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13 Best Gay Nude Resorts Around The World To Try On Your Next Gaycation!

13 Best Gay Nude Resorts Around The World To Try On Your Next Gaycation!

Everyone loves a vacation (unless you’re a psycho workaholic who shouldn’t be reading this in the first place). Most people sit at their desks or wherever they work, dreaming about a weekend getaway. Where most people disagree is on the type of getaway.

Some people would prefer to just stay at home, curled up with a good book and a mug of tea. Some others would like some time off to explore their town. Still, others would prefer to leave their city and even country entirely, hopping on a plane to some exotic location, to immerse themselves in a foreign culture for several days. Us… well, we are connoisseurs of the world’s best gay nude resorts…

Best Gay Nude Resorts

Some people have specific requirements for their vacation location. Women may want a place that has a proven record of being safe and secure, and athletic people may yearn for places with tons of opportunities for physical activities like hiking, rock-climbing, and gay nudists …well we would want a place where all of our quirks would be accepted.

Whatever is making you look for the best gay nude resorts, we’ve got you covered, right here. And it’s such a niche interest that we’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to. Here are literally all the gay nude resorts we could find – and trust us, we looked. 

Kauai Beach Resort & Spa - Best Gay resorts in Hawaii United States - best gay hotels in United States
Vibe Hotel Sydney - Best Gay resorts in Australia - best gay hotels in Australia
Aloha Guest House 3 - Gay Resorts In Hawaii
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Vista Grande Resort, Palm Springs, California, USA

Generic name aside, Vista Grande Resort is not a place you want to take your kids. It’s a place you want to take your man, though. This legendary, nude resort has been catering to gay men all sober the world for nearly four decades.

With over two dozen well-furnished rooms, three heated swimming pools, hot tubs and steam rooms, as well as amazing views of the San Jacinto Mountains, gardens and waterfalls, it’s everything you could ever dream of and more for your Palm Springs getaway. The place offers short stays in their Cabanas, as well as longer holiday experiences in more functional suites – kitchen included.

Vista Grande Resort - Best Gay nude resorts

The staff is professional and always on hand to help, and your stay comes with two delicious meals. Did we mention it’s clothing-optional? That’s right; you can stroll out of your room in all your naked glory and dive straight into one of those fancy heated pools, while the golden California sun shines gently down on you. It sounds as close to heaven as a person can get without actually dying, and most guests admit that they can’t wait to go back.

Vista Grande Resort - Best Gay nude resorts
Vista Grande Resort - Best Gay nude resorts
Vista Grande Resort - Best Gay nude resorts

Island House, Key West, Florida, USA

Think of the funniest, coolest beach party, filled with young hot gays who are pumped up to have a good time. Now imagine taking that energy and creating a resort out of it. What you get will probably look a little like Island House in Key West, Florida. It’s a secure compound that’s pretty much a tropical paradise with all the amenities you need.

Here you can find an indoor spa, outdoor spa, sauna, hot tub, heated pool, massage room and free wi-fi. Everything you can need on a vacation is available here. The rooms are a bit cozy, but with so much to do, you’ll barely be spending any time there. The staff is excellent and discreet, the food is delicious, and the drinks are great.

Island City House - Best Gay nude resorts

There are so many guests there at any given time that you’ll find yourself mingling and making friends, even though you’re not a people person. And if you’re the type that likes to check out hot guys when you’re on vacation, you’re in luck, because the House is clothing-optional. Just try not to stare rudely. Many guests find themselves returning often, and it’s no wonder why.

Island City House - Best Gay nude resorts
Island City House - Best Gay nude resorts
Island City House - Best Gay nude resorts

Gay Paradise Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Gay Paradise Hotel is an established resort for gay men that also manages to retain that homely, intimate feel. Thailand as a country is not exactly a gay haven, but more and more gay-friendly spots and locations are popping up, where gay people can go to experience freedom and relaxation here in Pattaya.

It is run by a couple – one particular is European, the other is Thai – and has been in operation for more than twenty-five years. It has a familiar feel; all the guests are encouraged to mingle and feel like family. Many guests live there as friends. The Hotel is open to both singles and couples, and the clothing-optional policy applies to everyone.

