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Gay Tulum, Mexico | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Gay Tulum is among the most gay-friendly cities in Latin America, with a seemingly daily increase in the gay scene. Local people and visitors alike are all gay-friendly and inclusive. If your next plane is to this city, you’re about to meet the most welcoming environment where you’ll feel included, comfortable, and, most importantly, relaxed.

The gay community in Tulum is constantly growing as a result of the large number of tourists and their dependence on the tourism industry. The Tulum people have a welcoming attitude, open-mindedness, and laid-back vibe.

The area’s unique natural beauty and mysticism offer tranquility, diversity, history, and amusement. In other words, it’s one place with stunning turquoise beaches, a diverse-multicultural population, and some gay-friendly hotels, bars, nightclubs, and other attractions are just a few examples.

As of late, the “charm” has made Tulum a well-known destination for LGBT+ travelers as it gives a comfortable, safe environment that is more open to sexual diversity.

You can hold hands or display affection to your partner while walking about Tulum as a gay couple without worrying about drawing unwelcome attention from the locals. The neighborhood is generally safe and inclusive, and as an LGBT+ traveler, you may feel at home at this place because it’s a highly inclusive location for everyone.

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide

Tulum has shown much love and support for gay-friendly events like the Art With Me Festival Tulum. The occasions draw thousands of visitors, including those that identify as LGBT community, from around Quintana Roo, Cancun, and beyond. Celebrate self-love and Mexican culture by immersing yourself in interactive art experiences, music, and inspiring talks.

The event takes place on Tulum’s beaches and in the jungle. The event includes art, music, workshops, wellness, gastronomic gatherings, and cultural experiences. The five-day event features over 300 affairs, including 40 musical acts, 120 artists, 50 wellness activities, 40 environmental, and 20 food and wine events. You’ll need to buy a ticket on their website to enter the event.

In addition to gay-friendly events, gay-friendly businesses are increasing daily in Tulum. They include hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Tulum has a lot to offer, and the gay experience is no exception. It’s one destination that has developed its own brand, style, beach clubs, and restaurants that are all 100% gay-friendly. Learn about the most popular destinations for fun and where all actions happen. Don’t miss out!

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide

Attractions in Gay Tulum, Mexico

Welcome to Gay Tulum, darling! While the city may not be the most welcoming to the queer community, fear not! There are still plenty of fabulous things for you to do while keeping things low-key. First and foremost, you must visit some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and attractions, dahling!

Take in history and culture by visiting museums, art galleries, and historical monuments. And don’t forget to marvel at the stunning architecture, explore parks and gardens, and indulge in the local cuisine. But that’s not all, darling! Gay or straight, there’s always something to do in Gay Tulum.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending cultural events like festivals, concerts, and shows. Trust us; there’s always something fun and exciting happening in this fabulous city. Remember, discretion is key in a city that’s not always welcoming to our fabulous community. So, keep it lowkey and enjoy all the wonderful things Gay Tulum has to offer!

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide

Tulum Archaeological Site

Are you interested in history? Then this is a must-visit. You will learn about the Mayans, who occupied the place from around 1200 AD until the 15th century. The tour guides are knowledgeable and offer extensive education about this fantastic location and its people’s history.

There are a lot of buildings, each with a history, and it can take about two hours to see all of the ruins, read about the history, and enjoy the beautiful scenery all at once.

The place can get crowded around 11 p.m., so get there early or be prepared to navigate a crowd. The archaeological area quickly fills up with a lot of busy people. The ruins are located next to a stunning beach.

The ruins don’t have any shade, so bring sunscreen, an umbrella, and plenty of water to keep you cool in the hot sun. Also, bring comfortable shoes because the ground is uneven. With a tour guide, the trip is well worth it, but it will cost you some extra dollars.

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide

Gran Cenote

Enjoy a 140 square meters natural pool with cool and clean water, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. The cenote is surrounded by large caverns and caves, with birds and bats flying over, adding to the impressive view.

