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Yesim: Making The World Brighter With The Inclusive eSIM Solution!

Yesim: Making The World Brighter With The Inclusive eSIM Solution!

We live in a digital world. Technologies have entered all spheres of human life and, what is promising, open up a lot of new possibilities for us. But there is a spoonful of tar in this barrel of honey. People are moving into a boundless but reality-limited online world: they study and work from home, receive services at the doorstep, and even live happily in purely virtual relationships.

Fortunately, we still have offline travel, which not even the highest-quality monitor picture can replace. And here, too, new technologies are indispensable if comfort, safety, and global connectivity are must-haves during your journey.

Yesim: Making The World Brighter With The Inclusive eSIM Solution!

Travel Tech Trend at Your Fingertips

That is the story about Yesim. Based in Switzerland and Latvia and being a fast-growing and game-changing telecom company, Yesim provides global fast and easy connectivity via eSIM mobile solutions. In simple terms, if your smartphone has Yesim on its apps’ list, in your next travels, even to the ends of the earth, you will always have reliable mobile internet at affordable prices, meaning you’ll always stay connected ‘in sorrow and in joy’.

Travel nuts no longer need to be told what eSIM technology is and how it simplifies life when you are in the middle of nowhere. But perhaps some of you skipped that class. So, here you are: eSIM is a digital SIM card embedded in a smartphone during its production. It practically performs the same functions as a physical SIM card but has a number of clear advantages as soon as you leave your home country and head to London, New York, or Timbuktu.

No matter how cool your home mobile operator is, when you’re abroad, it will suggest activating roaming and instantly incur jaw-dropping expenses for you. Like in this case: You landed in Gay Nice (France), dug into the internet to find the address of your hotel and a convenient way to get there, and didn’t notice how $7 was added to your monthly bill. But if you had downloaded the Yesim app and purchased a data plan convenient for your destination in advance, you would have only needed to activate it upon landing and use mobile internet without any potential pain.

The only ‘catch’ that eSIM travelers may come across is an old-school smartphone that doesn’t support this lifesaving technology. Here, the only advice that can be given is to keep up with the times and remember to update the ‘fleet’ of your gadgets. Don’t be lazy; right now, find the online list of smartphones compatible with eSIM, and if your device is not there, you can be deadly sure what gift your loved ones should give you on your next birthday.

Yesim Making the World Brighter with the Inclusive eSIM Solution!

Why Yesim Can Help You Survive in a Jungle

Do you wonder why Yesim can become your trustworthy companion on any journey?

  • Let’s start with the fact that the Yesim app is very simple and friendly to use. You don’t need to run and fuss around; just sit where you are or on the go, download the app on your smartphone, activate the eSIM service, choose a data plan, and off you go. You can top up your account with just a press of a button, choosing a suitable payment method, including crypto.
  • The app offers its services and international SIMs all around the world. You can activate your international traveler’s card for each destination. Or, if you prefer to travel globally, you have a choice of regional data plans (for example, the EUROPE plan includes 31 countries so you can travel freely whether it be in Gay Budapest, Gay Copenhagen, or Gay Belfast) or get the maximum coverage in 139 countries (at the moment, but the list of countries is updated on a regular basis).
  • Yesim partners with top mobile operators in each country, so you are guaranteed the impeccable service of such giants as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon, Orange, or O2. As well as 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE coverage depending on where fate has taken you, whether to a metropolis or a godforsaken spot.
  • Another Yesim’s feature, which just a few competitors can offer, is virtual phone numbers with access to 260 countries. If you need more privacy and security when online, you can rent this number tailored to your needs and enjoy secure SMS communications without exposing your actual phone number. These virtual numbers are pure gold for registrations and messaging on popular platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Skype, Discord, Slack, and Signal, or in SMS verifications for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Tinder, and seamlessly work with Binance and PayPal. Good deal, isn’t it? And for fair money.
Yesim Making the World Brighter with the Inclusive eSIM Solution!

SIM vs. eSIM: The Choice Is Yours

Traveling can be a life-changing experience. What this experience will be like depends on you and on how open you are to new things. For example, to a tender friendship with Yesim.

You can go on an adventure and experiential travel with your life partner, or, as a digital nomad, choose a new country for living and remote work, or grab your backpack and join a group of risk-takers like you in the wild forests of the Amazon. With Yesim on your smartphone, you have no doubts about staying connected 24/7. Not only to share stunning landscapes with friends but also to promptly solve any problems if they arise.

You can still persist and believe that in your travels, an old, good SIM card that you inserted into your phone ten years ago will do just fine. Of course, this is your free choice. But take into consideration these watertight arguments in favor of a virtual card for travelers:

  • To switch operators with a traditional SIM card, you will have to buy a new one in each new country, juggle it around, possibly lose it, and ruin your mood for a couple of days. Instead, a virtual card is activated with a couple of clicks, changing the mobile operator as well;
  • You cannot lose such a card; it cannot be stolen because it is embedded;
  • It is reliable, well protected, and environmentally friendly, which is important in our time.

One application on your smartphone, and the whole world is in your pocket.

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Last but not Least

Life is not always easy, and even the most modern technological solution can glitch and make its user nervous. In the case of Yesim, you can save the population of your nerve cells because there is an impeccable the Yesim customer support team, that works around the clock to make you cheerful.

So, if you have any trip-related issues, drop an email at [email protected] or spark up a live chat right from your account. You may also share any screenshots or files; these good guys are always ready to help. Yesim is indisputably a pocket treasure for those who especially value inclusivity, safety, respect, and support.

Yes, and there is a ‘cherry on top’: to use that special ‘Queer’ promo code at the checkout for any data plan or activating Pay as You Go, you’ll immediately get an extra €3 bonus. Or you can enter the code without making a purchase and save it for your happy future travels with!

Enjoy seamless internet connectivity with Yesim!