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The 15 Best Gay Patches That Let The World Know “I’m Queer And Proud!”

The 15 Best Gay Patches That Let The World Know “I’m Queer And Proud!”

Collecting gay patches is a hobby that has been around for a long, long time (even if it was a little more undercover), but has really made a comeback in recent years. Folxs from all parts of the world and all walks of life are starting to find out what the fuss is all about with these little sew-on and iron-on pieces of embroidery.

It’s really no wonder they are picking up steam, though, since there is an embroidered patch out there for just about everything, it seems. There are, of course, the police and military patches with which we are all familiar, as well as boys and girls scouts and national park patches. And there are also seemingly innumerable patches dedicated to sports teams, video games, political groups, anime, movies, and TV shows, colleges, and universities, and the list goes on. It is pretty safe to say that there is surely a patch out there for everything.

The LGBT community is no different. Here you will find a host of gay pride-themed patches, and we have put together quite an eclectic group of gay patches so there is sure to be something that will tickle your fancy no matter your personality or fashion sense. Patch collecting also really does make an excellent hobby – one that is affordable and easy to get into – if you happen to be looking for one. Just like collecting gay socks or gay enamel pins, except patches are harder to lose!

But not to worry: you don’t have to be a collector or hobbyist to enjoy these fun little accessories. If you are only in the market for a one-off incursion into the world of embroidered patches, then that is perfectly okay. These gay patches are great for displaying pride and showing support for your LGBT friends, neighbors, and family. They can also be a lifesaver if you happen to be in a fashion pinch.

Don’t have anything suitable to wear to the pride parade? Well, now you do: just slap that beautiful pride patch onto that shirt or jacket, and off you go. Or if you just simply want an affordable way to spruce up your wardrobe, to take boring clothing and make it fabulous, then gay patches are the perfect solution to your fashion needs. And decorating apparel with them is an absolute blast.

Don’t know how to use gay patches yet? Here are some helpful instructions:

  • Before applying your patch wash and dry your garment first.
  • When washing turn your garment inside out and use a gentle wash cycle.
  • Set the iron to a hot cotton setting.
  • Place the patch in the desired location and cover with a thin piece of cloth.
  • Iron and apply firm pressure evenly on the patch for approx 30-40 sec.
  • Iron the opposite side for approx 20-30 sec to reinforce.

We have also included some further instructions at the end in case you need a little more help. Now get ready to patch like a pro, invite a friend over (with a few of their own garments), and see what a time you have transforming your closet.

gay patch - gay iron on patches - lgbtq iron on patches - lgbt flag patch
gay patch - gay iron on patches - lgbtq iron on patches - lgbt flag patch
gay patch - gay iron on patches - lgbtq iron on patches - lgbt flag patch
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Paw Print Iron On Gay Patch

You will simply adore this bear paw print patch. If you would consider yourself a bear, or know someone special who does, then this is lovingly made with you just in mind, though it’s suitable for anyone else who just happens to like the look of the patch. And who wouldn’t?

Animal print designs are all the rage, and the bear claw represents many things, especially in Native American cultures: strength, courage, motherhood and nurturing, guidance and protection. The bear claw is also a symbol of mobility and moving forward in life. 

And on that latter note, if you are an LGBT person and happen to be at that stage of your journey where you feel ready to come out, but wish to do it in small steps, then what better way to start than with the symbolism (guidance, protection, strength, pride and mobility) of these bear paw patches.

Paw Print Iron On Gay Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Spank Me LGBTQ Iron On Patch

Are you the sort of person who is always down for a bit of saucy humor? If you answered yes then this is a must have for you. You will have an absolute blast when you apply this racy patch to your shirt, jeans, jacket, hat or even to your sneakers, and your friends will love it too when they see it.

It’s a sure way to break the ice and lighten the mood anywhere you go, and those you encounter will appreciate it. A word of warning though: don’t blame us if someone takes the patch literally and actually does spank you! And if they do well, who knows: that might lead to even more fun avenues to explore…

If you have a taste for the tawdry then get this, iron it on, wear it with pride and have fun with it.

Spank Me LGBTQ Iron On Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

LGBT Apple Gay Pride Patch

This gay pride patch takes its inspiration from the story of Alan Turing, a genius mathematician, computer scientist and the BBC’s Greatest Person of the 20th century.

Turing was persecuted by the British government for engaging in a same-sex relationship and forced to undergo chemical castration. Following this ordeal Turing was found dead with a half-eaten cyanide-laced apple nearby – hence the apple symbol.

While the popular myth that Apple inc. founders were inspired by Turing when designing the Apple logo is unfortunately just that – a myth – the rainbow apple honors Turing and has become an emblem of defiance in the face of oppression and persecution. Wear this patch and pay homage to this inspirational figure.

