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Gay Bali | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Bali | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Bali is a true paradise – boasting lush jungles, white-sand beaches, and stunning sunsets. It’s an utterly unique destination where you can escape from it all, or lose yourself in the chaos with legendary beach parties, uber-luxurious resorts and a small-but-fun gay scene filled with queer travelers from all other the world.  

Even the faintest whisper of Bali conjures up thoughts of bliss and beauty with a rich cultural heritage, many astonishing vistas, and truly wonderful locals whose generous and genuinely warm attitudes complete the appeal of this island. 

While the LGBT rights situation across Indonesia is worsening by the day, Bali has (so far) managed to remain a relatively open pink oasis standing tall against the rising tide of hatred. As a result, it has become a popular gay haven for those in the rest of Indonesia, including Jakarta and Yogyakarta,  and the world to come to escape persecution and live as their authentic selves.  

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This curious situation is because while other Indonesian islands have a predominantly Muslim population, the Balinese have a completely unique culture with its roots in Hinduism and animism. At ease with themselves, the land and one another, the Balinese view of sexuality differs from the West, and while they are generally tolerant and gay-friendly, it is rare for locals here to embrace queer labels as an identity.

Homosexuality has never been a sin here – and remains legal across Indonesia as a whole except in the ultra-conservative province of Aceh. However, much like in other Asian cultures, family pressures to produce children result in many people resigning themselves to harmless flirtation or brief same-sex flings.

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Queer travelers should know that Bali is very safe, and one of the most friendly and welcoming destinations we have ever visited. You do not need to hide your sexuality, but public displays of affection on the streets are generally frowned up – regardless of whether you are straight or gay.

We recommend being respectful and saving it for the gay bars of Bali, or your hotel.  In saying this, even Bali is affected by the growing homophobia and intolerance across Indonesia with some cell phone carriers blocking gay content and apps – so we do recommend installing a VPN before traveling.

The most popular area for tourists to stay – and play – in Gay Bali is the Seminyak area with the Jalan Camplung Tanduk (formerly Dhyana Pura) being the unofficial gay street. Here you can find gay bars, drag shows, go-go boys, and more – and men-for-men massage spas and a gay sauna in the surrounding area.

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There are also a few gay resorts in Bali nearby either promoting themselves to gay men exclusively – or simply outlining how queer-friendly they are. There is also plenty of fashion and art boutiques, trendy restaurants, beach clubs, and more to keep you entertained.

If it all gets a bit much – you could consider escaping to the world-famous town of Ubud, with its gorgeous rice fields and more relaxed hippie vibes, or the dedicated tourist area of Nusa Dua with its upscale luxury resorts and not a single leaf out of place.

Bali might be just one island, but it is many destinations offering something for absolutely everyone  – no matter who you are or love!  Hedonistic nightlife, magnificent beaches, surfing diving, lavish resorts, ancient monuments, and breathtaking nature – it is all there waiting for you…

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Gay Bali Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Bali Indonesia

Attractions in Gay Bali

Tell us what your ideal holiday would involve, and we’re pretty confident that you could find it on Bali. Endless stretches of white-sand beaches? Check. Hiking in lush jungles? Check. Exploring traditional art and culture? Check.

Adventure? Definitely, check! From whitewater rafting to flyboarding to canyoning, and much more, you can get your adrenaline hit among some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. It’s not for nothing that Bali is called The Island of the Gods.

While people might first think of those glorious beaches and surfer-friendly waves, Bali also offers emerald-green highlands, striking waterfalls and spectacular views from the volcanic hillsides. It’s a true tropical paradise; not to mention the fact that the food is delish and the people are lovely. 

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One of the best tips we can give you for exploring Gay Bali is to pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the moment you arrive so you will not pay a fortune in international roaming charges. Get restaurants recommendation and reservations on the fly, public transport instructions up to the minute, bar opening hours and if it is your thing – access to gay hook up apps to find out more about the local scene.

Mobile data is fast, cheap and available almost everywhere in Asia so it is no wonder most travelers chose to stay connected and to get off the beaten track (without ever worrying about getting lost). So why wait? Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you in Indonesia when you arrive.