Before entering the cenote, you can wash in the on-site showers and keep your things in the provided lockers and changing rooms. The Gran Cenote has a 100-square-foot wooden boardwalk where you can stroll and unwind while taking photos. Get a chance to swim with fish and turtles in this beautiful, well-kept cenote.

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide

Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park

In this fantastic park, you can participate in many outdoor activities such as zip lining, walking over hanging bridges, rock climbing, and rappelling. You’re required to conquer numerous long zip lines and unstable cable bridges. You’ll also find Wildlife in this adventurous rainforest park.

Playa Pescadores

Enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and fishing tours at the beach. The beach is open to the public. The ocean is the perfect place to hang out and relax because it’s not excessively crowded. The beach is near the popular Tulum archaeological site and can be great for relaxing after visiting the ruins. There are positive vibes everywhere.

There are beach bars, volleyball nets, and snorkel tour companies. People hold parties mostly on Tulum beaches, and Playa Pescadores is no exception. During parties, the location may be crowded with loud music playing.

The elegant beach hotels, clubs, restaurants, and bars serve delicious and fresh Mexican seafood. Enjoy the waves and soft sand, swim with enormous turtles and snorkel among hundreds of fish.

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide
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Mystika Immersive

The museum is gay-friendly and properly around here are welcoming, and inclusive. Step immediately into the world of artistry. Meet the most stunning and mind-blowing works displayed at the museum. The museum exhibits some of the best works by Mexican artists. You’ll find artistry done by one of Mexico’s most important contemporary photographers and artists, Pepe Soho.

You’ll experience a different sense of connection to Mayan cosmology with each photo. Get a taste of the spectacular and one-of-a-kind sensory experiences offered by Mexico’s magnificent natural sanctuaries, portrayed through the art. You’ll be moved by the stunning story the artist conveys in the art. The art display is beautiful and motivating. Get ready to be wowed!

Muyil Archaeological Site

This is a must-visit if you want a quieter, shaded getaway. The location is close to a beautiful tropical forest full of monkeys and birds. You’ll see around 40 to 80 species of birds (depending on the season), including woodcreepers.

You can also climb to the tallest tower of the 56-foot-tall (17-meter-tall) archaeological site and take in breathtaking views of the forest from the top. There are tower ladders to help get you to the top of the watchtower. 

Additionally, you can take a boat ride and swim in the nearby canal. As you stroll along the boardwalk, you’ll spot animals resting peacefully inside their habitats. Take your time as you walk between the trees and explore the ruins.

things to do in Gay Tulum - attractions in Gay Tulum - Gay Tulum travel guide
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Gay-Friendly and Gay Hotels Talum, Mexico

Oh, honey, let me tell you about being fabulous and feeling welcome at these hotels in Talum! Don’t worry about other hotels that might not be as accepting; these gems are committed to being LGBTQ+ friendly and making sure that all guests feel like they belong.

Being gay-friendly isn’t just about waving a rainbow flag or using the right pronouns; it’s about creating a safe and inclusive space for all guests.

From non-discrimination policies to providing resources for LGBTQ+ travelers, these hotels go above and beyond to make sure that you feel welcomed and supported. And honey, they don’t stop there! Some of these gay-friendly accommodations have extra amenities and literature about local LGBTQ+ events and resources.

Beach Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Plus, they might even be located in an area that’s known for being LGBTQ+ friendly. Now, let me tell you about these fabulous hotels in Talum. While there aren’t any specifically gay hotels or resorts, these are the crème de la crème of gay-friendly accommodations.

And if these don’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry; there are hundreds of other options in Talum to fit your budget and needs. So pack your bags, put on your most fabulous outfit, and get ready to feel welcome and accepted at these gay-friendly hotels in Talum!

