The Most Fabulous and Almost-Gay Hostels in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰

The Most Fabulous and Almost-Gay Hostels in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has a lot of things in store for queer backpackers who are hungry for an adventure. With its vibrant spirit and openness to the queer community, who would not love to explore the historic city of Copenhagen?


Get to know more of its gastronomic feasts and cultural treasure when you go sightseeing around this beautiful city. In addition to this, you have to explore the best gay bars and gay hostels in Copenhagen. This way, you will surely have a good time.

Gay Copenhagen Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Copenhagen Denmark 2018


Aside from the lively atmosphere of Copenhagen, what truly makes this city one of the best places to explore? Of course, Denmark’s capital is known to be one of the most livable cities in the world because of its inviting public areas and high-end public transport. Its attractions are also stunning as its ambiance. We recommend you visit the Tivoli Gardens, the Christiansborg Palace, and the National Museum of Denmark. These places of interest will allow you to get to know more about Danish history and culture.

The city of Copenhagen is known for its openness towards the LGBTQ+ community. This is why queer backpackers tend to stay here a lot longer than usual – especially when Copenhagen Pride is on in August. It’s fairly progressive, so you could wear your gay pride clothing and not be judged. The gay scene in the city is bright and lively as well. With the fair number of gay bars and gay hostels in Copenhagen, you will not miss out on the queer spirit which this beautiful capital emanates.

After exploring the city’s attractions and its gay scenes, it is only right to check in on one of its budget-friendly hostels. To guide you further, we have listed some of the best gay hostels in Copenhagen which you could try when you go there.

To be clear, however, there are no exclusively gay hostels here – everyone is always welcome to stay. These are just the most gay-popular and gay-welcoming. Gay, straight or unicorn…Love is love, right?

The Most Fabulous and Almost-Gay Hostels in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰



The Most Fabulous and Almost-Gay Hostels in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰



Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER


One of the most preferred gay hostels in Copenhagen is the Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER. It is a trendy hostel for young backpackers who happen to be creatives in their own field. Being situated at the heart of Copenhagen, you could easily explore the gay scenes of the city without any hassle. Hence, you could explore galleries, cafes, and bars by just walking or using the bicycle. Furthermore, the hostel is affordable, giving you more reasons to check in immediately.

Its rooms are laidback, with complete amenities that you would surely enjoy. You could choose between mixed and female-only dorm rooms which could accommodate up to 10 people. These rooms come with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. Some have lockers with them. Young creatives would surely enjoy the contemporary pop and graffiti art that accents each room. Moreover, the beds are comfortable, so you would surely have a great stay in this hostel.

In addition to this, you will also get to enjoy other services which Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER offers. These include a bar, a terrace, a restaurant, and a communal kitchen. There is also a classic movie theater for those who want to watch a film or two. You could also get to avail of laundry facilities.

What even makes Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER worthy of being included in our list of the best gay hostels in Copenhagen is its attempt to fight the effects of plastic in the environment. It uses plastic-free containers and utensils on your breakfast buffet. The hostel also offers bicycle rentals to ensure you of a pollution-free and unforgettable experience around the Danish capital.

Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER | Gay Copenhagen Hostel


Steel House Copenhagen


The Steel House Copenhagen is another trendy hostel in Copenhagen. Once you enter this gay hostel, you would immediately feel the urban vibe. The rooms are rooted in raw elements, with rustic interiors and soft textures that encapsulate the industrial chic ambiance which it tries to convey. For its atmosphere alone, you could already conclude that Steel House Copenhagen is truly one of the best gay hostels in Copenhagen which you could try. However, you should note that there are far more things which this hostel has which would make it fit its title.

For the rooms, you could choose between mixed and single-sex dorms depending on your preference. Each of these rooms come with pod-like beds, lockers, shared bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. If you want some privacy, you could always avail of its private rooms which offer en-suite facilities. If you further upgrade your rooms, you could enjoy a view of the Danish capital from the hostel’s terraces.