Our favorite things to do in Bali were to enjoy sunset cocktails at avant-garde beach clubs, discover foodie hotspots and relax in as many glorious infinity pools as we could fit in. In case this is not enough for you have put together a collection of the most popular activities in Bali with other gay travelers,  each of which should offer you plenty of tales to tell once you get back home. That’s if you ever want to leave! 

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Popular Activities To Do In Bali
  • Club Med Bali All-Inclusive Pass with Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks – Discover a true Balinese experience set in a modern beachside resort in Club Med Bali. Enjoy a wide range of activities including land and water sports, archery, and yoga – and when you get hungry or thirsty there is need to worry as several restaurants and bars are within reach. At night, enjoy various shows and spectacles provided by Club Med Bali. This day pass is like a sneak peek of what Club Med is about, without paying for accommodation, and honestly – the open bar alone makes it totally worth it.
  • Devdan Show – Experience Indonesian’ Unity in Diversity’ as you watch performances from cultures spread across the islands See this award-winning production on Indonesian culture and watch a fusion of modern elements like acrobatics and special effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Witness a mesmerizing collaboration genre of Indonesia folk and contemporary dance– and even a hip-hop dance!
  • Nusa Penida Full Day Tour – Explore the gorgeous Nusa Penida island with round trip transfers from Bali! Take a picture in the Insta-famous spots of Kelingking Beach (T-Rex Cliff) and Angel Billabong on the west side of the island, then explore the beauty of Diamond Beach and Tembeling Beach in the East and Southside of the island. Finish the day off by snorkeling with beautiful marine life at either Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, or Gamat Bay.
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  • Sunset Dinner Cruise – Catch a beautiful view of the sunset on board a luxury watercraft as you relax and unwind on the open-air top deck with cocktail drinks, music and dance performances throughout the night.
  • Afternoon Tea at The Chedi Club Ubud – Spend an afternoon inside a peaceful and serene restaurant surrounded by breathtaking views of natural landscapes where you can enjoy premium tea and coffee selections accompanied by sumptuous delicacies from East to West such as the Balinese-spiced tuna satay, Valrhona chocolate cake, and jackfruit fritters.
  • Surfing Lesson in Bali – It’s undeniable that Bali has become one of the go-to places for world travelers. The scenic beaches, a breathtaking sunset, and a fantastic range of ancient landmarks that attract thousands of visitors each year. While a lot has changed since its sudden popularity, one thing remains the same—it’s one of the best places in Indonesia to surf! If you haven’t tried surfing yet, there is no time like the present.
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  • Ayung White Water Rafting – Cool off from Bali’s heat by going whitewater rafting, one of Bali’s top adventure.  See the lush rainforest, stunning waterfalls, and breathtaking gorges in the surrounding areas and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch or dinner and convenient round trip transfers from your hotel.
  • Attend A Cooking Class – Learn to cook some of the most well-known Balinese dishes and get to know the history of various Balinese meals while being surrounded by Ubud’s natural beauty. Immerse yourself in Ubud’s local market scene and pick your own ingredients then taste your own creation and take the rest of your dishes home after the class! They also offer classes in Seminyak if you are short on time, though we think the Ubud location is worth the detour.
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  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking – Hike to the top of an active volcano at a height of 1717 meters (5633 feet) above sea level and be rewarded with mesmerizing views. Indulge in a delicious breakfast at the top with the backdrop of stunning Balinese mountainscapes and on the way back stop at a coffee plantation and try Luwak Coffee, the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world.
  • Bali Instagram Tour –  Visit some of the most picturesque locations in Bali and fill your Instagram page with breathtaking shots including riding Bali’s famous jungle swing for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Be wowed by the beauty of the island while also learning about its culture and history from your guide
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Gay Things To Do In Bali
  • Gay Beaches Of Bali – No beach in Bali is exclusively gay but by far the most gay-popular beach is Batu Belig Beach, just north of the original Bali Gay Beach – Callego Beach – which was closed due to new hotel development going ahead.  Batu Belig is close to the gay-popular W Resort,  and offers tables, chairs, sun lou
  • ngers and a limited range of food and drinks. Gay cruising does take the place in the nearby forested area is not common, certainly not legal, and not recommended.
  • Dive The Rainbow – An LGBT dive service in Bali designed especially for gays who are interested in diving. They do not provide pink wet suits nor do their fins have high heels, but they do believe that to dive or to learn how to dive is more convenient and fun with community members because there is nothing we have to hide or to explain and are free to just be who we each are. If you are already a certified diver they can arrange day trips and dive safaris for you to any dive spot on and around Bali and they also provide the complete range of diving courses taught by a professional PADI dive instructor in either English, German or Bahasa Indonesia.
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  • Bali Rainbow Community – A locally-based non-profit association which raises awareness and funding for HIV / AIDS in Bali. They also give financial help to people in the local community, who are sick due to HIV infection and work to make HIV testing available for free (and anonymously) to as many people as possible. For tourists, you might want to check their upcoming events as they have fundraisers and party night which are a fun way to connect.
  • Bali Gay Pub Crawl –  A new way to explore the queer nightlife of Bali. The idea behind these bar tours is to enjoy the night and hit up the clubs with these fabulous tour guides and other party-goers from all around the world! You will chill out in a cool beachfront bar with a stunning sea view while getting acquainted with other party-goers to begin the night with the first three beers on them. Once in a good mood, the whole group will move off to the gay strip of Seminyak where a welcome drink and a couple of shots are included. A lot of laughs, good company and the ability to party till morning are included.
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  LGBTQ+ Pride Clothing  