Beach Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Beach Tulum ☆☆☆☆☆

is another gay-friendly hot spot located on a long stretch of Tulum’s sandy beach? It provides a one-of-a-kind beachfront boutique, so inviting to walk barefoot. There are 28 beachfront rooms to choose from, all of which fit into one of the three types of rooms offered.

The ground-floor rooms have a private beachfront plunge pool and are directly on the beach, while the rooftop rooms have a large terrace with a hot tub, sofa, and sun loungers facing the beach. Each luxurious beachfront room has stylish, minimalist decor. The rooms have a king-size bed, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, blackout curtains, bottled water, an alarm clock, a clothes rack, and a laptop safe.

They also have housekeeping, room services, a private bathroom with rain shower heads, towels, bathrobes, and complimentary toiletries. The suites have a seating area.

The hotel offers morning yoga classes in a lofty palapa studio. In addition, the hotel has a lounge area, an open-air bar, a gym, an outdoor pool with a hot tub, a sauna, a private beach, a beach club, a coffee shop, and a restaurant.

Additionally, there is a wellness center and spa on-site. They have live music sessions every evening. They offer complimentary tea and serve a breakfast buffet every morning. The hotel has free private parking and also has bicycle rentals.

Beach Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa ☆☆☆☆☆

The hotel is on 44 breathtaking acres of the jungle and Tulum coastline. The hotel rooms are tastefully decorated and well-appointed. There are 432 elegant guest rooms, 140 of which are Preferred Club suites. The rooms provide beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and impressive views of the lush gardens. The room provides spacious living areas and private terraces, and balconies.

The rooms have blackout curtains, private marble bathrooms with a hot tub, bathrobes, double sinks, air conditioning, refrigerators, a safe, clothes rack, iron, flat-screen televisions, and free Wi-Fi. They also offer housekeeping, room service, VIP facilities, and wake-up services.

Aloft Tulum ☆☆☆☆

offers rooms and suites with modern, eclectic, and locally inspired designs. The hotel, located 2 kilometers from the Tulum center, offers 8 room types out of its 140 rooms. Some rooms have unique picturesque jungle views. Most of the hotel is made of mirrors, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The rooms are spacious, with wood flooring and brushed concrete walls.

Each room has a private bathroom with toiletries and rainfall shower heads. In addition, there is free Wi-Fi, a desk, a phone, an alarm clock, bottled water, 55-inch LCD TVs, a refrigerator, air conditioning, a pillowtop bed with premium linens and a down comforter, cozy duvets, fluffy pillows, in-room safes. 

The hotel has a rooftop terrace, a 24-hour gym, and two outdoor pools. There is also a pool table. The multilingual staff at the front desk are available around the clock to help with tours, tickets, and your luggage storage. The hotel welcomes pets and provides water and food bowls for them. Additional amenities include conference space and a business center open 24 hours a day.

Aloft Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Loba Tulum ☆☆☆☆

is the most popular gay-friendly haven for men. Enjoy relaxation and comfort from the 8 rooms arranged over 3 floors. The hotel, nestled between the town and the beach resorts in Tulum, started welcoming guests back in 2020.

The hotel has a sun terrace, a balcony, and a garden. It is small and looks modern with beautifully decorated, very spacious, and very comfortable rooms. The room features eclectic, modern, but rustic furniture.

The rooms have comfortable beds, desks, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, a wardrobe/closet, room service, housekeeping, and free Wi-Fi. The room also has a private bathroom, shower, complimentary toiletries, and a private balcony.

The quant hotel has a bar and an outdoor pool and offers a breakfast buffet every morning. Wearing clothes is optional. Get to enjoy a different kind of experience as you relax. It is the perfect place to meet other men from other parts of the world.

They also have rooms reserved exclusively for adults in a private garden section if you want a quiet getaway. Parking and meals are free for you. There are also nine restaurants, a spa, day and night live entertainment, seven bars(including a swim-up bar), and a fitness center.

Hostel Che Tulum ☆☆☆☆

The great luxury hostel and bar have been operating since 2015. The hostel is located in the heart of Tulum town, 4 kilometers from both Tulum Beach and Mayan ruins. They provide female-only dorms as well as mixed-gender dorms.

