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18 Fabulous Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas For Campy Thrills And Horror Chills!

18 Fabulous Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas For Campy Thrills And Horror Chills!

There’s no time like the Halloween season for those of us gals who like to play dress-up from time to time. And who says All Hallow’s Eve has to be all about scaring the bejesus out of each other, especially when there are sexier ways to have fun?

Of course, the right costume can make or break your Halloween experience, so with this in mind let’s check out some delightfully naughty-yet-classy lesbian Halloween costume ideas that will make this year’s celebration one to remember.

But first… why is Halloween such a big deal for lesbians and the LGBT community?

The queer community is all about celebrating sexual liberation, so for many of us, Halloween is considered our national holiday.

After all, Halloween is a celebration of costume and disguise, a lived experience so many of us are familiar with as a result of daily growing up in the closet and wearing a mask to conceal our true selves. Halloween extends an opportunity to expose ourselves in ways society usually deems inappropriate and a possibility to praise fetishes we are so frequently made to hide.

In this spirit, Halloween is just another Saturday night at the club for some, but for others, it is an occasion to take the streets and a night where everyone is empowered to be whoever they want to be. Even the straights get a bit wild – though typically in trappings that are incredibly heteronormative, rooted in gender roles, or use culture as a costume. We are not about that here, and you won’t see any such outfits appear on our list of lesbian Halloween costume ideas.

After all, when daybreak comes, those in such outfits will turn straight back into plain pumpkins while us fairy godmothers just keep on being fabulous.

Sexy Queen Of Hearts Costume - Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas
Wizard Of Oz Sexy Scarecrow Costume - Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas
Cher Clueless Yellow Preppy Costume - Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas

If you still don’t believe us that Halloween is an international queer holiday or a ‘Gay Christmas,’ just look around the world at the HalloQween Party in Melbourne, the Cape Town Halloween Party, the WE Dracula Halloween Special in London, and, of course, the NYC Village Halloween Parade. North America is undeniably a hotspot for LGBT Halloween parties, but we dare you to name a place in the globe with an out-and-proud gay community that isn’t hosting an LGBT Halloween party.

Attend any of these events, and you’ll immediately see why they’re so popular. Halloween also provides an excellent opportunity to reveal a little more flesh than usual and keep things interesting. Though on a typical night, queers aren’t exactly noted for their conservative attire – so you just know we are going to be more extra than extra on Halloween.

Whatever reaction you’re hoping for, these fun Halloween costumes for lesbians are bang on-trend. There are classic idols (think Elsa & The Mistress of All Evil), scary thrills (hello, Pennywise), and seductive ideas to take roleplay in the bedroom to another level. We also have covered LGBT Halloween costume ideas and gay costume ideas previously.

So, whether you want to be flamboyant, ghoulish, or slutty as hell, we have some lesbian costume ideas to help you bask in our eccentricity and embrace the inhibitions of Halloween night… on the streets or between the sheets!

Now, go forth and be proud of who you are, and make this the queerest and most unfettered Halloween ever!

Alice In Wonderland Costume

Are you a fan of Lewis Carroll’s universally-recognizable literary character? And more importantly, do you think you can channel Alice’s dichotomy between innocence and mischievousness? If so then this lesbian costume just might be for you. It elegantly straddles the line between prim and suggestive, with a ton of flair.

The gorgeous teal coat and skirt are accented with gold, stripes, and harlequin patterns. The coat comes with a belt, and the ensemble also includes gloves and bow tie, and, of course, the Mad Hatter’s hat, without which this costume would be incomplete. The hat even contains the 10/6 reference, which aficionados of the literary work or any of its many film adaptations will appreciate.

With this fun, quirky costume you can really let loose your whimsical side and still be sexy while doing it.

lesbian costume ideas - Alice in Wonderland Costume

Robyn Hood Costume

What if, Robin Hood was actually Robyn Hood. And instead of being a band of Merry Men, most of Robin Hood’s followers were female instead of male? Do we really know what is true (history is not our strong suit) or is Robin Hood just a product of the patriarchy?