LGBT Apple Gay Pride Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

LGBT Melted Lips Iron On Embroidered Patch

Check out this trippy patch. Do you have an affinity for the outre? If so then you are going to gush for these melting rainbow lips.

This patch will add a colorful and slightly eccentric flourish to any garment, a unique touch that will make that jacket, shirt, or backpack distinctly yours while adding a touch of pride. Just imagine how cool this would look on a denim jacket, for example, for that hippie aesthetic or as a little something extra on your gay jumpsuit or festival attire.

Or say, a black leather jacket for that biker or rockabilly vibe. The possibilities are endless with these style-enhancing patches. You are only limited by your imagination.

LGBT Melted Lips Iron On Embroidered Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

LGBT Pride Heart Iron On Patch

Who doesn’t love hearts? And who doesn’t love rainbow hearts especially? Add this gay pride heart patch to your collection and show support for gay rights. Adding patches such as these are a subtle but excellent way to help increase visibility for the LGBTQ community in your everyday life.

This heart patch would look right at home sewed or ironed on to your pocket, or maybe onto the sleeve of your jacket. Or place them on the back pockets of a pair of jeans for another cute option. That is what really makes these patches such a blast to spruce up your clothing and add that distinct personal touch.

And the best thing about them is that they are so affordable you can just get a bunch of them and have an absolute ball adding them to your apparel.

LGBT Pride Heart Iron On Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

LGBT Pride Iron On Embroidered Patch

This LGBT patch is the perfect thing to liven up a piece of apparel and give it an element of pride. You’ll love that vibrant color of the rainbow lettering.

This patch is an excellent way to express yourself no matter your sense of fashion, and if you are just getting started on your coming out journey and wish to begin in a small way, these patches are the perfect thing for you. Not to mention the fun you will have applying them.

They make your gay apparel truly yours in a whole new way; they make your clothing tell your story like it never did before. Express your individuality with these beautiful patches, and see what all the fuss in about with these trendy accessories.

LGBT Pride Iron On Embroidered Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Rainbow UFO Gay Gride Iron On Patches

This gay pride patch is just outta this world! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun). You are seriously going to love it though. Especially if you can appreciate the far-out sci-fi aesthetic.

The patch features a black flying saucer with a rainbow-prism beam of light shooting down. It’s a gorgeous patch and if you love alien-related pop culture, then you will love this as well. And if you happen to know someone who is into this kind of thing, this patch would make an excellent – not to mention affordable – gay gift.

And remember: the truth is out there.

Rainbow UFO Gay Gride Iron On Patches- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

UFO Pride LGBTQ Patch

Another gay pride UFO patch. This one however, is distinctly different with its bright, colorful and cutesy aesthetic. If that’s your kind of thing then this patch is just for you.

It will wonderfully spruce up and add character to your clothing, or even your shoes or backpack. Turn an ordinary shirt or jacket into a fabulous piece of pride wear. Get a bunch of them and hand them out to friends – what better way to spread visibility for the LGBT community?

UFO Pride LGBTQ Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Gay Flag Patch

This LGBT flag patch displays the gay pride rainbow, making it universally and unmistakably recognizable. This might just be the quintessential gay pride patch, and it would make a perfect starter for an LGBT person just getting into patches.

With this, you can turn plain old clothing into stylish forms of expression. They also make great gifts for LGBT people you know, or for non-LGBT folks who support gay rights. Just one more way to spread pride and acceptance of the LGBT community.

Gay Flag Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

LGBT Lucky Clover Pride Patch

Are you feeling lucky? Well, you will when you get this beautiful gay pride patch and apply it to your favorite article of clothing or piece of apparel.

You don’t have to be Irish or live in Gay Dublin to appreciate this pride rainbow shamrock patch. You’ll look downright spiffy with this on your shirt or jacket; we’re sure good old Saint Paddy would be proud. This cute patch is sure to put you in a festive and jolly mood, and it doesn’t even have to be St. Patrick’s Day.

Nor are spirits of the liquid nature required – though it never hurt in lifting the mood. Be gay and gay at the same time (if you get the little play on words there) when you’re wearing this lucky clover patch.

LGBT Lucky Clover Pride Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Love Is Love Iron On Gay Patch

There is no more beautiful and inspiring statement you could make than the one embroidered upon this charming rainbow-colored heart-shaped patch.

It will make the plainest clothing look fabulous. Patches are a wonderful way to breathe new life into tired fashion, and with so little cost. Apply it to that gay hat you stopped wearing months ago and make it something completely new. There is no better way to express yourself with fashion than this.

Be bold, be fierce, be loud, be proud and most of all be an inspiration to those you meet.  Stand up for what you believe in and strike a stylish blow for acceptance with this patch.