The dorms have bunk beds, curtains for more privacy, private bathrooms, air conditioning, plugs in each bed to charge a phone or a laptop, Wi-Fi access, and ample locker space.

There is a pool outside, a garden, and a bar by the pool. You can prepare your meals in their communal fully-equipped kitchen. There are relaxation areas equipped with sundeck chairs and hammocks. You can get a breakfast buffet for a fee. They provide CHE tours and rent bikes. The hostel hosts Beer Pong championships, karaoke, and live music at night.

Hostel Che Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Luxury Villa Mamazul Tulum ☆☆☆☆

Enjoy a good night’s sleep at this Aldea Zama boutique hotel. Get away from the bustling city and into a location where you can reconnect with nature, surrounded by untamed jungles, ancient ruins, and beaches.

Their interior design is influenced by the rich culture of Mexico, particularly the Maya. They feature a total of 6 different bedrooms, each with a comfy king-size bed, 100% quality cotton linens, and mattress toppers, as well as a private bathroom with a rain shower, fluffy towels, and free toiletries.

The rooms also have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, a safe, air conditioning, bottled water, a cloth rack, and an iron. They provide housekeeping, on-demand movies, and laundry services. Their master bedroom, Madre Cuishe, has a hammock, an outdoor copper bathtub, and a secluded wooden porch where you can relax.

They have a rooftop outdoor pool, spa, an open kitchen, and an airport shuttle. Taste 400 unique Mezcal at the bar and local cuisine-Mexican Italian fusion cuisine from an on-site restaurant.  

Luxury Villa Mamazul Tulum - Gay Hotel in Tulum

Gay Nightlife in Talum, Mexico

Tulum offers much more than just sand and sunshine. In Tulum, Mexico, there are LGBT nightlife options. There are nightclubs, bars, and restaurants where you can hang out if you’re seeking fun with your spouse (or even a single guy looking for hookups). While not as developed as in other places, the gay scene is nonetheless a lot of fun.

Darling, let’s talk about exploring the queer nightlife in Gay Tulum, shall we? It’s true this city might not be the most welcoming to our fabulous community but fear not! Being gay is perfectly legal here; just remember to err on the side of caution when outside of queer-friendly spaces.

But let’s focus on the fun, shall we? Exploring gay nightlife can be one of the most thrilling and enriching experiences while on the go. From dancing up a storm at a gay club to sipping cocktails and rubbing elbows with the locals at a gay-friendly bar, you’ll have a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and make memories that will last a lifetime.

And darling, we’ve got you covered with the best gay and gay-friendly spots in town. So don’t be shy; step out of your comfort zone and explore the queer nightlife in Gay Tulum. Trust us; it’ll be worth it!

Gay Tulum, Mexico | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!
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Tulum Social Pubcrawl

It is a gay-friendly place that offers warm hospitality and customer satisfaction while motivating gay men and women to mingle and connect in a safe environment. With many games, competitions, complimentary beverages, and enjoyable music, it has become one of the friendliest locations to have fun.

The place is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Visit Social Pub crawl and dance away your troubles, meet new people, and play games while engaging in never-ending conversation.

Casa Jaguar

is in the middle of the jungle in Tulum. The rustic gay bar and restaurant are a favorite among gay travelers. They serve cocktails made with local, seasonal fruits. Another thing you can’t miss is the atmosphere inside the mysterious cabin in the middle of the jungle-the good vibes flows like a virus.

The live DJ music and an extensive menu of Mexican seafood add to the unique experience. They hold jungle parties every Thursday with DJ sets, local and international artists, and more. On Tuesdays, they celebrate love through music and have live music each Friday.

Casa Jaguar - Gay Nightlife in Tulum

Naná Rooftop Bar

is another excellent place to visit while in Tulum. It has a clean design with flush copper. Enjoy a huge selection of the best cocktails, breathtaking views, and a relaxing ambiance. They offer delicious food as well as vegan options.

