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The 16 Best Addicted Underwear Options To Make You Feel And Look Sexy AF!

The 16 Best Addicted Underwear Options To Make You Feel And Look Sexy AF!

If you are looking for the best Addicted underwear, chances are you will already know they are a Spanish underwear brand dedicated to making the very best of male underwear. They offer quality underwear at an affordable price. Although they are not as common as other designer underwear brands, Addicted products offer the best of both worlds in terms of cost and quality. 

The key to feeling sexy is great underwear. Ironically, it is the article of clothing most people don’t see, but a great day can be ruined by bad underwear. The comfort of great underwear can boost your confidence and make you feel on top of the world.

With so many brands on offer, it may be difficult to find a brand that best suits your needs, and even with the right brand, you might have problems making the right choices for the right occasion. This list presents some underwear choices from the Addicted brand – which stands today as one of the top gay underwear brands there are.

With items to wear from every occasion,  from beach parties in Sitges to sexy raves in Berlin and even to a normal day at the office, you will never lack options to choose from; I guarantee you that.

addicted underwear - addicted jockstrap - addicted mens underwear - addicted briefs - addicted underwear brand (1)
addicted underwear - addicted jockstrap - addicted mens underwear - addicted briefs - addicted underwear brand
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Super Bulk 2.0 Jock

A good jockstrap is a must-have in any man’s underwear drawer. The only problem is that with a jockstrap, you sometimes have to sacrifice comfort for a great look. The elastic around the waist might be too tight, or you might find the section at the back slips into places where it is not wanted,  but it makes your package look good, and that’s all that matters. Sometimes, it’s the other way around.

The good news is, with the Super Bulk 2.0 from Addicted, you can have both comfort and style. The innovative Packard Up design does wonders for your package, preventing it from getting wet with discreet, water-resistant padding that does wonders for the silhouette, making your package look bigger and slicker.

The logo placed front-and-center of the waistband gives the jockstrap a more modern look and feel. It’s also got leg bands with details for an overall better look, and though it comes in only white, the design is stylish enough that you don’t need more than one color. It’s made from a mix of cotton,  polyamide, and elastane, and the sizes go from XS to 3X.

This jockstrap is understated style at its finest and is perfect for days when you’re probably going to spend the whole day working, but you don’t want to risk being seen in boring underwear. And trust us, no one in their right mind would ever call any of the best Addicted underwear boring!

Best Addicted Underwear Super Bulk 2.0 Jock AD714

Tie Up Brief

This low-rise, casual style manages to combine sporty and sexy for a fresh take on underwear. With a little camouflage print thrown in for extra flair,  it manages to tick all the boxes.

Made from 95% spandex and 5% cotton, it’s extremely comfortable,  with the spandex ensuring a great fit. It’s got a Push-Up System design that gives your package increased volume without having to resort to pads. As is typical of Addicted,  the brand logo is printed in the center of the crotch front, as well as across the laces.

The sizing range is fairly broad, and it feels incredible against your skin. It’s a perfect gift for a sporty partner, and you can experiment in an interesting variety of ways. Try loosening the laces with your teeth, for example, and see where it goes from there.

Best Addicted Underwear Tie-Up Brief AD219

Open Back Sport Mesh Briefs

Open-back briefs can be sporty, flirty, or sensual. Or, as in the case of this mesh underwear offering from Addicted, they can be just plain sexy.

It comes in two colors with stripes on each side for that athletic look. It’s also got the logo across the waistband,  but the piece de resistance that will have all the guys panting after you is the risqué cut-out at the back. The cut-out starts just below the waistband, giving a generous view of your assistance. The cut-out also provides easy access, for those moments when you just cannot wait any longer.

Made from polyamide, elastomer, and cotton, they possess all the elements that a good pair of briefs needs. The two styles contrast each other nicely, and once you’ve tried one, you’d surely want to get the other.

Best Addicted Underwear Open Back Sport Mesh Brief AD740

 XXL Sportive Brief

Despite its name, the XXL Sportive Brief comes in a wide range of sizes. The ‘Sportive’ part of the name is accurate, though, with a modern, sporty design that appeals to the jockstrap in you. The brief-style,  low-rise fit gives lengthens the torso, giving it a much sexier look.