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Bali

Because of the current political situation in Indonesia, there are no fabulously uninhabited gay resorts in Bali like we came to know and love in Key West, Puerto Vallarta or Maspolamas –  but there are several that are remarkably popular with gay travelers thanks to their bold design, inclusive vibes, affordability, and location.

Each hotel and area offers something very specific, so be sure to choose the right style and location to meet your needs. Most options are located in Seminyak – Bali’s most fashionable beach and the center of the island’s gay nightlife – but for those on a strict budget or not interested in nightlife, you might also consider the relaxed Nusa Dua resort town or cultural hub of Ubud. 

BaliNea Villa & Spa

If you are traveling as a gay couple in Bali, you should have no problem booking double rooms in high-end hotels and in our experience, we only encountered slightly concerned staff who then became embarrassed for their mistake after questioning if we wanted 2 single beds. Some hotels might just automatically change your reservation to two single beds – how you want to handle this is up to you, and remember even in the current hostile environment homosexuality is still currently legal in Indonesia (except in the ultra-conservative northwesternmost province of Aceh)

Of course, if none of these options work for you, there are also hundred’s more hotel and hostel options in Bali that might better suit your desired budget, facilities or area. Remember, Bali is somewhere you can enjoy five-star luxury at some of the lowest prices in the world, so you can  – and should – splash out and treat yourself.

Here we have some of our favorite unofficial gay hotels in Bali, divided by area, each of which is gay-friendly, frequented by members of the LGBT community and has received rave reviews.

