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The 14 Best Gay Pillows To Make Your Home More Fabulous & LGBT-Friendly!

Custom pillows are all the rage right now in the world of home decor. It’s no different on the LGBT interior design scene either, so there is no better time than the present to get in on the hot and exciting trend of gay pillows.

While the pillow is such a small and simple item, its overall versatility and importance to an abode’s prevailing look is wildly underestimated. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that your gay pillows are the most important part of your home’s furnishings from an interior decor perspective.

Think about it though: unlike other household furnishings (i.e., tables, chairs, and sofas, the furniture itself) pillows are much more easily, not to mention much more affordably, interchangeable which in turn means one can afford to be bolder and more adventurous in one’s pillow choices. And the cumulative effect of your pillows on the home’s overall look and atmosphere is far more dramatic than one might think.

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They can add color to what might otherwise be drab, lifeless rooms. Pillows can also add a casual, lived-in vibe to your home that will make it actually feel like a home. And through them, you can infuse your abode with your own personality and distinct style. As we mentioned earlier, pillows are by far the most weapon in your interior décor arsenal.

And going back to that latter point of infusing your living space with your personality, by which we mean any aspect of your personality. If you are an LGBT person who takes pride seriously, then you are no exception to this rule. You too can make your home an extension of you beyond flying an LGBT+ flag outside. There is no reason you can’t make your home into a fabulous and amazing LGBT pride home with gay pillows.

They truly are the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to transform your space, to make it “you” – and unlike gay pride decorations are meant for year-round use. So with that thought in mind, it is now time to check out these fabulous gay pride pillows.

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Walk Proud Walk Loud Pride Pillow

If you are serious about gay pride and LGBT rights then you will adore this cute gay pillow. It boldly displays the gay pride battle cry “Walk Proud Walk Loud.”

The cartoon-style graphic features a gay pride warrior marching to battle with a rainbow flag held aloft, with a pink background against the pillow’s blue primary color. It is a beautiful color scheme that will look fabulous in your home. Living the pride lifestyle begins at home, and in order to embrace the pride spirit, you must surround yourself with things that manifest that spirit.

These lovely gay pride pillows are a great way to turn your home into a reflection of yourself.

Walk Proud Walk Loud Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Bisexual Still Not Into You Pillow

Sassy and playful, your friends will get a kick out of these pillows when you invite them over. If dry, wry humor is your thing then these will suit you fabulously. The rainbow ice cream bar is a cute little touch that somehow adds an extra bit of oomph to the punchline.

Your bitingly witty attitude is what your friends love about you, so why not display it with your home decor? After all, your home should be an extension of your personality. And if you have bisexual friends and family who share that same affinity for sarcasm, then these would make an excellent gay gift

Bisexual & Still Not Into You Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Don’t Fuck It Up Pillow

If you happen to be a fan of RuPaul merch, or more specifically of the landmark reality LGBT TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, then you will need no introduction to this famous line. It is one of the most iconic lines in a show that has given us more meme-worthy expressions than we can count.

“Don’t fuck it up” is more than just a pithy aphorism, though. It is an attitude, a mentality, an approach to life itself. Don’t fuck it up is all about being in that headspace that says, no matter what comes, you are going to go out there and slay it.

These pillows are just another expression of that never-say-die attitude, and adding them to your home is another way of manifesting that attitude into your everyday life.

Don't Fuck It Up! Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

It’s Not Easy Being a Queen Gay Pillow

If you are known to be a bit of a diva then you just might appreciate this queer pillow. You will admire this melodramatic though perhaps somewhat true statement. If this is just oh-so-you then why not make this a stylish addition to your home?

Give visitors a subtle hint that it’s not so easy to just wake up and be this fabulous every day! These pillows are a nice way to add some flair to your interior decor, not to mention some gorgeous color. Surround yourself with inspiration, with the same kind of pizzazz and panache you incorporate into your personality.

You are no wallflower, so you wouldn’t live in a boring home. Make these pillows part of your exciting life today. 

It's Not Easy Being A Queen Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Gay Bear Pride Pillow

If you are part of the gay bear LGBT subculture or are close with someone who is, then you are going to fall in love with these stunning pillows. They display the bear flag, or more appropriately the International Bear Brotherhood Flag. As is no doubt immediately apparent the flag displays some absolutely gorgeous color that is meant to represent the inclusionary nature of this stunning twist on the gay pride rainbow.

As with all pride imagery, the intent is to symbolize the freedom of all to identify themselves as they choose and to celebrate the unique individuality of LGBT folk. If there just happens to be a big, strapping, cuddly bear that belongs in your home, then so do these gorgeous pillows.

Gay Bear Pride Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Equality Pride Pillow

Here we have an LGBT pillow that can only be described as absolutely beautiful both in terms of its visual aesthetic as well as the messaging printed upon it.

It features a lush fuchsia pink for the background, while the graphic is nothing short of remarkable in how it blends several themes at once and does it with brilliant simplicity. It incorporates not only the theme of racial justice (the brown-skinned hand) alongside that of LGBT pride (with the rainbow-colored flower) but also that of peace and non-violent social progress – in other words “flower power.”

These are all themes that are corollary to each other and fall under the same umbrella of equality. If you espouse these ideals and dream of a future where all are treated equally, then why not make these beautiful pillows part of your home and be an inspiration to anyone who comes over to visit?

Equality Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

LGBT Progress Pride Flag Pillow

This gay pillow will hold a special meaning for many people. The design featured on it is known as the LGBT Pride Progress Flag. It incorporates the standard gay pride rainbow and adds a right-pointing chevron that represents social progress towards the ideals of social justice and equality.

