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Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi, Texas? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi, Texas? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Corpus Christi, known as “the Sparkling City by the Sea,” is a coastal city that borders the Gulf of Mexico. It is unquestionably one of Texas’s most beloved cities for both straight and queer people alike.

It’s a summer vacation destination for many families in the state, and a select few call the city home. If you are considering relocating to LGBT Corpus Christi – perhaps it could be your ideal new home?

Corpus Christi is best known for its pristine coastline, affordable living standards, strong economy, and availability of outdoor activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, and sailing. Before you pack your bags and move here, it’s important to know what the city has in store for you.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi in Texas is an effervescent city that welcomes all those searching for a safe place for work, play, and family. Politically, the city is mixed or leaning conservative – it certainly is not as liberal as San Antonio or Austin, but not the deep red Republican Rural Texas you might be imagining. So don’t let this put you off moving to LGBT Corpus Christi, you are still likely to find the accepting environment that you or your family need to thrive in.

There is a spirited queer scene in Corpus Christi, however much like Albany, Boise, Fresno, Jersey City and other mid-sized cities in the USA, it is rather low-key, especially when compared to places like New York or Los Angeles. This is why a gay realtor in Corpus Christi is worth their weight in gold as they can help you find your new perfect home here in the most gay-friendly neighborhood possible.

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Despite the rather concealed LGBT culture, moving to this dynamic city shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. The majority of people here are accepting of the LGBTQ community, and you will soon discover that most businesses, shops, and services will serve you with pride.

Consider this article to be an LGBT Corpus Christi relocation guide that will help you know what to expect when relocating to this wonderful city. Leave all of your preconceived notions at the door because moving to LGBT Corpus Christi is not what you think it is…

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Highlights Of Moving To LGBTQ Corpus Christi

Even though most people don’t know, the urban city scene in Corpus Christi is to die for thanks to independent vendors, nightclubs, delicious food and the most amazing restaurants. It’s true that restaurants in Texas offer the best BBQ, southern-style cuisine, and steaks. However, that’s not all you get when you move here.

Corpus Christi residents are well aware that their underappreciated city is full of hidden gems including plenty of natural beauty afforded by its coastal location. Once you will live here, you will be able to talk with locals and spend your free time discovering that Corpus Christi is brimming with culture and captivating sights…

Securing a relocation here will also allow you to meet others with similar interests, thanks to a quirky yet highly involved LGBT culture, which includes a few fantastic queer spots of interest in the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

Almost anything that your heart desires can be found here. There are plenty of things to look forwards to when moving to LGBT Corpus Christi, be it its distinguished architecture, charming coffee shops, or boozy brunch haunts.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the aspects that make up this incredible city before we get into the details.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Is Small, But It’s Charming

If you’re tired of living the big city life, Corpus Christi is an excellent choice. With a laid-back atmosphere and a small population of only about 326,000, Corpus Christi is a great place to call home if you want to slow down.

However, during the tourist high season, you might find that the city feels a little too crowded. Don’t worry though, as soon as they leave, you can go back to enjoying the vacation vibe synonymous with the city thanks to its fun art installations and its natural charm.

The Tourists Arrive In Droves

Here’s the thing; with countless attractions and almost 113miles of beaches, it’s no wonder that Corpus Christi sees almost 8 million visitors each year. Having tourists around doesn’t have to spell doom for you, though. Think about making many new friends or the thought that you know a little more about the city than the average visitor.

Beaches Are In Plenty

Corpus Christi is a beach city. Whatever your taste in a beach, you will find it here. If you’re looking for a convenient beach, head over to McGee Beach with seasonal beach rentals, a dog park, and access to parking. If you want to enjoy great food, sightseeing, and have some beach time, head over to North Beach. All we’re saying is, there’s a beach for everyone in Corpus Christi.

Home To One Of The State’s Best Art Collections

The Art Museum of South Texas’s beautiful and contemporary design invites all who pass by to come inside and experience the art. It was designed by Ricardo Legorreta and Phillip Johnson and illuminated by large floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the sun and provide spectacular views of the Bay.

The museum is managed by The South Texas Institute for the Arts, and its goal is to inspire and encourage the interest of the public in visual art. 

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Does Corpus Christi Embrace The LGBTQ Community?

Corpus Christi, like many other cities in the state, is relatively quiet on the LGBTQ+ side of things. Although there are LGBTQ+ residents here, they generally keep their identities to themselves. In the “Sparkling City by the Sea,” LGBTQ+ folks aren’t always welcome. However, during the last few years, there have been changes. 

The city has been celebrating Pride! They’ve also built an LGBTQ+ community center and the LGBTQ community here is known for instituting one of the nation’s first AIDS support centers. Even so, that hasn’t stopped members of the Corpus Christi LGBTQ+ community from feeling isolated.  

