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The 25 Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

The 25 Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

There’s no shame in consuming erotic materials from sources like lesbian OnlyFans creators – no matter what anyone thinks. As long as the content was created and disseminated with the full, informed, adult consent of everyone involved, then it’s completely acceptable to purchase them for your viewing – or listening – pleasure.

With that in mind, not all adult content is made for everyone. In fact, we can go one step further and say that some types of content were clearly created with some people in mind. Want us to be clearer than that? Fine. Most porn is made for men. Is that straightforward enough for you?

Most adult content that is put out on mainstream sites is made for the male gaze. The video angles, creative direction, and even the plot – for longer, movie-style videos – are made for the consumption of men. This is clearly evident in the fact that most women confess that the videos do not ‘do it’ for them, so to speak, while the men enjoy the content with relish.

Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators - amateur lesbian onlyfans

Contrary to popular belief, many women watch porn, but sometimes it can be difficult to find content that celebrates female sexuality as something to explore and delight in. A lot of adult content out there feels demeaning and insulting to women, instead of inspiring.

A number of smaller sites and adult content companies such as Make Love Not Porn, Bellesa, Dane Jones, Bright Desire, and Lust Cinema – most of which are founded by former or present sex workers and adult content creators – have come up, in an effort to provide women with content that they can shamelessly enjoy. These sites produce sensual, fun, and ethical content that avoids insulting, misogynistic tropes.

However, because the costs of running and moderating whole websites are not insignificant, many of these sites tend to have hefty subscription fees. Some of them also do not have as much content as some people would like, compared to the hefty archives of more mainstream sites. In addition, the content on some of these sites tends to be more vanilla. Kinks like BDSM, roleplay, and varied fetishes are not usually catered to. Queer women are another subgroup of people that may not receive accurate representation.

We can appreciate that these sites are doing the best they can and still acknowledge that there are gaps that could be filled in the world of woman-centric adult content. This is where subscription-based social media like Onlyfans, Fansly, Just for Fans, Fanhouse, etc. come into play. As their names rather clearly imply, these sites are built for content creators – of all kinds – to connect with their fans. They allow creators to create accounts on which they can post their content. The creators then fix a certain subscription fee, which the fans have to pay monthly or yearly – in order to access their content.

The owners of the site are only responsible for moderating the site itself, while the creators sign up and post content of their choice. This shares the burden of keeping the site running between the founders and the creators. It also makes for a varied array of content, as different creators decide on the niche they want to focus on. On these sites, you can find models that create content featuring everything from foot fetishes to Dom-sub relationships to orgies to roleplay.

Creators also decide whether they want to provide custom content, the girlfriend/boyfriend experience, sexting, video calls, and so on. Many of these services come at extra cost, and the fans decide whether or not they want to pay for them.

Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators - amateur lesbian onlyfans

Another advantage of these sites is that each creator fixes their price point. There is a wide range of prices, from single digits to hundreds of dollars, and everyone who signs up to the website can choose how much they feel they can spare to buy adult content from the creators. There is no one price that everyone has to pay to get access.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are different niches, much like one would find on a conventional website. This includes both lesbian and gay creators. Specifically, this article is going to focus on lesbian creators on Onlyfans, to be precise. With thousands of creators signed up on Onlyfans – which is likely the largest and most popular of such sites – it may be difficult to find particular content creators that interest you.

The only way to be sure which ones you like is by viewing their content, and unfortunately, you can only do this by buying a subscription – though you can get an idea of many creators’ content from their Twitter accounts… A single payment of about ten dollars might not seem like such a sum, but by the time a user has bought about five subscriptions and not found a single one of them satisfactory, they may begin to feel a little bit turned off by the site. The thing to do, therefore, is to avoid this occurrence.

This can be done by shopping around for recommendations before you actually subscribe to a creator’s account. Such recommendations can be found among friends, and strangers on social media, and even on blogs and websites, such as ours. We’ve decided to make a list of the best Lesbian Onlyfans account, and although you may find that all the creators on this list may not be to your taste, we are going to list as many as we can, in hopes that you’ll be able to find just enough to satisfy you.

