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Moving To LGBT Fort Collins, Colorado? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins, Colorado? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

If you’re thinking of moving to Fort Collins, you should know that the city has always been home to members of the LGBTQ community that lived here and made the city a warm home. You will find a good number of LGBT businesses and families here, with an energetic downtown area that will offer you much to see during the day and an active nightlife during the night. 

Fort Collins is a college town, so you can be sure that there’s an excellent mix of culture, live entertainment, culture, and art. The LGBT community here is also very vibrant, so you can be sure that you will find a community you will be proud of being a part of. While there’s no specific gayborhood here, you will find the LGBTQ community making their home throughout the city.

Livability wise, the city ranked first on a recent  “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list from a prestigious media organization. Fort Collins was also ranked fourth on similar “10 Best Places to Raise a Family” list.. queer or otherwise.

Gay Fort Collins Colorado USA

Fort Collins has much to offer, from a robust school district to an excellent selection of craft beer. Located in Larimer County, Northern Colorado, the city is near Denver’s amenities while also providing foothills, open space, and the Rocky Mountains that offer rest and relaxation. 

Fort Collins, a gorgeous city in Colorado, is home to more than 170,240 people. Fort Collins is the state of Colorado’s fourth populous city. The city is home to the Colorado State University, fantastic recreational possibilities, exciting nightlife scenes, enjoy family activities, and a variety of cultural attractions.

Fort Collins in Colorado is a truly fabulous city that welcomes everyone looking for a progressive and inclusive place to work, play, and raise a family. If you’re contemplating relocating to LGBT Fort Collins, you might just discover the accepting surroundings you or your family require to prosper.

There is even a quirky gay scene in Fort Collins, but like Dayton, Madison, Boulder, Des Moines, and other mid-sized cities in the United States, it is rather low-key, especially when compared to New York City or San Diego. This is why a gay realtor in Fort Collins is priceless, as they can assist you in finding your new perfect home in the gaybourhood most suited to you.

Gay Real Estate USA
Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

Despite the relatively hidden LGBT culture of Fort Collins, moving here should not make you feel uneasy. The majority of people in Fort Collins are accepting of the LGBTQ community, and you will quickly discover that the majority of businesses, shops, and services will serve you with pride.

We’ll go over what you should expect when moving to LGBT Fort Collins, as well as how you can make the transition easier on yourself (or with your family) and make sure you’re prepared to enjoy every minute of your new life here!

Check your preconceptions at the door because moving to LGBT Fort Collins is not what you expect…

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

Highlights Of Moving To LGBTQ Fort Collins

Fort Collins is not only a superb tourist destination but a great place to live. The city is a community you will want to be a part of, with hundreds of miles of trails, several major employers, a top-notch public school system, a vibrant nightlife and dining scene, and many higher learning options.

Residents of Fort Collins are also well aware that their often-overlooked city is brimming with hidden gems. Once you move here, you’ll be able to quickly befriend locals and spend your free time discovering them for yourself.

On top of this, thanks to an offbeat yet deeply engaged LGBT community, which congregates at a few fabulous queer hot spots in the city’s most popular neighborhoods, securing a relocation here will allow you to meet queer people with similar interests.

Almost anything your heart desires is available here. When relocating to LGBT Fort Collins, there are numerous things to look forwards to, such as distinctive architecture, endearing coffee shops, and boozy brunch haunts.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the aspects that make up this incredible city before we get into the details.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

There’s Much Fun To Be Had Here

With convenient access to open space,  parks, water, and trails, Fort Collins, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The city has a vivacious nightlife scene and many cultural attractions such as Art Lab Fort Collins. There are also numerous options for family entertainment, such as a visit to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Many people choose to relocate here because the city has something for everyone.

It’s Close To Denver

While Fort Collins is close to Denver, that doesn’t mean it’s in Denver. Differences between the two cities range from home prices to the hustle and bustle related to large cities. Home prices in Fort Collins are generally lower, and the housing market is much more buyer-friendly than in other cities.  

