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Girl’s Night Out: The 15 Best Lesbian Bars Around the World To Add To Your Queer Bucketlist!

Girl’s Night Out: The 15 Best Lesbian Bars Around the World To Add To Your Queer Bucketlist!

Lesbian bars have long been an important part of the LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe and welcoming space for queer women to socialize and connect. These bars have played a significant role in the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, serving as a gathering place for activists and a source of support for those who have faced discrimination.

Despite facing challenges such as gentrification and the rise of dating apps, many lesbian bars continue to thrive and offer a unique and important space for the LGBTQ+ community.

Even in countries where lesbian rights seem threatened and endangered, you can find a little hole-in-the-wall bar somewhere where lesbians, tourists, and locals alike, gather to celebrate freedom and express themselves in defiance of unjust laws.

Best Lesbian Bars

Unfortunately for most non-locals, the location of many of these places is shrouded in secrecy, in most cases, to avoid vandalism, discrimination, and even prosecution. Information about these places is rarely available online, and for a tourist new in the city – or even a resident looking to explore – it’ll be not easy to learn about these places. That’s why we decided to write this article. 

In it, we will be highlighting the fifteen best lesbian bars in the world, showcasing the diverse and vibrant offerings of the LGBTQ+ community. From cozy neighborhood haunts to glitzy nightspots, these bars offer something for everyone. So grab a drink and join us as we celebrate the best lesbian bars the world has to offer.

So next time you’re in one of these cities – and we’re going to do our best to cover as many as we can – and you’re looking for a place to celebrate the queer joy, drop in. Just be sure to respect the other patrons and follow their rules, or you’ll likely find yourself unceremoniously thrown out. Trust us; they don’t play with stuff like that. Now, let’s get into the list.

Best Lesbian Bars

My Sister’s Room (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

The USA has its flaws, but one thing it doesn’t lack is culture. Even with many lesbian bars being closed or converted all around the world, they have made s genuine effort to keep the ones they have open, even going as far as making a documentary. Among all these bars, My Sister’s Room stands out as one that deserves to be preserved.

My Sister’s Room is a lesbian bar located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1995, it is one of the oldest lesbian bars in the city and has been a staple in the LGBTQ+ community for over 25 years. The bar offers a variety of events and programming, including live music, drag shows, trivia nights, and karaoke. They even host RuPaul watch parties!

In addition to its vibrant nightlife, Her Sister’s Room is also known for its commitment to community activism and support. The bar hosts fundraisers for local LGBTQ+ organizations and events and is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Her Sister’s Room is a welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community in Atlanta and continues to be an important part of the city’s LGBTQ+ culture. You should stop by to pay your respects once you get the chance.

My Sister's Room - best lesbian bars

SHE Soho (London, United Kingdom)

SHE Soho is a luxurious and seductive lesbian bar located in the heart of London. It is a popular destination for lesbians who want to have fun in a cool way, as it claims to be “a modern space for women and their male guests.”

With its chic and modern interior, this bar exudes sophistication and glamor. The pulsing beats of the DJ and the excited chatter of the patrons punctuate the vibrant atmosphere. At the bar, expert mixologists craft innovative cocktails that are as delicious as they are Instagram-worthy. As the night wears on, the dance floor comes to life, with patrons moving and grooving to the latest hits and classic favorites.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out with your partner or a wild night on the town with your friends, SHE Soho is the perfect destination. Events held include drag king shows and dance parties, as the owners like to ensure that there’s always something exciting and new to experience. SHE Soho is known for its highly talented female DJs, a refreshing change in a male-dominated industry.

They also have a website that contains more details, but they’re a place you’d want to visit. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out with your partner or a wild night on the town with your friends, SHE Soho is the perfect destination.

SHE Soho - best lesbian bars

Elixir Mixology Bar (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Mexico has gained a reputation in recent years as the new party and vacation destination. One of the cities that helped it get this reputation is Puerto Vallarta. With new clubs and bars opening frequently, the lesbians have not been left out, as Elixir Mixology Bar was founded by expert mixologists Elena Esquer Zolezzi; her wife, Sarah Rose; and best friend Laura Jaimes in January 2021.

Their signature is an electrifying mix of high-end cocktails served in a relaxed lounge, and the bar has quickly become a favorite among both tourists and locals alike. These Mexican lesbians have over forty years of hospitality and mixology experience from working in the industry in different cities around the world.

That, combined with their experiences as lesbians, gave them a unique insight, which they used in creating a space that offers not only exciting cocktails and tasty bites but inclusion, comfort, and familiarity for people who may not find a safe space anywhere else.

Elixir Mixology Bar - best lesbian bars

Aire Sala Diana (Barcelona, Spain)

Aire–Sala Diana is a music bar, drinks bar, and nightclub; this lesbian bar is located right in the heart of Barcelona and is part of the Grupo Arena, a large Spanish hospitality group. Although it caters majorly to the lesbian community, it seems to be popular among gay and straight men, who are welcome as long as they respect women.