Whether you’ve got five dollars to spare or five hundred, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to find at least one model to give you the excitement you crave.

Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators - amateur lesbian onlyfans
Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators - amateur lesbian onlyfans
Best Lesbian Onlyfans Creators - amateur lesbian onlyfans
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Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely is pretty much a celebrity in the world of porn. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2020; that’s how big she is (for those who don’t know, the AVN awards are the ‘Oscars of porn’). She has also won AVN Lesbian performer of the year fourteen times.

Some might say she is one of the best lesbian performers in the world right now. In addition to being a porn star, she is a sex educator, executive producer for Playboy, as well as a Penthouse pet. Lesbians around the world are really lucky that she deigned to bless us with an Onlyfans account. She posts regular content on Onlyfans, and even makes custom content at $100/minute. Before you panic, her subscription is much cheaper at 7 dollars, and she even gives a free 30-day trial on occasion.

In her Onlyfans bio, she says she’s always horny, but she also hates time wasters, so before you slide into her DM, make sure you know what you’re looking for. A subscription gives you access to more than two thousand media files, so it’s basically a steal, especially for such a famous performer.

Lesbian Realness

This is one of a number of lesbian couples onlyfans on our list. As far as we’re concerned, couples are like getting two for the price of one, so we don’t expect any complaints. The first thing that hits you in this couple’s Onlyfans bio is a declaration that tipping makes them horny and interactive, so you know what you’re signing up for right out the gate.

They are hot real-life lesbians who give you access to their relationship to flirt with them, ask any questions you have, or just watch them do their thing. They’re there to tease and please you. For just ten dollars – or five dollars if they’re running a discount – You get access to over 400 exclusive photos and videos as well as daily posts, personal chats, private messages, and special requests.

You also get regular free gifts and naughty videos delivered to your DMs. For all these, as well as the thirty-five percent discount you get when you pay a whole year’s subscription at once, you should be more than happy to tip once in a while.

Artemisia Love

There are two types of Onlyfans creators: established porn stars who are looking for yet another platform on which to share or sell their content, and amateurs who saw Onlyfans as a means to make a living and signed up to it. Artemisia Love is the latter.

An established porn star, her imposing height and sexy Italian accent are recognizable to most people with some knowledge of the genre. She posts content daily, and she already has almost a thousand pictures and videos on her page. Her subscription fee is 14 dollars, and it gives you access to BTS from her sets, as well as full access to all her content. Every new sign-up gets a free video, and when you leave a tip, you also get a free video in your inbox as a show of gratitude.

She’s got a PornHub account, as well as Twitter and IG, and she invites you to subscribe to all of them. She frequently collaborates with fellow creators and has several videos on her account with some of them.

Lesbian Couple

We’re concerned about how easy this account will be to find, as ‘Lesbian Couple’ is such a generic name. Their ‘@’ is ‘blakebambiwild’, and they are two kiwi girls, Blake and Bambi, who met and fell for each other in a strip club, of all places. Proceeding to Onlyfans was naturally the next step to take, and the lesbians of the world thanked them for it.

They post sexy, smoking hot lesbian porn on their completely uncensored, ad-free page. They do live sex shows on live stream every week for their fans to enjoy, and asides from these shows, they also post daily. Their contents include – but are not limited to – strapons, toys, fingering, and lots of cunnilingus.

They’re famous for their self-deprecating humor, their round, juicy asses, and artistic close-ups of their pussies in numerous positions. Their regular subscription fee is about thirteen dollars for a month, but you can get it for as low as seven dollars a month and ninety-one dollars a year. You also get a free video to start with once you subscribe to them.