Gay Paradise Hotel - Best Gay nude resorts

There’s a swimming pool that’s open to every guest. Aside from the resort itself, Pattaya has become known as a liberal city in Thailand. It contains a mixture of people and cultures, and they have a tradition of kindness and courtesy. There’s so much to do there, too: going to the beach, checking out stores, and even going to bars and enjoying the nightlife.

Gay Paradise Hotel - Best Gay nude resorts
Gay Paradise Hotel - Best Gay nude resorts
Gay Paradise Hotel

Paso Chico Gay Bungalows, Spain

Paso Chico is a bungalow complex located in Maspalomas Gran Canaria, an island off the coast of Africa that’s part of the Spanish Territories. The complex is comprised of six bungalows, a pool that’s clothing-optional and a small garden.

Although they are not a hotel, they offer hotel services like cleaning, laundry and some others. Their location is also perfect, as they are within walking distance of bars, shops, supermarkets, and everything else you can think of. Paso Chico is also within walking distance of the Playa del Ingles or ten minutes from the dunes.

You can also get to the popular Gay Beach in Gran Canaria from there, so if you’re tired of walking around naked by the pool, you can toss some clothes on, head down to the beach, and then take your clothes off there. Wandering, what will be different? Well, you’ve got the beach sand and sick waves, for one. You could also meet new people on the beach.

13 Best Gay Nude Resorts Around The World To Try On Your Next Gaycation!

Lua Nua Gay Boutique Hotel, Portugal

Lua Nua is a gay boutique hotel and guesthouse for men, located in Southern Portugal. It is a fantastic place with a beautifully landscaped garden and is located close to a number of nudist beaches of the Costa Vicentina, like Alentejo and Algarve.

Lua Nua means Naked Moon, a name that describes the freedom and serenity offered as well as the fact that you can see the moon and stars on clear nights. It was founded by three friends – Franck, Marco and Christophe – about six years ago when they decided to settle down in Portugal after traveling the world.

They wanted a place that felt like him, and they set about designing it. We think they succeeded completely. They try to keep the hotel as eco-friendly as possible, using well water heated with solar energy and composting organic waste. They also make sure their cleaning products are chemical-free. Lua Nua gives off this air of luxurious living, something that we’re sure all the guests will appreciate.

Lua Nua Gay Boutique Hotel - Best Gay nude resorts

Alpha Gay Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island, lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. It is home to luxury resorts and spas, as well as lush forests and coconut groves. Amid all this beauty is the Alpha Gay Resort, whose number one priority is the comfort of its customers.

They even have taxi services to pick up and drop off their customers. Once there, you enjoy free WiFi and free packing. They also provide luggage, concierge and laundry services. Housekeeping and room service are always on hand to make your vacation easier, and there is even a smoking area. The rooms come equipped with blackout curtains, air conditioning and linen services.

Some even have balconies and terraces. Toiletries and towels are available, as is a minibar. All you need to bring with you are your clothes and yourself. Once you get out of the resort, you can visit the beautiful beaches or head into town to enjoy the colorful nightlife. The enchanting blue water is all around you, as are hot gay men on vacation. Which do you think you will enjoy more?

Alpha Gay Resort - Best Gay nude resorts

The Paradise Peak, St Martin

Imagine a nude gay resort somewhere as breathtaking and tranquil as St Martin. No, you don’t need to imagine. Just hop on a flight and go see for yourself. Or at least start making plans to go sometime. Paradise Peak will welcome you with open arms.

This elegant, adults-only bed and breakfast is set in lush gardens high above St Martin, far enough from the town center to be peaceful and close enough to the nudist Happy Beach for you to be able to visit it freely. The gardens, of course, are there to be explored and discovered by the guests. Scenery aside, the hotel itself is hospitality defined, with complimentary breakfast and sunset drinks served daily.

The Paradise Peak - Best Gay nude resorts

They’ve previously been known as Villa Rainbow, so you can be assured that they are gay-friendly. They are also clothing-optional, so you can enjoy swimming and tanning in the nude. In this exclusive yet inclusive environment, they invite all guests to embrace a sense of acceptance and tolerance. Their website is easily navigable, and the pictures alone will have you reaching for your card, ready to book a vacation immediately.

The Paradise Peak - Best Gay nude resorts
The Paradise Peak - Best Gay nude resorts
The Paradise Peak - Best Gay nude resorts

Bellaguello Gay Guesthouse, Italy

Belaguello Gay Guesthouse is perfectly situated on top of the hill in Guibbo, Italy. From there, you have a perfect view of the valley and some other hills. You can also see the poolside, garden and the rooms. Bellaguello Guesthouse is actually tiny, with just four rooms.