The DJs play the latest hits as well as sensual Latin rhythms, and admission is free on Thursdays. On weekends and public holidays, you also get a free drink with your fee. Their selling point is a female striptease party called Stupendous, held on the first Thursday of each month. We especially love the feature because it’s not often you see female stripteases aimed at women.

It’s a fun, relaxed place to relax and let loose. If you’re planning a vacation to Spain, be sure to schedule a visit. They could always use more customers, and they’ll be proud to welcome you.

Aire Chicas best lesbian bar in the world

Silver Future (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin has been through a lot historically, but it has always maintained its hopefulness and defiance, and its party scene reflects this. Silver Future is a prime example of the lively queer scene in Berlin Neukölln, and it is one lesbian bar that doesn’t hesitate to announce its purpose clearly, in case guests are confused.

It even has a sign handing over the bar, telling patrons to leave their “heteronormativity” at the door or else they can leave themselves. If you ask us, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. The tables and seating are varied, as are the pictures that cover the wall.

Their drinks are also surprisingly cheap, which is probably part of what makes them so popular among guests – you often see customers that are not lesbian, although most are usually queer. It’s a modern, creative space that provides an escape from the mundane nature of the world, and it has become something of a magnet for queer people in Berlin. Check it out if you’re ever there.

Silver Future - best lesbian bars
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Gold finger (Tokyo, Japan)

Gold finger is one of the most famous lesbian bars, not just in Tokyo but globally. It is located in Ni-home, a neighborhood in Tokyo known for its queer clubs and bars, and it has been there for almost two decades. This club doesn’t look like much from the outside, as it’s a charming corner bar, but once you’re inside, you’ll see why it’s such a pillar of queer pride in Tokyo.

They host a bar night for trans masks, as well as a roster of holiday parties. Although the bar is for women and femmes, queer people of all genders are welcome during the week. However, Saturday is specifically for women.

There’s an LGBT public Karaoke event every Friday, so if you love to sing and don’t mind sounding silly in front of a lot of people (the event is usually packed), then you can head on down there on any Friday and take a turn at the mike. Just remember, Saturdays are for female patrons only.

Gold finger - best lesbian bars

Bar Buka (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The name of this bar might not sound very encouraging, but you should be encouraged by its location. Amsterdam is known for its wild nightlife, and this lesbian bar is no different. Here, you can find patrons from not only Amsterdam but all over the country and even the world.

They are known for offering a safe space to women where they can surround themselves with people of like minds. Once you’re at the bar, you can request your favorite drink or ask the bartenders to make their signature cocktail. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 17.00, and during the weekends, they stay open until 03.00.

If you’re planning to go, you can assume that dozens of other people have the same plan and try to get there as fast as you can. Here you can find all types and ages of women, as there is no fancy dress code or strict door policy. All they ask is that you bring good vibes. With such a diverse clientele, it’s a great place to find a partner.

Bar Buka - best lesbian bars

Club Labris (Seoul, Korea)

Just like in a lot of other cities, there are not many lesbian bars in Seoul, South Korea. The few they have are a whole vibe, though. Take Club Labris, for instance. It is South Korea’s biggest and hottest lesbian club and has taken great pains to remain so. Even the cocktails are made with the highest grade of alcohol so that the patrons have no reason to complain.

Music is provided by the iconic Korean female DJ Limzi, and her playlists are specifically curated to match the tastes of the bar’s patrons. As one of the first of its kind in Korea, Club Labris is the go-to place for those who want to enjoy a wild night without being decadent.

Unlike some of the other clubs on this list, entrance is strictly limited to women, with no trans masks or even gays allowed. Sorry boys, this one is women-only. The club opens only on Fridays and Saturdays, and you can assume it’s going to be packed, so try and arrive early and get a space for yourself.

(Temporarily or permanently closed. If you know something, please suggest an edit.)

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Taboo (Taipei, Taiwan)

We are glad Taiwan seems more willing to embrace queer people and break with tradition than mainland China. The founder of Taboo, Taiwan’s best-known lesbian nightclub, came up with it because she wanted to give lesbians in Taiwan a homely, living-room sort of space where lesbians of all classes would fill comfortable, and we think she succeeded.

There’s a lounge area with couches on the dance floor. Just because it’s homely doesn’t mean it’s boring, though. They regularly host internationally-renowned DJs and themed nights. The cover charge is NTD$300 ($10). One last thing: although they serve unlimited drinks, they will fine you if you throw up, so don’t be greedy and drink too much.

If you love K-Pop, you’re in luck because that’s the type of music they play most, although they do have trance nights. Look for it in Zhongshan if you’re ever in Taiwan. We promise you’ll have fun.