Shelma Depraved Lesbian

Shelma delivers what she promises with such a name – depraved sex with her girlfriend, who also has an Onlyfans account. What does this entail, you may ask? Bondage, Domination, fingering, pussy-eating and roleplay, among other things. They enjoy showing off on Onlyfans so much that they don’t even charge for viewing their content.

Yes, you read that right. Hundreds of pictures and videos of them in sexy lingerie and provocative positions, completely free. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is. If you’re strapped for cash, but you also want to see two gorgeous girls kiss, suck and fuck each other, all you need to do is visit her account.

Shelma is also a great choice for fans of tattoos, and the pops of color on her skin look stunning, especially when she’s fucking her girlfriend. Although she doesn’t charge a subscription fee, she enjoys big tips, so if you find that her content gets you off, you can drop her a tip to encourage her to keep making content.

Don Cognac

Don Cognac is her user name, but her display name on Onlyfans is Don TV. She’s a stud who makes videos with her girlfriend and partner, who is also on Onlyfans. According to her, Onlyfans is her sex party, and she loves to fuck and eat. Although she’s a stud, she’s vers – can play both the top and bottom roles – and like to both fuck and get fucked. She also has content for sale on her Onlyfans page.

Online some lesbians on Onlyfans provide dick ratings for men, she absolutely does not want to see any, and any attempt at sending her a dick pick will get you blocked and reported. She likes private messages, so any of her subscribers can send her s message with any request they have. Big tippers are especially encouraged, so be ready to spend some dough. A subscription to her page costs twenty dollars, and you get access to more than five hundred pictures and videos.

Miss Flora Berlin

This creator is a self-described ‘kinky kitty who likes showing off online’. If you enjoy your lesbian action with a liberal dash of BDSM, femdom and fetish, then you should definitely subscribe to Miss Flora. Her round ass, clas in latex, hits you the moment you enter her Onlyfans account, and we think that’s the best advertisement anybody can have.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s really pretty as well. She loves to show off her sexuality, along with her hot girlfriend. She also gives you a peek into her daily life. She posts regular behind-the-scenes videos, so you can see how she spends her day when she’s not turning you on In front of the camera.

Pay ten dollars for a month, or seventy-two dollars for a year, and get access to over a thousand media files. It’ll be hard to find a better deal…

Lesbian Hippy

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who is more open-minded than a lesbian who is also a hippy. In case you’re wondering, that is her Onlyfans name, along with ‘Milfin’, in the likely event that you find several lesbian hippies and you don’t know which to pick.

She makes posts weekly, instead of daily, like some other creators, but we can confidently say her posts are worth the wait. So can a lot of people, because she has a decent number of subscribers. It doesn’t hurt that she charges just seven dollars a month, which is pretty low. With a substantial archive at such a low cost, we really can’t find a reason not to recommend her. Buy her a gift from her Amazon wishlist to get her attention.

Audrey and Sadie

Audrey and Sadie are two insanely attractive, dark-haired girls that are there to make all your dreams come true – dreams that have to do with watching two hot women fuck, at least. They don’t do ads or pay-per-view, so you know they mean business. Their archives alone have almost five thousand pictures and over five hundred videos.

That’s more than enough to pay the twenty-dollar subscription fee for. The videos are all at least five minutes long and can be as long as twenty-two minutes. They also offer daily DMs, and their videos have practically everything you can think of. They do anal, scissoring, double penetration, toys, lesbian threesomes, and so much more. They even do giveaways.

Seriously, we’d gladly pay their fifty-dollar subscription fee for their content, so you really shouldn’t hesitate to pay the price they set. If you can, you should also leave a big tip to support their sexy craft.

Riley Velvet

Riley Velvet calls herself a professional hedonist, and that’s the kind of stuff we like to hear. Another reason to subscribe to her page is that she’s currently running a whopping ninety percent off sales, so her content only costs three dollars instead of the usual thirty for a month’s subscription!