Embrace your rebellious nature this Halloween with this legendary look and become the rebel hero as you take the street and unless acts of selfless heroism!

Rock this with your favorite pair of moccasins or a pair of boots and you’ll be ready for action.

Robyn Hood Costume - female halloween costume

Cruella de Vil Costume

What better outfit could there be than to dress up as Cruella, an iconic, queer-coded villainess whose imposing towering gowns often have her mistaken for a luxuriant drag queen.

Forget the puppies; the core of what makes Cruella ‘evil’ or a queer-coded villainess is that she is a single woman who schemes to break up a happy family. A bent bone in the throat of hetero-domesticity, if you will. 

Cruella has no husband and no children and is the villain because she is anti-family. She rejects motherhood and childbirth, and therefore it is not a leap that she would scheme to murder innocent puppies for her own self-indulgent luxury.

We attempted to hire Cruella De Vil once here at Queer In The World. She has a fabulous eye for fashion and for creating clothes that work on any body shape. She just gets fashion. The only difficulty was keeping her away from any dog-themed costumes…

She perpetually wanted our hoodies to have poodle hair or introduce a new line of cloaks made of Black Labs. We tried to find a functional solution for everybody, but she was like a dog with a bone and simply wouldn’t give up on the idea of dog fur clothing, so, regrettably, we had to terminate her work with us.

It was hard to let such astounding talent go, but it was the best solution for everyone concerned – and we can now bring dogs back into the office.

 Still, we all can honor our favorite marvelously malevolent and narcissistic villain Cruella by dressing up as her this Halloween.

Just don’t hurt any puppies.

Cruella de Vil Costume - Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy Golden Cat Costume

Look, we totally get it. You like feeling sexy and exotic! But we have to tell ya…this whole obsession about needing to get plastic surgery to make yourself look like a fluffy golden cat… we’re not huge fans of it.

Sure, it’s your life and your face…but we just kinda have a sense that, much like that Spongebob tattoo you got on your shoulder in the first year of college, you’ll probably end up regretting it.

So instead of spending your life savings on a series of experimentally cosmetic procedures to catify yourself, let’s think of some other, less-bat-shit-insane plan to give you that gratifying feeling of aligning with your supposed spirit animal, shall we?

Et voilà! (Yes, the sexy golden cat is French now – don’t ask)

This Sexy Golden Cat Costume is the perfect way to live out all your feline fetish dreams (or make them come true to someone else). Bringing all new meaning to ‘She’s a cat lady’ – you’ll stay warm all Halloween night and be filled with the same smugness as our feline overlords.

Sexy Golden Cat Costume - Lesbian Halloween Costume Ideas

Ancient Goddess Costume

You can be the object of desire of every woman at the queer Halloween party with this alluring Egyptian-inspired attire.

Bring back old-world beauty and channel your inner Cleopatra or Nefertiti. Or, if you possess the right kind of unaffected confidence, be a goddess among women and unleash your inner Astarte – the Ancient Egyptian goddess of (sexual) love and war: two endeavors which are more similar than some may think.

The costume is black and gold, a color combination which exudes an aura of power, prestige, and luxury. It comes with the jumpsuit as well as a long sheer skirt which is slit along the side for maximum seduction, neme (or headdress), and ukesh collar, this latter of which is adorned with Egyptian-style motifs that lend the costume an air of authenticity.

lesbian costume ideas - Ancient Egyptian Goddess Costume

B & W Ghost Bride Costume

This kinky costume evokes the creepy film Beetlejuice, as anyone who has seen it can surely attest. The signature Tim Burton aesthetic is on full display with this fun Dead/Ghost Bride outfit, featuring a black and white color scheme with lace-fringed sleeves and a skirt.

Complete the ensemble by teasing your hair to get that just-rolled-out-of-the-grave look and applying makeup to achieve the same effect, dusting eye shadow under the eyes and cheekbones.