Love is Love Iron On Gay Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Not Today Satan Iron On Embroidered Patch

If you happen to be a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and who isn’t?) then you will love this patch, featuring a famous quote turned meme turned pop song. The quote “Not today, Satan” comes from none other than the fabulous season 6 winner Bianca del Rio.

Embody the attitude behind the quote and let that inner bitch out a little. Keep it real with this sassy patch and keep the devil in his place. Put it on a gay beanie, queer shirt, or jacket. Give it to friends. Show your snappy side and wear it proudly.

Not Today Satan Iron On Embroidered Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Rainbow Fist Iron On Pride Patch

The rainbow fist symbol puts an LGBT spin on a common emblem of resistance and solidarity: the raised fist. This pride patch adopts this symbol of the fight for gay rights and equality. Wear this if you want to support this cause, whether or not you are part of the community yourself or a straight ally.

It also represents solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, so it makes for quite a powerful symbol that no one will have any trouble recognizing. If you believe in equal rights for all, then wearing this patch would be a small yet significant way of showing your support for folks of all colors, creeds, gender identities, and sexual orientations. 

Rainbow Fist Iron On Pride Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Rainbow Mushroom Iron On Embroidered Patch

You’ll appreciate this if you consider yourself a nature lover and have an affinity for growing things, especially if you are something of a mycophile. And no, you’re not hallucinating: this patch does indeed feature a rainbow-colored mushroom.

It is a quirky way to express your pride, and would make a great little offbeat kind of gift for that LGBT person in your life. And if you don’t know: this fleshy, plantlike fungus actually does have a complicated and rather fascinating place in LGBT culture, with which we won’t lecture you here but suffice it to say that a quick internet search of the topic will lead you to some interesting reading with headlines such as “Why are Mushrooms So Gay?” and “Help, Mushrooms Made Me Bisexual!”

But anyway, add this whimsical rainbow mushroom to your patch collection; it’s sure to become one of the queerest patches you own.

Rainbow Mushroom Iron On Embroidered Patch- lgbtq iron on patches - gay pride patch - gay patches

Straight Ally Pride Flag Patch

To put the finishing touch on our list of the best gay pride patches we close out with this patch, which features the straight ally flag. This is specially made for non-LGBT folks who want to express the courage of their convictions and display their support of LGBTQ+ rights.

What better way to show you care about your LGBT friend, neighbor, coworker, brother or sister, son or daughter? Let them know that you stand with them. The patch is a beautiful symbol of solidarity in the struggle for equal rights. Get them for your friends who share your support of the gay community. Spread pride everywhere you go.

Straight Ally Pride Flag Patch

Further Instructions To Guarantee Your Iron-On Gay Patches Stick Firmly

  • Find a nice, hard flat surface to iron on.
  • Set your iron to the hottest setting, but don’t put any water into the iron.
  • While the iron is heating up, find an old t-shirt or thin pillowcase that you wouldn’t mind having a burn mark on it. This will be your pressing cloth and always be between the patch and the iron.
  • Line up the patch where you want it, cover it with the pressing cloth, drop the iron on it, and press down hard for 45-60 seconds.
  • Don’t move the iron back-and-forth like you are pressing a shirt, just press straight down and let the patch absorb all the heat.
  • You will be melting a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the patch into a hot tacky glue. Some thinner patches will take less time than thicker patches.
  • Wrap your finger in a towel and as soon as the iron comes off, use your covered finger (the patch will be scalding hot) to press the patch into the item it is being ironed onto.
  • Allow to fully cool before testing to see how well the patch stuck. If you need to touch up a corner or you think it should attach more firmly, repeat the above steps with an additional 10-15 seconds added to the pressing time.
  • We have sold thousands of patches over the years, and if ironed on correctly, these will all stick extremely firmly.

Ironing Gay Patches Onto Leather

  • Many patch sellers will lie and tell you that you can iron patches onto leather. Truth is, you can’t
  • Following the instructions above, the heat from the iron will discolor the leather or even dry it out so that it cracks.
  • Some high-end leathers can take the heat — but these types of leathers will not take the glue.
  • For best results with leather, we always recommend sewing the patches on. They will last a lifetime.

Sewing Instructions For Gay Patches

  • If you are sewing by hand, we recommend a 1/8th-inch blanket stitch
  • If you are sewing by machine, never use a straight stitch (this will cut the patch). We recommend zig-zag setting set to 15-stitches-per-inch
  • If you need someone to sew it on for you, a local tailor is often your best bet. But for heavy leather jackets, also try your local shoe repair shop. They have heavy duty sewing machines built to sew through leather, will do it cheap, and are usually happy for the work.
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