You literally shouldn’t need any extra motivation, but in case you do, we’ve two words for you: lesbian orgies. She’s in lots of those, as well as in several videos with loads of sultry girlfriends. She also does threesomes, as well as fetish videos. She shoots and uploads these videos regularly, so prepare to fall in love with her bewitching green eyes, her beautiful face, and her cute ass.

Buying a whole year’s subscription gives you a substantial discount as well as access to her Premium snap, so we’d advise you to go with that option.

Sapphic God Scarlette

This creator’s name sounds exactly as it should. She is a brutal, British Pro-Domme who specializes in sadism, femme supremacy, and findom. Simply put, if you’re not a hardcore fan of BDSM, you probably should find someone tamer. Her specialties are denial, chastity, findom, worship and other similar degradation acts. This is all done with consent, of course, so there is no need for you to worry.

You don’t just get to watch her practice with other creators; you also get the chance for a one-on-one session with her. She’s available for video, audio or text chats. You can also order custom clips, or even buy her worn items. All these and many more services are available for just ten dollars, and a year’s subscription gives you half off.

If your deepest fantasies are to be humiliated and dominated by a lesbian femme fatale, look no further than Scarlette.


If you’re looking for food fetish creators, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re looking for a cute, real WLW couple to share in their love and happiness, then you should sign on to follow Alessia and Sasha, the two halves of this couple, on their journey. They’re huge fans of film and erotica and have channeled their creative energy toward creating a variety of sensual content for their fans. This includes videos, photos, audio, and more.

The subscription fees paid by their fans allow them to remain individual content creators and completely in control of the type of content they put out. They also donate to queer organizations and causes like the Trevor Project, OutRight Action International, and Trans Lifeline. Some creators turn their fans off because of bad behavior when the cameras are not on them, but Alessia and Sasha are faves you know you can be proud of.

Xena Zeit-Geist

Some fans and consumers of adult content want to watch raw, steamy sex. Others prefer the inclusion of toys like dildos and vibrators. Still, some others need an element of BDSM for them to really enjoy the content. And then we have the ones who do not even need to see live, sexual activity in video form. For these people, sexy, tasteful pictures are enough. Xena Zeit-Geist is the best content creator for these people.

She is inarguably the queen of sexy cosplay on Onlyfans and has sexy burlesque pictures and pin-up photos in abundance. She posts 4-6 exclusive posts on her feed every week, most of which are spicy pictures, as well as a fresh pin-up and cosplay photo sets. She also sends extra spicy PPV content, and full photo sets to her subscribers’ inboxes several times a week.

Buying her presents, tipping, and having your Renewal on are also rewarded with more spicy pictures. She’s very invested in keeping her subscribers happy, and as a result, she’s in the top 2.4% of all Onlyfans creators.


Some smaller accounts deserve visibility as well, and we feel like this one is one of them. After getting fed up with her theology professors telling her that women should cover up, she decided to start an Onlyfans where her job would be to get naked for money and worship at the altar of pussy. She probably didn’t join Onlyfans solely because of her professors, but whatever the motivation for it, we thank her for her service. She invites her subscribers to join her cult, and boy, would we love to take her up on her offer.

If you do so, you’ll be treated to daily content. A lot of it is solo, but she’s got enough hot girl-on-girl content to keep you wanting more. For anyone who hopes to see some straight content from her, she identifies as a lesbian, so it’s very likely you’re not going to get any.


Streetdreamzz is a portmanteau name formed from ‘Street’ and ‘Dream’, the names of the two partners in the couple. Street is a 30-year-old stud with big dick energy, while Dream is a thick 21-year-old who loves to read. They are a lesbian stud and fem married couple who love fucking. They love it so much that they even opened an Onlyfans account for people to come and watch them. They also have a PornHub account where they post five-minute-long previews of their content, as well as a few full videos, just to give subscribers a taste of what they have to offer.

Their videos have a homemade flavor to them, but they’re also professionally edited. They use toys, kiss and caress each other, and eat each other out. They also have solo videos playing with themselves. And as it turns out, people love what they do, and we guarantee you will too; once you subscribe to them, leave a tip and even send them messages on Onlyfans.