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Gay Popular Hotels In Seminyak 
  • W Resort Bali ☆☆☆☆☆If minimalist chic is your thing then the W hotel chain is a concept you need to get involved with; and why not start with this gorgeous resort in Seminyak? The rooms are stylish and modern, with snazzy features like light-up door handles and state-of-the-art speakers. There is a range of private villas, but the main building has rooms that look over the ocean and are a much shorter walk to the multi-layered pool. Location wise, you are right on the beach and near one of Bali’s gay beaches – and the gay clubs are only 15 minutes away. That’s if you want to leave this gorgeous hotel as with its pool, bar, gym, and spa, you’ve got almost everything you need for a great retreat! Extremely gay-popular, with a fabulous onsite bar where the LGBT community often mixes and mingles, and right next door to the famous Potato Head Beach Club.
  • The Elysian Boutique Hotel ☆☆☆☆☆We have to admit, we’re suckers for a private villa and the Elysian Boutique Hotel offers some absolute top of the range private villas that you’ll seriously consider moving into for life. Not only is every single villa meticulously decorated to be as attractive and modern as possible, each one has its own private pool – perfect for a romantic getaway. If you do manage to drag yourself away from your secluded hideaway there are huts around the main pool or the beach is only seconds away. It might feel as though it’s miles away from everywhere, but you’ll find all of Seminyaks’s gay bars less than 15 minutes’ walk away. There are also restaurants on the resort site if 15 minutes feels just too far!
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  • IZE Seminyak ☆☆☆☆ – A cool, stylish and perfectly located Seminyak hotel, offering the warmest welcome in the heart of Bali’s coolest district. Modern architecture and interiors combine with just the right amount of Balinese bonhomie to create a cool urban retreat beloved by a young, savvy, global crowd. Share delicious East-meets-West food with friends at their restaurant, clink cocktails at the rooftop pool bar or sip drams in the onsite cosmopolitan bar. Fashionable, affordable and very gay-popular.
  • Anantara Seminyak Resort ☆☆☆☆If you are looking for a luxury resort located directly on the beach, we cannot recommend the Anantara highly enough. What sets it apart from other unofficial gay hotels of Bali is the high quality of service; the staff here always go over and above to welcome all guests, whether gay or straight. It’s really close to all of Seminyak’s gay nightlife so you can dance the night away. The next morning you can recover with a great breakfast and then chill in your suite’s terrazzo tub or the semi-private pool. The suites are absolutely stunning; while the décor is modeled on traditional Balinese design, the amenities are all fully modern and you’ll love making a coffee from the espresso machine and then sitting on the terrace looking at the ocean.
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  • The Legian Bali ☆☆☆☆ – This is the place to stay if you want to be right in the heart of the action (seekers of peaceful retreats might want to look elsewhere!). This fabulous resort is just moments away from the hub of the gay party scene and you can easily walk to the famous (and gay-popular) KU DE TA restaurant. It’s enormous, too: even the smaller suites are almost 100m² and you’ll have your own living space and gorgeous outdoor terrace with a view of the ocean. In terms of facilities, it’s hard to beat the Legian. There’s a bar, a café and a restaurant, full spa amenities and three swimming pools, one of which is adult-only. There’s so much here, in fact, that you barely need to leave – even after a week’s stay, you won’t have seen all of it!
  • Grandmas Seminyak Hotel ☆☆☆   – A hip, budget, and extremely gay-popular hotel that puts you just where you need to be for a carefree holiday in Bali’s favorite lifestyle district. Their smart rooms are styled for your personal comfort and convenience and each studio-inspired category is fresh, inviting and offers everything you need. The beach is nearby, there are free scheduled shuttle services and the gay bars are a 5-minute walk away.
Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak
  • Villa Layang Bulan ☆☆ – A clothing-optional resort exclusively for gay men in Seminyak. The villa has an indoor lounge, outdoor terraces, a lovely Balinese garden with a swimming pool and a parking area for bikes and cars. There are also both private and dormitory rooms, and communal areas by the pool where guests dine, meet and mingle.
  • Bali Men Villa ☆☆ – A small, clothing optional and exclusively gay resort offering Balinese style with three simple suites. Bali Men Villa also has a tropical garden with different seating areas, a swimming pool and is located in the gay area of Seminyak near the gay beach and nightlife.
  • M Boutique Hostel ☆☆ – A modern boutique capsule hostel that caters discerning travelers who desire a fuss-free and convenient stay. With 55 cozy capsules beds inspired by modern and minimalistic living, you can save your pennies without compromising too much on comfort, quality or style. Enjoy the complimentary laundry service, swimming pool, high-speed Wi-Fi access and a location close to the beach and a 30-minute walk to the gay street of Bali.