With over 160,000 residents, Fort Collins is among Colorado’s larger cities, but it retains a small-town feel. You can visit Old Town Fort Collins, the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street, attraction! The city is also only an hour’s drive to the Mile High City if you only want to visit for a day.

Fort Collins Supports Local Businesses

Perhaps it’s the small-town atmosphere, the environmentally-conscious culture, or the wonderful people. Fort Collins, for whatever reason, enjoys supporting its community by eating, shopping, and drinking locally.

You’ll fall in love with the local flamboyance of Fort Collins whether you choose from over twenty local breweries 400 restaurants, or any of the regular farmers’ markets and beautiful local boutiques. 

The Craft Beer Scene Is Fantastic!

One of the reasons why the city has become a local, vibrant, environmentally friendly destination is because of the local New Belgium Brewing. There are currently over twenty craft breweries in the city that include giant Odell and other local faves such as Zwei.

In Fort Collins, you can combine your craft beer with charity thanks to the Fort Collins Ale Trail app. Download the app and check out the map to learn more about breweries that participate in the endeavor. After that, pay $20 for the Trail Pass which gives you a chance to get prizes and discounts for patronizing all your favorite haunts. 

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

It’s The Fourth Happiest City In The Country

Fort Collins is the country’s fourth happiest city. New York Times best-selling author, Dan Buettner placed Fort Collins among the top 25 happiest cities in America. The study was based on 15 metrics, including things like regular dental exams, financial stability, and civic engagement.

Each component influences residents’ sense of security and pleasure in a way that has been scientifically verified. If your current location doesn’t seem to do much for your happiness, chances are high that moving to Fort Collins will!

Outdoor Activities

Fort Collins is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts! There are outdoor activities for all types of people and skill levels here. In addition to having 50 parks, over 280 miles of trails, four leisure facilities with swimming pools, ice rinks for skating and hockey, and much more, Fort Collins also boasts dog parks!

Cycling, kayaking, camping, rock climbing, running, hiking, and even sledding are all possible here.  With events such as the Horsetooth Half Marathon, Equinox Half Marathons, and FORTitude 10K, the city will make exercising enjoyable for you.

It’s A Green City

Fort Collins is one of America’s greenest cities. The city has been recognized as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree City, for around 40 years and is one of Value Penguin’s top ten greenest communities. A five-mile corridor that runs through the center of Colorado State University was created out of five miles of low-traffic routes when the city’s Pitkin Bikeway project was completed in 2017.

Additionally, it encourages biking around town and features safe signals to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. The Sustainable Living Association in the city puts a lot of effort into informing locals about what they should do to live more sustainably and seeks out solutions to issues.

Downtown Fort Collings Is Cute!

Walking around downtown Fort Collins can remind you of Main Street in Disneyland, USA. This is because it was the inspiration for it!  It is a fantastic experience to wander through the alleyways, which resemble walks in a European style and are decorated with lights and potted flowers. Old Town, with its charming shops and over 85 restaurants, is ideal for a sophisticated date night.

Retail, tourist, cooking, novelty, and nature stores line its length. In Old Town Square, you may even take a trip on the lone remaining trolley car working west of the Mississippi or listen to live music.

You don’t need a car to move downtown if you don’t have one. By presenting a credit card, valid ID, or cash, Fort Collins students, residents, and visitors can rent bicycles at the downtown bike library at no cost.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

Does Fort Collins Embrace The LGBTQ Community?

Fort Collins has received a perfect score of 100 on the 2021MEI from the Human Rights Campaign. The city staff formed a committee on LGBTQIA+ issues in May 2016.

The committee is currently called the PRIDE Employee Resource Group and is made up of community liaisons and staff. This team’s mission is to guarantee the safety, acceptance, and dignity of the LGBTQIA+ community inside the City organization and the larger community.

