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Moving To LGBTQ Seattle? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Moving To LGBTQ Seattle? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

There are plenty of reasons why Seattle is an appealing city. Think about progress, innovation, experimentation, and big tech. Regardless of the seemingly dreary weather, Seattle is a city that has its eye on the future while constantly reinventing and adapting itself.

Unless you move to Seattle and fully embrace its core, chances are that you might never understand it. If you’re planning a move, you’re in luck because there’s much to discover and enjoy about Seattle’s creativity, individuality, and non-conforming lifestyle. You don’t have to be worried about recreation because Seattle is home to the South Lake Union, Fremont- a favorite of free-loving artists, and the timeless Queen Anne.

Like all major US cities, there is a lively gay scene here (if you know where to look) and this is something a gay realtor in Seattle can help you navigate as you find your new perfect home here.

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One of the places where you might end up spending a lot of your time in getting to know the LGBTQIA+ community of Seattle is Capitol Hill. Now, this is literally the gaybourhood of Seattle. It’s filled with queer/queer-friendly bars, stores, cafes, and restaurants. You can easily tell that Seattle is a city dedicated to diversity, which includes that of its LGBTQIA+ population.

Here’s the thing though- this isn’t the only thing appealing about Seattle. The city has its fair share of natural beauty, a flourishing food scene, interesting moments, and plenty of individuals flying their freak flags as high as they can. Moving to a new city presents unique challenges. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Think of this article like a Seattle guide that will help you understand what you’re getting yourself into when moving to this beautiful city. If you need a more comprehensive guide when you arrive, there is also our more extensive (and travel-focused) Gay Seattle Guide!

Moving to LGBTQ Seattle? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!
Moving To LGBTQ Seattle? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!
Moving to LGBTQ Seattle? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Does Seattle Embrace The LGBTQ Community?

 Seattle has a significant LGBTQIA+ community and protects it’s lesbian and gay workers through its 1973 Fair Employment Practice Ordinance. The city is known as one that’s welcoming, friendly, and safe for all. Seattle is known as one of the gayest cities in the country and is also well-known for being liberal.

On the surface, attitudes are quite progressive and there are crystal-clear, enforceable laws and policies when it comes to discrimination against services, housing, employment, and so forth. These laws are some of the strongest in the United States.

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is known as Seattle’s gay epicenter and features rainbow-colored crosswalks and an array of ways to get into the city’s LGBTQ scene. Other than Capitol Hill, there are plenty of gay-owned, and gay-friendly establishments sprinkled all over the town.

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Is LGBT Seattle An Expensive City To Move to?

How expensive or affordable is compared to other US cities depends on where you’re moving from. If you’re coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York, you will find that Seattle is a relief for your wallet. However, if you’re moving from a medium-sized city or a small town, the city can appear pricey especially in the housing department.

Here’s a look at some of the primary expenses you will incur while living in Seattle:

  • Housing: keep in mind that the average rent per month in Seattle is around $1,965. This depends on the type and size of housing as well as the location. You can get an apartment ranging between $1,400 to more than $2,000.
  • Transportation: if you don’t have a car, you will have to rely on public transportation. Bus fare is $2.75. Gas prices, however, are slightly higher than in other parts of the country.
  • Food: you can keep your food budget down by comparison shopping around different grocery stores. The Seattle area has various budget and discount-oriented grocery chains such as Costco and Trader Joe’s. 

With all the fun stuff to do around the city, Seattle isn’t designed to keep you within budget. There are plenty of new restaurants mushrooming all the time, intriguing entertainment scenes, and numerous shopping activities that will get you spending more than your budget.

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The Best Gay Neighborhoods in Seattle

When relocating to LGBTQ Seattle, you should be aware that there are a few areas that are close to all the fantastic gay clubs and nightlife, allowing you to pull your U-Haul up to your new house in a gay-friendly neighborhood of town.

If you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer person seeking a welcoming neighborhood with facilities you’ll cherish, start with these top gay and gay-friendly Seattle neighborhoods to discover your perfect new home.

Or speak to a local LGBT real estate agent for a more detailed understanding of the best options today.

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Madrona neighborhood is a residential area located in east Seattle. The neighborhood is also called ‘The Peaceable Kingdom’ due to its racial diversity. If you’re looking for a calm neighborhood, Madrona is quiet and will work for you. Homes here range from modest bungalows to majestic mansions, and many of them have fantastic views of Mount Rainier or the lake.

34th Street in the neighborhood is the business hub with various shops and restaurants. Madrona is popular with families and hosts many family-oriented activities throughout the year. Head to Madrona Beach Park for a picnic with your family, a swim in the lake, or an early morning run.

Past 34th Avenue is an area that slopes downward to Lake Washington. The roads in this area feature contemporary mansions, cottages, and some older properties. West of 34th Avenue are apartment clusters, townhouses, and craftsman homes. The neighbors here are a mix of established families, new wealth, and working-class families. The median price for a home in this area is $1,078,033.

