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What Exactly Is The Drag Feather Pride Flag, And What Does It Mean?

What Exactly Is The Drag Feather Pride Flag, And What Does It Mean?

While many of us are now familiar with the famous rainbow flag, there are also other LGBQT+ flags that each represent the different sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender diversities within our fabulous community.

Even if most queer people identify with the rainbow flag itself, many also desire to fly their own particular flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is crucial!

One such flag is the Drag Feather Pride Flag – a flag you might already have seen flown at any number of pride festivals around the world, from Adelaide to Torremolinos…and everywhere in between!

The term “drag” suggests a performance of masculinity, femininity, or other forms of gender expression. To ‘do drag’ is to dress up or exhibit yourself differently than your everyday expression, usually for performance. Common forms of drag are drag queens and drag kings.

There are two drag pride flags; however, many drag entertainers are unaware of the earliest pride flag, which was created by artist Sean Campbell in 1999 and was called the Feather Pride Flag. It has a phoenix in its center which symbolizes rebirth and fires of passion with which the drag community exercises to raise awareness and funds in their communities.

Drag Feather Pride Flag - LGBTQ Flag
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