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Gay Greece: Queer Culture, Local Life, And What You Should Know! 🇬🇷

Gay Greece: Queer Culture, Local Life, And What You Should Know! 🇬🇷

The Gay Greece community has started to show their need to be equal like others, a lot of decades before. If we talk about the last decade, it is very difficult to put a framework of claims linking all the LGTB and queer groups to each other.

Athens Pride has as its main objective the SLK visibility and pride, ALKE and the Association for the Support of Consecrates focus on institutional claims, such as the expansion of political marriage and cohabitation to gay couples, the creation or extension of laws to protect the people of Lebanon from hatred and violence and full medical support for transsexuals involved in gender reassignment, while the Lesbian Group of Athens publishes the extraordinary magazine “Dalika” and engages in screenings, parties century discussions aimed at the strength of lesbian identity.

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Queer groups, on the other hand, attack the demands of any form of sexual normality, opening up the debate on the release of the whole desire, either LGTB or heterosexual.

Nowadays, you can easily come to Greece and enjoy the ideal holiday cocktail: glowing sun and wonderful beaches, long history and nightlife, artistic events and luxury that is widely offered.

True to the sacred debt of hospitality, the Modern Greek welcomes all visitors. The shiny Attic sky is reflected in the smile and the open mood. The unparalleled beauty of contemporary ‘Kouros’, the same living statues of the museum, proves that ‘perfect’ and ‘harmonic’ reside in Greece.

Athens, The Capital Of Contradictions

The traditional with the progressive complement each other in Athens. The beat of gay life strikes loudly. Discover the rising gay scene through countless choices.

Gay Athens can now easily be recognized as a gay-friendly city, worthy of its reputation alongside other cities in Europe. This transformation is evident in the number of shops that have opened in recent years, primarily catering to gay clients, creating vibrant and colorful pockets throughout Athens. And when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay and immerse yourself in this welcoming atmosphere, explore the gay hotels of Athens.

Our starting point is the Acropolis, the epitome of ancient classical art. From the foothills of the Sacred Rock, the streets of Plaka unfold before you: with their whitewashed thresholds and royal scents, tables set up for a glass of wine, and unique souvenirs.

And speaking of views, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Lycabettus Hill, the favorite spot of romantic couples at dusk. It’s the perfect place to admire Athens at your feet, where the blend of traditional and progressive, like the city itself, creates a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

Gay Athens Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Athens Greece 2018

Gazi – Metaxourgeio: In The Industrial Neighborhood Of Gay Community

This area is the heart of the gay community in the capital of Greece. If you choose one of the following places, you will definitely have the time of your life!

Café Del Sol

Its new look has stolen his impressions. The new look of Cafe del Sol – the first café to open at Gazi, perfectly matches! Eccentric and modern, yet warm and welcoming, maintains the first place in your preferences.

The decorative touches of the owner, made the difference, giving it the specialty that characterizes it. Mainstream and house music choices keep you company while enjoying a cool coffee or some of its famous salads. If you were looking for a welcoming all day hangout in the city center, you found it at Cafe del Sol.


This place is one of the top gay friendly choices if you want to enjoy your coffee in the heart of Athens. Do not miss to make a stop before you continue your walk all over the city.

Choose for your purchases ES COLLECTION and do not miss a meal at ROOSTER, on the square of Saint Eirini, a bustling crowded hangout. Aeolus and the surrounding streets gather fashionable cafes, bars and clubs. Art exhibitions in cutting-edge halls and live evenings highlight urban culture. For relaxation, FLEX SAUNA awaits you and Mama-Roux for food.

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Noiz Club

Its name confirms the definition of this great club. It is anxious, with a strong personality, proud identity, wonderful music and warm decoration. It is open every night and always with interest in the nights that keep until dawn.

Once you enter the club, you will sure feel that you are a part of the gay Greek community. High quality beverages served at the bar. Djs that alternate every day on the deck, make sure the music touches your heart in every way.

The Apartment

The Apartment is a Gay Club in Metaxourgeio with mainstream sounds and parties that promise you unforgettable nights of fun!