Autumn and Jordan have a welcome message in their Twitter bio that we think is just adorable and cute, complete with emojis sprinkled liberally all over the text. Autumn is a shy sub who’s super-naughty with a thick ass and nice boobs. She loves a good spanking. Jordan, meanwhile, is a sweet Dom who likes to give as well as receive. She’s slim with a nice ass and ‘cuppable’ tits. They fuck in all the houses in their rooms, including on their kitchen table.

When things get hot and playful between them, they whip out their camera and give their subscribers a chance to get in on their action, albeit virtually. Their cravings are varied, so subscribers can expect to see a variety of content. At twenty-five dollars a month, you get to watch as much as you want. Yes, the price is on the high side, but all you need to do is check out their previews on pornhub to see that the price is definitely worth it.

Agata Ruiz

Agata Ruiz is an already-established porn star. This spicy Latina mamí has almost two hundred thousand followers on Twitter, and she’s loved around the world. The fact that her Onlyfans subscription fee is just ten dollars – fourteen without a discount – is honestly a gift on its own. She even has a free Onlyfans account, where you’re given a taste of her content to encourage you to pay up for the premium account.

She claims to be able to make your dreams come true. That’s a tall order, but if anyone can fill it, it’s Agata. She has lots of solo content but is frequently seen collaborating with fellow Latina Lissana Scott and Martina Smith. Keep your auto-renew active, and you’ll get her sexiest videos delivered straight to your DMs for free. Isn’t she just incredible?

Elise the Butt Princess

Talk about a name that needs no explanation. Elise the Butt Princess – who also goes by Siswet on Onlyfans as well as other platforms – is a hardcore anal expert. And when we say hardcore, we really mean it. She’s been training her ass since she turned eighteen, stretching it out with butt plugs, dildos, and any other thing she could get her hands on. Now she’s a certified ‘buttslut’ and still going.

In case we’ve not made it clear enough, this is an anal and related practices account, so if you’re not into ‘butt stuff’, look elsewhere. If you think an anal rosebud is the sexiest sight in the world, though, then then you should definitely subscribe. Seven hundred full videos and almost two thousand pictures, as well as shower nudes and live shows, are available for ten dollars a month.

If you want to get a taste of her work, you can check out her PornHub account for videos.

Mistress Noir

The honorific already lets you know that she is a dominatrix. Mistress Noir is a Dutch dominatrix from Amsterdam who personally promises that her account is worth the follow. And there’s no question as to whether she delivers. Before we dive into her content, it is worth mentioning that this particular page is dedicated solely to girl-on-girl stuff.

She has other platforms on which she posts male and mixed content. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get into what she has on her page. They include; slave tasks and instruction videos, femdom, huge previews, full moves, slave and anal training, as well, and lots of pussy play. She creates content in both English and Dutch, and you know we have a soft spot for bilingual creators.

Everything she offers costs just fifteen dollars a month, and you can even get a fifty percent discount on s month’s subscription. She works with fellow creators like Elise the Butt Princess, creating BDSM content. Catch all her content on her page, with no hidden costs involved.

Catholic Virgin

While other creators are making their sexuality and the type of content they create pretty clear from their name, Catholic Virgin is going the other way around and playing s bit of a mind game with her name.

This twenty-year-old chubby lesbian may not be a world-famous porn star, but she’s gathered a decent following with her regular, quality content, and at the rate, she’s going, she’s headed for megastardom. Her videos include toys and solo play, and themed photoshoots are where her ivory skin, doe eyes and silky black hair really shine. She’s already amassed a substantial log of over two thousand photos and videos, and she’s still going.

Her subscribers are invited to know her better via DMs, and customer satisfaction seems to be her number one priority. All it takes is a monthly payment of ten dollars, and you’re invited along for a thrilling ride.