M Boutique Hostel
Gay Popular Hotels In Nusa Dua
  • AYANA Resort and Spa ☆☆☆☆☆We were amazed by the Legian’s three swimming pools; now it’s time to be flabbergasted by the AYANA’s four swimming pools! Situated in Jimbaran bay south of the airport, an area famous for its white sand beach and gentler waters, this spectacular resort sits atop a cliff looking out over the sea. In addition to its four pools – one that’s built into the cliff – it has a private beach, so you’re never short of swimming options. The rooms are beautifully designed and we love the deep bathtubs, where you can soak away the sand and saltwater, preparing a drink at the Rock Bar. If you do want to head out for the night, the gay bars of Seminyak are a 45-minute taxi ride away, but there’s more than enough at the resort to keep you occupied.
AYANA Resort and Spa Gay Jimbaran/ Gay Nusa Dua ** gay spa ubud ** gay hotel ubud
  • The St Regis Bali Resort ☆☆☆☆☆ – Take in picturesque ocean views from every angle at this exclusive, yet subtly elegant, luxury resort with only private villas, each of which overlooks a pristine beach considered the most beautiful in Nusa Dua. Pamper yourself with a treatment at Iridium Spa, watch an authentic Balinese Fire Dance Ritual from the resort’s grand staircase each night, savor an international range of dining delights at the hotel restaurants before retiring to your exquisitely appointed villa, just steps from the lagoon-style swimming pool and the Bali surf. Experience it all while leaving your every need in the care of the signature 24-hour St. Regis butler service. The Bali vacation you’ve been dreaming of awaits at The St. Regis Bali Resort.
  • Hilton Bali Resort ☆☆☆☆☆This is another resort on beaches where it’s safe to swim (much as we love Seminyak, the ocean around there is a little too rough to safely swim normally) and you know you can’t go wrong with a Hilton Resort. Again, it’s better to choose this one if you don’t want to spend every night out on the town. It’s fully gay-friendly, with a Club Lounge that includes all-day drinks and a private pool, where young children are not permitted (great if you prefer a more chilled pool scene!). There’s a wealth of on-site facilities and a private beach for those of you who like to swim in the open sea rather than a pool.
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Gay Popular Hotels In Ubud
  • The Samaya ☆☆☆☆☆  – This is one the ultimate getaway retreats, a completely peaceful villa resort located in the heart of Ubud, Bali’s cultural town in the rice paddies. The Samaya is surrounded by lush jungle and has incredible views of the surrounding scenery. Each villa is your own private kingdom, with chic minimalist design and secluded outside space. You can do laps in the outdoor pool and then reenergize with the delicious food. If you do want to go out and explore, it’s just a quiet 10-minute walk to Ubud Palace, and the market is just a bit beyond that.
  • Maya Ubud Resort and Spa ☆☆☆☆☆The Maya Resort will absolutely take your breath away. Tropical gardens tower above the natural-looking infinity pool and the Petanu River idles its way around the contemporary buildings. The villas and suite buildings have been carefully designed to meld with the inspiring nature around so you really do feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s a wonderful place to escape from the chaos of everyday life! To complete your relaxation, there are yoga and Pilates classes, as well as nature walks offered by the resort. Unwind after a walk with a massage in the spa then enjoy a drink on your private terrace.
Maya Ubud Resort and Spa Gay Ubud ** gay friendly hotel bali ** gay seminyak
  • Villa Semana ☆☆☆☆What we love about Villa Semana is that it’s one of the only gay-owned resorts to be found in Bali. This secluded accommodation is situated in the middle of rice fields on a languid, soothing river. Sit on a lounger overlooking the river and enjoy being in nature; or take a dip in the infinity pool.It is great value for what’s on offer – not only is there the pool, there’s also a spa and a restaurant serving delicious Thai food. Your individual villa will have outside space and is fully equipped with all the mod cons. The center of Ubud is actually only about 10 minutes away, but this resort succeeds in making you feel like there’s nothing for miles!
  • LUXE Villas Bali ☆☆☆☆Apparently, almost half of the guests at this secluded resort are gay, so you know it’s going to be a fun and welcoming atmosphere! The center of Ubud is only a 15 minute walk away but the surrounding rice paddies really make you feel like you are away from everything. The modern design mixes dark wood and light soft furnishings to create a sleek and elegant finish, one that sooths your mind and helps you enjoy your well-earned holiday. There’s a range of villas and rooms to suit every budget – if you really want to treat yourself, opt for a villa with a private pool to kick back and relax in. 
LUXE Villas Bali Gay Ubud * gay resort bali


