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The 19 Best Gay Bodysuits To Leave Them Gushing Over Your Flawlessness!

The 19 Best Gay Bodysuits To Leave Them Gushing Over Your Flawlessness!

The bodysuit was once considered solely women’s fashion, but no longer. In recent times men have been finding out what the fashion fuss is all about when it comes to these trendy items. And why shouldn’t they?

Gay bodysuits make an excellent alternative top: they tend to be made of soft fabrics that are comfortable and feel good on the skin; also they are form-fitting and thus much more flattering than bulky queer shirts (and you can say goodbye to all that tucking in, tugging out and cinching things).

They give off a vibe that are at once classy and seductive in a subtle, unaffected way. In fact, once you get on the gay bodysuit bandwagon you may never go back. And it is a bandwagon – bodysuits are quite possibly the chicest, most voguish fashion phenomenon out there right now. You don’t want to miss out, especially if you’re into LGBT fashion particularly for as you likely already know the LGBT community largely inspires – and thus is on the bleeding edge of – all the newest style developments. 

Once considered strictly bedroom apparel – a sort of midpoint between athleisure and lingerie – bodysuits have evolved in the last few decades to become versatile garments that are virtually a must-have addition to any style-conscious closet. They can be worn in a variety of ways: just simply add a bottom, be it leggings, shorts or a skirt and you have a look that is both smart and sexy but still casual; the jumpsuit variety can be worn as the center of your outfit (as you will see in our list) with the addition of a few accessories; throw on a light sweatshirt as a second layer and add some dress slacks for a look the is perfectly suitable for the office.

Latex Leotard Bodysuit

For a laid-back look that sacrifices none of your sex appeal, just pair a gay bodysuit with jeans and add your nicest belt, preferably one with a nice shiny buckle or studs, and you have assembled a sexy outfit in which the bodysuit perfectly replaces the tee shirt. These are just a few of the ways in which gay bodysuits can be made part of your every day out and about style.

This leads us to another point about bodysuits, and the one which makes us love them as much as we do: their versatility and adaptability means that you can wear them your way, no matter who you are. They tend to be flattering shapewear on any body shape, and if you are anything like us then you are BIG on body positivity.

Bodysuits can also conform to your personal fashion sense and style sensibilities whether you tend to be bolder and more adventurous or experimental with your fashion, or if you happen to be more conservative and have your sense of style figured out down to a tee. Our point is that bodysuits fall wonderfully into that category of clothing that allows you to be you, to tell your story and express who you are. Just like jumpsuits, crop tops, rompers, and gay clubwear (all of which are all very in vogue too!)

In this list, we will be showing you a wide array of the trendiest gay bodysuits on offer anywhere. As you will see, bodysuits come in a slew of fun styles; they aren’t just glorified leotards but rather they can be a staple of your wardrobe. They can have a place in just about any sort of outfit you can think of, and they can work with just about any look. It’s no wonder their popularity continues to be on the rise.

Bodysuits are especially hot within the gay community and have become a fixture of LGBT style – a fact which we are about to demonstrate with this assortment of hot gay bodysuits. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed by these one-piece wonders.

gay bodysuit
gay bodysuit
gay bodysuit
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Gay Rabbit Costume

This isn’t the Easter Bunny you grew up with, that’s for sure! It comes with all you see: the bodysuit itself, the bunny ears, the bunny tail and the bow tie. You’ll be quite the dapper – and kinky – hare when you slip into this stunning bodysuit and into a sexy new persona. This bad bunny gay costume attire puts a sensational LGBT spin on the instantly recognizable Playboy Bunny theme.

If you ever wanted to pose as a centerfold for your lucky guy friend, well now you can make that fantasy come true with this bodysuit. Break out the camera and take the fantasy to the next level – and make some definitely not PG-rated memories. There is so much fun to be had with this hot number, and all at such an insignificant cost that there really is no barrier to entry here if you are just getting into themed roleplaying.

So what are you waiting for? Get this for yourself and be amazed at your own transformation into one bad bunny.

Sexy Gay Rabbit Costume - gay bodysuit

Kinky Leather Jockstrap Bodysuit

Just from the rave reviews of this item, you can tell that it’s a real winner as if you couldn’t tell just from looking at it.

One glance is enough to tell you how insanely, ravishingly, devastatingly hot this sporty combination harness/jockstrap bodysuit is. And now just imagine how insanely, ravishingly, devastatingly hot you are going to look in it. It’s great for the kinky wrestler sort of thing, if you are into that type of roleplaying fantasy. Surprise your significant other(s) with it.