Kokain Kewchie

It’s a huge title to defend, naming your vagina after an extremely addictive drug, but Wettest Daye – we can call her Daye for short – is clearly up to the task. She even goes ahead to call herself ‘the one and only’ in her Twitter bio, so we can see that she doesn’t have any problems with hyping herself up.

In the same bio, she states that she’s only open to lesbian collaborations, living no doubts as to where her attractions lie. She’s got more than thirty thousand followers on Twitter, so we can safely say she’s a famous porn star.

She posts unique videos regularly and even does lives with her subscribers. Her subscription fee costs twenty dollars, and for that price, you can view all her uploaded content. Look for her videos on PornHub if you need some extra convincing.


Angelgoddess_420, whose real name is Jess, is one-half of a couple with Don Cognac. You can also call her LesbihonestXXX, and here we will just state for the record that we love good wordplay.

This twenty-two-year-old lesbian already has a lot of experience in creating sexy content. Her eleven thousand subscribers and nearly nine million views on PornHub attest to this. She’s usually the bottom in their videos, but sometimes she and her partners switch sides, and she gets to be the one wearing the strap-on. They hardly make videos with other people, but the chemistry between them makes up for any lack of variety.

Their videos usually feature strap-on fucking, scissoring, tribbing, fingering, eating pussy, and face-sitting. If it can happen between two women, Jess and Don have probably done it. You can find previews, as well as some full-length videos on PornHub, so you can decide whether it’s worth the subscription fee or not. We think it is.

Maggie Queen

Maggie Queen is really a queen of content. She’s a fun, easygoing girl who is in love with nature and enjoys things like dancing and painting. She’s also a naughty little girl who has no problems whatsoever with getting naked in front of the camera. In fact, she does it so often that she posts daily.

She’s also open to sexting and video calls, and you can contact her for custom videos and photos. Threesomes and orgies frequently appear on her timeline, and there’s a lot of squirting. She’s an anal lover, a feet queen, and a fetish lover, and she also provides dick ratings on request.

She likes being spoiled and pampered, so asides from the ten-dollar subscription fee, you should also have a budget for tips.


She says she has a lesbian fetish, and we’re not quite sure what that is, but it sounds sexy as hell. And judging from the free videos Becki posts on her Pornhub account, it looks sexy as hell too. She and her frequent collaborator, WettestDaye, get up to all sorts of shenanigans, including eating each other out at work, scissoring in traffic, and having sex marathons in their room.

She specializes in girl-on-girl, face sitting, tribbing, solo videos and toys, and she also loves it when subscribers send in custom requests, so if you’ve got a girl-on-girl fantasy you want to see played out in real life, reach out – after you’ve subscribed for fifteen dollars, normally.

Mistress Vixen, the Climax Queen

We’re going to ask your forgiveness in advance for including a page that also posts straight content on occasion, but you’re going to want to do this. Mistress Vixen, whose username is @asianvixen4u on Onlyfans, is an Asian vixen – duh – who is into the swinger lifestyle. She bares it all for the camera, having real threesomes and orgies and censoring absolutely nothing.

You may still be wondering exactly why we included her on this list, and we’re going to tell you now: her orgasms are a thing of wonder. She has long, full-body orgasms that can sometimes last as long as three minutes. And she squirts too.

Her orgies have various combinations of men and women, but if you’re looking for strictly all-girl content, then you can simply scroll through her posts and pick the ones you want. She posts almost every day, and all her videos are beautifully edited and can last up to 45 minutes. The videos come two times a week, and her other posts are made up of pictures, vlogs, teasers and audio tapes. Leaving your auto-renew on also gets you a free gift at the end of each month.

All these things are covered by the subscription fee of thirteen dollars per month! Surely you can excuse some non-lesbian content for all the benefits.

We’ve just given you a sample of some of the best lesbian creators on Onlyfans. Other lists may vary, but these are our personal favorites. Now we invite you to go forth, and conquer, or, in this case, subscribe.

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