These rooms are luxury suites, with kitchenettes and everything else you can need to make your vacation perfect. This is to preserve a very intimate, informal vibe. Alec, who is the founder, and his team are extremely helpful and always on hand to assist you with whatever you want. Alec is always full of recommendations about things to see and do.

They offer a map of the surroundings that allows you to safely explore the area, which you would probably want to do as it’s a historic farmhouse. Alec is really such a great host. Don’t get too caught up in the food and fun and forget why you’re there in the first place: to check out hot gay men.

Bellaguello Gay Guesthouse - Best Gay nude resorts

Turtle Cove Beach Resort, Cairns, Australia

Turtle Cove Beach Resort is a gay nude result located near Cairns in Australia. Fly all the way around the world to the tropical region of far North Australia and spend a few days in a quiet, peaceful resort in an unspoiled paradise.

They only offer you top-notch, quality services as you kick back and let your worries drain away. This picturesque beachfront property is conveniently located between Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas. The resort staff is always on hand to attend to all your worries, and they ensure absolute comfort. The food is delicious, drinks are plentiful, and the staff treats you like you’re family. It is the perfect place to chill and relax on a vacation.

Turtle Cove Beach Resort - Best Gay nude resorts

Voëlkop Gay Men Guest Farm, Brits, South Africa

A rustic resort for gay men, which is also clothing-optional? We’d say count us in, but we’re not certain how it’s going to work. But what’s a vacation without a bit of adventure? Located near Johannesburg, this is a back-to-basics camping experience for gay men who like to feel in tune with nature and with their environment. Like we said before, it’s rustic, so I prefer to do some roughing it.

The food is decent, and there’s a heated pool, but make a list of everything you could possibly need on a vacation and pack it to take with you because the nearest shop is more than thirty minutes away. The accommodations are decent, nothing over the top, but you get the peace and tranquillity of nature at a decent price.

You will run into some bugs and maybe a frog or two, so if you’re squeamish about nature’s friends, try somewhere else. If you’re not, you’ll love this location. Now on to the nude part: its policies are clothing-optional, but who would really want to go camping in the buff? If you do, then that’s fantastic. Just remember to pack sunscreen and bug spray.

voelkop gam mens guest farm

The Point, Ontario, Canada

Experience The Point, a premier camping resort and safe space for gay and bisexual men, hidden deep in the forest, on the Southern coast of Ontario, roughly two hours from Toronto. The point is renowned for its first-rate amenities, natural oasis, and meticulously maintained spaces.

You are invited to dwell in the lab of Mother nature, making friends and family and building a community that will last longer than the vacation. Outdoor camping is available, as is the chance to stay in their forest cabins. If you think this is a basic camping experience, think again.

As a guest, you’ll have access to washroom facilities, loungers, a volleyball court, nature trails, horse show pigs, as well as nudist areas where you can strip down and soak in the beauty of Ontario’s South Coast. Dance parties and events are thrown frequently, so if you’re the type that likes to break it down on the dance floor, go explore The Point.

The Point - Best Gay nude resorts

Coqui Del Mar Guest House, Puerto Rico

Coqui Del Mar Guest House, San Juan, really comes alive during Pride Festival. As the only clothing-optional resort in Puerto Rico, they understand their responsibilities and prove themselves more than capable of handling them.

Guests find themselves coming back every year. They usually hold a naked weekend, which, just as the name says, basically keeps you naked for the whole weekend. Yes, you read that right. You’re even advised to pack light, as you’ll have very little need for clothes. Apart from this incredible weekend, the perks are endless here.

They have a wide variety of options for rooms, offering everything from gay hostel-style shared rooms with twin beds, to more spacious, private apartment-style units with private kitchens. They are also gay and weed-friendly. They have so many free services that it’s a wonder they don’t go broke.

Guests get free coffee, free breakfast and brunch on Wednesdays, Free bicycles and kayaks, free parking and beach chairs and WiFi. We love the fact that they organize weekly gay tours, so you can experience Puerto Rico with your own people, getting a unique experience that will stay with you forever.

Coqui Del Mar Guest House, Puerto Rico
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