Vashon Island

Vashon Island is another neighborhood that’s popular with the LGBTQ community. The same-sex population here is 1.8%. Since the Island lacks direct connections to other landmasses in the city, residents and visitors have to rely on ferries moving to and from the island.

Most people travel to Seattle City every day using the car ferry or passenger ferry coming to downtown Seattle. Vashon Island is 38 sq. miles and is a rural community with quick access to different activities, friends, or family on the island. Before you move here, it would be best to try it out by living in a rental during the winter months. If you can weather the stormy winter with characteristic power outages, you’ll be ok here.

Residents of Vashon report that a simple run to Costco can take an entire day thanks to the ferry schedule, so if you’re not patient enough to endure this, Vashon isn’t for you. The average price for homes in this area is $638,840.


Fremont is known as the quirkiest city in Seattle. Some of the city’s best sculptures sit pretty north of Queen Anne Hill. Fremont has declared itself the Center of the Globe and many public artworks. Fremont is home to a privately-owned statue of Lenin, wire sculptures of dinosaurs, and a Troll that lives under Aurora Bridge.

Fremont is also home to an antique and consignment market, independent shops, cafes, bars, and some of Seattle’s most renowned restaurants. While it’s a fun neighborhood, getting in and out of the downtown can sometimes be a hassle. The Fremont drawbridge is considered America’s most drawn drawbridge, and traffic crossing is often backed up.

There are various types of homes in the Fremont neighborhood. From Victorian-era style homes to Craftsmen homes, there’s something here for everyone. With population increase over the years, you will also find condos, townhouses, and older co-ops.

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations in Seattle

There are plenty of LGBTQ+ community organizations in Seattle. Some of them were founded decades ago and others were formed in recent years.

Check out this roundup of all the LGBTQ+ community organizations in Seattle so you can find one that suits you. The organizations are listed in order of their founding so you will find earlier ones at the beginning of the list and newer ones at the bottom. Here are some of the highlights you might want to get involved in when moving to LGBTQ Seattle


Free2Luv is an award-winning nonprofit whose mission is to empower youth and celebrate individuality. The organization is committed to standing up to bullying, spreading kindness, and celebrating equality. Its aim is to empower youth while engaging and enlightening them to know that they are as they should be and that they can use their voices for the greater good.

The target demographic for this organization is youth with little to no resources, teens, and young adults. Free2Luv also provides mental health support and tools that this demographic requires to live full lives.

Ingersoll Gender Center

Ingersoll Gender Center is one of the oldest organizations for and by the gender-nonconforming and transgender communities in the U.S. The organization was officially formed in 1977 and has since been connecting folks to resources, building community, and advocating for its target community in the Puget Sound region for 40+ years.

Pride Foundation

The Pride Foundation is a community-based organization that works to strengthen the LGBT and allied community. The foundation has put in more than $8million to support nonprofits and students building the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Each year, Pride Foundation supports hundreds of differently-sized organizations that are critical to the Seattle LGBT community.

Gay City (LGBTQ Center)

Gay City is the go-to place for LGBTQ individuals looking for responsive and affirming communities, resources, and wellness. The center is committed to ensuring LGBTQ individuals have access to more opportunities to receive resources and participate in the Arts and community.

BiNet Seattle

BiNet Seattle is a mixed-gender non-profit and social support organization whose mission is to create a visible for bi-curious, bisexual people and their partners. The organization offers support to the community by providing support groups, planning events, and hosting educational speaking.

The Seattle LGBTQ Commission

The Seattle LGBTQ Commission exists to advise the city council, city departments, and the Mayor on issues that affect the LGBTQ community. The commission is also responsible for recommending legislation and policies and bringing the LGBTQ community together with the greater Seattle community through long-term projects.

What Is The Queer Pride Flag, And What Does It Stand For?

Regular LGBT Events in Seattle

There are plenty of LGBT events happening in Seattle all year round. Check out some of them below that you can get involved with to spread the queer spirit and find your new tribe after moving.

Emerald City Pride

Each year, during the month of June, Seattle comes out in full force to proudly display rainbow flags and support the LGBTQ+ community. The festivities usually climax during PrideFest (June 23rd– 24th) and feature the Seattle Pride Parade. Summertime is usually packed with concerts, a craft bazaar, and food trucks. Seattle Pridefest happens at the Seattle Centre.

PFLAG – North Seattle Online Support Meeting

This meeting takes place each month. It’s a support event that offers a comfortable atmosphere where LGBTQ individuals, their friends, families, and parents can openly share their experiences so that everyone can learn how to give support to each other with pride and love. The event also offers various free educational materials for those in need.

CHBA Community Conversations

Community conversations is a new program initiated by the Capitol Hill Business Alliance. Its aim is to unite Capitol Hill business owners and those that love the neighborhood to discuss vital issues pertaining to the community. The monthly event is also geared towards helping people connect with each other and discussing about the overall health of the community. Whether you work days or nights, you can join in the conversation since the event will happen at alternating times.