Or, if you’re still aiming for sexier than scary, go for your usual night-out look and just gaudy it up a little with black lipstick and a heavy layer of eyeliner to still get that creepy vibe to go along with your sexy.

lesbian costume ideas - B&W Ghost Bride Costume

Black Lace Up Witch Costume

You can be the queen of the witching hour with this cute, sultry attire. Black and red and sexy all over, this oh-so-short dress accentuates your most beguiling features and will cast a black magic spell on any whom you desire.

Besides the dress it also comes with a cute steepled hat, making the witch persona complete. And what’s best about this costume is that it has just enough ambiguity for your own distinct personality to shine through. You can be a cute, playful witch with just the right mix of sugar and spice, fire and ice, and everything that nice little witches are made of.

Or, if that’s not your style, you can be as bad a witch as you please and still work your sexy magic on all you encounter. Either way, this stunning little number is not for the bashful, as it is quite revealing.

lesbian costume ideas - Black Lace Up Witch Costume

Corpse Bride Prom Queen Costume

Have you ever seen the classic fright flick Carrie, based on the Stephen King novel? If so, then you will never forget the prom ball scene where everything goes horrifically awry. And who could forget Sissy Spacek’s unnerving performance? This costume magnificently evokes that piece of pop culture history and with it, you can be the belle of the ball.

You’re sure to make an immediate impression in this bloodstained prom dress, though it is suitably modest if you would rather avoid the more unwanted sort of attention – that is, male leering or the male gaze. The costume also comes with the tiara, so everyone will know who is Queen.

lesbian costume ideas - Corpse Bride Prom Queen Costume

Elsa the Ice Queen Costume

Another costume that pays homage to movie classics, this time a certain Disney-animated pop culture phenom based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. Now you can be a Snow Queen with this stunningly elegant dress.

Become the very embodiment of feminine grace. The dress is beautiful icy blue-white/cyan, featuring snowflake motifs adorning the bodice. The stylish sheer cape is accented with a faux-fur collar adding to the Ice Queen aesthetic.

At once dashing, cultivated, and a touch enigmatic, this spellbinding costume will make you a hit at any Halloween get-together.

lesbian costume ideas - Elsa The Ice Queen Costume

Gender-Bending Super Maria Sisters Costume

Put a whole new twist on the classic video game series with this cute line of outfits. You can choose from either the red-themed Maria or Luigina, whose trademark color is green.

Each version of the costume comes with the dress, plumber’s hat, tee-shirt, and gloves; and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the signature false mustache which is also included. This popular and well-reviewed item comes in sized M through XXL.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Gender-Bending Super Maria Sisters Costume

Khaki Grandma Costume

Wolves walk among us always, it has been said. Bring your inner wolf to the party with this funny costume, inspired by the classic fable Little Red Riding Hood. The costume is complete with a baggy dress, apron, and bonnet, and features a granny-chic floral print design for that antiquated style. It is made of a polyester-blend material that is comfortable and of good quality.

This costume is also great for deterring unwanted advances from the opposite sex, leaving you free to just have fun with it. Grannify yourself with makeup, such as applying a shader with angled brushes to create wrinkles.

Or if you’re feeling a bit more fiendish, become a wolf in disguise with a more hirsute look, which can be achieved using gray or brown tones as a foundation as well as a little bronzer along the cheeks and hairline, then applying eyeshadow in strokes with a thin angled brush for the hair.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Khaki Grandma Costume

Mistress of All Evil Costume

Inspired by a dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty, this striking lesbian Halloween costume idea manages to be at once sinister and seductive. It comes with all you need to become the bitter, evil sorceress so masterfully portrayed by the incomparable Angelina Jolie: cruelly-cut black dress, horned headdress and the signature brooch.

Each piece is made of fine-quality material. Wear the costume, wear the role and make all of them tremble before your malevolent splendor! Or just enjoy your Halloween.

Either way, this striking costume is a sure winner if you are a fan of dark fantasy or if you just like the twisted-storybook aesthetic.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Mistress of All Evil Costume

Pennywise The Scary Clown Costume

Any horror fan will recognize this instantly, especially Stephen King aficionados. This costume is a great choice if you’re feeling scarier than sultry – great for avoiding unwanted attention from aggressive men.