Just picture the scene: your man walks through the front door. You call him into the bedroom, where you are mischievously waiting for him. In this. Now just imagine the look on his face. We promise you that alone will make this kinky bodysuit worth the low price of admission. Whatever happens next will be added value.

To be sure, it is a sound investment if you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom – and make no mistake, this sexy bodysuit is made for the bedroom. But if you are bold enough, brash enough, and proud enough, then go ahead and rock this suit to the rave or even the pride parade. You’ll not want for attention, we promise you.

Kinky Leather Jockstrap Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Rainbow Melt Bodysuit

The reviews don’t lie: this colorful rainbow melt-themed bodysuit is a real crowd-pleaser. This hot item is available in either black or white base colors, and is phenomenal either way you go.

The object of your affections is sure to love it since it is a short bodysuit and designed for maximum appeal, if you know what we mean. Of course, it wouldn’t be an LGBT pride bodysuit without the rainbow colors, and they present here in abundance with an artistic twist with the melting color aesthetic.

It is an arresting design, to say the least, and you will be a smash hit when you wear it to your next pride parade – you will not likely see anything else like it. So if you like to stand out from the crowd and express your individuality through your fashion, well then here you go. Be unique with this fabulous bodysuit.

Rainbow Melt Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Sexy Sleeveless Hollow Bodysuit

An enticing gay lingerie-esque item that you should definitely have in your closet if you have an adventurous bone in your body (and we sincerely hope you do). This sleeveless bodysuit has a daring cut that leaves less to the imagination and simply oozes sex appeal.

You’ll feel like a master of the bedroom arts when you’ve got this on, yet it looks just as good out on the town or at the club.

Not only do we think it is one of the best male festival outfits but it would look equally cocktails by the pool, or sitting beachside in Gay Fort Lauderdale or Ibiza… because honey, there is no reason not to look this fabulous 24/7!

festival attire male - Sexy Sleeveless Hollow Bodysuit

PVC Leather Mesh Kink Bodysuit

Some parties just scream for you to go the extra mile, and this PVC leather mesh kink bodysuit should be your weapon of choice for those times. It’s head-to-toe sexiness and guaranteed to draw longing looks wherever you’re wearing it too. It’s a skin-tight design that is made from a combination of faux leather and mesh.

The design is ingenious because while leather – and faux leather by extension, tends to be hot and stuffy, mesh, which is light and airy, provides more than adequate ventilation for the suit. The mesh is carefully structured to give you a streamlined look. While still exposing enough skin for extra effect.

The problem of accessibility is solved by the provision of zippers at the front, back, and even the crotch area – so it’s not too troublesome to get out of. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to get out of it at all if you catch my drift.

PVC Leather Mesh Kink Bodysuit - gay clubwear ideas

Kinky Mesh Minimalist Bodysuit

Are you ready to live out all your wildest kinky mesh fantasies? Because we have here the ultimate sexy mesh bodysuit. There is something inherently alluring about mesh underwear, something that gets the blood hot and simmering, and this minimalist bedroom attire puts that quality on full display with a minimum of coverage.

Drive your lucky partner wild and keep them slavering for more. This is bound to become the fave new addition to your bedroom wardrobe. It will certainly add some spice to life and dial things up a notch. Get it in black, white, blue or dark gray – it doesn’t really matter because your bf is going to tear it right off you as soon as he sees you in it.

This bodysuit has that effect of bringing out the beast in him, so be warned.

Kinky Mesh Minimalist Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Rainbow Striped Hooded Bodysuit

Here is a snazzy little item that is sure to raise some eyebrows (and maybe other things) when you walk by. This hooded bodysuit is nothing short of adorable whether you get it in black or white.

It features the gay pride flag colors and is the perfect way to display your pride as well as your impeccable sense of style. As stated this is a hooded bodysuit so you get the added protection that a hoodie affords, but they are also shorts which are of course great for summertime excursions, making this a versatile piece of apparel as well as a stylish one.

This is an excellent addition to your closet that you can break out any time of year. Wear it to a pride parade or just out for a stroll down the block. What’s important is that it will make you feel great about yourself wherever you wear it.

Rainbow Striped Hooded Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Leopard Print Bodysuit

This ultra-sensual leopard print will definitely not go unnoticed when you wear it out. There is something intrinsically alluring about leopard print fashion – maybe it stems from the fact that while we may admire the leopard as the magnificent and beautiful creature that it is, we also fear it.

It has been reported that people who wear leopard prints say they feel strong, powerful, sexy. Fear and arousal are more deeply interlinked than people realize, and that is what makes this gorgeous bodysuit so sexy almost anyone can pull it off. Be the object of anyone’s desire.

