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How To Enjoy A Weekend In Queer Los Angeles!

How To Enjoy A Weekend In Queer Los Angeles!

When it comes to Queer Los Angeles, it’s easy to think of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – but the truth is that this city has so so much more than that.

There are miles and miles of beautiful coastline, unique dining experiences, and an eclectic mix of neighborhoods. We present some options to you so when you come you can enjoy some of these hidden gems the city offers.

Don’t forget to book a massage while in you’re in town… the gay massage Los Angeles scene is full of wonderful masseurs who are here to help you relax and melt the stress from sitting in traffic. But first, let’s get out into some nature…

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Enjoy A Hike By The Sea

Inspiration Point Trail offers an easy 2-mile loop with a view of Santa Monica and the ocean that can take your breath away. The weather out here can be foggy but is never too warm or too cold to come, so just lace up and head out any time.

Afterward, you can always head right down to Will Rogers State Beach, and join the other gays laying out in the sun and playing volleyball.

The Strand Bicycle Beach path is really one of the most fun things to do on vacation in SoCal. This bike path, also known as “The Strand” starts at Will Rogers State Beach and travels south through all of the beach communities and 2 harbors: Marina del Rey and Redondo Beach. It can be a nice, easy workout with terrific views all along. 

Head Back To Boystown

Alfred’s Coffee Shop

Because first:  coffee! Maybe it’s the location or seeing the occasional celebrity walking around with the antler cup, but you can feel the luxury vibe when you step in.  We highly recommend trying the famous Alfred Coffee. Their homemade syrups are quite impressive.

Wellness moment:  Naked Yoga Warrior

Right on Santa Monica Blvd., 3 minutes east of Weho Bistro, you can jump into a yoga class at Naked Yoga Warrior (the nudity part is optional!). They really foster a sense of community and have a warm, accepting vibe that leaves you feeling renewed, but accepted for who you are. 

There are plenty of options for taking care of yourself – gay massage therapists in Los Angeles are fabulous, as are the barbers, yoga studios, and skincare specialists. Gay Wellness has a stellar curation of these practitioners, and you can choose for yourself.

Bottega Louie

The Loui salad with blue lobster was is delicious, and we paired it with a pistachio-cherry cake with a hint of lemon sourness. Their desserts have a mild sweetness, while still packing in a lot of flavors. With what looks like a million macarons on display, they have the most extensive pastry shop in SoCal, surely! The marble and gold interior is terribly cute.

How To Enjoy A Weekend In Queer Los Angeles!

WeHo Bistro

First of all, the blood orange mimosa alone is enough to warrant coming here. From the baguette, chicken salad, Florentine Benedict, potato wedges, apple jack smoothie, iced coffee, and truffle French fries – overall the food is on point! The price and service are excellent, and just a very warm and friendly ambiance.

Hit The Clubs In Weho

WeHo’s Boystown has so much nightlife that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. The Abbey is a simple choice because, as the most recognizable gay bar in LA, it draws a very fun easy-going crowd, has great drag shows, and offers chill areas as well as active dance floors.

Hi-tops is a popular bar that is still new (by Weho standards) which is why it’s crowded. The high-school-themed space is ample, and has a comfortable vibe, which makes it easy to meet new friends.

Luxury Shopping

We don’t like to shy away from the glamor:  you only live once! And while there are a few boutiques on parallel streets, Rodeo Drive mostly contains well-known luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada (Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc.) Even if you’re just pretending to be a movie star while window shopping, really pleasant and classy walk regardless of your interest in shopping or the opportunity to shop here. 

The layout of the buildings is inspired by historic European towns, with cobblestone, gas lamps, porches, benches, balconies, and flowers.

High-Caliber Art

The Getty really is a museum with something for everyone:  fine art (for days), spectacular city views, and modern architecture, which alone is worth the visit. These stellar art collections from various periods of history make it a great way to spend a half-day or more.

How To Enjoy A Weekend In Queer Los Angeles!

LACMA (The Los Angeles County Museum of Art) has the largest art collection in the western USA and features artwork covering many periods of art history. Very warm lively atmosphere with an amazing lights art installation. 

End With A Korean Spa In K-town

LA is home to a variety of Korean spas: these wellness sanctuaries that offer a range of treatments, from gold-leaf masks to Korean scrubs to manicures. Most of them are open 24 hours a day and have a very communal atmosphere with plenty of space to hang out.

There are two Korean spas worth mentioning here:  the Midtowne Spa and Wi Spa. As one of LA’s best-kept secrets, Midtowne is gay-owned and draws many gay men from all over the city to relax. It has a hot pool, cold plunge, dry sauna, and communal showers. Wi Spa is massive, with 9 different types of dry saunas, multiple soaking tubs, a full-service restaurant, and a huge communal area – this is Korean spa culture at its best. 

How To Enjoy A Weekend In Queer Los Angeles!
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