The Most Fabulous And Almost-Gay Hostels in Paris 🇫🇷


Gay Paris Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Paris France 2018

There is something magical about Paris that would always attract a lot of visitors. It could probably be due to the fact that it has become the center of arts, shopping, design, and even love.


Queer people, in particular, are accepted and embraced with full humanity in Paris. This is why a lot of LGBT people visit the place. It’s more than the stunning attractions like the Eiffel Tower. It’s even more than the scrumptious French cuisine. Truly, it is the romantic ambiance and the welcoming sense that we feel. If these things enamor you to stay on longer in the city, you should look for the best gay hostels in Paris.

Paris is famous for being one of the best gay-friendly travel destinations in the world. There are a lot of famous sights, gay bars, designer shops, and gay streets in Paris. You would feel the openness of the people towards the community. Hence, traveling to the city of love could be something to add on your bucket list. If you want to save money while traveling, you could opt for the best gay hostels in Paris.

The Most Fabulous And Almost-Gay Hostels in Paris


At present, there are no gay hostels in Paris. Well, sort of. There were gay hostels in Paris in the past. However, many are already discreet in nature. Others are even closed. Nevertheless, the hostels that we will be mentioning are gay-welcoming and gay-popular. In addition to this, most of these have fabulous designs. So, you would feel captivated with the beauty of the places. At the same time, you will be assured that these hostels are affordable.

You will never go wrong when you visit Gay Paris. Maybe you could even find your romantic partner while exploring the gay scene in the city. And you could spend a night or two together in a hostel. So, let’s not keep you waiting. Without further ado, here are ten of the best gay hostels in Paris.

The Most Fabulous And Almost-Gay Hostels in Paris


The Most Fabulous And Almost-Gay Hostels in Paris 🇫🇷



Les Piaules


To commence our list of gay hostels in Paris, we have Les Piaules. Found in downtown Paris, Les Piaules is a colorful and contemporary hostel that is set among restaurants and shops. It is four kilometers away from the Louvre Museum, another stunning attraction in Paris. It features a lot of amenities which could allow you to enjoy your stay in the city.

You could avail of its funky dorms which are either mixed-gender or female-only. These rooms feature shared bathrooms, lockers, custom bunk beds, and blackout curtains. Moreover, the dorms could accommodate up to eight people. If you are traveling alone or with your partner, you could avail of a cozy private room. All of the rooms – whether it be dorm or a private room – has free Wi-Fi access and air conditioning.

Les Piaules also has a bar and restaurant where you could enjoy local food and beverages. There is also a rooftop terrace available which gives you stunning views of the city.

Les Piaules Gay Hostel Paris


Le Village Montmartre


Le Village Montmartre is a charming hostel near the Anvers metro station and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Similar to some gay hostels in Paris, this hostel is found in a vintage building with beautiful architecture. Its guests particularly like the convenient location, the cleanliness, and the hospitable staff of this hostel. But let’s not veer away from the fact that their rooms are also stunning and functional. Le Village Montmartre offers rooms which could accommodate up to eight people. These shared rooms could be available in female-only dorms or mixed dorms. These rooms are equipped with bunk beds, free bed linens, and a private bathroom. If you are traveling with your partner or with your family and friends, you could opt for its private rooms. These rooms also consist of beds and a private bathroom. All of the rooms which we mentioned have free Wi-Fi.

The reception hall of the hostel has exposed wood beams, a hand-painted fresco, and a book corner. Aside from enjoying these features, guests could also have access to a bar, a terrace with views, a guest kitchen, and a common area.

Le Village Montmartre Paris LGBT

St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal


St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal is a vibrant hostel overlooking the stunning Canal St Martin. It offers a large waterfront terrace, giving you the chance to wake up to a view of the famous canal. The hostel has a great spot to unwind after a day of exploring. When night strikes, you could enjoy the party that the hostel throws in its Belushi’s bar.

In terms of its rooms, St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal offers modern and comfy rooms. These rooms have POD beds which are fitted with USB ports, privacy curtains, and plug sockets. If you are with your friends or families, you could go for the dorm rooms. Female-only dorms and mixed-gender dorms are available. If you are traveling alone, you could also opt for the private rooms.

The hostel offers a complimentary breakfast buffet. Aside from that, it also provides free amenities such as a common lounge, a restaurant, a nightclub, and laundry facilities.

St Christopher's Inn Paris Canal Gay Friendly Hostel


St Christopher’s Inn Paris Gare du Nord


Near the famous Moulin Rouge and the Le Centre Pompidou, you could find one of the best gay hostels in Paris. The St Christopher’s Inn Paris Gare du Nord is a hostel which connects backpackers and travelers to the whole of Paris. Voted as the Most Popular Hostel in Paris in 2017 by Hostelworld, there are truly a lot of things which this hostel boasts of.

To begin with, you could choose between mixed-gender or female-only dorms. These are those who are with their friends and families with them. If you are only with your partner, you could just use the private rooms. All of these rooms come with private lockers, linens, free Wi-Fi, reading lights, and even privacy curtains.