Although it comes in only one color, that isn’t necessarily a downside, as black is a more mature, classy color. For a little more size and a better contour, it comes with removable paddings for the back and front, so any shortcomings you may have are artfully disguised. 

As usual, the Addicted logo is displayed across the waistband.

Best Addicted Underwear XXL Sportive Brief AD702

Tiger Print Bottomless Singlet

This isn’t your ordinary singlet or gay bodysuit. For starters, it’s barely there, leaving your whole chest and a greater part of your back exposed. But what’s the fun in covering up completely?

This tiger-print piece is the stuff of fantasies,  with stretchy fabric that clings to every inch of your skin and makes you stand out wherever you go. The piece is more like a bodysuit, extending all the way down to the pouch and providing adequate support to your backside and the more important crotch area.

As if the whole front situation is not enough to turn the hear up, the shorts are also backless, displaying your sculpted ass. The polyamide blend is also comfortable, and combined with all the bare skin; you are guaranteed to look and feel sexy in this.

Best Addicted Underwear Tiger Print Bottomless Singlet AD977

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Leo-Stripe Brief

On this pair of briefs, the bold ADDICTED logo is replaced with a shorter, sleeker one composed of the first and last letters of the brand name. The allure of these Briefs lies in the light and dark contrasting colors, which are combined in a motif of leopard prints and horizontal stripes.

It may sound tacky, but the result is a sleek pair of briefs that are sure to be unique. It comes, especially in pink, just in case you need another reason to buy it. It’s low-rise, falling below the waistline for a bit of edge. Choose one from a wide range of sizes.

Best Addicted Underwear Addicted Leo-Stripe Briefs - Pink Addicted Leo-Stripe Briefs - Pink Addicted Leo-Stripe Briefs - Pink Share Leo-Stripe Briefs - Pink

3- Pack Tropical Mesh Brief Push Up

With this three-part, there’s a bit of variety – which is good as they are some of the best Addicted underwear there is, so you are going to want more than one pair. The three briefs contained within have a neutral background with a motif of tropical palm-like leaves. It combines a bit of fun with the understated sophistication that defines sexy.

Each brief-style underwear is made of a breathable mesh material that allows adequate circulation of air. Coverage is moderate, showing just enough skin to titillate,  and the high waistband helps in shaping and holding the ass, as well as your crown jewels.

The fact that it comes in a three-pack means that it’s perfect for a vacation. It’s also multi-purpose, so you can go from a walk to swimming in the ocean to doing a little sexy strut for your significant other before the two of you get down to the business of the day.

Best Addicted Underwear - 3- Pack Tropical Mesh Brief Push Up AD889P

Ring Up Neon Mesh Brief

Neon is a naturally sexy color. Why else would we see so much of it at festivals, raves, and adult parades? Combining the power of neNeonith underwear is a recipe for a sizzling hot time, and you can trust Addicted to do it fantastically.

These simple Briefs come in pink, orange, and yellow, and they pack a hefty punch. The crotch is specially constructed to present a shed of your goods that’ll have people panting and swooning,  and the rear end provides great coverage and support without looking boring.

If Neon is not enough to sell these briefs to you, the removable cockring definitely will. It offers the benefits of a fuller crotch with the promise of sexy times after. What more could you want?

Best Addicted Underwear - Ring Up Neon Mesh Brief AD951

Super Bulk Enhancing 2.0 Brief

What does the Super Bulk Enhancing 2.0 Briefs enhance, you may ask? Well, the most correct answer is everything.

Its simplistic yet intelligent design is tailored towards making everything look better. From the removable Pack Up padding to make your crotch look bigger, to the Back Up button pad for a rounder, more enticing ass, to even the V cut-outs with elastic bands by the sides that elongate your torso, everything is just that bit better in these briefs.

The pads are removable, for times you don’t need any extra boost to your manhood and already feel on top of the world. Made from a blend that is about fifty percent cotton, your comfort is also pretty much guaranteed.

Best Addicted Underwear - Super Bulk Enhancing 2.0 Brief AD712

Leopard Combi Brief

Combining print with solid blocks of colors is a new trend that has slowly seemed into the fashion space, and you just know the best Addicted underwear is not left out.

