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The Best Gay Just For Fans Men To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

The Best Gay Just For Fans Men To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

You’ve probably heard of Onlyfans; Gay Just For Fans is its lesser-known – but no less interesting – cousin, so to speak. Just like Onlyfans and other less popular sites like Fanhouse and Fansly, Just For Fans is an adult blogging platform and marketplace.

Unlike Onlyfans, it was founded by a veteran sex worker, Dominic Ford, who has worked in the porn industry for over ten years, so he has a unique insight into how the industry functions, and you can be sure it reflects in his work on the site. He has stated in interviews that he is always involved in the technical aspects of the Just For Fans site and is always adding new features based on his experience in the industry.

best just for fans gay just for fans men

Although all genders and sexual orientations are represented on JustForFans, the site leans heavily toward the LGBT community. The creators on the site make money by allowing users to buy monthly subscriptions to their feeds. Users can also purchase custom clips and other items from the models, as well as pay for private chats and buy access to other social media. The site also lets users use filters to select models based on preference.

So like we said before, Just For Fans may be a new wave, but a lot of creators, both old and young, have recognized its potential and signed on to it.

Among the creators and models on the site, there is a sizeable population of gay men. Some of them are veterans who are looking for yet another medium on which to post their content, while others are newbies looking to break into the field.

best just for fans gay just for fans men

All the creators have one thing in common, though: they are all looking to put their best foot forward and make the most out of the site. And, of course, most users are looking to get their hands on sexy, exciting content.

You can find all of that and more on there, but for this article, we’re going to be focusing on gay content creators. With the vast range of people on the site, it might be difficult to find favorites, at least not without subscribing to hundreds of creators. And don’t get us wrong, we’re all for creators getting their bag, but it’ll be a lose-lose situation if users leave the site out of frustration.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to make things easier and put out a list of the best and the sexiest gay adult content creators on Just For Fans. We’ll be talking about the types of content they offer, their unique style, what makes them hot, and so on. With a list like this, you’ll find it so much easier to pick interesting content, so read on and thank us later.

best just for fans gay just for fans men
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Jack Mackenroth

You’re probably thinking his name sounds more like a politician’s than a porn actor’s, but Jack Mackenroth’s content is definitely worth a second look. Plus, he’s got such an interesting backstory as well.

The fifty-three-year-old adult movie star has been a pre-med student, a competitive swimmer, and a fashion designer! He’s featured on Project Runway and even worked for Tommy Hilfiger. But you’re probably not reading this to hear his life story. Well, worry not. He doesn’t do too badly in the fucking department, either.

His huge cock is best appreciated thrusting in and out of a bottom’s mouth while his muscular ass flexes. From kinky threesomes to rimming and blowjobs, Jack’s down for it all. His Just For Fans subscription might be on the high side, but you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth.

Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross is not afraid to admit to at he’s tried out a couple of Just For Fans’ more popular competitors and come to the conclusion that Just for Fans is the best option.

Or that line, he gets an extra point in our book. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s got the perfect body, a cock that’s at least six inches, and a killer smile. Gabriel has starred in nearly two dozen adult movies, and he brings that expertise to his Just For Fans content. Because he’s already got a lot of content out there, he puts a lot of effort into ensuring that every new scene he releases has something exciting and unique.

He updates regularly, posting content every Tuesday and Saturday. His subscribers also have access to bonus scenes, clips, and exclusive pictures.

Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Dr. Cum Control

Come on (pun not intended), do we need to say anymore? As their name implies, Dr. Cum Control makes videos that usually feature some sort of edging and orgasm control.

We love this account because they took a risk to stand out from the crowd, and it paid off for them. This niche may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But if you want to see guys have their cocks stroked to the point of orgasm, then you should check their content out.

They’ve got free previews available on their account, so you can be absolutely sure before you commit to a subscription.

The Best Gay Just For Fans Men To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

Twitter / Just For Fans

Griffin Barrows

When you’re an adult content creator, and a magazine describes you as having turned the humble blowjob into an art and a business, then you must know you’re doing something right.

With his soulful eyes and nicely muscled forearms, Griffin Barrows looks like he was born to do porn, and he definitely leans into it. His videos feature everything from barebacking to creampies to even BDSM, and he often collaborates with fellow entertainers like Diego Grant, Nick Capra, Jordan Cleary, and Sean Austin.

Griffin is a power bottom, so he’s more likely to be seen giving dick than taking it, but you’ve really not lived if you’ve not watched this man deep-throat an eight-inch dick.

Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Kristofer Weston

Kristofer Weston wears many hats: he is, in his own words, a professional Daddy, bondage enthusiast, kink educator, porn director, and adult performer. He is also the co-host of a podcast called Watts Your Safeword.

Weston is intimately involved in the bondage scene, and his content reflects that. He is one of San Francisco’s most renowned leathermen and has worked in the adult entertainment industry for about thirty years. This, combined with the fact that he likes to partner with other creators as much as he can, makes his Just For Fans account a treasure trove.

He’s got over a thousand videos up already, plus he posts new content every day. At only about ten dollars, it’s a steal.

Twitter / Just For Fans

Teddy Bear

Look past the SEO nightmare of a name, and you’ll see a hairy hunk of a man who makes your mouth water – if your cup of tea is big, hairy, grizzled bears, of course.