Power Connect: LGBTQ Networking

Power connect is a free-to-attend event that gives you an opportunity to meet new business associates or reconnect with colleagues each month. Since the event is virtual, you can invite your colleagues from different parts of the state to join the community.

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LGBT Owned Businesses in Seattle

Of course, while you live in Seattle, you will want to promote businesses or spaces owned by the LGBT community. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s in store for you.

Fulcrum Café, Belltown

Owned by Blas Alfaro, Fulcrum Café is the perfect spot for a quality cup of liquid gold. The coffee is sourced from small farmers across the globe while he himself is a descendant of coffee farmers.

Footprint Wine Trap, Capitol Hill

Footprint Wine Trap is an excellent happy hour spot with a unique setup. The owner Ken Dillon describes the chill spot as a safe space for all (and the crowd is always very diverse!). It looks like a brewery taproom but with wine instead of beer.

Marination Ma Kai, West Seattle

If dinner with a view is what you’re looking for, there’s nothing better than this indoor-outdoor spot. The owners, Kamala and Roz are the most incredible hosts you will ever meet. This spot boasts scenic views of the city with exceptional food and drinks right next to the Water Taxi dock.

Doll Parts

Doll Parts was founded in 2020 by owners Alyssa Kaliswezewski and Becky-Bacsik-Booker. It is a sustainability-focused brand that is all about original pairings, color, and unique design. Cofounder Alyssa is passionate about sourcing for size and gender-inclusive vintage outfits. As a plus-size and bisexual woman, she wanted to offer vintage clothing to people who are liker her because people don’t always abide by the typical gender prescriptions of what they should wear.

Repair Revolution

Repair Revolution is a unique auto shop in the city. The shop has primarily female, transgender, and queer staff. The shop, its team, and the owner Eli Allison are giving the boys of the auto repair club a run for their money. The shop is a community-driven service that offers diagnosis and repair on all models. It also hosts workshops on the basics of car-owning. Repair Revolution is operated with social justice at heart and is a welcoming and safe auto repair space for technicians and clients.

Cupcake Royale

Cupcake Royale is popularly known as the city’s first cupcake café and bakery. America’s first cupcake bakery opened outside of New York City. Cupcake Revolution bakes fresh cupcakes from scratch and is a hit with Seattle’s LGBTQ and the greater community. The bakery café pairs its cupcakes with artisan espresso so you can be sure that you will be hitting two birds with one stone.

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Final Thoughts On Moving To LGBTQ Seattle

If you’re looking for a mild-climate city, outdoor recreation, and a growing economy, Seattle could be an excellent fit for you. The cost of living is fairly reasonable, and the culture is progressive. Keep in mind that there’s no place to live in that’s perfect.

You can make Seattle perfect for you by adapting to its atmosphere. Some folks are reserved, and that can make them look aloof or cool and there’s also some kind of stratification between everyone else, and the single, young techies. But even given this, it is one of the best places in the US to live in as long as you make it yours – and very gay-friendly which is a massive plus in our books.

Finding Gay Realtors In Seattle Washington

Why would you consider someone’s sexuality when searching for the perfect realtor? This might sound a little odd at first, but there are plenty of reasons why a gay realtor in Seattle is your best bet in looking for the home of your dreams.

After all, when it comes to one of life’s most significant purchases, it is not too much to ask to be assured of fair, equal, and honest representation by someone that knows the unique needs and desires of the queer community.

Worst, many people (including up to a 1/3 of Americans) still don’t believe our community merits protection and dignity in housing, adoption, employment, and other sectors of life.

So it is no wonder that reports of discomfort, needless difficulty, unenthusiastic representation, or even outright hostility are rampant from LGBT individuals using everyday realtors. Everyone should be assured of a pleasant, smooth home buying or selling experience while being fully represented – and that is why we believe you should let a gay realtor help you find your next home.

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Gay realtors tend to have an understanding of the different neighborhoods in their area and know which ones they should select houses from. Now that’s not to say a straight realtor isn’t good enough for the job, but they’ve likely never had to consider some of the things queer people do.

Instead of just being concerned by how busy, trendy, or up-and-coming a neighborhood is (or what it may look like), gay realtors do a deep dive into the areas they sell houses in to make sure they are safe for their clients.

In the past, it was challenging to find professional LGBT-friendly real estate agents in Seattle, and almost impossible to find one if you were moving here from across the country and without access to a recommendation from a local.

Thankfully, you no longer have to hunt for a realtor without knowing if they are accepting of others, as you can use a directory of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents in Seattle to do all the legwork for you.

Just visit the page, and you’ll instantly be presented with a free list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents who could not only assist you with your move but also provide other beneficial information such as help with LGBT+friendly schools, shopping, storage companies, contractors, etc.

Read the gay real estate agent bios and choose the agent that is best for you. It is vital that you seek out someone who will stand by you and support you and your family in one of the most exciting times in your life.

Even better, there is never any hidden agenda, cost, or obligation!

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