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The 10 Best Bisexual Romance Novels You Should Have Read Already By Now!

The 10 Best Bisexual Romance Novels You Should Have Read Already By Now!

Are you looking for a timeless bisexual romance? Are you a fan of queer erotica? Does a cute rom-com make you feel like a marshmallow? We have the right book for you for every mood. Read on!

Did you know that books with same-sex romance date back to around 380 BC? Yes! Plato’s Symposium, which was penned down around 385-370 BC, describes same-sex relationships.

Recently, with increasing awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community, many literary works have represented queer people. In this article, you will find an assorted collection of bisexual romance novels from across the globe.

We have collected books representing bisexual people from many cultures around the world. Hop on as we travel with the characters from South Korea, rural Georgia, Brazil, and London. Whichever part of the world you are from, we are sure you will feel seen in these books.

In these stories, the protagonists explore their sexuality while dealing with other problems like race, gender, fat-phobia, press scrutiny and much more. Cause that’s how life is. It does not give you just one issue to deal with.

Discovering one’s sexuality never happens in isolation. It is informed, among other things, by the religion you belong to, your family, the country you live in and your race.

Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - books on Best Bisexual Romance Novels

One of our favorite things in these books is that despite the added layer of queerness, romance is the same as in any love story. The butterflies, longing, jealousy, the perfect first kiss, and tender lovemaking are all there. Bisexual romance is romance. Much like the best bisexual movies, the stories show that no matter whom you love, it’s love at the end of the day.

All labels crumble in the face of a feeling as strong as love. They also painfully show how gender and sexuality policing can wreak havoc on a person’s self-identity. There are a lot of characters who live way too long in denial and dysmorphia.

Seeing them go through life denying their identity and happiness is heartbreaking. On the other hand, some characters are completely comfortable with their sexuality. They own it with grace. We are also given a peek into the families of the protagonists.

Some families accept and completely support them, waving bisexual flags and wearing bi pride merch, while others struggle to understand what bisexuality means or repress their bisexual identity and will go to any length to “make” them straight. And a few fall somewhere in between. This makes these books a must-read for people who identify as bisexual and for their families as well.

So what are you waiting for? Let us join the characters on their beautiful journeys of love, loss, laughter, heartbreak, discovery, acceptance and joy.

Queer Literature

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Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - Best Bisexual Romance Novels books - books on Best Bisexual Romance Novels

The Color Purple

The Color Purple gives us a peek into the lives of black women in rural Georgia during the early twentieth century. The protagonist, Celie, is abused and impregnated by her father at a very young age! Then she is married and lives with her no better husband.

Her first taste of happiness and passion is when she meets Shug Avery. Shug is a singing sensation that passes from town to town, performing at local restaurants and bars. Shug completely smites Celie’s husband, and they always get together when she is in town. Celie can hear them having sex in the other room! And that’s how Celie meets Shug.

But there is no rivalry between the two, at least not for long. Shug gives Celie the courage to explore her body and pleasure. A tender, sensual relationship develops between them. Shug’s love is transformational to Celie. Shug is bisexual in the book, but we are not sure Celie is.

Being mistreated by men all her life could be why she never loved a man. This book portrays bisexuality as it is- it is not over-explained or exaggerated. It is just accepted. And that is profound.

The book is written as letters- from Celie to God and then from Celie to Nettie. Nettie is Celie’s younger sister, and they are separated very early in the book. Celie writes her letters in the broken English that an uneducated black woman would speak. It’s almost as if Celie were talking to us. If you like feminist literature that is unforgiving, raw and inspiring, this is the book for you!

The Color Purple - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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I’ll Be the One

This is a young adult novel starring a plus-sized, bisexual teenage girl. Skye is a Korean American who loves to dance and sing. But being a fat girl, everyone around her thinks she shouldn’t, even her mom! We all know the extremely high beauty standards of the Korean entertainment industry. They do not deter Skye. She wants to prove everyone wrong by making it into the K-pop industry.

But she is not just fat, is she? She is also bisexual. How does Skye navigate the scary maze of the Korean entertainment industry? Can she come out on the other side unscathed? Can she find love? The book takes us through Skye’s journey as she goes through different stages of a fast-paced K-pop competition.

Skye wanted to win, but she did not expect to fall in love with a handsome competitor, Henry Cho, what’s more! Henry is bisexual too. Skye and Henry’s relationship is a great representation of a male/female bisexual couple. The author does a great job of portraying both fat phobia and queerphobia in K-pop and brings both issues together beautifully.

I’ll Be the One is the story of a young girl with big dreams. The narrative is in first person- we know what is going on in Skye’s mind, how she feels and how she deals with criticism. I’ll Be the One is a cute contemporary fiction with hints of rom-com. If you like Bridget Jone’s Diary, you will also love this book!