Unleash that inner seducter or seductress. Turn men into beasts when they see you rocking this devastating bodysuit. Feel the pride and the power that come with being confident in who you are and what you are capable of.  

Leopard Print Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Lace See Through Bodysuit

This bodysuit leaves little to the imagination, which makes it ideal bedroom attire but it can also be matched with shorts, a skirt, whatever you please if you would like to wear this to the club or at a rave. You won’t have any problem attracting attention your way, that’s for sure!

If you like to be the recipient of admiring looks, and maybe a little catcalling to go with it, then this will surely do the trick. And back to the bedroom: this sexy mesh bodysuit is a sure way to turn up the heat; your partner won’t know what to think when they see you in this!

Add some spice to your life and do it at a minimum of cost. Sexy doesn’t come with a price tag – it’s all about you feeling that self-confidence and wearing it like a boss. Embrace your inner tempter or temptress. Become the wanton plaything you were always meant to be. Your significant other will love you for it.

Black Mesh Bodysuit - gay bodysuit
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Silver PU Leather Bodysuit

There’s nothing like spandex to drive a man wild in the bedroom. And as sexy nylon/spandex suits go it doesn’t get much hotter than this.

Now you can live out all your hot wrestler fantasies any time you like, and with a bare minimum of cost. This silver bodysuit feels as good on you as it looks. It is made for a snug fit that will highlight all your best ASSets, and feels super comfortable on the skin. Feel glamorous as you flaunt what you’ve got. Get one for yourself and another for your guy friend.

And then after that inevitable impromptu wrestling match, once the two of you are all hot and sweaty…well you get the idea. There is just too much fun to be had with this smoking hot silver spandex suit to pass it up. And at such an affordable price, why would you?

Silver PU Leather Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Mesh Gay Bodysuit

Get ready to strike a pose when you add this to your wardrobe. You are going to have an absolute blast playing seducer or seductress in this glamorous number. It’s one of the hottest items on this list to be sure, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But you don’t need the body of a Brazilian supermodel to wear this and look and feel fabulous and outrageously sexy; all you need is a little confidence and a good, healthy amount of self-love and body positivity.

At first glance, it is instantly apparent that this is ideal bedroom apparel, but it doesn’t stop there. You can knock ‘em dead anywhere you want with this scintillating and super-sexy bodysuit. Wear this and you are a guaranteed smash hit at the pride parade, the circuit party, the discotheque, or anywhere else.

Sexy knows no bounds.

Mesh Gay Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Rainbow Bodysuit

You are going to instantly adore this rainbow-themed gay pride bodysuit. It features beautiful color and will make you feel like an LGBT dynamo when you have it on.

Embrace the spirit of pride even in the confines of your bedroom and unleash your raw sexual energy. The object of your desires won’t know what hit them when you present yourself in this alluring bodysuit, put they’ll sure be happy it did! Ratchet up the bedroom action with the same adventurous spirit with which you approach life in general.

You will be amazed at how much bringing a little adventure into your life can do to take a relationship to new heights. Make this bodysuit yours today and see what we mean.

Rainbow Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Gold PU Leather Bodysuit

All that glitters is definitely gold with this snazzy little number. It is made to specifically show off everything that made him fall for you in the first place.

Now you can make him fall head over heels all over again! It will certainly pique his interest when he sees you in this gorgeous gold bodysuit. It has a snug fit to leave even less to the imagination, and the spandex material has an alluring sheen that even further highlights your curves.

Dive head-first into the world of kinky roleplaying without busting your budget – this bodysuit is perfectly affordable and will make you feel sexy and confident, just as it is intended to do. It will bring out sexual energy you never knew you had.

Get your kink on and make him happier than he ever imagined he could be. Your relationship will thank you.

Gold PU Leather Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Kinky Camo Wrestling Jockstrap Bodysuit

This camouflage-themed bodysuit comes in an array of color styles from coffee green to snakeskin, and you will love each one of them.

This is just the thing to make all your kinky fantasies come true. This super-sexy bodysuit, the lower part of which features a jockstrap design, is made for the bare minimum of coverage (a fact which your man will excitedly appreciate once he sees it on you) and is sure to bring out the sex god inside you. You may or may not have been in the army, but you’ll be quite a bedroom trooper in this stunning piece of playful erotica.

They don’t call you the Drill Sgt. for nothing, after all! You are bound to have all kinds of kinky fun with a camouflaged bodysuit. Your bedroom will look like a warzone!

Kinky Camo Wrestling Jockstrap Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Sexy Gay Wrestling Costume

This seductive suit will make you feel like the heavyweight champion of the world! You’ll be a champ in the bedroom as well with this stunning athletic bodysuit / sexy LGBT costume. Make your man swoon when he sees you in this.