Taboo - best lesbian bars
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Amazona (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Israel seems to be the only bright spot for lesbian and LGBTQ rights in the Middle East, and we hope they remain that way. Amazona is known as Tel Aviv’s only lesbian bar, so it’s a popular spot for queer Israelis as well as tourists.

The downside is that it is only open Thursday nights and Friday afternoons, and it’s usually packed on these days. They have everything from oldies-themed nights to classic club nights, and the diversity of their entertainment attracts a mixed bag of clients, both local and international.

It is inviting yet casual, and clients have no problem walking through the small doorway, letting their inhibitions go, and their imaginations run wild. It’s a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, it’s true, but it also promises an unforgettable experience. Also, the drinks are cheap, so people come there for that. 

(Temporarily or permanently closed. If you know something, please suggest an edit.)

Henrietta Hudson (New York, USA)

We’ve said it before, but lesbian bars in the United States are just built differently. With decades of history and relative freedom to grow, transform, and expand, most of them are treasure troves of rich, multi-layered cultural history.

Henrietta Hudson in New York has thrived for over thirty years and has recently re-invented its space. From a crowded nightclub, it’s now a spacious, airy lounge that’s like a cross between a living room and a cafe. It’s done up in rich, mid-century colors with comfortable chairs, plush ottomans, work nooks, and even a dining area.

There’s also an outdoor enclave for guests with a charcuterie bar. They’ve revitalized their cocktail menu, updating old specials and adding new ones. Instead of closing down in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they undertook this transformation which allowed them to remain open, serving as a vital, queer space for lesbians by lesbians.

It’s in New York, and we know tourists will have so many things to see there, but if you’re a lesbian interested in queer history all around the world, you should create space in your diary to visit.

Henrietta Hudson - best lesbian bars

Buenas Vibraciones (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Costa Rica has been pleasantly surprising, catering the torch for gay and lesbian bars and clubs. The name of this San Jose lesbian bar, Buenas Vibraciones, literally translates to Good Vibrations, and we’re not sure whether it’s a coincidence or a joke.

We’re pretty sure it’s the latter. Either way, the name matches the whole vibe of the place. It’s relaxed, with good food and great drinks, and a lot of entertainment, including karaoke and live music. While it’s a lesbian bar, too, men are still allowed, as long as you’re respectful and on your best behavior, which shouldn’t be too hard to do. In between enjoying the sun and ocean breeze, you should drop in.

(Temporarily or permanently closed. If you know something, please suggest an edit.)

Bigudi (Istanbul, Turkey)

We were as shocked as you probably are right now finding out that there’s a lesbian bar in Turkey, but it speaks to the strength of queer people. By accounts, the place has been closed down, re-opened, and relocated several times since December 2006, and yet the owners persist in trying to keep it open.

It is open only for lesbian women on Saturday nights from 10 pm to 5 am. By around midnight, the place is usually packed. In another show of bravery, their address is also public. Big Club is located on Mis Sokak, a small street off Istiklal avenue, not far from Taksim square.

The venue is on the terrace floor of the building with street number 5. There is a regular cafe bar called ‘Diezel’ at the entrance floor of the same building and an Altin Plak Bar on the lower floor of it. These may help you locate the place faster. It is small but cozy and welcomes most people, regardless of their preferences or how they identify. Prices are high, though, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit.

Bigudi - best lesbian bars

Le So What (Paris, France)

Ah, Paris, the city of love. It’s no surprise that there’s a lesbian bar here. In fact, what should be surprising is how few there are. Le So What is a cozy lesbian bar in Paris‘ Le Marais district, principally for more mature gay women. It’s a small space with no sign outside, so it’s somewhat difficult to find, but once you’re inside, the staff are friendly, and the cocktails and wines are top-notch.

We especially recommend their mojitos. Cis and trans men are tolerated so long as they don’t outnumber the women. The DJ is fantastic, and there’s enough space to dance. They open on Thursdays from 9 p.m. for a karaoke night called ‘LaBoulange’ and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 pm to 4 am.

It’s a nice place if you want to party till the early hours of the morning, but you don’t want to be around so many people. There’s no discrimination, as is typical of most places in France, so you don’t have to worry about a police raid or being called names for your identity.

Le So What - best lesbian bars

Espeto De Bambu (São Paulo, Brazil)

The name of this bar translates as Bamboo Skewer, which we think is another joke, although a more painful-sounding one. More like a double entendre, now that we’re thinking about it because they have a selection of over fifty kebabs to choose from.

This bar, located in Sao Paulo, welcomes all members of the LGBTQ community, although it is primarily for lesbians. It also provides live music, beer, and kebabs, making it a favorite spot for lesbians in Sao Paulo. It is an intimate and casual location in Cerqueira César, but you can still get your groove on here during their live musical performances.

Their live performances are something to see, as an acoustic guitar usually accompanies their wonderful female singers.

Espeto De Bambu - best lesbian bars