I’ll Be the One - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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The Surrender of Julia

Julia is a phenomenal artist from Los Angeles. She seems to have it all, but does she? Julia’s best friend, Carmen, eventually becomes more than a friend. Carmen is a Domme, and she gives Julia something she had only once before- love and security. But Julia’s abusive past precludes her from accepting her feelings for Carmen. Instead, she flees.

Julia always had a hedonistic lifestyle, but she goes deeper into it now. She seduces many men and dominates them in bed to make herself feel better, in vain. Simultaneously, we are taken 13 years into Julia’s past when she was having an erotic affair with a male model, Jake. He was the only one who made her feel the security and comfort she now feels with Carmen.

But back then, too, she fled from her feelings. Back in the present, as she fusses further down the road of self-destruction, she catches the eyes of the Goddess Fate and her Guardian Angel, Daniel. They take her to a place called the Island. She is given a choice- wait here for her next rebirth or go back and fight for Carmen’s love. Which will she do?

Surrender of Julia is a delicious combination of fantasy and feelings. The protagonist is not likable, but as the book reveals snippets from her past, we understand her more. The erotica in the novel is ample, passionate and thoroughly enjoyable. Pick this book up on a lazy winter afternoon to chase away the blues.

The Surrender of Julia - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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Red, White and Royal blue

Like a sweet love story that also touches upon politics? Here it is! Red, White and Royal Blue is the story of Alex and Henry. Alex’s mother is the President of America and is up for re-election very soon. Alex has just realized that he is bisexual and is coming out to those he feels safe with.

Henry is the Prince of England, and he is gay. The pressure of being part of the royal family has kept him safely in the closet. Alex and Henry meet at a royal wedding, where the press captures an unfortunate incident. The relations between both countries are strained, and they need to make amends, stat.

Especially since Alex’s mother is up for re-election, they feign a fake friendship for the tabloids, which turns into a very real relationship. Alex’s confusion about his sexuality is relatable to anyone struggling to figure out their own.

The more time he spends with Henry, the more he is convinced that he is not straight. But their relationship is more than exploring and coming to terms with their sexuality. It is about the sacrifices they need to make to stay together. How much is it worth?

Alex is also bi-racial, a mix of white and Mexican. The racial themes are interlaced seamlessly with bisexuality in the book. It captures the struggles of two men, constantly under scrutiny by the press, navigating their lives and relationships.

The book is a sweet tale of love, acceptance and politics. If Princess Diaries is your go-to romance, you will love Red, White and Royal Blue! It is your regular rom-com with a bi-twist.

Red, White and Royal blue - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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She of the Mountains

This illustrated novel has a twin narrative- one is the retelling of a Hindu myth, and the other is the story of a young boy trying to figure out his feelings for a girl. The Hindu myth of creation is reimagined with a focus on the Goddess of Creation, Parvati and the Lord of Destruction, Shiva.

In Hindu mythology, they are a representation of queer. It is told Shiva and Parvati merge to form one person who is neither male nor female. The author might have used them to symbolize the need for removing labels and just letting people be. In the parallel story, the brown boy grows up in a brown neighborhood in Canada, where most people are homophobic.

He is discovering his sexuality as he falls in love with a girl. But everyone around him is telling him that he is gay. He, too, sometimes feels he might be gay, or is he bisexual? Is that why he likes the girl? The book shows the damaging effect labeling and gender policing can have on individuals.

The story is all about understanding who you are and embracing yourself completely, no matter where you fall in the gender and sexuality spectrum.

The author uses a detached narrative style in the book. There are no names given to the non-mythological characters. The abstract illustrations complement the plot and add depth to it. If raw, abstract and emotional stories are your thing, pick this one up!

She of the Mountains - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

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We All Loved Cowboys

We All Loved Cowboys was written by the Brazilian writer Carol Bensimon and translated into English by Beth Fowler. Cora, who lives in Paris, gets a call from Julia. Julia, calling from Montreal, tells her that she is planning to spend a month in Brazil.

She hints at the road trip they had always wanted to take across their home state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is clear they have a history, and Cora won’t let go of any opportunity to win Julia back. Most of the story happens inside the car with the two characters. The story is told from Cora’s point of view. She is privileged, self-absorbed and overconfident.

While it is easy not to like Cora, the author never mocks her. The plot only tries to understand her personality. We are given a glimpse into how Cora explored her bisexuality by “getting into the backseat” of a car with multiple girls. She is still in love with Julia, but we know little about Julia’s feelings. She is sexually interested, but can it be anything more? 

This is a story of the unrequited love of a bisexual girl from Brazil. The book does not romanticize Brazil, as white writers typically tend to. It only presents the truth- the politics, deserted towns and bleak landscapes. If realism is what you seek, this unusual love story is the right fit for you!