Teddy takes great pride in his hirsuteness, even going as far as calling himself the hairiest porn star on Just For Fans. But he’s not just hair and killer abs; Teddy is a dedicated content creator who signed up on JustForFans to post HD versions of his videos. And by the look of things, he hasn’t lost sight of his goal, with more than a thousand videos up.

He also accepts custom requests from fans and sells his worn jockstraps as well. Talk about a versatile king.

Twitter / Just For Fans

Adam Russo

The ‘xxx’ behind any porn star user name is basically a mark of quality. It’s a sign that the star takes their job seriously, and Adam Russo is no exception. Along with his partner – in real life as well as on the screen – Jake Nichola – he films his sexual adventures and posts them on his page regularly.

He is extremely protective of his partner, and together the two of them put out hot, sizzling content. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t work with anyone else, as he’s got plenty of spicy videos with colleagues like Kent Black, Jack Andy, and Dillon Diaz.

For sixteen dollars, he gives subscribers an intimate look into his loving, crazy, fun-filled life.

Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Kurt Jacobs

If you’re looking for something outside the usual content featuring twinks and gym bunnies, or you’ve just got a thing for bears and hairy dad bods, then you should check out Kurt Jacobs.

He originally joined Just For Fans to have a platform to post longer, original content, but he quickly discovered that it was fun to be on. The fact that he can work with other creators like August Alex, Jack Dixon, Will Stone, and Nathan Daniels is a plus for him and us. Kurt creates amateur content with a professional feel, and his videos feature fetishized Daddy content, cigars, piss, and dirty talk.

He identifies as a vers-bottom, so you’re going to see a lot of cock-sucking as well as him getting his cock sucked. Talk about the best of both worlds.

Twitter / Just For Fans

Masculine Jason

We can bet the name alone piques your interest, but it’s probably not enough to convince you to drop fifteen bucks in a subscription, but what if we tell you he offers a once-in-a-lifetime, completely unique orgasm experience, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Does that convince you? Because he does, along with new, full-length, partnered videos every Sunday and solo videos a few times a month.

Jason makes a point of being inclusive and shoots with people of every race, body type, height, and age. The quality of his work is top-notch, as he shoots with top-of-the-line cameras, microphones, and lights. He also makes custom content in any genre you can think of – and some you can’t.

Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Sean Holmes

Sean Holmes I’d Sherlock Holmes’ kinkier, sexier brother. Alright, no, he isn’t, but that doesn’t mean he’s not known for ‘investigating’ assholes and ‘coming’ up with answers. Alright, fine, we’ll stop with the terrible puns, but only because we want to tell you about the superstar that is Sean Holmes.

Seriously, who do you know that does webcam modeling, makes custom videos, AND sells socks, shoes, and underwear? Sean joined Just For Fans determined to really connect with his fans, and he does this by sharing not only sexy videos but also music recommendations and content with his dogs.

Cute and hot in one package? Sign us up!

Twitter / Just For Fans


Grg, who goes by the name Grg is the Werd, is that somewhat rare bird: a porn star who is married. He also came to Just For Fans even though he’d already had a successful run on another similar site because he just needed another place to share his content on.

He creates and uploads content with his husband, who is also on Just For Fans. They also collaborate with special guest stars and have recently started releasing full-length videos. Grg is always excited to release new content for his fans and always takes steps to make it as high-quality as possible. He also writes erotic true-life stories for his site.

These stories involve hookups, behind the scenes of his porn shoots, and even escapades at sex clubs in Europe.

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Instagram / Twitter / Just For Fans

Spandex Boys

Spandex boys are an exhibitionist couple whose content revolves around pretty much every field in which spandex is used: fitness, sports, fetish, and even superhero cosplay.

They usually wear fetish masks, which ramps up the hotness factor. Their video content includes blowjobs, rimming, masturbation, anal fucking, and so on. They also dabble in BDSM play once in a while. They are exhibitionists who get off on having others watch them, and they promise that all their videos are real, live sex, so if fake and rehearsed isn’t your thing, you’ll love the Spandex Boys.

Some adult content-sharing platforms favor the owners more than the users, and for some, it’s the other way around. Just For Fans is unique in that it leaves everyone who has anyone to do with it satisfied, and now that we’ve made this list, it’ll be just as great for you.

Twitter / Just For Fans

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Mickey Taylor

Mickey Taylor is a twenty-nine-year-old gay adult entertainer with a significant presence in the industry and a high rating across most adult content platforms.

His captivating hazel eyes and boyish face give off a look of innocence, but his content tells a different story. Although he is often a top, he sometimes plays the role of a bottom, especially with bears and other bigger men. His repertoire includes blowjobs, threesomes, and even some orgies. He frequently collaborates with other actors like Johannes Lars, Damian Gomez, Darius Ferdynand, Gabriel Phoenix, and Billy Rock.

As long as you’re looking for hot gay guys getting pounded in as many positions as you can think of, Mickey Taylor’s the man for you. Suppose you’re not yet convinced; no need to worry. Mickey offers free previews of his content to help you make up your mind. And the best part of it all? he donates five percent of his earnings to Trans Lifeline, a trans-led charity that connects trans people to support, community, and resources. Seriously, could he be any more perfect?


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