodbye to many of the characters we already know, as well as the actors associated with said characters. Drax the Destroyer is an essential part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not only was he comedic relief, but he was also up for a fight and had his brand of wisdom. However, Dave Bautista (the actor who plays Drax) was dissatisfied with the development of Drax. In an interview with Collider, he stated that he “wished they would have invested more in Drax, personally.”

This is not a hateful comment to Marvel, and he is incredibly grateful to Marvel for this opportunity. It seems that Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 is Drax’s last ride.

Why is this important? Because his departure could lead the way to the introduction of Moon Dragon. In the comics, Heather Douglas was with her parents where they were attacked by Thanos. Heather survived, but her parents were killed. Her father Arthur Douglas went on to be reincarnated into Drax the Destroyer. Heather was then taken to be raised by Titanian Shao-Lorn monks on the planet Titan.

There, she harnessed her own body to gain telekinesis powers. Hers is strong enough to rival Doctor Strange and Professor X. She also is a member of the LGBT+ community, with a long-term relationship with Phyla-Vell. If Drax is leaving the MCU, Moon Dragon is a viable candidate to join the MCU.


Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) is probably the most infamous (and the first in Marvel comics history) openly gay superhero many audiences might never have heard of. In Astonishing X-Men #51 (June 2012), Northstar married his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in Marvel’s first same-sex wedding.

Debuting in 1979, there were many hints to his sexual orientation. Back then, comic code would not have allowed an openly gay character, so creator John Byrne had hints through meeting a ‘special friend’ named Raymonde Belmonde. Bryne even went on to defend his actions, saying that “there need to be gays in comics because there are gays in real life. No other reason.”

With hints of mutants and the X-Men joining the MCU soon in the form of The Mutants, perhaps Marvel should give this historical gay character a chance on the big screen.

Ice Man

There are so many possibilities with Iceman (Bobby Drake).  Iceman is a mutant most associated with the X-Men. He’s hilarious, charming, and has a long history and many comic book arcs to focus on.  He was the second X-Men after Cyclops to join.

Since there is a high possibility of an X-Men reboot with the MCU, we think Iceman should be one of the heroes added to the rooster this time (instead of ANOTHER Dark Phoenix retelling). Iceman’s powers are so strong, he is classed as an Omega mutant. That is the same classification as Professor X himself.

However, Jean Grey does have a role to play in this story. Jean Grey reads a teenaged time-displaced Iceman and outs him as gay. However, the adult version of Iceman in this timeline already had several relationships with women. Fans were happy that Drake found out, though they also thought this was a huge invasion of privacy. If this were made into a gay Marvel film it would surely be one of the worst coming-out films of all time.

What caused outrage was that this version of Iceman was placed back in his timeline and forgot his coming out. Essentially, they put Iceman back in the closet. Fans were outraged. Going in the MCU, Marvel could rectify this whilst keeping some aspects of the story.

Like Dean from Runaways, Iceman must go through a journey of discovery. This also helps his powers develop too, such as when Emma Frost took over his body and proceeded to show his true potential (Uncanny X-Men #314). This journey would be just as interesting to see on the big screen as it was in the comics.

Let’s hope we see more of these LGBT marvel characters soon!

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