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The 15 Best Addicted Underwear Options To Make You Feel And Look Sexy AF!

When it comes to underwear for gay guys, Addicted underwear are leading the race

Knowing you’re wearing something sensual and entertaining underneath your dull suit might make you feel a bit nasty, adding some spice to your otherwise routine work clothing. When it comes to underwear for gay guys, Addicted underwear is leading the race.

Addicted was established in 2009 in Barcelona with the goal of designing, manufacturing, and selling men’s swimwear.

Addicted has not only been developing swimsuits for a few years, but it has also been extending its line. Every year, new underpants, swimsuits, and athletic wear collections are introduced. Currently, Addicted is a significant name in men’s fashion, and more particularly, in the LGBT sector, and one of the first brands that immediately springs to mind when discussing gay men’s clothing. Below are some sexy picks from Addicted;

Addicted super bulk 2.0 jock AD714

Wearing attractive underwear makes you feel more confident. I’m not sure what the science is behind that, but it’s undeniable. Whenever you put on anything a bit more provocative down there, you feel like a million bucks. Many homosexual guys have a penchant for sexy undergarments. So, if you’re meeting up with a new person and awe them with your underpants, they’ll be quite excited.

Addicted super bulk 2.0 jock is a good pick when looking for an excellent jock to buy. This product guarantees excellent comfort and support thanks to its pouch-like construction and proprietary technology. It’s ideal for cyclists, truck drivers, athletes, and anybody searching for excellent frontal support. It’s so comfortable to wear that you won’t realize it’s there.

Addicted AD219 – TIE-UP BRIEF

Talk about hot and comfortable brief to rock for special occasions, talk about Addicted AD219 – TIE-UP BRIEF. The Addicted Tie-Up Brief has a sporty appeal thanks to the lace-up elastic. A curve pouch provides you with support so you can feel safe the whole day. This style, which includes Addicted’s Push Up System, improves your package without the usage of padding. You may now benefit from enhanced loudness without exerting any effort! The Addicted brand name is printed on the laces. The camo design on this low-rise shoe is equally edgy.

The good thing is that they are pretty easy to wash too. Just throw them in. They’re done quickly, You can hang them to dry, and it only takes only a few hours. No folding afterward, They don’t take much space in your dresser. They’re the ideal article of clothing.

Open Back Sport Mesh Brief AD740

Briefs, unlike boxer shorts, keep the men genitals at a much more stable point, making them a common underpants option among guys who engage in sports performance or those who need more support than weak underwear can give.

 Addicted Sport Mesh Brief This men’s underwear is really warm and fashionable, with contrasting lines for a sporty appeal and stripe lines on both sides. This sporty short features an open cutaway in the back that adds a sensual twist.

ADDICTED XXL Sportive Brief AD702

When exercising out, briefs, particularly sporty briefs, are highly suggested. Not only do they keep all of it in its place, but many are constructed of moisture-wicking fabric that may absorb perspiration and prevent chafing.

The Addicted XXL Sportive Brief is everything from ordinary. Water-resistant, detachable cushioning enriches your packaging with the Addicted Pack Up function. It’s tucked away in a hidden inside pocket, giving it a sleeker, more uniform appearance while still feeling unnoticed. This particular type can help you gain up to two sizes in your form and profile! Back-up rear padding aids in the ideal shaping of your assets.

Knowing you’re wearing something sensual and entertaining underneath your dull suit might make you feel a bit nasty, adding some spice to your otherwise routine work clothing (and life).

ADDICTED Tiger Print Bottomless Singlet AD977

If you’ve set a date in your schedule for a particular night where you want to give it your all and heat it up to unthinkable heights, a Bottomless Singlet is most likely the way to go. Because of the recent surge in popularity, this style of clothing is now available in more variants than ever before, including new designs and colours. Some singlets are so bold that they expose every inch of your body, providing an amazing encounter.

