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What Exactly Is The Demisexual Pride Flag, And What Does It Mean?

What Exactly Is The Demisexual Pride Flag, And What Does It Mean?

While many of us are now familiar with the famous rainbow flag, there are also other LGBQT+ flags that each represent the different sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender diversities within our fabulous community.

Even if most queer people identify with the rainbow flag itself, many also desire to fly their own particular flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is crucial!

One such flag is the Demisexual Pride Flag – a flag you might already have seen flown at any number of pride festivals around the world, from Paris to Brisbane…and everywhere in between!

A demisexual is someone who only experiences sexual attraction to people with whom they have close emotional connections. For demisexuals, sexual attraction can only come after an emotional bond has formed.

Sadly, like many LGBTQ+ flags invented in the internet era, it is unknown when or by who the demisexual flag was created, but we can assume it was created after the asexual pride flag (created in 2010) as it uses the same colors.

The demisexual pride flag has a black triangle coming out of its left side. It has a thick white line on the top, followed by a thin purple one in the middle, then a thick gray one at the bottom.

The Demisexual flag is a symbol for those who are only sexually attracted to those they have a strong emotional connection to. The demisexual flag has three colors. Here’s what they all mean:

  • Black represents asexuality.
  • Gray represents demisexuality.
  • White represents sexuality.
  • Purple represents community.
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