It features the dress and frilled collar. The dress is white and gray with red stripes adorning the top and bouffant, bright-red clown buttons, and is probably best suited for what clowning professionals call the “straight whiteface” style (there are different varieties of clowns, in case you didn’t know).

The look can be taken a step further if you choose. Add a crazy clown wig and makeup for added effect, or just go with the costume as-is if you’d rather tone it down a notch.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Pennywise Scary Clown Costume

Punk-Gothic Temptation Costume

You’ll leave all the girls absolutely devastated if you show up in this. Throw inhibition to the wind and let the world see that brazen soul within. This costume shows off not only your natural-given body but also the kind of devil-may-care confidence that is so powerfully alluring, no matter what anyone says.

Needless to say, this outfit is not for the bashful sort. This barely-there black leather attire leaves little to the imagination and lets everyone know that you are confident with your body and yourself, and that you know how to have a good time.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Punk-Gothic Temptation Outfit

Cher Clueless Yellow Preppy Costume

Who remembers the lovable preppy airhead from the 1995 film “Clueless?” This chic costume pays homage to the movie’s fashion-conscious heroine Cher Horowitz (played by the sensational 90s icon Alicia Silverstone) and one of her most memorable outfits: the unforgettable Mona May-designed yellow plaid dress.

Have a blast with this at any costume party and channel your inner Cher Horowitz. Comes with both the top and skirt.

Who’s ready to be a disco-dancin’, Oscar Wilde readin’, Streisand ticket-holdin’ friend of Dorothy. You know what I’m saying?…

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Cher Clueless Yellow Preppy Costume

Wizard of Oz Sexy Scarecrow Costume

You’ll be a surefire hit at the party with this instantly recognizable costume, taken from one of the all-time most beloved films in cinematic history. This outfit gives it a sexy twist, however, yet does so in a way that leaves you free to give it your own interpretation: be a prim, coquettish little scarecrow or make the object of your desire pursue you.

If your style is of a, shall we say, less passive nature, then let your macho sideshow. This costume is for anyone, so make it your own. This patchwork attire comes with dress, scarf, top, and hat, and these latter two items are designed to convincingly replicate the texture of old burlap for a believable look.

Don’t see why the Wizard Of Oz would be gay? The books is full of strong women in close relationships with each other, gender-bending princes, and in the original 1906’s Road to Oz, Polychrome tells Dorothy “You have some queer friends, Dorothy.” To which our plucky young heroine replies, “The queerness doesn’t matter, so long as they’re friends!”

Now, who is ready to be a literal friend of Dorothy!

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Wizard Of Oz Sexy Scarecrow Costume

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Anyone can be a queen with this, the most stunning lesbian outfits we have ever seen. To be sure we have saved one of the best for (almost) last. The dark storybook aesthetic is in full force here, with motifs of hearts and harlequins on a stark black dress.

The result is nothing short of jaw-dropping, and is the ultimate display of self-confidence no matter your body type or how you identify your sexual self. Heads may not roll but they will definitely turn when you walk into the party. Includes dress, stockings, and tiara.

LGBT Halloween Costume Ideas - Sexy Queen Of Hearts Costume

Shiny Mermaid Costume

You can hardly go wrong with this enticing mermaid costume, which rounds out our list of lesbian Halloween costume ideas. If you’ve ever wanted to be a sexy siren, then this costume is made just for you. It features a beautiful emerald fishtail skirt and a red-violet padded crop top that elegantly displays the upper body.

The skirt has a fish-scale print design with a gracefully elongated sheer hem. Both the skirt and the top are made of a polyester-spandex blend, a soft material that breathes and is super-comfy to wear.

lesbian halloween costume ideas - Shiny Mermaid Costume

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of lesbian Halloween costume ideas, and we especially hope you have found something here to tickle your fancy and fire your imagination. Just remember that the aim of the game is to have fun this Halloween season, and enjoy being yourself even if that means letting out a side of you that you don’t always show. That’s what dressing up is for, after all.

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