In terms of other amenities, St Christopher’s Inn Paris Gare du Nord offers several features including a lounge and a computer room. You could also find a restaurant, laundry services, and a travel kiosk.

St Christopher's Inn Paris Gare du Nord Paris Gay Hostel

The Loft


You could also try The Loft, one of the great gay hostels in Paris. You could find it in Belleville, one of the trendiest districts of Paris. The hostel itself is colorful, with beautiful decorations arranged throughout the place.
The staff of this hostel welcomes guests to its rooms which are comfy and clean. You could opt for a private room if you want. But for group travelers, the hostel offers mixed and same gender dorms which could accommodate up to eight people. All these rooms feature en suite bathrooms, lockers, and free Wi-Fi. Other rooms even have private balconies where you could just unwind after a long day around the city.

The Loft also offers other facilities and services such as an open kitchen and bar, safety boxes, luggage storage, and free breakfast. You should note that children are not allowed at this hostel.

The Loft

3 Ducks


The 3 Ducks could have the most intriguing name among the gay hostels in Paris, but who could blame them? As its name implies, 3 Ducks is a funky hostel in Paris which offers quality services since 1987. This hostel hosts a lot of exciting services which you could enjoy. There is free Wi-Fi access all throughout the hostel, including the lobby and bar. You could find individual plugs and USB ports in rooms. You could also ask for in-room safe from its multilingual staff.

In terms of the rooms, 3 Ducks have modern dorms which could accommodate up to eight people. These dorms could be available as mixed or female-only. You could also ask for private rooms which could accommodate up to four beds. The said private rooms are perfect for families. If you are a little adventurous, 3 Ducks could also give you free maps of Paris. For an extra charge, the hostel could provide airport shuttles. There is a fully licensed bar where you could unwind at night.

3 Ducks Paris

Generator Hostels


Among the gay hostels in Paris, Generator Hostels is a favorite place especially for those who are on gay holidays for singles. This is a trendy hotel that you could reach after a ten-minute walk from the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. What makes this hostel stylish is its cinematic design and vibrant color. There are several distinct social spaces in the hostel that could suit your mood.

In terms of their rooms, Generator Hostels have streamlined dorms which could accommodate up to ten people. Its dorms are perfect for social butterflies. You could choose between mixed-sex and female only dorms, depending on what suits your group. The dorms come with linens, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms. You could also avail of a private room which could accommodate up to four people. You can upgrade your room to add a balcony with hammocks.

Other amenities which the hostel offers include a rooftop terrace, a stylish eatery, and a basement bar.

Generator Hostels Paris Gay Hostel


HI Hostel Paris Yves Robert


HI Hostel Paris Yves Robert is one of the gay hostels in Paris that knows more than just hospitality. As a matter of fact, it aims to give its guests a taste of how accommodation could be sustainable and green. This hostel stands on what used to be an old warehouse of a French railway company. After being transformed and refurbished, it has already become environmentally sound. This hostel opens onto a green area where trees and ponds mix. It also hosts a bar, a theater, and a restaurant. The purpose of its intricate design is to provide a distinct experience for its guests.

It features mixed and single-sex dorms, but private rooms are available as well. Nonetheless, all these rooms offer lockers, free Wi-Fi access, and shared bathrooms. While you’re here, you will also get to enjoy other amenities such as a communal kitchen, a TV lounge with a pool table, and a city-view terrace, among others.

HI Hostel Paris Yves Robert

Auberge de Jeunesse MIJE Fauconnier


Auberge de Jeunesse MIJE Fauconnier is a casual hostel in Paris which sits in an ivy-covered 17th-century building. You could reach it from the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral within 12 minutes of walking. This hostel consists of single-sex dorms with exposed wood beams. These dorms could accommodate up to ten people together. Private rooms are for individuals who want to sleep alone for the night. For all the rooms we have just mentioned, bed linens, bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi have been provided for your convenience.

When you check in at Auberge de Jeunesse MIJE Fauconnier, you will also get to try out other amenities such as a common lounge area and a complimentary breakfast. When you stay in gay hostels in Paris such as the Auberge de Jeunesse MIJE Fauconnier, you will surely have a great time mingling with new people.

Auberge de Jeunesse MIJE Fauconnier

Arty Paris Porte de Versailles


To complete our list of gay hostels in Paris, we have the elegant Arty Paris Porte de Versailles. This is a relaxed boutique hostel which provides you with the warmth and charm of the whole Paris. Every decoration and detail of this hostel has been joined together to bring you this stunning modern hostel with a trendy design.

The Arty Paris Porte de Versailles provides basic private rooms which could accommodate up to three persons. Mixed dorms could accommodate up to six persons. Both rooms have en suite bathrooms. Some private rooms also have flat-screen televisions.

You could also other perks of the hostel such as guest computers, free lockers, and a continental breakfast. There is also a lounge with a foosball table, a guest kitchen inside this hostel. Arty Paris Porte de Versailles also allows you to avail of discounted tickets to local attractions.

Arty Paris Porte de Versailles Gay Paris


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