Like many of their LGBTQ+ friends in different parts of the country, they prefer to keep their sexual orientation private. Residents in this part of the state aren’t fully accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals. However, this isn’t to say that they aren’t entirely welcome. 

While the state often gets a bad rap for being unnecessarily conservative, it does have much to offer the queer community and one only has to know where to look.  Don’t undervalue this town. The Frat House, The Hidden Door, and Club Connect are within easy reach of each other. 

In addition to the aforementioned gay bars, that have drag and diva shows during the weekends, many establishments in Downtown Corpus Christi are accommodating of the LGBTQIA+ community. There is an increasing acceptance, appreciation, understanding, and respect, for the LGBTQIA+ population’s contribution to the community.

The CCLGBT, the Mosaic Project of South Texas, PRIDE Corpus Christi, and many others, are just a few of the LGBTQ organizations in town. The Police Department does have a devoted LGBQIA+ Liaison to strengthen public safety and communication. 

The LGBTQ Police Liaison exists as a friendly and accessible ear to Corpus Christi’s LGBTQ community, addressing LGBTQ-related concerns and assisting in the development of positive relationships between the LGBTQ community and the police department.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Is Corpus Christi An Expensive City To Move To?

Living in Corpus Christi is affordable as compared to other cities of the same size in the country. Corpus Christi is known for having the 15th lowest cost of living in the U.S and is also the second-most affordable city in the state. Rent is below the median, as are living costs such as utilities, food, and transportation. 

Plus, because of low housing costs and the lack of a state income tax, living in Corpus Christi will save you money in the long run. Keep in mind that, despite the lower prices, the poverty rate here is 16.2 percent. This means that one in every 6.2 residents lives right at the poverty line or below it.


The median value for a home in Corpus Christi is $133,000, which is lower than the U.S median of $204,800. The average price of a home built before 1939 is $92,800, while the average price of a home built after 2014 is $264,700.  Renting can be a less expensive option than buying a home. In Corpus Christi, 43.40 percent of inhabited residences are rented, which is higher than the U.S renter rate of 36.2 percent. The average renter in the city pays $995 per month, which is higher than the national average of $1,022 per month.


A single person in the city spends an average of $2,645 on food each year, while a family of four would spend an average of $7,641. To put things in perspective, the average yearly food expenditure in Texas.


The mean price of gasoline is $2.28 per gallon. If you don’t own a car, you can ride for free on The B, the city’s bus system, which supports more than 800 miles of San Patricio and Nueces counties


City residents pay an average of 10.98 cents per kilowatt-hour for energy. This amount is more than a cent less than the country’s average rate, which contributes to the city’s low cost of living. 

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

The Best Gay Neighborhoods In Corpus Christi

There are thankfully many other places to reside for those who are looking for a calmer yet still LGBT-friendly environment as not all LGBT people want to be close to the relative chaos of downtown Corpus Christi.

When moving to LGBTQ Corpus Christi, bear in mind that some areas are more conveniently located for all the fun queer events and activities. By being aware of them in advance, you can arrive at your new residence in the gay-friendly neighborhood that best suits your needs.

Discover your delightfully ideal new home in one of these prominent gay and LGBT-friendly communities in Corpus Christi. Each one has its own distinct personality, a friendly neighborhood, and facilities you’ll love. Give yourself lots of time to get to know the many different and diverse areas of Corpus Christi, and bare in mind that this city has plenty to offer everyone – queer or otherwise!

Now let’s take a look at where the handful of marvelous gay areas in Corpus Christi and talk about the Corpus Christi gayborhood where you might feel most at home! Or speak to a local LGBT real estate agent for a more detailed understanding of the best options today.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Mustang-Padre Island

If your goal is to find the best neighborhood to settle in Corpus Christi, the Mustang-Padre Island neighborhood is what you’re searching for. Mustang-Padre Island has consistently been rated the best place to settle in Corpus Christi, offering only the finest of island living. This island is one of the most desirable places to live in the city. 

Furthermore, with a population of slightly over 4,300 residents, it provides a close-knit neighborhood and a small-town feel to its residents. You can access this island, which is cut off from the rest of the city, via the inland waterway’s large bridge or by ferry.

While real estate values differ and appeal to a wide range of lifestyles, wage levels on the island are higher. The neighborhood has many magnificent homes near the ocean and offers some of the most beautiful views in the city. 

Mustang-Padre Island is extremely safe, and schools are also highly recommended for families with children. While many residents drive to and from work, the area is densely populated with grocery stores, local shops, restaurants, and other top amenities.

Many residents enjoy water sports and activities including boating, windsurfing, and kayaking, in their spare time.

South Side

South Side, the city’s most populous neighborhood, is building a reputation for itself thanks to its high safety rating and cleanliness.  Residents of this neighborhood are the embodiment of southern charm, and the district is known for being one of the friendliest and most inviting in the area.