The Bottomless Singlet in Addicted Tiger Print is constructed of a thin, flexible cloth. A playful animal design with colour contrast trim runs throughout this fabric. The upper section is made up of shoulder straps that show your whole midriff. A racerback design is featured on the back. The bottoms of this type are meant to be longer and shorter in length. They come with a PUSH-UP bag that provides structure, support, and augmentation. The cutout in the back almost fully exposes you. This look is sleek, sensual, and just what you need right now.

ADDICTED Leo-Stripe Brief AD978

Briefs provide good stability and convenience, making them perfect for the gym or a date night as well as casual use. Briefs come in a variety of styles; keep in mind that a thin part underneath the waistband is best for guys with tiny posteriors and likewise.

Two designs with colour contrast trim make up the Addicted Leo-Stripe Brief. On the skin, the soft, sleek fabric feels fantastic. The sides of this short include twin holes for more style and versatility. A wide, exposed waistband keeps the low rise waist in line. The back is fully covered, keeping you comfy and tasteful.

ADDICTED 3- Pack Tropical Mesh Brief Push Up AD889P

The Addicted 3-Pack Tropical Mesh Brief Push Up is a pleasant and refreshing set of briefs. The short type of underwear is comprised of a colourfully patterned fabric. It has a mesh material that is both flexible and comfortable. This brief has a strong, visible elastic waistband with the Addicted logo stamped across it that falls just under the waist. Its push-up pouch adds definition, lift, and a charming boost to your figure. The modest covering in the back ensures your comfort. The short comes in a compact three-pack that’s ideal for travelling!

They are available in a variety of styles to meet all of your Brief demands.

I’m not sure how many different kinds there are. Everything you could possibly think in terms of colours, materials, cuts, and designs is available. It’s impossible to have too much.

ADDICTED 3- Pack Tropical Mesh Jock Push Up AD911

The Addicted 3- Pack Tropical Mesh Jock Push Up is a fun pair. This jockstrap-style underwear is made of breathable and light mesh fabric with a bright tropical print. The wide exposed elastic waistband falls below the waist for a figure-flattering fit. The minimal coverage rear is boosted and supported by two back straps. This jockstrap has a push-up pouch for increased volume. You’ll love how it comes in a convenient 3-pack too! Another noticeable feature is the “Pouch Technology”.

The “pouch” is quite comfortable since it can simply and efficiently hold various forms and sizes. It also gives support and keeps the testicles in position while the installed elastic lifts and volumizes the region.

ADDICTED Ring Up Neon Mesh Brief AD951

Do you want to step up your virility game? Then check out Spanish cult label ADDICTED’s new, innovative RING UP NEON MESH BRIEF. These sultry men’s briefs feature the revolutionary RING UP technology, which, when combined with the high mesh fabric, provides unrivalled wearing pleasure.

The Addicted Ring Up Neon Mesh Brief is both fashionable and functional. Mesh fabric stretches to fit your body in the brief. The textile comes in a variety of vivid colours. The bare elastic waistline keeps you secure, while the full-coverage back keeps you comfortable. For more volume and lift, this brief incorporates a push-up pouch. Its detachable Cockring helps to achieve a bigger erection while also providing additional support. This short is quite pleasant to wear and produces excellent results.

ADDICTED Super Bulk Enhancing 2.0 Brief AD712

Are you looking for a boosting underwear style for men?

The Addicted Super Bulk 2.0 Brief will make you stand out. Pack Up, a feature of Addicted, adds water-resistant, detachable cushioning to your box. It’s hidden in an inside pocket, giving it a sleeker, more consistent appearance while also making it seem like nothing’s there. This particular type can increase your size by up to two sizes. A replaceable Back-Up buttpad gives your a luxurious, well-rounded appearance. This short underwear features a V-shaped cutout with rubber bands on the sides for a sensual show of skin which is intended to make you seem beautiful.