We all Loved Cowboys- Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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Tanner Scott is a bisexual teen who is comfortable with his sexuality. His family is very supportive and encourages him to own his identity. But it’s hardly that easy for LGBT+ teens! Three years ago, his family moved from California to Utah. This pushed him back into the closet. He can’t wait to finish high school and move out of the state for college.

Now he has only one more semester to go! Meanwhile, his best friend Autumn challenges him to take the school’s prestigious Seminar- where honor students write a book in a semester. Tanner does not want to do it, but he wants to prove to Autumn that he can, so he takes it up. What’s the worse that could happen? Well, he could fall in love with the mentor of the Seminar, Sebastian Brother.

And he does! Sebastian had taken the Seminar the previous year and published his book. He is confused, almost convinced that he is not straight, but the strict religious beliefs force him to live in denial. Being a Mormon, his family is the exact opposite of Tanner’s, and Sebastian is forced to pretend to be someone he is not. 

The book weaves a tender story around two teens finding their ground in a world where being different is shunned. It is a contemporary coming-of-age fiction that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Curl up with it, along with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, for a perfect bedtime read.

Autoboyography - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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Natalie Chen is an ambitious, driven woman. She is just out of business school and gets accepted into one of the most prestigious internships in the U.S. She firmly believes that emotions only lead to chaos. In business and life, Natalie makes decisions based on logic, not feelings.

But fate has different plans for her. By the end of the first month of her internship, she falls in love with her boss, Eric. And everything changes for Natalie. Especially when she finds out that Eric is biologically a woman. Eric was named Erica but shed that identity many years ago because of familial issues.

After having lived as a man for so long, Eric does not even know who they are anymore. They know Erica is hidden deep inside and want to bring her back, but they need help. And what about Natalie? What does Eric being a biological woman mean for her? Is she bisexual? 

Natalie was born to a Taiwanese father and has inherited his looks. Though she is American, the white community treats her as an outsider. She is an outsider in the Taiwanese community as well. Her looks are the only thing she has in common with them.

Natalie can understand, albeit peripherally, the identity struggle that Eric is going through. Does she follow her heart and stay to help, or does she take the logical way out?

Bound is a heavy read that explores two very different individuals trying to understand themselves. It presents layers of gender identity, the identity struggle of immigrants, sexuality and BDSM. 

Bound - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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Watching and Wanting

Shawn is a homophobic young man. He is a recent graduate, working at a job that barely pays his bills. His girlfriend dumps him because the spark has died between them. He feels his life is stale and going nowhere until he walks in on his roommate, Jude, naked in front of the camera.

Jude is openly gay. He does live webcam sex shows. Intrigued and aroused by Jude’s naked body, Shawn secretly watches one of Jude’s webcam episodes and realizes that he’s into men. Wanting to explore his bicurious side, he proposes that he and Jude do a live cam show together. Jude takes control, first on the camera and then off it.

The sex is steamy and passionate. Jude likes Shawn but does not want to get involved with someone still so deep in the closet. He makes it clear to Shawn that he needs to come out to be with him. Can Shawn do it? 

This novella is a part of the Housemates series but can be read standalone. While the erotica is tantalizing, the book goes beyond it. It shows the uncertainty of fluid sexuality and the feelings involved in a relationship. We see love, desire, jealousy, and contentment play out organically. This is a perfect story for those who crave satisfying love stories with a touch of erotica.

Watching and Wanting - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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His Leading Lady

Alex is America’s heartthrob. So far, his roles have been that of a charming boy next door. But now, he has landed the much-coveted role of Lucas Steel, a sexy, dominant protagonist in a BDSM fantasy. He is determined to break free from the type-cast but needs help! Enter Elena, a professional dominatrix. She is bisexual and is at the top of her field, dominating both men and women and a master of kink.

Recently, a video of her dominating the current vice president got leaked, and she is still dealing with it. Alex reaches out to Elena to teach him how to be dominant in the bedroom, but he does not want everyone to know that he needs help.

They both agree to pretend date, but that does not work when the fake feelings get too real, too fast. Elena is intimidating, and Alex falls head over heels for her. How far are they willing to go for their love?

This book does a great job of showing queer positivity, sex positivity and sex worker positivity. Elena is a bisexual sex worker, but Alex treats her with nothing but respect. The author draws on her own experience as a dominatrix.

Therefore the BDSM parts are pretty authentic. The narrative switches between the points of view of Alex and Elena, giving the readers a peek into the thoughts and feelings of both protagonists. If you are drawn to steamy, kinky love stories, this book is for you!

His Leading Lady - Best Bisexual Romance Novels

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