The group has also:

  • Forged ties with the offices of human resources, the city manager, and police services.
  • Participated in group discussions with Northern Colorado Equality, Poudre School District, and One Colorado to assist transgender learners in the district.
  • Amended the City’s buying policy to ensure that gender identity and sexual orientation are included in all pertinent non-discrimination clauses
  • Fought for the adoption of transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits by the City in 2021

And much more. Fort Collins is a great place for LGBT families since it has a lot of progressive mindsets and people who are open to learning new things.

The Northern Colorado AIDS Project, PFLAG of Northern Colorado, the Fort Collins Not in Our Town Alliance, and Northern Colorado Pride are just a few of the queer advocacy organizations that are active in Fort Collins and the nearby areas.

Gay poker tournaments, gay adult proms, drag shows, and equity galas are some of the LGBT-friendly events that take place in this community, which Northern Colorado Pride assists in organizing.

Colorado’s history of supporting LGBT people and families dates back to the late 1960s –to the early 1970s. The state may not have as many special events amenities for LGBT families as other states, but it is generally inclusive, and most people have a live-and-let-live demeanor.

However, the narratives and accomplishments of LGBTQ+ people have historically been left out of Fort Collin’s history.

But, throughout its history, the city always had LGBTQ+ residents who have lived, thrived, loved raised families, and established businesses and careers, while surviving despite widespread acts of violence and legal discrimination.

Colorado ranks thirteenth in the United States with 4.6 percent of the population identifying as LGBTQ+. LGBTQ+ people can be found in every ethnic and racial group, in all religious, cultural, and political backgrounds, and in all gender expressions and identities.

As a college town, the city is rich in progressive attitudes and an eagerness to learn new things, which is a bonus for LGBT families. The Northern Colorado AIDS Project, PFLAG of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins Not In Our Town Alliance, and Northern Colorado Pride are some of the queer advocacy groups you will find in the city and the surrounding areas.

Northern Colorado Pride lends a hand in organizing a variety of events for families and singles, including drag shows, LGBT poker tournaments, gay adult proms, and equity galas.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins, Colorado? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Is Fort Collins An Expensive City to Move To?

Housing is undoubtedly one of the most significant expenses in Fort Collins. The average cost of a home in the city is about $250,000, with prices beginning at about $110,000. On the other side, bigger houses with larger properties might cost over $1 million or even more.

The usual monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city is between $750 and $1,500. Whether amenities and/or utilities are part of the rent depends on the property size. One-bedroom apartments are available for $1,500 a month.

Based on where you’re coming from, you might also see a price bump at the gas pump, where prices are typically about $0.20 higher than in other eastern or mid-west regions. Utility costs in Fort Collins might range from $100 to $300 per month, depending on how frequently you use air conditioning or heat and the size of your home. 

In general, consumers will spend more money on heating their homes during the winter. Fort Collins has a somewhat higher average cost of living than other American cities, but it has a lower crime rate.

Utilities such as electricity will cost between $80- $130 per month, gas costs between $20 -$30 per month during the summer, and $100-$125 during the winter depending on your usage. Water costs around $60-$90. Internet costs vary depending on the provider you settle for.

Fort Collins’ public transport system is the most reliable so prepare to drive to work often. However, the city is bike-friendly so you have a healthier transport alternative that allows you to save on gas.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

The Best Gay Neighborhoods In Fort Collins

While all the media today seems to this that gayborhood is dead or on the verge of extinction. We have news for them – it’s not! Instead, gayborhoods across the USA are growing in number and diversity; they might look slightly different.

Instead of being the main street serving mostly-exclusive LGBT clients (something we now think of as a gay village), gayborhoods have evolved into cultural archipelagos, a collection of queer islands coalesced by sexuality and gender and liberal allies. And cities frequently have more than one.

Today, it turns out not all LGBT people in Fort Collins want to live in the relative chaos of downtown Fort Collins – and thankfully, they (and you!) have options.