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Gay Nightlife In Bali

With Bali being one of the gay-popular vacation destinations in Asia, you would expect an incredible gay nightlife scene – and while it is insanely fun, it is not anywhere near the level of Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo or Hong Kong.

The Bali gay nightlife scene is dominated by just three bars in Seminyak, all conveniently located next to each other along on the Jalan Camplung Tanduk Arcade Road making the area perfect for bar hopping. Thankfully, they are all fabulous options and become popular dance venues from around 11 pm till 3 am. Go-go boys and drag shows take place early in the evening to draw in the crowds. If you are not sure where to go, this is the place to stay.

F Bar Gay Bar Bali

Whilst there are no official gay clubs in Bali, you can find some pop-up queer events from time-to-time if you ask around – but normally we just headed to one of the more gay-popular clubs if we felt like leaving the Jalan Camplung Tanduk Arcade for a real clubbing experience. We have listed these out below, and also our favorite gay-friendly beach clubs which you should not miss for incredible party vibes during the day and unforgettable sunsets.

No matter where your interests lie, nightlife in Bali – queer or otherwise –  is never boring and always delivers. Every, single, night of the week. From luxe pool clubs to innovative cocktail bars, multi-level dancefloors to go-go boy shower shows, you will not be disappointed. 

Bali Joe Gay Bar
Gay Bars & Clubs In Bali
  • Mixwell – A busy and energetic gay bar offering strong cocktails, fun drag shows, and live DJ sets. The perfect place to chat and meet new friends before heading to the club, and busiest between 11 pm and 2 am.
  • Bali Beach Shack – Owned by a gay Australian, this restaurant and bar in Legian is a simple place to find quality food at reasonable prices and great entertainment including live music daily and their special (PG-rated) drag cabaret shows 6 times a week. Very mixed crowds, but fun none the less. 
  • Bali Joe  – One of the most famous gay bars in Bali where you can indulge yourself with irresistible cocktails while enjoying drag shows or sexy Balinese go-go dancers from 10 pm every night. A fabulous place for travelers and locals to party the night away with friendly vibes and attentive service.
Bali Joe Gay Bar
  • Man Resort Bar – A newly opened luxurious oasis for gay men in Bali boasting a pool bar, fun sauna, and massage facilities. We loved stopping by for their daily cocktail specials where you can buy 1 cocktail and get 1 for free between 5 and 7 pm. Their Pina Colada had us dreaming of the beaches of Cancun and Punta Cana once again, while the special Long Island Iced Tea set you up strong for a night of partying…
  • F Bar  – Previously known as Face Bar this fun but small gay pub offers nightly go-go boys and ladyboy shows at 10 pm. Later on, the dance floor is generally heaving as revelers with the EDM / Trance-House DJ sets.
F Bar Bali Gay
Gay-Friendly Beach Clubs In Bali
  • Ku-De-Ta – An extremely fashionable and gay-popular cocktail lounge and beachfront restaurant in Seminyak. Immerse yourself in Bali island life with music and art exhibitions, and incredible sunset vibes at this sophisticated oceanside setting. The perfect place to relax poolside and relax with soulful soundtracks from dawn ’til dusk.
  • Omnia – An all-day party destination perched atop a cliff, 100 meters above the Indian Ocean in stunning Uluwatu. Extremely upscale and post this oceanfront club boasts an insanely beautiful swimming pool, three separate bars, and innovative DJ events – all in a stylish, open-air setup. 
