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Is It A Good Idea To Purchase Travel Insurance In 2022?

Is It A Good Idea To Purchase Travel Insurance In 2022?

As we enter 2022, there is hope for UK travellers and holidaymakers. With so many travel plans derailed last year and the year before, things are starting to pick up and look more positive as people feel confident about travelling abroad this year. Holiday bookings are on the rise, especially for the February half term, the Easter holidays and Summer 22. 

While confidence is returning among UK holidaymakers, it is too easy to forget that we are still in a pandemic situation. So, there are many uncertainties and risks associated with international travel and holidays. Hence, buying a suitable travel cover is more important than ever. And below, we’ve listed a few good reasons why you should consider getting insured for your next trip this year –  

Covid-19 is still a lingering issue when travelling abroad 

Covid-19 is still a major health issue in many parts of the world, and it is likely to remain for a while. So, you will still be required to follow the isolation and testing requirements depending on your destination. According to Skyscanner, there are 106 countries with low travel restrictions at present, while 19 other places, including the Netherlands, have implemented moderate restrictions for tourists and travellers. And there are 30 other destinations that still have strict travel restrictions in place, including Australia and New Zealand – so Gay Auckland and Sydney might have to wait a bit longer.     

Also, any existing covid-led restriction is subject to change at short notice depending on the situation at your destination and the region you plan to visit. Hence, there are many different types of risks when travelling abroad this year, including covid-related trip cancellations and illnesses. 

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Travel health insurance is required in many countries 

Getting travel health insurance is a standard practice in many parts of the world, even before the pandemic started. This was to ensure that participating countries aren’t left with the financial burden of unpaid medical bills by tourists, which can be expensive. As a result of the current pandemic, many countries, including destinations in the Caribbean and Asia, now require visitors to take out travel health insurance that covers the cost of Covid-related illnesses and medical expenses.

You should buy travel insurance if your destination requires you to have health coverage for medical emergencies, care and repatriation. If you are unsure, you can check foreign travel advice for entry requirements and whether you need travel health insurance for your destination. 

Flexible cancellation policies may change in response to an increase in holiday bookings in 2022 

Currently, many travel operators offer flexible cancellation policies for peace of mind when booking trips abroad. So, rescheduling your travel dates has gotten much easier at present without the extra hassle of admin fees or penalties, even though policies vary among travel insurance companies. 

However, this is likely to change with the growing demand for flights and holidays in 2022, leading to a rise in travel prices and fewer booking spaces. Consequently, flexible cancellation policies may change in response to big surges in demand for holidays and international travel. Getting travel insurance can help mitigate the risks or changes associated with a flexible cancellation policy when booking a holiday in 2022. 

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Travel insurance can protect you against trip cancellation, curtailment and loss of possession

In the realm of travel, unpredictability is a constant companion, and the importance of travel insurance becomes paramount, especially when exploring vibrant and diverse destinations. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets and serene beaches of Thailand, planning to revel in festive Queer Destinations during the holiday season, or soaking up the sun at Gay-Friendly Resorts in Greece, travel insurance acts as your safety net.

The need for such protection has been amplified in recent times. While the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of trip cancellations and interruptions, traditional travel challenges like lost baggage or delayed flights remain prevalent. Imagine planning a weekend in Queer Los Angeles or gearing up for one of the many LGBTQI+ Events in Australia, only to encounter unforeseen hiccups that could disrupt your carefully laid plans.

Travel insurance safeguards not just against the financial repercussions of such disruptions – like the cost of last-minute flights or non-refundable bookings at those picturesque Greek resorts – but also provides peace of mind. The stress and disappointment of a dream trip turning sideways can be considerable, and having that insurance buffer helps manage these emotional impacts.

Moreover, the complexities of travel, such as understanding transport options in Thailand or navigating international destinations during peak festive times, underscore the importance of being prepared for any scenario. With travel insurance, you can embrace the excitement of your global adventures, from the dynamic streets of Los Angeles to the spirited events of Australia, with confidence and reassurance.

In essence, investing in travel insurance is a wise decision for any globe-trotter. It ensures that your journey through the world’s most exhilarating and queer-friendly locales is not just memorable, but also secure and worry-free.

Health is still one of the biggest reasons why people choose to get insured for their trip. It is especially the case among UK senior travellers — according to Statista, people over the age of 65 were more likely to purchase travel health insurance compared to younger age groups. This is not so surprising since age-related diseases and illnesses are more common among senior travellers along with increased health risks associated with international travel. 

However, accidents, injuries and illnesses can happen at any time and any place, regardless of your age. Hence, it is always a sensible decision to purchase travel insurance with suitable medical cover, especially if you plan to do high-risk activities or if you have pre-existing medical conditions. It will not only provide coverage against unexpected medical costs overseas, but it will also give you confidence and reassurance, which is so much needed in 2022.

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