However, when choosing where to live in Fort Collins, remember that some areas are more conveniently located for all the fun queer events and activities. By being aware of them in advance, you can arrive at your new residence in the gay-friendly neighborhood that best suits your needs.

Discover your ideal new home in one of these prominent gay and LGBT-friendly gaybourhoods in Fort Collins. Each one has its own distinct personality, a friendly vibe, and amenities you’ll love and soon wonder how you ever did without. Give yourself lots of time to get to know the diverse areas of Fort Collins, and bear in mind that this city has plenty to offer everyone – queer or otherwise!

Now let’s take a look at where the handful of marvelous gay areas in Fort Collins and talk about the Fort Collins gayborhood where you might feel most at home! Or speak to a local LGBT real estate agent for a more detailed understanding of the best options today.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

Old Town Fort Collins

Old Town Fort Collins is a true gem, with mature landscaping and charming architecture. The wide streets built decades back for horse-drawn carriages now have a lot of room for bikes and cars.  This is especially convenient since there are many eateries and nearby shops to visit. 

This neighborhood has it all, whether you want to listen to live music or enjoy a pint along the Poudre River. Nature, retail, cooking, tourists, novelty, and bakeries are all features of Old Town Fort Collins. There are numerous restaurants to satisfy any appetite, as well as myriad outdoor dining options.

You can travel through a gorgeous Old Town neighborhood on the original trolley car. You can also listen to live music gliding through the newly renovated Old Town Square any day.

The Old Town Fort Collins neighborhood is home to a variety of local art galleries, restaurants, and shops all of which are encircled by a landscaped walkable mall that includes outdoor art and music arena renovated in 2015.

The neighborhood is distinctive in that city planners in the past envisaged wider streets with creative parking solutions.  The neighborhood benefits from expansive tree-lined streets and a thriving downtown area, which is unlike any other region in Northern Colorado.  Residents can walk to a library, parks, a movie theater, or any local businesses thanks to this design. 

Old Prospect 

The Old Prospect neighborhood is highly convenient, being within walking distance of Whole Foods, Gardens on Spring Creek, King Soopers, and local area schools. It’s also close to Totally 80’s Pizza and Museum.

Many residents typically bike to work thanks to the district’s central location. Residents and visitors highly recommend this small, in-demand neighborhood because of its easy access to natural areas, city conveniences, and overall beauty. 

Old Prospect has several old but very well-kept houses, as well as stores, restaurants, and great schools. The neighborhood is encircled by intersecting walking trails and parks.  Old Prospect is home to many families, but as the district grows in popularity, everyone is moving here.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

City Park

This residential area was designed to have open spaces, alluring green backyards, and a close-knit community that is accommodative of each other and unites when they are in need. There’s a lovely park with a pond where kids can enjoy the fresh air as they feed the ducks. During the summer, the area has a large pool that offers hours of entertainment for your entire family. 

Many of the homes here are priced at around $360,000, which is affordable for the Front Range. Families will appreciate the readily accessible amenities, which include a local pool, neighborhood park, and the convenience of being close to all shopping centers.

Single-family homes (small studio and two-bedroom) and medium (three and four-bedroom) and apartment complexes make up the majority of City Park rental properties. 

The majority of residential housing is split between renters and owners. Many residences here were built around 1970- 1999 and are established but not old. Many homes in the neighborhood were also constructed from 1940 – to 1969. 

This is the neighborhood for you if you want to be able to ride your cycle to work every day. This neighborhood has much more bicycle commuters than 99.4 percent of all areas, with 10.0 percent of residents riding their bikes to and from work every day.

Warren Shores

You may find it a little competitive to get into this area, but that is part of what makes it so fantastic. If so many people want to get in, there must be something good about it, right?  

The residences, which are located close to Warren Lake, have stunning views and are near all of the city’s amenities. If basking in the sun is part of your new routine, there are plenty of trails and parks in and around this neighborhood.

