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3 Great Queer Destinations For A Hot Festive Season!

3 Great Queer Destinations For A Hot Festive Season!

We tend to associate the festive season with winter in the US. This is understandable. Winter in most of the Northern Hemisphere is in full force in December. However, while a lot of the marketing focuses on the romantic notion of a ‘White Christmas’, some people prefer to spend it on the beach.

If you are looking for a hotter festive season than normal, there are some incredible destinations for you to visit. These destinations promise relaxation, beauty, and a lot of fun They’re also very queer or queer-friendly.

Protecting Yourself When Traveling

It is natural to worry about destinations which are dangerous for LGBTQ+ people when deciding where to go. However, hate crimes are not the only danger, and in some places petty or violent crime is rife. You should always research the destination and what you can do to make sure to protect your valuables when traveling. This will include getting locks and gear, as well as insuring your stuff.

Now, let’s look at some of the best queer destinations for a hot festive season.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is at the top of the list for many travelers of all orientations. For queer travelers, it is an absolute must-visit destination. The stunning beauty of the city alone is enough to make the trip worth it. Table Mountain is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and it deserves its place. Visible from almost everywhere, it is majestic in different ways from every side.

The beaches are gorgeous and great for queer travelers. The famous Clifton Beach has a queer beach. In case you’re wondering, this is not unwanted segregation, but rather a space designated specifically for us by us. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, Sandy Bay is South Africa’s only nude beach.

Stay in Greenpoint if you want to experience the queer capital of South Africa. You’ll find queer bars, saunas and steam rooms, night clubs, queer-owned businesses, and events galore.

3 Great Queer Destinations For A Hot Festive Season!

Sydney, Australia

Another beautiful city on the beach is Sydney, Australia. Long considered Australia’s queer capital, Sydney has a wonderful combination of natural beauty and party life. Sydney has a strip of suburbs known as the Rainbow Ribbon. There you will find a huge concentration of queer bars, cafes, and businesses.

Make a trip down to Newtown in Sydney’s Inner West suburbs to enjoy a neighborhood populated by queer female couples. There are also many night clubs in Sydney for those who love to party.

Unfortunately, if you want to make it to Sydney’s famous Mardi Gras, you’ll have to visit in February rather than December.

3 Great Queer Destinations For A Hot Festive Season!

El Nido, the Philippines

El Nido, the Philippines, offers a unique experience that contrasts sharply with the bustling gay scenes of urban hotspots. While you won’t find the vibrant gay nightlife of Portland’s Gay Burnside Triangle or the chic gay-friendly resorts in Greece, El Nido’s charm lies in its serene beauty and welcoming atmosphere, resonating with the tranquility often sought in gay self-help books.

This quaint town is a haven for those who cherish peace over partying. It’s a world away from the energetic vibes of gay nude resorts, offering a tranquil retreat for visitors of all orientations, including the ASPEC community. El Nido’s lack of specifically queer spots isn’t a reflection of prejudice but rather its small, undisturbed nature.

Reaching El Nido might require a bit more effort – a one-hour plane ride followed by a six-hour drive once in the Philippines – but this journey keeps its natural wonders pristine and untouched by mass tourism. It’s a perfect destination for those who don’t mind a little extra travel for a truly unique and peaceful experience.

The sunsets here are spectacular, creating a backdrop that’s almost surreal. The lagoons, accessible by a day trip on a boat, are a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. Plunging into the water here is like entering a whole new world, far removed from the bustling streets and lively beaches often associated with queer travel destinations.

Though El Nido may not have the specific queer-focused amenities of some destinations, it stands as a testament to the Philippines’ reputation as one of the most queer-friendly countries in Asia. It’s a place where any traveler, whether with a partner, friends, or solo, can find beauty and tranquility in an unspoiled setting.

Gay El Nido, the Philippines