Since it claims to be your home away from home, Steel House Copenhagen truly is one of the best gay hostels in Copenhagen. With amenities such as a communal kitchen, an indoor pool, a guest lounge, a gym, and a bar, you would surely have a good time staying on this modern hostel.

Steel House Copenhagen | Queer Copenhagen Accomodation


Sleep in Heaven


Sleep in Heaven is another option when looking for the best gay hostels in Copenhagen. The team members behind the hostel try their best to make your stay as comfortable and secure as possible as they are ready to assist you in your needs. This hostel is perfect for travelers who are on a budget but would still want to have fun and relax as they socialize with new people.

The rooms and facilities of Sleep in Heaven are simple and well kept. You could choose between mixed and single-sex dorms, depending on your desire. These dorms come with bunk beds which could accommodate up to 12 guests. Other features of the rooms include free Wi-Fi, shared bathrooms, and linens. If you want, you could also avail of private rooms.

Sleep in Heaven also provides other amenities which you could further enjoy. These services include free luggage storage, breakfast at a cost, and bike rentals which could help you experience Copenhagen better. You could also try out its bar with a pool table where you could play with your new-found friends.

Sleep in Heaven | Gay Denmark Hostel


Generator Copenhagen


Generator Copenhagen is a stylish hostel located at the heart of the city. It is a hub for locals and young travelers who are drawn by customized furniture and a wide cafe and bar for relaxation. So, if you are looking for a minimalist Nordic fashion, an innovative Scandinavian foodie scene, or a sophisticated Danish design, you will find these all inside Generator Copenhagen. With these in mind, you could already conclude with the fact that Generator Copenhagen is one of the best gay hostels in Copenhagen – and then we would tell you they also host drag bingo and other queer performances on ocassion, which would surely seal the deal!

The dorm rooms have simple yet colorful designs, but with modern furnishings to make your stay memorable. You could choose between mixed and single-sex dorms which could accommodate up to six guests, depending on your desire. Each of these dorm rooms offers linens, free Wi-Fi, and shared bathrooms. Some of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

Generator Copenhagen offers amenities which include an expansive cafe, a funky bar with eclectic seating, a relaxed alfresco terrace, and a quirky restaurant. You could also hire a bike and explore what Copenhagen has in store for you.

Generator Copenhagen | Gay Copenhagen Hostel Option


Danhostel Copenhagen City


You could also opt for the Danhostel Copenhagen City when looking for the best gay hostels in Copenhagen. This is a five-star design hostel found at the heart of the Danish capital. Hence, you could explore gay scenes without even taking a long walk. The hostel offers affordable prices on its accommodations, with the option of having the best view of the city.

The rooms at Danhostel Copenhagen City are large and modern, with the option of choosing between mixed-sex dorms or simple private rooms depending on your needs. The rooms are bright and vibrant, with en-suite bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. If you upgrade your dorms and rooms, you could avail of a chance to enjoy the best views of Copenhagen.

Danhostel Copenhagen City offers free guided walking tours, allowing you to explore the city while meeting new friends along the way. You could also opt for bike rentals for a more enjoyable sightseeing experience. In addition to this, the hostel also offers other amenities such as a cozy cafe, a colorful bar, and a shared kitchen.

Danhostel Copenhagen City


Copenhagen Downtown Hostel


To complete our list, we have the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. This is an award-winning retro design hostel with a cozy Scandinavian atmosphere. Found at the city center, you could enjoy major gay spots including bars and restaurants without traveling far. As a matter of fact, the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is one of the city’s excellent artistic areas. So, you could already have a memorable experience just by staying in this hostel.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel offers basic mixed or single-sex dorms which could accommodate up to 12 guests. These rooms come with shared bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. If you are traveling in groups, you could avail of discounts. But if you are traveling alone or with your partner, you could opt for a private room. You could upgrade your room and could enjoy en-suite facilities.

There are various amenities which you could enjoy while you stay at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. These include a lively restaurant which serves free communal dinner, a bar with live music, a shared kitchen, and a common room.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel


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