Most of the homes in this neighborhood cost more than half a million because they are newer model residences with scenic views. This could be the residential area for you if you’re searching for a lovely neighborhood with lovely homes.

Warren Shores is a highly regarded Fort Collins neighborhood because of its numerous amenities and convenient location. Residences here offer easy access to the highway, university, mature landscaping, and downtown shops, and are located close to picturesque Warren Lake.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations In Fort Collins

Wherever you live, it is critical that you support LGBT organizations in any way you can use so that they can keep reaching out to and assisting other members of the community who are more vulnerable. After all, we are all stronger when we work together, and each of us will likely have a time in our lives when we require a little extra support.

Fort Collins has a supportive and diverse LGBTQ community, which has helped the city become more gay-friendly in recent years.

As a result, there are a variety of LGBT resources available to community members, their allies, friends, and families – and you ought to feel free to utilize them or consider giving your support as needed to keep your new home city moving forwards! They are also a place to meet new people and find your queer chosen family in Fort Collins.

Northern Colorado Equality

 Northern Colorado Equality’s goal is to empower the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies through services, programs, education, and activities. Their key organizing premise is to honor, promote, and celebrate the community’s diversity. 

Northern Colorado Equality works to improve and shape people’s lives. Its mission is to provide a multifaceted approach to addressing some of the community’s most pressing issues. They ensure that their partners are empowered by providing opportunities for communities and individuals. 

Fort Collins  Not in Our Town Alliance (NIOTA)

NIOTA is a neighborhood-based initiative to foster and encourage cooperation among people, groups, and local governments in order to address the origins and consequences of discrimination, prejudice, and behavior inspired by hatred.

PLAG Fort Collins

PFLAG is the nation’s largest and first organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ people, their friends, allies, and families. The organization seeks to support and empower the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy, education, and offering support.

Fort Collins Gender Inclusive Restroom Initiative

The Fort Collins Gender Inclusive Restroom Initiative aims to assist businesses in making their restroom signs gender-inclusive to the LGBTQ community. The organization helps Fort Collins businesses to make their single-stall restroom signs gender inclusive.

Gay Queer Flag Community Group

LGBTQ+ Community Events in Fort Collins

After moving to a new city, you will likely want to create new connections, meet new people, and network. Thankfully, LGBT Fort Collins plays host to a variety of annual events for lesbians, transgender persons, gays, and anyone else who wants to have a good time.

While there are many queer events in the city, the ones listed here are the largest and greatest and are all worth marking in your calendar as you won’t want to miss them.

NoCo Pride March

The NoCo Pride March is among the city’s most celebrated LGBTQ pride festivities, and it’s one you will want to mark on your calendar. This annual event features family-friendly attractions, a plethora of vendors, speakers, outstanding performances, delectable food, and numerous opportunities to meet new people and have a good time!

Colorado Brewers Festival

Colorado is renowned for its excellent breweries and fine beers. The Colorado Brewer’s Festival is a popular annual event dedicated to celebrating, enjoying, and learning about the state’s breweries.

Colorado Gay Rodeo Association

The CGRA was established in 1981 with the purpose of enhancing the perception of both women and men in the rodeo sports community and advancing the Country/Western genre.

LGBT events
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LGBT-Owned Businesses In Fort Collins

It’s only normal to want to support queer businesses after relocating to LGBT Fort Collins. Making a safe space where individuals can relax, shop, eat, and meet without fear is one way to build a safer and more accepting society – and LGBT businesses are frequently doing the heavy lifting to achieve this goal.

It is crucial to support these projects wherever you reside to ensure the survival and development of the queer community. When you shop local, you are personally investing in your city and community – a small step that can be transformational when people do it en masse.

Here are just a few of our favorite LGBTQ+-owned companies in Fort Collins that you can support with your pink dollars…

New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing Company was founded by Kim Jordan during a time when very few women held positions in the craft beer scene. Jordan and her brewery have spearheaded over the last three decades and recently hired Patrice Palmer as the establishment’s Diversity and Inclusion specialist. 