Omnia Day Club Bali
  • La Brisa – Nestled on the foreshore of Echo Beach La Brisa is home to an absolutely breathtaking décor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality. One of the trendiest, yet sustainable eco-friendly beach clubs on the island that radiates true Balinese character and serves up some of the lip-smackingly delicious food and cocktails. Very gay-popular, as many of the most trendy spots in Bali tend to be.
  • Potato Head Beach Club – Not exclusively gay by any means, but very queer-friendly and one of the most famous bars in Bali where music, art, design, food, and wellness play together. By day, the Potato Head Beach Club is an unmissable venue for sunset cocktails, chill-out music, and swimming while at night the party can get absolutely wild. Right next door to the gay-popular W Retreat Hotel.
Potato Head Beach Club
Other Gay-Popular Nightlife Venues In Bali
  • Sky Garden – One of the best nightclubs in Bali, this 4 story complex with 8 bars in Kuta is renown for bringing many of the world’s best DJs for insane performances. Currently closed for mammoth renovation, they previously hosted frequent PRIDE event on one level for the LGBT community but we are uncertain if it will be returning, or in what form.
  • The Lawn – A gay-popular lounge, music and sunset destination in Canggu – especially on Friday nights thanks to their two-for-one drink specials Situated directly on Canggu beach, the Lawn is a firm local favorite local that combines easy lounging with casual fine dining. For a breezy lunch date, sunset drinks, a long dinner with friends or carefully crafted cocktails you can go wrong here. 
The Lawn Canggu
  • WooBar @ W Hotel – An energizing bar that goes from fun, playful & relaxed during the day to a vibrant ‘see and be seen’ experience at night. If you have ever stayed at any W Hotel location around the world, you will know their bars are always gay-friendly and never, ever lacking that special wow factor. This location is no different. Whether it’s a poolside cocktail, a beachfront bite or a late-night dance session, there’s something for everyone. Watch out for one-off events throughout the year, many of which specifically cater to the queer community, 
  • Red Ruby – A multi-room, late-night space dedicated to delivering the true clubbing experience right in central Seminyak. Drawing inspiration from a specific selection of some of Europe’s most avant-garde clubs in Ibiza, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam, Red Ruby offers that proper super club experience in Bali – even if it is in a more intimate, yet equally impressive space. There is also a more relaxed, laidback terrace bar offering live acoustic blues & folk bands and DJs who pump out an eclectic selection of jazz fused beats & lo slung grooves.
Red Ruby Gay Bali Nightlife
  • La Favela – An exquisite restaurant and bar that turns into a wild club later at night. Inspired by the jungles of Bali and Indonesia, the favelas of Rio and the early 90’s underground bars and clubs of London and New York the La Favela proves to be a popular and enchanted garden treasure trove. Its tropical and romantic: bold and beautiful. From the architecture to the street art. From the lighting to the music, the concept of La Favela has always been to bring to Bali the very first underground party scene. No techno, no house music. Just music that everyone loves and can dance to. Old school but never cheap.  The look, the feel, the people, the music, the vibe… Perfection. And yes, it’s very gay-friendly and popular.
La Favela Bali