These combi briefs mix print with sold blocks of colors: red and white for one offering,  blue and yellow for the other. Asides from the flirty color and pattern combo, these briefs have a lot in their favor, including a wide microfiber waistband, a low-rise style that can be adjusted to give a tantalizing peek at what lies underneath, and double-sided openings that have the same potential.

The fabric blend of viscose, polyester, polyamide, and elastane is sleek, with a sheen to it. Wear it by itself and watch your sexiness factor shoot up.

Best Addicted Underwear - Leopard Combi Brief AD948

Washed Camo Jock

Camouflage is definitely one of the sexiest fabrics out there, along with lace and silk, and a camo jock is a perfect choice for days you want to be beating the guys off with a stick.

The AD logo hints at a bold, new allure, as does the washed-out camo pattern. Leg straps elevate the underwear style as well as provide support to the ass area. The crotch fabric is lightweight, but it redeems itself by cradling and copying your crotch, outlining it in a way that makes mouths water.

The exposed rear is the selling point of the jockstrap,  with complete, unrestricted access to the ass cheeks. It is also perfect as fetish underwear or completing a very scandalous gay Halloween outfit.

Best Addicted Underwear - Washed Camo Jock AD813

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Curve Cotton Brief

Cotton briefs are an underwear drawer staple, and you can never have too much of them. Once you try this pair, for instance, you’ll probably never look at another brand again.

With a unique curved design that guarantees the best fit of your life, these cotton briefs are a hidden gem. Contrasting lines give your ass an even softer, rounder appearance. It comes in bold colors which really accentuate your best features.

The stripes of white around the leg holes help frame your thighs and call attention to them, so if you’re the type that doesn’t skip leg day, you’re in luck. Didn’t know cotton briefs could be this sexy? Well, you’re welcome.

Best Addicted Underwear - Curve Cotton Brief AD727

Sailor Brief

Sailor-inspired underwear is a big thing and super-smooth to boot. Maybe it’s all that warm,  blue ocean water it calls to mind. Or maybe it’s the thought of all those ripped men in uniform hoisting sails and…anyway, nautical briefs are cooling. ..or hot, depending on how you want to look at it. This particular pair isn’t anything to sniff at.

Made with a mix of ninety-five percent cotton and five percent spandex,  it will no doubt deliver on comfort, while still offering a sexy-enough fitting that you’ll draw a whistle or two. The stripes along with the number 20 printed on one side, give it a sporty look and feel for the discerning customer.

Best Addicted Underwear - Sailor Brief - Sailor

3-Pack Basic Soft Cotton G-String

Many people have a love-hate relationship with gay thongs and g-string’s,  and who can blame them. On the one hand, they’re sinfully sexy, but on the other hand, they have a habit of getting into the worst possible paces at the worst times and being a littoral pain in the ass. That’s why I love this cotton g-string three-pack so much.

Made from almost a hundred percent pure cotton, It comes in three colors: black, navy, and red. The waistband lies flat against your skin, so you can be assured it doesn’t get into all the wrong places. There’s really no downside.

Best Addicted Underwear - 3-Pack Basic Soft Cotton G-String AD746P

3-Pack Camo Mesh Jock Push Up

What’s better than one camo mesh jockstrap? Three. I’m a sucker for two- and three-packs, simply because I feel like I’m getting more value for my money. And when there are three different patterns in one pack, it is a whole lot better.

Jockstrap-style underwear has one main-selling point – besides the flattering limes and tailored crotch, that is – the exposed ass. And this one delivers on that promise. The carefully engineered Push Up system pushes your third leg’s best foot forward, so to speak.

The rest of it is just as good (as you would expect from the best addicted underwear), and you’ll find yourself wanting to live in it.

Best Addicted Underwear - 3-Pack Camo Mesh Brief Push Up AD697P

Bottomless Camo Long John

Who says gay leggings or long johns can’t be sexy? With a fabric that clings to your skin like an old friend and a backless design, these Camo long johns wouldn’t look out of place in a gay Eagle bar or leather club. The finest fabric blend gives it a sophisticated look, so you never need to feel ashamed or inadequate when you’re wearing these.

Layer them under your clothing when it gets colder, and you’ll be ready for a  brief rendezvous, no matter how impromptu. The waistband with the Addicted logo displayed across it provides extra support for your ass and gives the whole thing a modern vibe.

Best Addicted Underwear - Bottomless Camo Long John AD695

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