Fort Collins Donut Company

Fort Collins Donut Company promises “Colorado Style,” donuts using the finest ingredients the region has to offer. Whether it’s Western-slope favorites like Palisade peaches and cherries or locally sourced honey and rhubarb cultivated just a few blocks away, everything is made from scratch, with no artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

Most importantly, FoCo Donut Company serves its donuts hot. Place your orders at the shop, and they will make them fresh to order. 

Kimball Nelson Photography

With more than ten years of experience in the region, Kimball Nelson Photography’s talent and professionalism produce photographs that make you look fantastic while ensuring a seamless and joyful photographic experience for the best memories. 

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Final Thoughts On Moving To LGBTQ Fort Collins

Fort Collins, as we earlier mentioned, is one of the country’s greenest cities. If you love the outdoors, are environmentally conscious, and looking forward to exploring some fabulous attractions, this city is for you! As a welcoming, affirming, and LGBT-friendly city, we promise you that you’ll feel right at home here!

We hope you receive the freedom and security you deserve if you decide to start your new chapter in LGBT Fort Collins. However, please remember that life is what you make of it.

The best ways to learn more about LGBT Fort Collins are to live in a gay-friendly neighborhood, support local queer businesses and events, and join LGBT community clubs, organizations and teams.

We promise that if you go by these suggestions, moving to LGBT Fort Collins will be less challenging for you and that you’ll meet like-minded individuals and build up that all-important support network quickly.

Moving To LGBT Fort Collins Gay Neighborhood Colorado. gay realtors Fort Collins. gay realtors Fort Collins

Finding Gay Realtors In Fort Collins

Why would you consider someone’s sexuality when hunting for the ideal realtor? This may appear strange at first, but there are numerous reasons why contacting a gay realtor in Fort Collins is a good way to discover your dream house.

After all, it’s not unrealistic to expect fair, equal, and honest representation from someone who comprehends the queer community’s specific needs and desires when engaging in one of life’s most important transactions.

Further to that, sadly many people (up to one-third of Americans) still genuinely think that our community does not deserve protection and dignity in areas such as housing, adoption, employment, and other aspects of life.

As a result, it’s not surprising that LGBT people who use mainstream realtors frequently express discomfort, unnecessary trouble, unenthusiastic representation, or even antagonism or outright contempt.

Everyone deserves a pleasurable, stress-free home buying or selling experience while being adequately represented, which is why we believe you should hire a gay realtor to assist you in uncovering your ideal future home.

FORT COLLINS gay realtor * gay real estate in FORT COLLINS * lgbt realtors in FORT COLLINS * lgbt friendly real estate agents near me

When looking for a home, LGBTQ realtors are more likely to be informed about the diverse communities in their area and fully comprehend which ones may be particularly well suited to you. This isn’t to say heterosexual realtors aren’t competent; they’ve just never had to deal with many of the challenges that LGBT people face.

Gay realtors conduct thorough research into the neighborhoods in which they sell homes to make sure their customers are safe, rather than just being concerned with how thriving, trendy, or up-and-coming a neighborhood is (or appears to be).

It used to be challenging to uncover professional LGBT-friendly real estate agents in Fort Collins – and it was virtually impossible to find one if you were relocating here from out of state and didn’t have access to a local referral.

Thankfully, you no longer have to search for a realtor without knowing whether or not they are accepting of others because you can use a list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents in Fort Collins to do all of your homework for you.

Simply go to the page, and you’ll be presented with a free list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents who can help you with your relocation as well as other useful information like LGBT+friendly schools, shopping, storage firms, tradesmen, and more.

Read the biographies of LGBT real estate agents, then select the one who is right for you. It’s essential that you find someone who will be by your side and support you and your family during one of life’s most exhilarating occasions.

Even better, there is no hidden motive, cost, or obligation whatsoever!

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