This gay-friendly bar provides an expensive, laid-back, and casual atmosphere where you can hang out with friends or come and meet new people. There is always music playing in the bar. Their employees are polite. This is the ideal destination for socializing and spending a peaceful evening with friends.

Santino Bar in Tulum

offers affordable prices all year round. The bar has positioned itself at the top with unique rhythms of live music. It constantly organizes theme parties, something else that keeps them outstanding. As a gay traveler, this is a place you can’t miss.

Enjoy some evening entertainment. The bar operates from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. They serve great cocktails, wine, alcohol, beer, and spirits. Get to party as you drink, dance, have fun, and enjoy the night away at this night point. Or you can just sit and listen to the best tunes and meet and interact with new people. 

Santino Bar in Tulum - Gay Nightlife in Tulum

Bar Guarapo and Batey Mojito

The pub’s chic interior design and rustic dive bar vibe add to the mellow ambiance. They serve great cocktails- if you enjoy mojitos, you’ll keep returning for more. You may also order some of their great food, particularly their tacos. In other words, this is a terrific spot to dine, drink, spend time with friends at night, and enjoy live music daily.

Elixyr Tulum

is the best place to go, especially for their Thursday night LGBT gatherings and parties. They offer wine, beer, cocktails, coffee, and alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices. The restaurant offers lunch, supper, and dessert, serving organic and local dishes. Elixyr’s restaurant and bar offer a modern flair that enhances the fantastic ambiance.

The stylish interior design and gorgeous patterns add to the cozy ambiance. Both the burgers and the beverages are top. Their live music features DJs who give fantastic mashups of contemporary musical genres. The restaurant/rooftop bar’s pool is likewise attractively designed, contributing to the inviting environment. 

Elixyr Tulum - Gay Nightlife in Tulum

Gitanos Bar

The bar serves Tulum’s best and greatest cocktails and is open to LGBT visitors and travelers. You can order unique Mexican cocktails at the bar. They are located in the jungle of Tulum Beach. The room has a modern design with a jungle room vibe, adding to the liveliness and delightful atmosphere.

The food is outstanding. Additionally, the nightclub offers excellent mixologist experiences. Enjoy the fantastic lobster tostada, the steak, and the chorizo con queso. The staff are excellent, organized and provide immediate attention. Visit Gitanos for unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Caribe Swing

is a terrific venue to watch sports while drinking well-blended cocktails in a relaxed setting. Alternatively, get down on the dance floor and let loose while enjoying the live Dj music. Due to their excellent services, enjoyable music, and reasonable costs, the location attracts many tourists and visitors.

The term Caribe Swing comes from the fact that the seats are swings. Make new friends as you dance into the night.

Caribe Swing - Gay Nightlife in Tulum

Ático Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The bar and lounge are LGBT-friendly and a perfect place to hang out with friends as you enjoy the most excellent cocktails served by charming bartenders with good service. The bar offers fantastic views of the Tulum jungle from the rooftop, with beach beds and an outdoor swimming pool. The place is well-lit and not mostly too busy for dinner on any day. The atmosphere is friendly with a warm vibe.

Casa Banana

Casa Banana should be on your travel itinerary if you prefer Argentinian wood-fired steaks. At affordable costs, savor a selection of delectable vegan and seafood dishes. The staff is superb and attentive, and their services are flawless.

The restaurant has a stylish environment that exudes a romantic and laid-back vibe in a lush, open-air location. Their drinks are outstanding in both taste and presentation. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Gay Tulum, this is a must-try!

Casa Banana - Gay Nightlife in Tulum
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Gay Map Of Tulum

Finding it hard to envisage where everything is in Tulum? Hopefully, this queer-centric map helps where we have marked all the bars, clubs, parties, hotels, saunas, massages and more will help you stay in the spot best suited to you!