Shamone is the most famous entertaining gay club with theme nights, big parties, famous singers and live shows and drag shows artists. It is offered for crazy dancing and has amazing cocktails. Basically, it’s the place you should not miss if you find yourself in Athens. Shamone is hosting celebrities, but also the LGBT community in the city.

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Discovering the lacy coasts of the Athenian Riviera

The summer starts faster on the Athenian Riviera, just 15 ‘from the Constitution. From Flisvos to Sounio, the dilemmas are many: water sports or nudism; Beach bars or taverns? Spa in a luxury resort, sailing or taking golf courses? Paradise is too close!

Closing the Culture Agenda in Athens: Museums, Events, Festivals

More than 11,000 exhibits count the collection of the National Archaeological Museum. The Acropolis Museum hosts unique, original masterpieces. The Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum complete the civilization cycle.

Do not miss the chance to attend to the Outview Film Festival, Queer Cinema Days. Premieres, awards, influential personalities illuminate every spring at the International LGBTQI Film Festival in Athens. Athens Gay Pride is also a great reason to visit Athens in the summer period.

Gay Athens Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Athens Greece 2018

Thessaloniki Is A State Of Mind

With a trademark of the White Tower, Thessaloniki holds intense thrills for gay tourists, since great cultural events such as the Thessaloniki Pride or the Panorama Gay Festival are enthusiastically supported. Historic venues satisfy sophisticated tastes, without missing opportunities for luxury shopping in Tsimiski. Visit the Thessaloniki Museum of Design, the State Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Photography and venture into the archaeological site of Vergina or Halkidiki for a swim.

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As for your days and nights in this beautiful city, do not miss the chance to visit one of the following:

Do not tell mama

Do not tell mama is not just another bar, not even another hangout, but an institution of nightlife and alternative Thessaloniki. When he opened 17 years ago at Stratigou Kallaris Street, the diagonal connecting Pavlos Melas with Niki Avenue, the street was almost empty from shops.

Its owner, Vassilis Grotas was confident that Kallaris, one of the most beautiful streets in the city, deserved such an initiative and presence. Soon the tables were filled out and the minimal interior with the visual interventions was made by the most loved young people, artists, actors and dancers from the adjacent State Theater, music lovers.

Friendly atmosphere and warm environment created by the always smiling Vasilis, as well as his staff, magnetizes people of all kinds, every style, a loving youth of free choice that turns out to be one of the most familiar places that one can spend the night with his company.


You will find it on the second floor of the arcade of Egnatia and Valaoritou Street. He has managed to acquire his own fanatic public with the liberated concept. Guests in the city have the first of fun destinations. Its exquisite decoration, the most up-to-date music on all levels and types and the themed parties that are organized take off the entertainment every night. Of course, the inexpressible fun is one of its key features. Every day from 23:00 till the dawn, you will live unforgettable moments there.

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Mykonos: Where The Day And The Night Become One

Mykonos is equivalent to the ‘Mecca’ of the gay community in Greece. Frozen daisies, well-thought-out bodies, splendid beaches, VIPs, unparalleled Cycladic architecture, designer items in Matogiannia, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and luxury hotels will make you feel that once is never enough. In August, the established Xlsior Festival brings together top DJs. The colorful neighborhood of Little Venice and the Kato Mylon Complex, a pole of attraction for you and your mate.

Do not miss the Archaeological Site in Delos, the island of Apollo or the gay hotel Elysium.  Not that Gay Mykonos does not offer plenty of other fabulous accommodation…

Elias Beach gay beach Mykonos

Jackie O’

One of the most popular gay bar with mainstream music for all tastes, drag shows and cocktails from sunset to sunrise. Do not miss the chance to attend to one of the most famous drag shows in Greece.

54 club

The @54 came to Mykonos in the summer of 2014 with exclusive weekly parties with the most sexy jet setting world. Try out the unique cocktails and the unique view, seeing the sun go down as you drink champagne, then enter the club and enjoy the unique decor and our exquisite staff. 100 meters further is the gym with unique smoothies and protein shakes. Are you on the list?

Where to Stay In Paradise: The Most Glamorous Gay Hotels in Mykonos