The added colors employed on the chevron are meant to represent other subcultures of the LGBT community: trans people and people of color, as well as those who are living with AIDS/HIV, while also showing that there is still progress to be made.

If you have friends who fall into these categories…they would no doubt love these pillows as a gift. It would be a wonderful way to show them how much they mean to you.

LGBT Progress Pride Flag Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Pride Pillow

The message on this LGBT pillow is simple but powerful. It displays but a single word: pride. The lettering is done in gorgeously stunning rainbow colors against a stark black background, making the effect all the more impressive.

These pillows will add a touch of pride to your home, to be sure, and are a great way to change things up in your household in a way that is easy and affordable. These are great for adding color to accent your rooms without overdoing it. And best of all, these pillows allow you to make y0ur home more of a reflection of who you are as a person: confident, self-loving, and proud.

These fabulous pride pillows, like most of the items featured here, are not only excellent gifts, especially for LGBT friends as well as straight ally folks who support LGBT rights, but they are also the ultimate housewarming gifts for your gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual or non-binary friends and neighbors who are trying to settle into a new home.

Pride Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Not Today Satan Not Today Pillow

We have none other than the extraordinarily fabulous Bianca del Rio to thank for this equally extraordinarily fabulous expression. Just imagine how boring the English language would be if it were not for RuPaul’s Drag Race! Meme culture would be all the poorer too.

Anyway, these fabulous pillows are practically guaranteed to keep Satan out of your house, both literally and figuratively. Embrace the attitude behind the meme with these and know that nothing will get in your way, and you will not let anything get to you. Infuse your home with that same energy.

“Not today, Satan” is really about saying no to everyday bullshit that can get in your way if you allow it to. Make it your mantra, every day. 

Not Today Satan Not Today Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Homosexwhale Gay Pillow

If you love cute things, you will love this. If you love animals, you will love this. If you love the colors of the gay pride rainbow, you will love this. If you love a witty play on words, especially when it has an LGBT slant, well you get the idea.

This charming gay pillow has a cutesy graphic of a rainbow whale that you will just adore. This “Homosexwhale” pillow is unapologetically lighthearted and is the perfect thing to add that same kind of whimsical, playful energy to your domicile.

Embrace that cheerful energy and feel like a kid again every time you step into your home when seeing these beautiful pillows. Rediscover that easy vivaciousness, that enthusiasm for flights-of-fancy, and at the same time embrace your inner pride.

Homosexwhale Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Be Yourself Pillow

How can you go wrong with the positive messaging on this sensational LGBT pillow? Not to mention the beautiful lush pink color that will add warmth and energy to any room.

The pillow’s graphic proudly displays a rainbow heart graphic in the background with a somewhat flamboyant character in the fore, replete with beret, sailor-esque tattoos, and green beard. The point of the message is that it’s okay to be you because you are okay.

It’s all about self-love, self-acceptance, and self-approval, and not letting others tell you how to dress, how to behave, or who to love. If you dig this notion then by all means embrace it with these beautiful pillows and fill your home with the same positive energy.

Be yourself in the home, out on the street, at your workplace, and everywhere you go. Being yourself is an attitude, a mentality, and a way of life.

Be Yourself Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Gender Is A Construct Tear It Apart Pillow

Club. Legend. Art. Theater. Better known as C.L.A.T., this song written and performed by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 contestants Aja, Peppermint, Alexis Michelle and Sasha Velour has become one of the most iconic things to come from the show.

The song has some pretty insanely fabulous lyrics, which sing, in part (Sasha Velour’s part specifically) “Radical, magical, liberal art/Gender is a construct, tear it apart.” Now tell us: who couldn’t love that? You’ll love it too when you add these stunning pillows to your home and fill every room with Mrs. Velour’s sensational brand of fabulosity.

Embrace your inner social justice rebel. Feel like you are ready to take on the world and tear down antiquated paradigms every time you step out the door. Take your pride to a whole new level.

Gender Is A Construct Tear It Apart Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

More Equality More Love Pillow

The message on these phenomenally beautiful gay pillows is a simple one: More Equality More Love. When folks are allowed to love who they please without interference from others or from society, the result is ultimately more love in this world to go around.

We can certainly stand behind that idea, and we imagine you can too. We can also stand behind the gorgeous design of these pillows. They feature an arresting graphic that displays two same-sex lovers embracing and wrapped in a gay pride rainbow flag, against a fuchsia pink background. These LGBT pride pillows will be a great addition to any home and will add heaping of pride to any domicile.

Say you have an LGBT friend who is moving into an awesome new house or apartment, or maybe there is an LGBT family moving into the neighborhood and you want to get a little housewarming gift. Could you possibly do any better than these pride pillows? We think not.

More Equality More Love Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow

Yasss Queen Pillow

There is just something invigorating and cathartic about saying this expression, isn’t there? It’s like taking a long, deep-breathed sigh, but with exuberance and emphasis. Decorate your home with these pillows and you will fill your abode with the same vivacious energy.

The gorgeous violet color will add some oomph to your furnishings, as well as an element of panache. It will be as if your pillows are saying “Yasss Queen” to you every time you walk through the front door. These also make wonderful gifts for that someone you know who is perhaps “tastefully-challenged” in need of some extra razzle-dazzle for their home.

We really couldn’t think of a better way to complete our list of the best gay pillows for your household than these.

Yasss Queen Premium Pillow - gay pillow - pride pillow - lesbian pillow
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