Get one for yourself and one for him as well and enjoy the nightly wrestling tournaments that will surely ensue. This bodysuit is made to have a tight, form-flattering fit and has a gorgeous design that will highlight your figure, so don’t be afraid to flex those muscles and show off what you’ve got! You will be one bodacious beefcake. It’s a no-holds-barred sexy free-for-all when you show up for the fun and games with this hot item, for sexy is an attitude more than it is a look.

It’s all about having confidence in yourself and feeling pride, self-love, and approval, and being positive about your body and yourself. This is what attracts others, for at the end of the day all the firm abs in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t feel confident. Unleash your inner confidence with stunning gay fashion like this wrestling-themed bodysuit.

Sexy Gay Wrestling Costume - gay bodysuit

Colorful Rainbow Striped Bodysuit

Here we have gay pride rainbow bodysuit of choice. Perfect for the next pride parade, it will also be a hit when you wear it to the club, the bar, a trip to the mall, or just out for a morning stroll.

You will be sure to have an extra spring in your step knowing you look good, and you won’t fail to notice the looks you get either. You’ll be the envy of all your LGBT friends when you upstage them in this, and they’ll be begging you to tell them where you got it. Be a good sport and let them in your style secrets…or keep them all to yourself.

This dazzling rainbow bodysuit will be a joy to wear as well, for it is super comfortable and is made of a material that is light and breathable, making this an excellent summertime outfit. Embrace the spirit of pride, feel great and look smashing in this beautiful LGBT bodysuit.

Colourful Rainbow Striped Bodysuit - gay bodysuit

Sexy Mesh Bodysuit

Speaking in the most literal sense, you cannot fail to be devastating in this super seductive little number. Mouths will water and brows will sweat when you have this on.

This see-through, barely-there black mesh ensemble is the only thing you will ever need to turn the temperature up to simmering. Not that you likely need telling, but this hot item is not for the bashful! But if you have that self-confidence, body positivity, and pride that we strive so hard to spread with these lovingly-made LGBT products, then you will have an absolute blast playing the saucy temptress with this bodysuit.

It is made solely with that one purpose in mind. Pair it with just about any sexy bottom and you’ll gain a whole new level of popularity at the club. Or be a center of attention at the next rave. Stand out at the pride parade and grab some attention with your very own smoke show.

sexy gay bodysuit

Black Sheer Mesh Gay Bodysuit

There’s something inherently sexy about bodysuits, and when they show it of skin? SWOON. This mesh bodysuit is definitely not your granny’s pride outfit – unless your Granny has taste, in which case big ups to her. It’s made of sheer fabric that is almost completely see-through and what few parts are covered are as tight as a second skin.

You’ll need a very special – and very child-free – occasion to wear this to. The blend of polyester and spandex delivers an erotic experience steeped in comfort. You’ll get to look and feel amazing at the same time. One size fits all, so no need to waste time looking for an accurate size.

Seriously, this bodysuit is all upsides with no disadvantage. Except for the fact that you’ll have to fend off admirers with a stick, that is.

gay wear - sheer bodysuit

Mesh Gay Bodysuit

Get ready to strike a pose when you add this to your wardrobe. You are going to have an absolute blast playing seducer or seductress in this glamorous number.

It’s one of the hottest items on this list to be sure, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But you don’t need the body of a Brazilian supermodel to wear this and look and feel fabulous and outrageously sexy; all you need is a little confidence and a good, healthy amount of self-love and body positivity.

At first glance it is instantly apparent that this is ideal bedroom apparel, but it doesn’t stop there. You can knock ‘em dead anywhere you want with this scintillating and super-sexy bodysuit. Wear this and you are a guaranteed smash hit at the pride parade, the circuit party, the discotheque, or anywhere else.

Sexy knows no bounds.

Mesh Gay Bodysuit- Gay Apparel Ideas

Latex Leotard Gay Bodysuit

Got a thing for rubber? If the sight of latex makes your man go nuts, then this is a must-have for you. This shiny black latex bodysuit features a leotard design. It will make you feel at once light a graceful, lighter than air dancer, and at the same time like a badass boss of the bedroom.

Take your romantic life to heights you never dreamed of with this jaw-dropping latex suit. Even if you’ve never experimented with kink-play before, there’s no better time to expand your amorous horizons and discover what all the rubber fetish fuss is about. Make him beg and grovel at your feet. Catwoman has nothing on you when you slip into your very own latex leotard.

The fun you’ll have will be worth the low, low price of admission many times over. Don’t wait – pick yours up today.

Latex Leotard Gay Bodysuit
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