This area makes an effort to value connections by hosting festivals and events year-round that bring new and old neighbors together. When you’re at the grocery store or out for a walk, make a point of saying hello to your neighbors. The South Side is also a pet-friendly neighborhood, with the majority of residents owning dogs

The majority of homes here are single-family homes, with 55% of residents owning their own property. Home prices are reasonable and lower than the country’s average, luring families and young professionals to the area.

The South Side is an ideal neighborhood because it is surrounded by countless nice restaurants, local boutiques, and numerous parks and outdoor activities.

The neighborhood offers a variety of walking and hiking trails, and bike paths to explore if you enjoy being in the great outdoors. In addition, with a greater graduation rate than the U.S average, you can rest assured that your kids will get the best education possible if you choose to live on the South Side.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi


If you’re relocating with your family, you should consider relocating to the Calallen area. Due to its peaceful and quiet suburban environment, it is a great neighborhood to raise your children. Calallen, which has a population of around 20,000 people, is a family-oriented suburb that was developed with middle-class families in mind.

This district not only has a high liveability score, but it also offers a high quality of life, making it a popular choice among locals. Feel safe in your home and neighborhood, which is surrounded by manicured lawns, well-kept streets, and well-lit sidewalks. The majority of the homes here are single-family homes with a variety of price points.

Calallen is a diverse neighborhood that welcomes people from all walks of life. The unemployment rate here is lower than in other parts of Corpus Christi, and most dwellers commute to and from work in a short time. Residents always have things to do thanks to the abundance of eateries, coffee shops, shopping centers, and amenities.

Additionally, the schools here are highly regarded for those with school-aged children. The Calallen Independent School District is ranked third in the city. Calallen High School, specifically, is a popular option among locals.

Northwest Corpus Christi

Northwest Corpus Christi is a small neighborhood with about 15,000 residents that offers its community a rural suburban lifestyle. If you’re looking for places to live outside of Downtown, this could be the location for you.

This neighborhood, which attracts many young professionals, families, and retirees, is in a convenient area near many outdoor recreation opportunities and attractions.

Northwest Corpus Christi features sidewalks, boutiques, golf courses, and public parks, and has something for everyone. It’s no wonder that this neighborhood has made a name for itself, with a lower cost of living than the country’s average and a marketable housing market.

Furthermore, with low unemployment and accessibility of leading public schools, you and your family have the chance to flourish and thrive while living here. Remember to bring your car because driving to and from work is the norm here.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

LGBTQ+ Community Events in Corpus Christi

After moving to a new city, you will likely want to create new connections, meet new people, and network. Thankfully, LGBT Corpus Christi plays host to a variety of annual events for lesbians, transgender persons, gays, and anyone else who wants to have a good time.

While there are many queer events in the city, the ones listed here are the largest and greatest and are all worth marking in your calendar as you won’t want to miss them.

Pride Corpus Christi

Pride Corpus Christi is the city’s yearly pride celebration. It is a festival that residents and visitors alike shouldn’t miss for more than two decades. Parades, parties, family-friendly activities, networking opportunities, and other events are planned throughout the week. Every year, it’s a week worth looking forward to!

Texas Sandfest 

Texas Sandfest is an internationally recognized three-day family event, held in Port Aransas. The country’s largest sand sculpture competition attracts famed sculptors from all over the world and thousands of tourists.

Texas Sandfest is a festival dedicated to giving back to the community by fundraising for the city’s local charities and scholarships for high school kids.

LGBT events
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LGBTQ+ Community Organizations In Corpus Christi

To progress the LGBTQ agenda, the queer community commonly has to rely on donor organizations or non-profits.

Wherever you live, it is imperative that you assist such organizations in any manner you can in order for them to reach out and aid others in the neighborhood. These Corpus Christi LGBT community organizations are some of the best.

Every LGBT person has benefited from their tireless labor to secure the advancement and rights we enjoy now being aware of them is good whether you need their help now or potentially in the future. 

These are wonderful places to start if you’re looking for LGBTQ groups to join, seek support from, meet new people with or volunteer for a cause you care about.

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation

CBWF manages the Coastal Bend Pride Center, the region’s first LGBTQIA+ facility. The CBWF provides transgender support groups, queer youth groups, free STI/STD testing, low-cost health care, and other services. Overall, this is a welcoming environment for queer folks where you can seek assistance for a number of reasons.

Corpus Christi LGBT

One of the city’s largest queer groups has always welcomed the LGBTQ+ community. They play an important role in local LGBTQ+ activities and offer a space for monthly meetings for the community to meet and connect. They also organize a social gathering for people who want to meet other members of the queer community in a non-bar setting.