Male-to-Male Massage Services In Bali

Bali is famous for its massages, and there is a ridiculous amount of sensual male-to-male massages available – many of which go the extra mile to get you a happy!

There are plenty of options with something for everyone, and all at rather affordable prices! We have collected together only the top-recommended options (there are other gay massage places in Bali of course –  but we have just heard mixed reviews about the rest!).

A range of treatments are available, and what happens in private is between the masseur and you. If you have been to other Asian cities like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Pattaya or Phuket, you will know the drill.  To be blunt, most people that go for body-to-body massages are usually looking for sex, so make sure you get the right masseur to match what you are after.

And don’t clutch the purse strings too tight as the old adage that you get what you pay for is especially true here…

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  • Adam’s Apple – One of the cheapest male massages in Seminyak Bali offering professional and friendly male therapists, clean and cozy purple room with hot and cold water shower. They offer a specifically designed menu for gay customers inspired by the biblical legend of Adam and the forbidden apple, where the apple symbolizes the guilty pleasure of moving beyond boundaries.
  • Coco Grande – An exclusively male spa whose staff will always do their best to make sure you are relaxed and satisfied. Classic relaxing massage, Balinese massage, and body-to-body massage are including in their standard offer. All their massages are offered by amazing male masseurs with a high level of technical skills and sensuality. Additionally, you can also enjoy body care services like an aloe vera facial and milky body scrub.
Coco Grande Bali
  • Antique – A male-to-male spa where eager, gay-friendly male therapists guarantee you will leave feeling good from head to toe. Located in the Umalas area, a short ten-minute drive from Seminyak. We can highly recommend their very sensuous and exciting body shampoo treatment, but to be clear – they do not offer sex treatments. 
  • Baliman Healing Spa – A high-quality male massage spa, located in the heart of Seminyak, with talented masseurs who incorporate techniques from Bali and other countries around the world.
  • Jari Menari – An award-winning spa and massage center, located in Seminyak, renowned for offering one of Bali’s best male massages. Jari Menari translates to ‘Dancing Fingers’, which describes the flow of the practitioners’ hands during these wonderfully effective massage sessions. Allow Jari Menari’s all-male professional practitioners to administer massages that enhance relaxation and dispel tension, using slow movements and focusing on each individual guest.
Jari Menari Gay Massage Bali
  • Shooter – A basic spa focussed on male-to-male services including full-body massages, foot massages, facials, and traditional scrubs all experienced staff in their fields.
  • Bonita – Located behind the JONIAZ concept boutique in Seminyak this is a popular place to do for professional massages by male therapists. Their most popular offering is a traditional Balinese massage, which is based upon the ancient healing formulas practiced in their therapist home village. A wide palette of healing techniques is masterfully blended to achieve a state of total relaxation and inner harmony.
  • teMAN – Position near the heart of Seminyak’s entertainment precinct, Teman Spa is an executive Bali themed spa for men by men. Teman Spa is designed with the best possible service in mind, from individual treatment rooms with private showers to the treatments themselves. You will walk in and float out, after an unforgettable experience.
TeMan Spa Bali

Gay Spas and Sauna in Bali

If you are less interested in paying for a male massage, there are also a few options for meeting other travelers in the gay saunas in Bali. There is only one true gay sauna here – Elegantz Spa – with a full range of facilities, but there are few hybrid-massage spas and day clubs that offer spaces to relax and interact with other guests which we have included here.

While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia (except for in the province of Aceh province) – and Bali is generally gay-friendly – you may want to exercise extra discretion when using the gay sauna and spas here given the recent crack-down on queer spaces across in Indonesia and specifically in Jakarta in 2017 when all gay saunas were closed by police raids.

We have no reason to believe you will have any issues, but given life is getting increasingly harder for LGBT people across Indonesia thanks to aggressive policies led by a President who has said there is no room for the existence of any gay community we felt the need to ensure you are at least aware of any risk – imagined or otherwise. 

Hook up apps are very popular with this reason in Bali and might be another viable option. Just remember some Indonesian ISPs block gay content websites so you may well need a VPN to access safely. 

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  • M2 Spa – Situated in a new modern luxury area of Petitenget, M2 Spa is designed from the ground up as a world-class gay-friendly spa destination. Step inside the whitewashed traditional Balinese building adorned in chic black and white, and discover this chic spa with a variety of relaxation areas along with an outdoor plunge pool, a bar area, jacuzzi, and infrared sauna and relaxing lounge.  On the upper level, there is a spacious landing, home to the reflexology area, while private treatment rooms are designed for a variety of unique treatments. 
M2 Spa Bali
  • Banana Spa – A new concept of male to male spa in Bali, this is a gay men’s day club in paradise. Banana is more than just a  spa, here you can get lost without even taking a massage. Relax on the sunbed, grab a towel, have a dip in the pool, sip on a cold glass of wine and just watch the clouds go bye. Or, if you are bored you can even chat with the other like-minded guests. Located a short walk from Bali’s lively gay street “Dhyana Pura”, peak time seems to be in the late afternoon, just before dinner.
Banana Spa Bali
  • M.A.N Spa – An exotic boutique day club and spa exclusively for men offering a beautifully designed sauna with whirlpool, steam room, a meditation room, and foam room. In the spa, there is luxurious treatment administered by professionally trained men masseur exclusively for men including a fabulous deep massage with exotic oils and herbs.
M.A.N Spa
  • Elegantz Spa & Sauna – An exclusive men’s health spa in Bali, offering luxury treatments to sooth, calm, rejuvenate and revitalize you. On offer are exceptional massage treatments and a gay sauna at affordable prices, all within a beautiful Balinese mansion with a relaxed ambiance and attentive service. The venue is spread over 2 floors with a Greek-style steam room that can easily accommodate 30 people, a Roman Bath plunge pool, open showers, a wide range of private cabins and dark rooms, lockers, and a garden terrace. There is also a complete workout gym and cafe. Hands down, the best gay sauna in Bali for hot and steamy fun. 
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