ADDICTED Leopard Combi Brief AD948

Wanna be on top of the game with stylish details and ultra-comfortable fabric? then try ADDICTED Leopard Combi Brief AD948

The Addicted Leopard Combi Brief is stylish and comfy. The underwear is in a short form with an animal print on the front and a solid-coloured back. An exposed, wide microfibre waistband secures the low-rise waist. Fashion is provided by the twin side holes with colour opposition elements, while decency is provided by the complete coverage back. You’ll like the feel and appearance of this short.

Don’t take them off straight soon when you’re becoming intimate with your spouse or having a sexual affair.

Put them on. Play around with these. They provide fantastic foreplay.

ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock AD813

Wild Style to Boost a Man’s Appeal – This jockstrap has a macho style thanks to the washed camouflage fabric and polished waistline. For a focal point accent, the waistline bears an ADDICTED raised rubber logo.

CONSTRUCTION OF A FRONT POUCH TO MAKE YOUR MEN – This item has Push-Up technology, storing the crotch in its own bag. By keeping the components separately, you may emphasize the front bulge and make a man’s body more appealing.

Waistband with High Elasticity- The elastic waistline will not constrict your skin.

The ADDICTED size is somewhat less than the domestic Japanese product standard. Suppose you desire a tighter, purchase one size wider than the Japanese model. If you wish a slack fit, order one size smaller than the Japanese model.

ADDICTED Curve Cotton Brief AD727

How do you feel about the new Contour BRIEF from ADDICTED, the Spanish cult label? These beautiful briefs are my favourite new companion thanks to their athletic design.

Addicted Curve Brief is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Traditional underwear gets a modern touch thanks to a distinctive curved design. Cotton blends are extremely soft and comfortable to wear on a regular basis. The aesthetic is enhanced by clashing outlines and bright splashes of colour.

They reduce the amount of time spent doing laundry. Simply toss them in. They are completed fast. It just takes a few hours for them to dry if you hang them to dry. After that, there will be no folding. They don’t take up a lot of room in your dresser. They are the perfect piece of clothes.

ADDICTED Sailor Brief AD141

The Addicted Sailor Brief is a trunk design tight with a slim fit. These men’s undies have a sporty look thanks to the all-over sailor stripe, contrasting waistband, and written number 20 on the front left. All day long, you’ll be relaxed and stylish.

The upstart Spanish label ADDICTED presents stylish briefs with a nautical vibe. The white ADDICTED insignia is emblazoned on the red elastic waistline. Not exactly unnoticeable!

ADDICTED 3-Pack Basic Soft Cotton G-String AD746P

The Addicted Basic Cotton G-String is designed for maximum comfort. The smooth cotton mix fabric has a lovely feel and is ideal for everyday use. A simple 3-pack in conventional, consistent hues makes stocking up on staples a breeze.

Each pack comprises three smooth stretchy fabric G-Strings with a completely shaped pouch and thin neutral string at the back, making the ADDICTED 3 Pack Basic G-String an affordable option to round out your underpants collection. The waistband is sturdy and colour-coordinated, with a striking contrasting white ‘ADDICTED’ logo on both the front and back.

ADDICTED 3-Pack Camo Mesh Jock Push Up AD700P

With the ADDICTED 3-Pack Camo Mesh Jock Push Up, you get three gorgeous jockstraps for a steal. This is a bundle you really shouldn’t overlook!

The Addicted Camo Mesh Jock Push Up is designed for maximum comfort. Mixed mesh fabric has a fantastic feel and is ideal for everyday use. This design, which includes Addicted’s Push Up System, increases your package without the usage of padding. The camo design is highlighted and accentuated by contrasting lines.

ADDICTED Bottomless Camo Long John AD695

The Addicted Camo Long John is manufactured with the highest quality material to offer a perfect fit and feel. Bottomless long johns with an open back are sensual and unexpected. To layer up throughout the snowier months, combine these with your pants.


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