Coastal Bend Trans Alliance

The Coastal Bend Trans Alliance is a grass-roots group created by Belinda Trevino in collaboration with the #beHuman Campaign. The group is dedicated to providing peer support to transgender individuals, their parents, and their allies.

The organization is unique in that it welcomes everyone, including trans and non-trans people. They make certain that all members of the transgender community have access to different programs and resources they need to have productive and healthy lives.

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations In

LGBT-Owned Businesses In Corpus Christi

After moving to LGBT Corpus Christi, it’s only natural to want to support queer businesses. One strategy for establishing a safer and more inclusive society is to create a secure environment where people may rest, buy, dine, and connect without fear, and this is exactly what LGBT companies should strive for.

To safeguard the queer community’s survival and success, it is critical to support these initiatives wherever you are. When you shop locally, you put in a personal investment in your city and community. Here’s a short list of LGBTQ+-owned businesses in Corpus Christi you can invest in with your pink dollars…

Eddington Worley Attorneys

If you plan to relocate to Corpus Christi soon, you may require the assistance of a seasoned LGBTQ+ attorney. LGBTQ+ couples seeking to handle probate matters or adopt in the city will find it hard to maneuver the family courts.

Call to set up a consultation with a knowledgeable LGBTQ+ family attorney in Corpus Christi. They will work tirelessly to assist you in creating and protecting the family you deserve.

Feathered Friends and Co

Feathered Friends & Co is a bird shop. They are always open seven days a week so you can pop in for the Canaries, Macaws, and different species of birds.  The establishment seeks to be unique, clean, and a fun spot for you to find your birdy buddy.

They have a large selection of beautiful birds to brighten up your day. Not only do they have the best birdhouse in the region, but they also have the best prices. 

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Final Thoughts On Moving To LGBTQ Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is definitely worth the move thanks to its cheap housing and high safety rating. The city attracts many young professionals and families and has a distinctive southern charm. Whatever lifestyle you’re chasing, you can find it here.

Remember that life is what you make it, and wherever (or if ever) you decide to start your new chapter in LGBT Corpus Christi, we wish you the freedom and security you deserve.

Living in a gay-friendly area, visiting nearby LGBT businesses and events, and joining queer community groups and sports teams are always the best methods to discover more about LGBT Corpus Christi.

We guarantee that if you follow these recommendations, moving to LGBT Corpus Christi will be less difficult for you and that you’ll quickly find like-minded individuals with whom to establish your newly chosen family.

Moving To LGBT Corpus Christi Gay Neighborhood Texas. gay realtors Corpus Christi. gay realtors Corpus Christi

Finding Gay Realtors In Corpus Christi

When searching for the ideal realtor, why would you consider someone’s sexuality? This may seem strange at first, but there are numerous reasons why contacting a gay realtor in Corpus Christi is a great way to find your dream house.

After all, when undertaking one of life’s most important transactions, it’s not unreasonable to expect fair, equal, and honest representation from someone who understands the queer community’s particular needs and wishes.

Furthermore, unfortunately, many people (up to a third of Americans) continue to believe that our community does not deserve protection and dignity in housing, adoption, employment, and other areas of life.

Moving To LGBT Tallahassee Gay Neighborhood Florida. gay realtors Tallahassee. gay realtors Tallahassee

So it’s no surprise that LGBT people who use mainstream realtors often express feelings of discomfort, unnecessary trouble, unenthusiastic representation, or even antagonism or outright contempt. Everyone deserves a gratifying, stress-free home buying or selling experience while being sufficiently represented, and this is why we feel you should engage a gay realtor to help you in finding your perfect future home.

LGBTQ realtors are more likely to be knowledgeable about the diverse communities in their area and understand which ones may be best suited to you when searching for a home. That’s not to say heterosexual realtors are not competent, but they’ve probably never had to handle many of the issues LGBT people face.

Rather than just being concerned with how bustling, fashionable, or up-and-coming a neighborhood is (or what it may appear like), gay realtors perform extensive research into the neighborhoods in which they sell homes to ensure that clients are safe.

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It used to be challenging to uncover professional LGBT-friendly real estate agents in Corpus Christi – and it was virtually impossible to find one if you were relocating here from out of state and didn’t have access to a local referral.

Thankfully, you no longer have to search for a realtor without knowing whether or not they are accepting of others because you can use a list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents in Corpus Christi to do all of your homework for you.

Simply go to the page, and you’ll be presented with a free list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents who can help you with your relocation as well as other useful information like LGBT+friendly schools, shopping, storage firms, tradesmen, and more.

Read the biographies of LGBT real estate agents, then select the one who is right for you. It’s essential that you find someone who will be by your side and support you and your family during one of life’s most exhilarating occasions.

Even better, there is no hidden motive, cost, or obligation whatsoever!

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